Top 10 Cutest and Sweetest Selfie Couple Poses

Here are cute couple poses you should try with your partner!

By Aey
Top 10 Cutest and Sweetest Selfie Couple Poses

How To Take Good Selfies?

Since the dawn of time, pictures have been used to preserve memories of people, events, and history. From the very beginning of civilization, people drew pictures and symbols on rocks, leaves, bones, woodblocks, animal skin, and whatever other material could possibly be marked. These pictures are the only clue we have to any kind of proof regarding our ancestors. As society began to progress, these pictures engraved on stones became ink on paper. Kings, queens, and royal folk hired painters to portray their image on canvases. These portraits may be deemed the earliest form of selfies. Gradually with the advancement in science and technology, that ink and paper transformed into film and camera lenses which are now in their fastest and most high definition form compacted in our mobile phones and other cellular devices.

Now, what does this “history lesson” have to do with taking a good selfie? It is important to know the significance and role of taking pictures. So the next time someone tries to make fun of you for being that friend that is always taking pictures, remind them of the importance photographs and illustrations hold. The first step to taking a good selfie is to treat it like the art it is.

How Did Selfies Become So Trendy?

Did you know the first selfie was actually taken in 1839? An amateur chemist in Philadelphia took a photograph of himself. His family owned a chandelier store and the first selfie in history was taken here!

Selfies became a real trend in the 1990s i.e. around three decades ago. Now, the term selfie is as common as any other. A selfie is basically a photo of a person that they must take themselves. The trend originated in Japan and other Asian countries. This all began when front-facing cameras were placed in the new versions of mobiles.

How To Take Good Selfies With My Partner?

So, you want those dreamy, romantic, and oh so adorable selfies with your partner? Well here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your selfie session. The higher the resolution the better the memory will be captured! Between the two of you, decide whose phone has a better camera and you can begin taking some super cute selfies.

The key to taking amazing selfies with your partner is to make sure you have the right kind of lighting. Many cell phones will also give drastically different results depending upon the lighting in your room. There are many factors to consider when it comes to light. In terms of artificial lighting, a small ring light might be the way to go for your couple's selfies. Ring lights are available in a wide range of sizes but for selfies, we recommend getting one that is portable, easy to carry around, and maybe even attachable to your phone.  Depending on what you prefer you can adjust the color of the light to white, yellow, or hybrid light.

But there is a solution that requires no extra expenditure or gadgets! Your number one best tool for taking selfies is the sun! Natural lighting is the ideal way to go for selfies. No matter how much money you spend on getting a gadget like a ring light, the sun will always look better on your skin. Natural lighting illuminates the whole frame and makes you and your partner’s face look bright and radiant! In relation to this, try to avoid flash whenever you can.

Another trick to taking good selfies is to face your light source, whether it’s the sun or ring light, try to get your face to be positioned exactly where the light is falling. Moving on from light, angles are the second most important aspect to consider when taking selfies. In any kind of photography different camera angles are basically the secret ingredient to making your selfies look exactly how you want them to. For a more cute and fun picture, keep the camera a little below eye level. If you want a sexy picture with your partner, try a higher angle.

Why Is It Important To Take Pictures With Your Lover?

Selfies with your boyfriend or girlfriend will never be something you regret. As time passes along, you will both be able to look back and recall what stage of life you were at individually as well as the state of your relationship at the time. Pictures have this almost magical ability to not just preserve an image but an entire memory full of emotions, events, and of course nostalgia. You will be able to see how much you have grown and changed in the past few months or years. These selfies will be things you cherish in the long run.

Now if you are concerned as to the possibility that the two of you might break up one day, do not dwell on what has not happened yet. The people who spend their time with their minds full of yesterday or tomorrow are ridden with anxiety and troubling thoughts. Be present in the moment and see where life takes you. Your selfies will keep your past intact and fresh in your memory. You needn’t waste the time you have with your partner, thinking about losing them. And on a lighter note, taking selfies with your partner is just a really fun and playful activity for the both of you.

10 Cute Poses to do for Couple Selfies

1. Cheek Kiss

The most popular yet most adorable selfie pose for couples is the cheek kiss. Whether you are giving your partner a little peck or receiving one, this pose is adorable and shows your love and affection for each other.

2. Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are the coolest when it comes to a couple of photos. There is so much you can do! The possibilities are endless. Plus these have an advantage over the usual selfie because you can actually capture your whole body!

3. Cuddle Session

One of the most heart-warming poses for partners is in bed. Now get your mind out of the gutter! What we mean is an adorable cuddling picture. Rest you head on his chest and capture the sleepy and warm vibe of the moment with a selfie.

4. Play with Neon lights

Different colored lights can really take your selfie game to the next level! You could get some fun colored lights for your room or just take a selfie whenever you see a neon sign at the club! The selfie pose is quirky, electric, and will look amazing on your Instagram feed.

5. Join Foreheads

This pose is so simple yet will make all your single friends swoon with jealousy. Look into each other’s eyes or close them altogether it is up to you. But touch your forehead with your partner and the selfie will turn out super cute.

6. Silly Face

Are you two really comfortable with each other? Making a silly face like poking your tongue out in a selfie shows that the two of you can be weirdos together because you love each other unconditionally.

7. In the Pool

You should definitely try taking some hot summer selfies with your lover. The pool or beach can be an amazing location to capture your adventurous moments. The sand, the water, and the sun make for a wonderful opportunity for a selfie.

8. Playful bite

If you’re looking for something a bit naughtier then try out this pose for a selfie. Gently bite your lover’s ear or vice versa. This is cute and sexy at the same time and will surely capture your essence as a couple.

9. Holding hands

It’s a cliché but it is the sweetest way to show off how in love you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Hold each other’s hand and click click click!

10. Hug from the Back

Lastly, let your man hug you from the back for one last selfie. This is cute, affectionate, and a little bit sexy sometimes. This selfie pose is a way of saying this is my person.

How To Look Extra Sweet In Couple Selfies?

Wonder how you can get your selfies to look as nice as the ones on Pinterest and Instagram? Well, the most vital thing to keep in mind is to relax. Don’t be stressed about taking the perfect selfie with your partner. Be genuine and at ease. These candid, natural pictures will convey your affection more than any artificial pose could ever.

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Taking selfies with your lover is a fun and adorable bonding time for the couple. Have fun with these ideas and tips on couple selfies. Make sure to put your own special flair into the pictures because that is what makes a selfie with your partner utterly magical.