Alpha Female Traits And Characteristics: How To Identify Them

Is being an alpha all work and no play? Below are the top 14 traits and characteristics of an alpha female and how to identify if you are one.

By Lindsey Ladd
Alpha Female Traits And Characteristics: How To Identify Them

The 13 Top Traits And Characteristics Of An Alpha Female

The alpha female is a woman that has her life together. She is fierce in every way one could imagine. Her dominance is compelling and most are drawn to her. The alpha female doesn't have to have male dominate characteristics. Her behavior is not masculine as many seem to think. She is complex and simple all at once. The alpha female is more than what many think of when they hear the term. She isn't necessarily a gay women looking to be as masculine as possible. She is much more. Are you an alpha female? Some shy away from the term because they assume that it's a bad thing or is too masculine. I think you'll be surprised to find out that isn't true at all. Here are the top 14 characteristics and traits of an alpha female.

1. An Alpha Is A Leader

A true alpha female will be the leader of any group. She doesn't take this role on by choice, it's just natural. There are times an alpha will try to allow someone else to lead to help them grow, as this too is the behavior of a true leader. Alpha females will lead by example and will lead through actions more than words. Their behavior will show the character of a true leader at all times. She will lead others even when they may not realize it. The leadership of an alpha female is different than others because she has the confidence to know that she and those she leads will be successful. She isn't often questioned, though when she is she uses it as a time to learn rather than be defensive.

2. She Stands Out In A Crowd Without Trying

The personality of an alpha female can be a bit more complicated than others. Even those who are introverts will stand out in a crowd whether they mean to or not. They will be the focus of the group, and they will have the light shinning on them whether they seek it or not. Contrary to what many believe, Alphas are not always looking to put themselves in the center of a conversation; however, due to their inherent way of being a leader, they will always stand out. They have a hard time keeping their opinions to themselves and people listen when they speak. Alpha females don't have to seek out attention as it always tends to find them naturally.

3. An Alpha Femle Isn't Affraid To Go After What She Wants

Alpha females don't shy away from anything that will keep them from reaching their goals. They will attack obstacles head on. This characteristic can make them seem fierce and even earn them a bad wrap, especially in the workplace. Alpha women are driven and if she wants something she goes and gets it. This isn't just a part of her personality at work, but in her personal life as well. Alpha females will go after what they want whether it is a job, a man, or anything else. She isn't afraid to be the one to walk up to a man and ask him out. She won't wait for him to buy her a beer, she'll buy him one first. Alphas don't sit and wait for something to happen to them, they go and make it happen. This is one of the most apparent and obvious traits of an alpha female.

4. An Obvious Characteristic of an Alpha Female Is They Are Tenacious

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Alpha females aren't quick to give up. They will push and push and push to reach their goals. Tenacious is an understatement for some. "Give up", isn't something you will ever hear her say. Some will say that she is just stubborn, but an alpha isn't going to be stubborn just for the sake of it. Tenacity is a characteristic that makes the alpha female thrive in everything she does. She sets goals and works hard to overcome any obstacles that she may have thrown her way. It isn't a part of her personality to just walk away when something becomes difficult. She's a fighter.

5. An Alpha Female Sees Herself As An Equal To Any Man She Works With

The alpha female never sees herself as "less than". She has always seen herself as being an equal to any man. It isn't a part of her personality to give in to what society may say about where she fits in the workplace. No matter her role, she sees herself as an equal to her male co-workers. The alpha is never afraid to go get a job a man has typically held. To her it doesn't matter. She is going to push the envelope to be seen as an equal and to be respected as one as well. Her behavior to do this is never out of control or over the top. She is subtle and keeps herself focused. This is how she earns the respect of her male counterparts.

6. She Desires To Be The Breadwinner, Or An Equal To Her Mate

It is only fitting for the personality of the alpha female to want to be the breadwinner in her relationship. If not the breadwinner, she desires to be an equal to her mate in this area. It's a trait that other women don't necessarily understand and some individuals think she needs to rely on her man to support her. The alpha female doesn't want to have to rely on others, as she innately wants to be able to take care of and support herself. This desire is also a trait that is a driving force to her career goals. She is driven to be seen as an equal at home as much as she is in the office. She wants to be sure that whomever she is with knows she is capable of taking care herself and supporting the family unit.

