60 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Boyfriend

Below is a list of 60 important things every girl should know about her boyfriend to avoid any kind of heartbreak or trouble later on.

By Amanda Palmer
60 Things Every Girl Should Know About Her Boyfriend

How Well Do You Know Your Boyfriend?

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling on earth. You feel that your boyfriend is your soulmate and that you two are made for each other. But this seldom holds true, and most of us see our relationship failing within months or years of knowing each other. This could be because we did not know him well in the first place. Sex and physical attraction drove you both to get into an intimate relationship, and when the initial phase faded away, the differences crept up on the surface causing frequent fights and eventual breakup. So many women out there suffer from such heartbreaks and bad relations. In the current scenario, where people give a lot of importance to personal space and freedom, it's very necessary that you know your boyfriend in and out before getting your relation on to the next level. The next level could be moving in with each other, marriage or kids. It's better to have a complete sense of commitment and trust from your boyfriend before moving on to the next level. Knowing your boyfriend well could help you understand him better, and you also get to know whether your relationship has long-term potential or not. While compatibility and adjustment are the key factors to make any relationship work, there are still a few things that you both should agree upon. Certain similarities or like-mindedness are necessary for a long-lasting relationship. A serious couple might do lovely and thoughtful things for each other, be great in bed and spend quality time with each other, but if they are similarly inclined towards their values and ideas in life, then it makes the relationship a whole lot better. Below is a list of some important questions you should know about your boyfriend.

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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

1. Does he like kids? It is very necessary to know his views on kids. In future, if you plan to have kids and he doesn't, it will ruin your relationship. 2. Does your boyfriend want to get married or only believes in live-in? If you are the conventional types who believe in the sacred bond of marriage and your boyfriend doesn't then maybe you both should not be dating each other. 3. Does he respect your goals in life? If he were mocking at your goals in life or not cooperating with you to achieve them, then perhaps you should split up. 4. What scares him the most? Knowing this about your boyfriend can help you prevent or avoid such situations in future which freak him out. 5. Ask about his goals in life. Its good to know them so that you can help him achieve his goals. 6. When was his first kiss? As his steady girlfriend, you should be knowing this. 7. Is he a virgin? If no then when did he lose his virginity? Again an important information to avoid any kind of ex-girlfriend trouble later on. 8. What is his biggest sexual fantasy? Hmm, knowing this could help you create some excitement in your sex life. 9. What's his music preference? You should know your boyfriend's favorite music so that you don't end up gifting him a CD of Beatles whereas he prefers country classic. 10. What's his favorite holiday destination? It could be a beach, adventure, hill-station or a party place. 11. Is he a spendthrift? You better know this to get an idea about your finances. 12. What's his relationship like with his family? Everyone expects their partners to respect their parents. Knowing this would also tell you about how much he values relations in life. 13. Does he have any ex-girlfriend? Save your self from exes trouble. 14. How did his previous relation end? Was it mutual or did it end on a bad note? You should know this as you never know when you would have to confront his ex. 15. Your boyfriend's qualifications. Not that it would really matter, but at least you should know whether your friend is a college drop out or has graduated with a degree in something. This will also give you an insight about the subjects which interest him. 16. What turns your boyfriend on? So that you can always make your sexual encounters satisfying. 17. How many people has he slept with? Make sure he has no diseases. 18. Is he not striaght? Again, this is very important to know especially if you are straight. 19. Has he done drugs? Find out about his before you get into any relationship. 20. What are his favorite kind of movies? So that both of you enjoy a weekend together watching a good movie.

Want More Fun? Ask Him This!

21. Does he like tea or coffee? So that you can pamper him with his bed tea or bed coffee. 22. What's his favorite movie? Play it if you want to do something special for him. 23. Your boyfriend's idea of a perfect date. You get to know whether he is too loud or too private. 24. A favorite hangout place for your boyfriend. So that you don't argue over Mc Donalds or Dominos. 25. Favorite 'Friends' character. Well, just for fun! 26. Has he ever cheated on school exams? Not that it matters so much now, but still. 27. What is his porn preference? Does he like straight, gay or lesbian porn? 28. Is he on social media? You can check for his likes and comments there. Did he change his relationship status after committing to you? 29. What is his dream job? Knowing this will help you know what does he strive for in life. 30. Who is his best friend? Knowing this can help you involve a third person between both of you whenever required.

Ask These if You Want a Long Lasting Relationship (Which You Do!)

31. What puts him off? Knowing this beforehand will help you avoid such situations in future. 32. Is he possessive? It's up to you whether you like possessive boyfriends or cool types. 33. Is he short-tempered? Can you handle short temper? 34. Does he respect women? It is very important to know this as you would not want to spend your life with someone who does not consider women as equal. 35. Does he respect people lower than him? Again, this tells a lot about his character. 36. How would he react if he knew you have cheated on him? How forgiving is he? 37. Has he ever hit anybody? Violence? 38. His favorite sex position. 39. Any past story of your boyfriend's life that you should know? It's better to be aware of such stories especially if they are painful. 40. What stresses him out? Know these things to avoid their occurrence in your lives.

Questions to Help Keep the Peace

41. Is he dominant or submissive in sex? Though this won't matter to many, it's better to know this, especially if you have your own sexual fantasies. 42. Does he like sharing household duties? You should know this as it gets very tough to handle everything single-handedly. 43. Would he give you freedom of speech and opinion? It is very necessary to know this as you definitely would not be wanting to live like his puppet. 44. Does he like to be in control? 45. Would he give you your space in the relation? Personal space in a relationship is very necessary for both to bond better with each other else the relationship would feel suffocating. 46. What is his financial status? It's good to know this so that you get an inkling of your financial security. 47. Is your boyfriend conscious about saving money? Men who save money are reliable and trustworthy. 48. What is the one thing that he regrets not doing in life? Know this and see if you can make it happen for him. 49. Which food does he hate? Never cook that! 50. Does he have any diseases? Beware!

Questions With a Philosophical Bent

51. Which political party does he favor? Just for information. 52. If there is one thing he would change in this world what would it be? Only to know him deeper and better. 53. How important are you to him? It feels good to know this. 54. If he only had a week to live, what would he want to do? 55. If he could live anywhere, which place would he choose? 56. What is his favorite thing about himself? 57. How does he deal with failure? 58. What inspires him? 59. Is he a pessimist or an optimist? 60. Does he believe in God?

Sometimes, even a lifetime is not enough to know a person well. That is because we hardly dwell into each other that deep to know small details about them. Knowing someone in and out is a wonderful feeling. Your love for the person makes you compromise on some things unknowingly just to make your beloved happy. It is also good to know some specific things about a person to avoid clashes and conflicts later on. You get into a relationship with your boyfriend and are madly in love with him. Only after years of seeing him, you realize that he doesn't want kids. This is life-shattering for so many people. The heartbreak, the grief, and the fights, later on, are just not worth all the time and effort you put into the relationship. Before anyone gets into a relationship, within a few months, you have got to know his views on certain subjects which are of utmost priority to you. You should carry on with the relationship only if you are comfortable with his mindset. Understanding what stresses your partner will make you avoid such situations. You will deal with it yourself or discuss the situation in a way in which he can handle. This way, you not only avoid conflicts and clashes but you also prevent your partner from getting too stressed. Happiness is the key to any relationship and these small points here and there help you to get ultimate bliss and compatibility in any relationship.



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