Swipe Right: 10 Tinder Openers That Will Win You A Date

So, what’s next? Level up your game with these statements!

By Sid
Swipe Right: 10 Tinder Openers That Will Win You A Date

What is Tinder?

Technology has advanced so much that if a need for something exists, there is an application for it. Do you want to order food? We have Grubhub, Doordash, etc. You need a ride somewhere but don’t have a car? We’ve got uber for that! Instagram and Facebook have got are socializing needs covered. Netflix and YouTube have got are entertainment needs covered. Similarly, the app that comes to mind when we’re looking to date, it’s Tinder! 

Tinder is a platform that works as a digital matchmaker. If you’re looking for a partner, tinder is the app that can help you! Let me give you a brief introduction to how this app works.  

The first step is to sign-up and makes your profile as illustrative of your original personality as you possibly can. If you like to travel, throw in some travel photos, mention in your bio if you’re a foodie. Add in just about any information that you’re comfortable putting out and that you think describes your unique self.  

The next step is to swipe away! Go to the main page and the app will show you profile cards of different users. You can click on it and explore more about the person. If you develop and interest, swipe right and if not, swipe left. Similarly, your profile card will be shown to other users and if another user you swiped right too, swipes your card right, it’s a match! You guys can then start chatting and see where it takes you.  

What Should I Open Tinder On With?

Tinder is an app that’s mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly too. The mobile version is a lot better. You have the option to sign up either directly or through Facebook. While on the desktop, you can only sign-up by linking to your Facebook.  

How Do People Usually Choose Who To Swipe Right To?

It is a famous theory that guys swipe right to every card that is shown to them to increase the chances of getting a ton of matches. But does that really work? I think it’s better to put in an extra few seconds to check out his/her vibe before you swipe right. So how do people (other than who swipes right to every profile card) usually choose who to swipe right too?  

Well, usually they click on their profile, check out their bio and Facebook/Insta attached. But if the person is extremely attractive, they swipe right just based on their looks and if matched, check their compatibility by having a conversation.  

What Are Some Of The Best Tinder Conversation Openers That Would Win Me A Date?

1. Start with a question/compliment

Ask a question like – “Is your favorite color blue? I noticed you wearing that a lot! It suits you. 😊 “ 

Ever since I’ve used the app, the one that gets me replying instantly is if the other person asks a question that shows his genuine interest in getting to know me. The question is subtly wrapped up in a compliment that doesn’t make you into a creep and the receiver will feel intrigued by how genuine it sounds.  

2. If they have a pet, you know their sweet spot!

“I noticed a cat in one of the pictures! I love cats? What’s her name? “ 

If your match is a pet owner – not starting with that is purely naïve. Pets are like children to the owners. If they see that you like pets and if you’re luckily a pet owner yourself, it’s your lucky day because a message like this one will get them replying in minutes. Pet owners love to talk about their pets which is why luring them in for a conversation through their pets is a tactic that will surely work! Look no further and start here if they fall into the category of pet-owners.  

3. So cheesy that it’s funny

“Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you 😉” 

This is straight out of my first-hand experience. Whenever a guy has sent me an extremely cheesy opener that I know he knows is cheesy, I always end up replying because it makes me smile. Try it for yourself!  

4. An evaluation

I couldn’t help but notice that introverted smile yet the confident way you carry yourself. You seem like a really down to earth person with a love for open skies filled with stars, a cozy dinner at home, and plant-loving type. There is something about you I’m really attracted to that I cannot really pin down. Maybe a vibe that feels like home? Idk.. I’d love to get to know you! For some reason, I feel a connection already.  
P.S. you have a gorgeous smile!  


Do I even have to elaborate on why this would work? Even if you paste this exact same message on my tinder inbox, I’m going to fall right in and realize an hour later than I’m the writer.  

5. Ask her/him for a joke

“Hit me with the best pun or joke you’ve ever come across haha” 

Can you see why this will make him/her instantly want to reply? Because people love to make others laugh. In this scenario, you’re providing an open platform for them to show their tricks. Once they hit you up with a funny response, carry on the punny conversation and you’ll be on a friendly term in no time.  

6. A wonderful description of the date ahead

“I’d like to take you out on a fancy dinner at your favorite restaurant where we can either bore each other to death or be so amazed that leaves us wondering why we didn’t meet sooner. Then I can take you to my place and after we have the most amazing night, we’ll watch the sunrise together. This beautiful experience is just a text away...” 

A creative message like this will give the other person an offer to live a day like in the movies and they will respond right away.  

7. A Genuine Compliment

When people all around are trying too hard, simplicity goes a long way. A simple and genuine compliment in a Tinder inbox is a rare find. If the person you matched with is extremely attractive, the chances are that their inbox is filled with people trying their best to come up with long openers that just sound fake. This is where a genuine compliment from you will get them to respond. 

8. A suspenseful opener

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“Do you know what’s the most attractive trait about you?” 

A question that will make them curious will get them responding in no time.  

9. Challenge something, they have on their profile

“you know a burger tastes better on a date.” 

An opener that is tinted with a bit of challenge and flirtatiousness will get their attention. Judging by their response, you can throw in a date suggestion of taking them out to show how much better you can make their food experience!  

10. Boldness can go a long way

“I have to say that mole near your lips is why I swiped right” 

It is true that a lot of people on tinder are looking for their true love but the majority of them are there for hookups. If you fall in either of the categories or can settle for both, a subtly bold opener looks sexy. You can judge from the kind of response you receive from them to decide whether they are looking for a hook-up or a love story. If it’s the former, they’ll hit you up with something that will turn the whole conversation into sexting or it can also be a straight invitation for sex while if it’s the latter, there are high chances that their response will lean towards the modest side.  

Do People Who Matched On Tinder Actually End Up Together?

Yes, a lot of people have found the love of their lives on tinder. I personally know a couple who matched on tinder and I’m attending their wedding next year. If you’re into the self-help genre, you might know the famous YouTuber Matt D’Avella. He and his long-term girlfriend Natalie Pudding met through Tinder and tied the knot this year.  

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It might seem like finding matches is the difficult part but in reality, getting a response is. A simple hi or what’s up doesn’t ensure a response but if you get a little creative, your chances of scoring a date and getting lucky can skyrocket. Try out the above quirky openers and see for yourself. Wishing you all the best!