7. An Alpha Won't Make Excuses

Another characteristic you will find in the alpha female is that she won't make excuses for herself. If she fails she faces it head-on rather than make an excuse as to why she failed. This characteristic also speaks to why she is so driven and her tenacity. She won't make excuses for anything being too hard. The alpha female is going to make it her mission to fight for her goals and to get over obstacles. It isn't in her personality to make any excuses as to why she can't perform, meet a goal, or live up to her word. She understands that failure is a part of life, but she won't give into it.

8. She Knows How To Love And How She Wants To Be Loved

Another important characteristic of the alpha female is her ability to love and be loved. Many assume that the alpha wants to be alone or that she isn't heterosexual. Being an alpha has no influence on an alpha female's sexuality, but no matter who she chooses to love - she loves them deeply. The alpha female typically is seen to have a harsh personality. What many don't know is she is capable of so much love and she knows exactly how to love and how she wants to be loved. This is one characteristic many miss about the alpha female, but one of the greatest traits she has. Her ability to love is great and she can love in deeper ways than most because of how well she knows herself and because she isn't afraid to give her all in a relationship.

9. Alpha Females Are Some Of The Most Loyal People You Will Ever Meet

A great trait of the alpha female is that she is extremely loyal. Some may say, "she's loyal to a fault", but this is a characteristic of an alpha female that is buried deep and won't change any time soon. Loyalty is very important to the alpha female and she desires it as much as she gives it. If you take advantage of the loyalty of an alpha female she won't give it back to you. Not for some time. It isn't in her personality to forgive and forget that quickly. Her behavior won't be irrational, but it will be clear that she won't trust you again. She won't lash out, it isn't in their personality to do so, but you will know. Loyalty and trust is something that the alpha female takes so seriously that it is the foundation to most of her behaviors in the workplace and in personal relationships. It's one of the strongest and most respected characteristics of the alpha female.

10. She Is Career Focused And Independant

Alpha females are very career focused and known for being independent. Many believe this characteristic is one that pushes them away from relationships, however the alpha sees this as a completely separate entity. An alpha woman wants success in her career and her personal life. Though she will, many times, put her career first. The alpha female wants to be independent and have her own career and success separate from that of her mate. It is known that her behavior at times will look as if she is pulling away from her personal life, though she is working tenaciously at reaching her career goals. This characteristic can be one that many don't understand, some may say she is too focused on her career but for the alpha female this is a basic personality trait she has always had.

11. Alpha Females Work Hard, But Will Make Everything Look Easy

You can tell that a woman is a true alpha female because many will say that she makes everything look so easy. And it's true, she does make it look "easy". This is a trait that other women tend to be jealous of. What seems hard to them the alpha female can make look so simple. This is a characteristic that many miss to describe an alpha female, but is so true to who the alpha female truly is. What many don't realize is that though it may look easy or simple, the alpha female is working extremely hard to do everything she does. Some things may come easier to her than others, but it doesn't mean everything does. The alpha female develops a behavior that makes things look so simple because she stays focused and doesn't fuss over obstacles or challenges.

12. Alpha Females Have A Stong Sense Of Purpose

Alpha females have a strong sense of purpose. They aren't usually looking to find who they are and searching for their life's purpose. Not for long at least. This is a natural characteristic that some see as obvious when describing the alpha female. Alpha females naturally have drive, as we have talked about before, and many of their behaviors and personality traits stem from this strong sense of purpose that they have. They know what they are here for and they excel in those things because they don't waste time on anything that isn't helping them work towards their goals.

13. Alpha's Are Know To Be Do-ers, They Don't Stand-by And Wait For Things To Get Done

Alpha females don't sit and wait for things to get done. They are doers. This is a characteristic that stands out and is easily seen in the alpha female. Though some may be quiet, the alpha female will act fast when things need to be done. She won't sit and wait for someone else to do what needs to be done, she just does what has to be done. This is a characteristic that other women who aren't alphas tend to see as "pushy". Some may say that the alpha, "steps on others' toes", where in reality the alpha sees what needs to be done and takes action. It isn't in the alpha's personality to sit and wait for instruction if she can see what needs to be done.

14. A True Alpha Female Isn't Affraid To Be Sexy and Feminine

Many don't know this trait about the alpha female, but she is sexy and she knows it. She is confident and this is a characteristic that make others so drawn to her. She is confident about who she is and isn't afraid to show her feminine side. The alpha female can be the most sexy, feminine woman in a room. She puts effort into herself and she takes pride in this. She doesn't see this trait as a weakness, but knows who she is and she isn't afraid to show it. She wants to be appreciated for this as much as she is for her strength in every other area of her life.



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