Flirting 101: Best Examples On How To Slide Into Someone’s DMs

You have been following this girl on Instagram or Twitter and find her cute. Follow this guide on how to slide into her DMs to know her better.

By Gerald Matiri
 Flirting 101: Best Examples On How To Slide Into Someone’s DMs

Best Advice On How To Slide Into Her DMs

Today’s society is overflowing with social networks. From the young to the old, everyone has at least one social media account. It is a good thing because we keep up with the social events and check what our friends are up to. Do not overlook the power of social media when it comes to DMs slide. In case you haven’t heard of this, sliding in someone’s DMs means sending a direct message to that person on a social media platform like Instagram or Twitter. If you can do this with confidence, you can interact on a personal level in a romantic way. Your attempts to slide into someone’s DMs can be successful or not. With time, you will develop several tricks to increase chances of success. If you want to slide into the DMs of a girl you like, you will have to study her profile properly and find out if she has a boyfriend or not. Once you are sure that the girl is single, you can apply the best tactics and examples given in this post. There are many ways to get a girl’s attention but humor is the best way to get started. The good thing about being funny is that you can act like you care less even when your DMs slide attempts hit the rock. You shouldn’t be too serious as no one will like it. You want to be funny and flattery the first time you begin a conversation so she can feel good and comfortable communicating with you. A practiced sliding approach is what will give you positive outcomes on you DMs slide. Take into account the following 101 advices for flirting before sliding.

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1) Launch the DMs with mutual interest

Is there anything the two of you share? It could be a mutual friend or common interest say reggae music. First, learn what she likes and start a conversation from there. One thing that your crush knows is that you have been fantasizing about her. You can mention that the two of you are a perfect match. You have better chances if you have mutual friends. Only mention a recent activity on her profile other than something she posted three years ago to avoid sounding like a creep. People normally like talking about their passion. She will be impressed if you are interested in what she likes too.

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2) Limit your words

This doesn’t mean that you compose too short a message that you end up looking lame. Your DMs shouldn’t be lengthy; they will bore her. Every social media platform has its own rules, for example, Twitter has a limit of 10,000- you cannot go typing all these. Stick to 140 characters if you want to be safe. No one would have time to read a novel in their DMs. Let your person of interest know that you are worth her time.

3) Be careful with emojis

There are symbols you simply cannot send a girl the first time you DM her. Avoid provocative or sexually related images. Bad examples of emojis include bananas, nuts, watermelons, and eggplants. Your first aim is to create a good impression and so you cannot risk sending some silly emojis that will blow up your game. You don’t know this girl; take it slow and be a gentleman.

4) Don’t slide into her DMs with clichés

If you have spotted a gorgeous lady on Instagram, chances are there are 100 more men trying to woo her, so you need to find a way of standing out. Unless she is desperate, flirting 101 advises against these examples: Hi beautiful Your eyes are amazing Hey, you look so hot, can I have your number? Whaddup? Sup? Hi sexy Wow, you look like a model These are pick-up lines every woman has heard of. Try to be more creative in your slide.

5) Timing is the key

Start with building a good foundation i.e. when she appreciates and reciprocates your messages. Then you can dive in just at the right moment. It shouldn’t be hard for you to determine the right time. Take advantage of posts that you both like, comment on it and try to get personal. For instance, you can appreciate her with something like ‘you look great today’. This is a simple DM approach that she will recognize she’s being pursued. If you are on Twitter, make your first message as creative as possible- whether you post it in public or private.

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6) Be sure that she is open to DMs slide

Believe it or not, not every social media user wants to hook up. Maybe she doesn’t want anybody in her DMs especially someone with some sexy talks. Are you sure she likes men? Be careful with your never-ending thirst as she might take it for harassment. Respect a girl who’s upfront with her wishes. If you really love a naughty talk, you don’t have to impose it on a girl who doesn’t.

