#CoupleGoals You Can Learn From Liv Lo and Henry Golding

It takes two to have a wonderful, lasting relationship!

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#CoupleGoals You Can Learn From Liv Lo and Henry Golding

Who is Liv Lo Golding?

If you have seen the most popular Asian movie ever, Crazy Rich Asians, you will be hooked to the hot, attractive, caring Henry Golding, the most likable male character in Asian film history. Henry Golding is the male lead in the first Hollywood movie predominantly led by Asians. It was a real success for all the third culture kids who grew up bilingually or in a multi-culture society.

And who is Liv Lo Golding? Well, she is the wife of the famous, well-loved, probably most-adored Asian actor of all-time Henry Golding. The 35-year-old Liv Lo was born and raised in Taiwan. Her biological father was Italian. However, she never got to meet him and was raised by her mother. She holds a Taiwanese passport and was raised in a bilingual family due to her father being from Hong Kong.

Liv has shared multiple times that she felt like a third culture kid due to her background. Despite being born and raised in Taiwan, she faced some unwanted bullying due to her looks being a half. It was not the easiest childhood but certainly, one that she is grateful for because of her loving father who decided to raise her bilingually and gave her all the opportunities.

What Does She Do For A Living?

Very much like her husband, Liv is no stranger to the camera. She has hosted multiple shows and is naturally a talent in front of the camera. Being the hostess for Fox Movies Asia, Liv has the qualities to shine in front of a camera and be as confident as she should be. One of the qualities that people associate her with Henry Golding with. Also, she is a fitness entrepreneur who is taking on the world. Her yoga programs and fitness courses are well on demand right now. She loves good exercise to detox and let out all the bad energy.

She is a hard worker and not one that lives off the fame of her husband. In fact, Liv rarely plays off the fame of Henry. She is a strong woman who prefers to shine through her own thing. She likes being recognized for her awesome work rather than being Henry's wife. She works hard and promotes her work through her platform. Fortunately for her, when Liv is being talked about, it's usually about the new work she is working on or past glorious work she has achieved. It's rarely associated with her husband's fame, which is just something she is proud of.

How Did She And Henry Golding Meet?

How she met Henry is truly a story of the best rom-com. She initially met Henry in 2011 at a party in the UK. At first, Henry noticed a girl from afar. The girl was a wildcat and was all over the party. Henry, being as shy as his character in the movie, did not make an advance to this hot girl. Instead, he only observed her throughout the party.

Little did he know, the girl on the other side of the party room also noticed him. When she couldn't wait for him for an answer, she decided to make the move herself. The feisty young lady came up to Henry and questioned him that she was leaving the next day, so what was stopping him from talking to her since he would never see her again.

Henry loved a strong woman who did not afraid to make her wishes and advances known. So instantly, Henry was attracted to the woman in front of him. At the time, Liv was living in Tokyo and Henry was living in Singapore, so it was a long-distance relationship. After spending the time together, the two really hit it off and decide to try out the long-distance thing, despite it being something they both were not familiar with.

A long-distance relationship certainly was not easy, especially for someone like Liv and Henry, who just craved to be next to their loved ones all the time. It was definitely not the easiest relationship. But to most people's surprise, the wild girl Liv and the fun-loving Henry did it. They maintained their long-distance relationship with each other and were happier than ever with each other.

When Did They Get Engaged/Married?

With just our rom-com-y their romance started, we should not be surprised how romantic their proposal was. Henry has confessed to the media that he loves a strong woman who is not afraid of confessing her feelings. So naturally, he was all over Liv because she was a wild cat but also in a loving and caring way. The two were dating for 5 years before their engagement.

Liv, being the smart girl as she was, suspected something on the proposal day. However, since it's the anniversary, she was expecting some cheesy surprise rather than a romantic proposal. Henry, probably learned from all the romantic movies he did, booked a restaurant at sunset with a band playing. Liv was thinking it's normal for an anniversary celebration and did not think too much about it. But then, it was more than just an anniversary celebration, Henry took out a ring and asked the love of his love to marry him.

It was as magical as any romantic comedies can imagine. They took a walk and Henry proposed. Liv was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The most romantic scene any directors could think of.

How Are They As A Couple, Especially As They Spend Some Times Apart?

Both Golding and Lo have a great sense of humor, probably what makes them a great couple. Fans would never see short of their jokes and humor. When they are together, they are always making jokes about each other in the cutest way possible. Even in front of the cameras, the Goldings are never short of jokes in their banks. Henry has shared with Jimmy many funny encounters with his wife that cracked the audience up.

As for Liv, of course, fans' favorite trait about her is her bravery and how she is not shy in front of the public. She has a talent for making fun of herself and making everything a joke. Fans love how chill and outgoing she is. When the two are apart, they make sure no argument lasts through the next day. If they have to argue, they would make it all in the same day and not carry the grudge into the next day as it is unhealthy and does not help the relationship. Despite both being strong characters in their own life, together, they are very respectful of each other's boundaries and limitations. They never enforced any rules on each other professional lives so Henry can take scrips according to his own liking and Lo can do what she feels like.

Being apart is not easy, but for the two, they already know exactly what each other likes and doesn't. It's easy to work around each other and create the best relationship.

How Do They Keep Trust In Their Relationship?

For fans who like them but do not follow them regularly, they are expecting their first child together, great news in Hollywood, or at least something to look forward to in 2021! Liv has shown the world that you don't need to monitor your husband 24/7 to be able to trust him.

Liv never visits her husband at work for the sake of monitoring his movement with other actresses. That's not a healthy way to maintain a relationship according to the pair. The best is to be able to trust each other whatever they do. That's a rule the couple lives by. Despite having kiss scenes or even romantic scenes with any co-stars, Liv gives her 100% support and full interest in her husband's work. She never makes her husband feel bad about having a kiss scene or an erotic scene with another actress, as long as everything is kept professionally.

People are curious about how they keep their relationship work. Well, buy how they are both so excited to announce the news of their first child, we can tell they are madly in love and are very happy where they are. People have many assumptions about Liv and Henry coming from an Asian background, and the movie Crazy Rich Asians did not help to break the stereotype but rather reinforced it. So the real-life couple Liv and Henry is helping the Asian community a lot by being the couple's goal to follow in 2020.

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It's amazing how far Liv and Henry have come after a meet-cute in a party. Today, they are a power couple people adore. Liv is not someone who lives by her husband's fame, she strives to make her work known. If you do not know who Liv is but is fascinated by Henry, you should get to know his superwife who is on top of everything!