300 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

Are you having a hard time talking to the girl you like? Here are 300 questions to ask a girl to get her talking with you like a total boss.

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300 Best Questions To Ask A Girl You Like

What Interesting questions can you ask a girl you like over text?

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Men are often heard saying that talking to a girl for the first time is difficult. She expects you to flirt with her, and also keep the conversation interesting. But no sooner than you do so, she calls you a pervert and shuts you off. But if you happen to be crushing on her for a long time, you should start talking, already. And if not, she is long gone, my friend. Your timidness can make her have a bit of a cold attitude towards you. No matter what, maintain a balance. Be smart while you choose to impress her but never forget to be interesting over text on chat. Read on guys, and discover some interesting questions to keep your conversation going.

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1. Has life been going well for you lately? 2. How have you been all this while? 3. Where have you been all my life? 4. Are you an old-school romantic? 5. How was your day today? 6. Are you ready to mingle? 7. What about your family? 8. How is your relationship with your mother? 9. Am I sure you must be your father’s favorite? 10. Do you believe in love stories? 11. Has anybody told you how you look like Rachel? 12. Would you like to be the Rachel to my Ross? 13. Would you like me as your lobster? 14. Are you happy in your life? 15. What kind of happiness are you seeking in life? 16. What have been the aspirations for your love life? 17. Do you believe in love at first sight? 18. Have you looked at the way I look at you? 19. Do you believe in the fact that the gods guide love? 20. Do you care about giving me your hand?

Ask these questions to know the girl you like better than ever

The most important thing that comes up while talking to a girl is whether she is genuinely impressed by you or not? Many girls are not easy to impress because they are adamant to break and get through. But they are interesting on the inside. No matter how hard any random guy tries, it is impossible to keep the fire burning, and we understand your concern. There is no bulletproof way to impress a girl you like on chat if you are a dull and shy guy. Anything less than a random attractive guy makes you an instant turn off. Although, if you are talking with a girl you like for the first few times, I would recommend you to calm down. Don't be desperate to impress her. It can get a little too wannabe if you straight up hit on her. That too without even knowing a single thing about her and her personality. I will recommend you to share general information about the both of your lives. Here are a few questions that will help you know the girl you like, better.

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21. When is your birthday? 22. Would you mind telling me your phone number to talk over text? 23. How about going out on a roller coaster ride? 24. Would you mind accompanying me to a shopping spree? 25. Care to go out with me, miss? 26. Hey, missy, want to go out for a waffle date? 27. Are you a chocolate girl or the spice queen? 28. If given a choice, would you go back to the 90’s or the ancient times? 29. Are you a Nicholas Sparks reader or Stephen King reader? 30. Who are your best friends? 31. Do you like reading books? 32. Are you a music enthusiast like I am? 33. Do you like Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling? 34. What do you think about the movie Star Trek? 35. Do you like Facebook or Instagram to talk over text? 36. Are you a Tumblr girl? 37. Do you follow any artists? 38. Are you into art or technology? 39. If given a choice, what would you choose between fashion and makeup? 40. Who is your inspiration in life?

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Ask these questions to know about the interests of a girl you like

If you are still talking to her over text, then you have to be very careful. So, it is always advisable to keep the conversation over the text as light as possible. Without getting on her nerves and creating tension between the both of you. Ultimately, focus on interesting topics. There can be many ways to do this. One can be observing how quickly the girl you like leaves a reply. If she is too grumpy, then she surely has been through a bad relationship. But a few girls can be friendly; these are the hardest to tame because they don't give any signs. You wouldn’t know what is up in her mind and how has she been in her life before you. So, in both cases, be as humble as possible. Time and again, it is advised to guys to be a little cleverer and not a dumb guy on chat. Don't keep on considering the girl you like as a complicated creation of God. As much as you will be telling her about how exotic and mysterious she is, she will not even count her steps while she walks towards the second stage of a budding new relationship.

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General questions to be better friends

Here are a few questions that you can ask the girl you like to impress her. It is essential to be friends first. Being friends rules out any changes for unknown facts about each other.