7) Have realistic hopes with your DMs slide

Flirting 101 warns you not to get your hopes too high. Yes, you have your fantasies but without a good plan of action, you maneuvers might go to the drain. You might think you are being nice to a girl but she may not entertain your small talk or compliments. Assuming you send her a message but she doesn’t respond. Do you start hurling insults or pressuring her to reply? No. What you should do in such a case is to delete the message and forget if it ever happened. You must be respectful and try your luck with the next girl. Just don’t be like the bad guy.

8) Take advantage of technology

Instagram and Snapchat are easier to use when it comes to direct messaging your crush. They present some innovative options and filters which can help you create very flirty images. You can add something like Bitmoji and modified selfie, or a great backdrop picture to make your crush want more. However, when using Twitter, you will not be that lucky when sliding into the DMs.

9) Be polite and avoid insults

It would be very rude if you threw tantrums just because she’s not replying immediately. Insults will do no good. You will only feel more humiliated when she rejects you and refuses to reply. Here are examples of rude messages you must not try. You: Hey, you seem too interesting and hot. I think I have some lingerie I want to suggest for you. Can I send you? Her: Sorry, I don’t like this kind of talk with a stranger. You: Okay, are you free this afternoon? Her: No. What do you do? You: I am a superman. Want some help? Her: No. Seriously, what do you do for a living? You: I want to be your superman, hot girl (No reply for the next 2 days) You: Why are you so obsessed with my salary? Do I need to justify my career to a gold digger? I know what you think- that I’m out of your league. Well, here’s what I think: you are not all that hot but some cheap slut trying to con men online (Angry emojis).

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10) Stop over-thinking

Do you believe in yourself? If you are confident, why not follow your instincts and your best intuition to slide into her DMs? It would be easier for you if you knew how to get straight to the point without having to initiate the small talk. The idea is to sound natural. Be spontaneous and avoid the generic statements mentioned earlier on.

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12) Be smart when asking for her number

Don’t forget your main objective. You might want to meet her face-to-face or make her your girlfriend. So, after messaging her for a couple of days, you can give her an excuse such as, “I’ll be taking my PC to a repair shop. Could I please have your number so we can continue the conversation on Whatsapp? From there you can do some meaningful interaction. You never know, she might like you and agree to an in-person meeting if you live in the same city.

13) Send decent texts

Your success rate dwindles once you start sending disrespectful messages thinking that you are being flirty. Even as you flirt, show her that you are decent and worthy of her respect. Aim at building mutual respect if you want to maintain a long-term friendship. Later, you can offer to take her to a local restaurant or get some drinks. Wait for the chemistry to blossom then you can send dirtier texts than you first intended.

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14) Bland DMs won’t take you far

A boring conversation makes you want to sleep or gets you yawning throughout. Remember you are the one who initiated the talk so you should put more effort as days go by. Otherwise, she might dismiss your DMs and block you. If you want to develop a meaningful relationship, try sharing your personal experiences and insights to create a strong bond. The time you spend talking to her should add special value to both of you. Cheesy pickup lines and unsolicited dirty images are not the way to her heart. Try being vulnerable and open about your insecurities and she will start liking you.

15) Don’t let the conversation die

Find a way to keep the conversation flowing. Be consistent and keep it coming. When you feel like you are running out of ideas, look for examples from flirting 101. There is a certain level of assertiveness that will make her reciprocate. Let her know exactly what you want and be consistent. Each day, pick up from where you left with something smarter to get her attention. If your instincts tell you that she is not for you, just move on; don’t ignore the signs.

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What if your DMs slide fails? First of all, you will accomplish so little if you are afraid of failing; you’d better not try it in the first place. For you to hit something, you must aim and shoot. After failing don’t stay there; get back on the saddle and try another day. As you can see, showing love to your tweet or Instagram friend is not hard. If a girl likes your post or picture, figure out what’s going on by sliding confidently into her DM.



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