Top 10 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Your relationship with your ex ended bitterly, and while you both have parted ways, you still want her. Here are the top 10 ways to get your ex back.

By Amanda Palmer
Top 10 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

You were stupid to fight with him; you still love him and want him back

It took time for this realization to dawn on you. Yours was the most beautiful relationship in your entire group. Your friends teased you both as made for each other and love birds. His cuteness and sweet personality had many women buzzing around him, but he only had eyes for you. He was extremely helpful to all and very thoughtful. This attitude of his had made you quite insecure, and it had also been the recurring cause of your fights. You were stupid to doubt his intentions and even more stupid to let him get away. It was all your fault, and you curse yourself day and night for it. You still love and want to get back with your ex. It might also be the other way around. You know you were right and he was wrong. But after a few days of separation you realize that you can live with his flaws but not without him. So, its time for some action now. Your boyfriend was the best thing that happened to you, and now you want him back fast. So should you text him or call him or try to meet him? Read on further to find out how should you go about it.

1. Do not write your apology through text

Though text is a wonderful way of conveying your words, it does not convey your emotions effectively. All the smileys and sweet words in a text cannot equate to the tone of your voice and your heartfelt apology when you meet in person. There is a different charm altogether about meeting your boyfriend in person and telling him that you are sorry. Your loving eyes might convey a stronger message than your text. You may have a greater probability of getting him back when you meet in person. Just text him asking him to meet you at your favorite place. This itself should trigger old love strings.

2. Prepare your apology properly

This could be your golden chance to win him back. Surely, you do not want to dig old stories and old fights. Put the past to rest and apologize for your possessive outburst. Make him realize what he means to you and what it is to live a life without him. Do not start the fight again under any circumstances, even if he starts it. Remember: giving in a bit will only harm your ego, but you might get him back. Playing the blame game again will repel him further from you, and he might never ever want to meet you again.

3. Do not lose your dignity while trying to get your boyfriend back

No matter how lonely you feel without him, never give in or completely lose your dignity in order to win him back. Doing so will not only make you unhappy, but will also decrease your importance in his eyes. Apologize if you were wrong, but don't if you were not. Instead, try to give your relation a fresh start without discussing past affairs again. The best kind of apology will be when you accept your mistakes and try to change yourself. If he is wrong somewhere and you realize that you can live with his flaws then do not bring up that topic again too soon. Give some time and maybe slowly you can mold him.

4. Try to rekindle the lost romance with your ex

You can trick him into this! Be close to him but not close enough. Let him get a whiff of your perfume, let him hear you laugh, and let him hear you talk to others. This will remind him of all your wonderful assets and compel him to come closer to you. Wear his favorite perfume when you are near him, dress up in his favorite color, and wear your hair the way he likes. All this will rekindle the lost passion. These are some surefire ways to get him back.

5. Try to make your ex a little jealous

If he was the jealous or possessive type, then maybe spending time with someone else will trigger his long lost love for you, and he might come back to you real fast. You can talk to your current friend beforehand about your motives and together you two can try to get your ex back. You may have to plan out a few outings together on purpose at places where you know for sure that your ex would be present. Appear happy and contented with your new partner, but don't over do it. Your motive is to just make him jealous and come back to you.

6. Put your life back on track and move on

Show him that you are too busy and too contented in life without him. Get busy with your new friends, new job, or studies and show that you do not care about the past much. This attitude of yours might be too much to handle for him and he might want you back in his life. There is another advantage to this. You might get so busy and occupied in your life that you will get over him eventually and your heart won't bleed for him in due course of time. Putting your life back on track will keep you more focused in life and in a better frame of mind. What is yours will eventually come back to you in the most glorious way!

7. Keep some distance from your ex, but don't be out of sight

Let him feel that you have become difficult to approach. Build your self-esteem in front of his eyes and do not always be available. If you are available at his beck and call, he might lose complete interest in getting back to you. But don't be completely out of sight as he might forget you completely and move on with another girlfriend. Try to cross his paths and be visible at his favorite hang out places once in a while to keep the flame ignited.

8. Always wait for 2 or more weeks before trying to patch things up with your boyfriend

Acting fast after a breakup might make him lose his interest in you. Wait for at least 2 weeks or more before you text him or try to meet him. Doing so will make him realize your importance and even miss you. In the best of circumstances, he might only come back to you to patch up and nothing in the world would make you happier. So have patience!

9. Take his side in a group discussion or debate

Doing so will not only boost his ego and self-esteem, but will also make him realize your importance. He might realize that you two think alike and have the same opinions and viewpoints. This will be a positive sign and make him come back to you fast.

10. Make some changes in yourself to win him back

Take some time off after your break up and try to think on the reasons. Is he right about a few things? Do you need to change some of your behavior? Make some positive changes in yourself if you want to bring him back to you fast. Show him that you have changed, and this will make him approach you again. This will also prove to him that you care for him and his opinions. Making changes about your own self according to his criticisms will make him happy, but remember never to do it against your own wishes or else you will never be happy. Adapt to changes for your boyfriend if and only if you really want to see a changed you in the first place.

You can also like or comment on his Facebook status to be a part of his life even after your breakup. This will keep your memory alive and fresh in his mind. The no contact period should be only long enough to let you get a hold on yourself and your emotions. Do not wait for too long to talk to him or else he might just get busy with someone else. Never try to talk to his current girlfriends or warn them of his nature. You will just end up being a laughingstock amongst them all, and your ex will think that you still love and care for him and are doing so due to jealousy. You might even find your ex dating another girl after breaking up with you. While this will tear you up emotionally inside, you have to act tough on the outside. Showing him that you care might soothe his ego, and he may ignore you further. You can either do the same with him or try not to notice or care when he hangs out with his other girlfriends. Your cool reaction will instantly dull his passion for his current girlfriend and make him dump her real fast. Never blackmail your ex to get him back. This might just irritate him further and make him hate you even more. Never try to yourself to get him back, either. Doing so, you might get his sympathy or pity, but not his love. Breakups and make-ups happen all the time in a love relationship. Take it maturely and work towards making things work instead of ruining them forever. I know this is more easily said than done and worst expected when in a sullen frame of mind, but acting wisely will help you get your love back. Never bad-mouth your boyfriend in public after your breakup as this will make him dislike you more, and he might never come back to you. Right now, you are experiencing a flurry of emotions, and the best way to deal with this is to take some time off and let time take its own course. If you bad-mouth your boyfriend today and try to get back to him tomorrow, it will not be good for your image among your friends. You know your boyfriend in and out. You will be the best judge of the situation to analyze what will work the best in order to win him back quickly. You are doing so not only because you love him, but also because you feel that you both make a great pair.