41. Are you into hard liquor? 42. Do you think that Hannah Baker faked it all? 43. Would you parent your kids unlike yourself? 44. Do you love your parents? 45. How many dates have you had in your life so far? 46. Would you mind telling me your relationship status? 47. What are your thoughts on relationships? 48. Do you believe in destiny? 49. What is your favorite lingerie item? 50. Why don’t we talk about less stereotypical topics on this chat? 51. Don’t you think that you are too sweet over text? 52. How can you not have the crown of the sexiest girl alive? 53. I wonder how you can be so beautiful? 54. What do you think is the most interesting topic to discuss on chat? 55. Have you been raised in a garden of flowers? 56. Will you be the Juliet to my Romeo? 57. Do you know easy ways to impress a person you like over text? 58. Do you think I am interesting? 59. What topic makes you the most excited over chat? 60. Tell me, what things make you feel grumpy over text?

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Ask these questions to make yourself comfortable with her

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Girls are not hard to break creatures having nut-like shells. But you need to learn to create an equilibrium. Learn all about her opinions before choosing to be with a girl you like. It's not too hard, but some good random questions will make it even more enjoyable. You might lose the girl you like, due to your inability of keeping the talk interesting over text. They either get too personal in the beginning or don’t at all. A guy needs to keep in mind that you have to maintain a balance of both. As much as a girl is fun to be with, it is a very natural instinct to put her guard up. It is a definite beginning, even if you are a random attractive guy or a long-time friend. We have got your back. Continue reading and find out how you can make the girl you like comfortable over text.

61. Would you accept my heart in exchange for yours? 62. What is it that you like in an average guy? 63. What are you looking for in your life partner? 64. Is there any way that I can be your man? 65. Would you give me the benefit to take hold of your hand? 66. Is there something you want to tell me? 67. Do you think that I am capable of having you? 68. Would you let me hold your delicate hand? 69. Have you had any one night stands in your life before? 70. Have you had any friends with benefits relationships with anyone? 71. What is the one thing that you would want to change in this world? 72. Do you love poetry? 73. Would you prefer a high-end wedding over an extended honeymoon? 74. Who was your high school prom date? 75. Did you ever have an awkward kissing story? 76. Have you ever gotten caught watching porn? 77. What category in porn is your favorite? 78. Why don’t you tell me about your favorite hobbies? 79. Is it too late to say sorry? 80. Do you know all my thoughts these days are about you?

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Confused if she is interested or not? Ask these

It is a tough situation to figure out what is it the girl you like thinks about you. But there is nothing than a very intriguing guy, asking these questions below cannot achieve! If you have a slightest of doubt, be cautious. If you still think that whether or not you were able to impress her, read on. Just remember, the key to a girl is a light-hearted conversation. Make your conversation fun. Bring up new topics and don't force the conversation.

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81. Would you mind if I am an ambitious man with a lot of goals in life? 82. What's your favorite nationality for people? 83. Have you ever had a fantasy about any women, ever? 84. Don’t you think that LGBTQ should be accepted globally everywhere? 85. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? 86. Would you mind if I want to take care of you for all the rest of my life to come? 87. Would you promise me to be here forever? 88. What are your ambitions in life? 89. Do you like being talkative, or are you an introverted person? 90. How many x-rated movies have you watched? 91. Have you ever stolen any money from home? 92. Do you want me to teach you how to do a French kiss? 93. Have you ever run into your ex while you were kissing a new guy? 94. Do you wish to travel around the world? 95. Do you follow any TV series? 96. Would you like to Netflix and chill with me? 97. Don’t you think you underestimate your abilities to make anyone fall in love with you? 98. Why don’t you tell me about your plans? 99. Do you know anyone as cool as yourself? 100. Would you give me a chance to be your man?

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Questions to ask about her likes and dislikes

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If you want to take your relationship to another level, you should know about the likes and dislikes of the girl that you like. Questions like these can give you a wider insight into her choices and visions. If you want to know more about her personality, Read on.

101. What is your spirit animal and why? 102. Which place would you choose to die, if given a choice? 103. Is human mortality learned or innate? 104. Would you rather cry tears of joy or sadness? 105. How would you want your funeral to be? 106. What would you do if you were in a final destination movie? 107. Do you like high energy celebrations or low-key ones? 108. Would you like me to be by your side when you are 90 years old? 109. Are you afraid of any insects, if at all? 110. Would you prefer an Italian guy or an American?

Random questions to ask a girl you like

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What comes in between trying to impress the girl and having her by your side for the remainder of your life? A long-lived silence is what fills the middle. Random tricky questions that you can ask to keep her busy with you and impress her. What gets tricky is how are you going to know if she is still interested in you? Many guys chicken out during this crucial time. They somehow couldn’t keep up the spirit after a little while of knowing the girl that they want to date. Time and again, it is advised to guys to be a little cleverer and not a dumb guy. Don't keep on considering the girl you like as a complicated creation of God. As much as you will be telling her about how exotic and mysterious she is, she will not even count her steps while she walks towards the second stage of a budding new relationship. Read on and find out the random questions you can ask the girl you like to impress her.

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111. What do you like to read? 112. Are you a romance or sci-fi lover? 113. Do you think that I could make a real boyfriend? 114. Am I desirable? 115. What do you say about me being a boyfriend to someone like you? 116. What is the meaning of the title of a movie called, 'me before you'? 117. Why do you want to be single? 118. Do you believe in magic? 119. Have you ever happened to read any of Paulo Coelho’s books? 120. What are you binging on Netflix lately? 121. Are you alright? 122. Do you think I could be someone important to you? 123. Will you accept me as your Netflix partner? 124. Don’t you like mop dancing performances? 125. I don’t know if you like music or not, can you tell me? 126. Do you like shy guys? 127. What would you want in your next boyfriend? 128. Could I pass the standards for your next boyfriend? 129. Have you ever thought of having a girlfriend? 130. Do you think that lesbians are better off because they don’t have men?

Questions you can ask a girl you like about herself

Here comes a game changer, boys. It is the time that you move ahead and slowly talks about herself. She will get too profound and vulnerable. There is a saying that even though you are head over heels for the girl, you need to keep your head up no matter what. Do not invade her space and make it look like you're suffocating her. Do not make it too obvious that you are super desperate to have her. Keep it light, and ask open-ended questions. Impress her with interesting random questions all the while in between. Here are a few questions that you can ask the girl you like and know about her general knowledge. These items can keep the conversation going, as it is competitive.

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131. What do you know about aerospace in general? 132. I like rap music, are you into rap music too? 133. Do you believe that paranormal stuff exists? 134. Do you like swimming? 135. Do you wear bodysuits? 136. Who is your favorite author? 137. What is your favorite app? 138. Do you like minimalist interior or the vintage decor? 139. What do you have in mind for your dream house? 140. Is there anything you would want to confess? 141. What is the best thing to gift you? 142. Would you like to tell me about the most important moments in your life? 143. Which is your favorite vacation destination overseas? 144. Have you been to the majestic European cities? 145. What do you think of Ethiopian cuisine? 146. Do you listen to Pink Floyd? 147. Do you believe in the magic of supernatural powers? 148. Has anybody ever told you how beautiful you look with your hair down? 149. Why don’t you wear the cat eyeliner style more often? 150. You don’t know how shiny your eyes are in the sun, do you?

Questions you must ask a girl you like to know about her personality

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As mentioned above, make your chats as much open-ended as possible. Do not create any loopholes. Where it gets tricky to keep the conversation going, and the end is an awkward break off from your potential girlfriend. Do not shower her with a lot of random questions. She may take you as an obsessed idiot who won’t leave her alone. But if at all, she is as much into you as you are to her, you will feel her going with the flow like you. She will participate just as much in a conversation with you. You will realize your tricks are going well, and you were right with the choices of your random questions to impress her on chat.

151. Do you know you could hypnotize people by capturing them in the lovely gaze you have? 152. Do you wish that we had met each other long before? 153. Do you know that I have been waiting for someone like you all my life? 154. Why do you want to be thin, when you can be superb in the curves that you have? 155. Is there anything called, ‘a love obsession’? 156. Do you want me to be with you? 157. Why don’t you take a rest while I complete your assignments for you? 158. Would you accompany me to the movies? 159. Do you like horror movies? 160. Shall we take the relationship to the next level? 161. Would you like to tell me about your bucket list? 162. Does size matter to you? 163. Spit or swallow? 164. Would you strip for money? 165. Do you want me to count the number of spots on your body? 166. Would you want to be submissive or dominant? 167. Salad or burger? 168. Skirt or tight leggings? 169. Athleisure or bohemian? 170. Are you an atheist or not?

Bring out the sense of humor from within you that you had back in seventh grade. I can bet, once you try these funny, light, lively and exciting questions with the girl you like over text, she is sure to have a rising interest in you. These issues can make you her most favorite person to talk within the entire universe. No sooner than you start to take an interest in her life, and give her space will she be sitting in your arms. Playing with your hands and kissing your mouth! Just remember to keep the spirit burning, and make the fire light up.

Funny questions to ask a girl you like to keep impressing her

Well, we all know how important it is to make a girl laugh, isn’t it? Of course, it is! A girl’s way to her heart goes all the way from her smile. While you are trying to impress the girl you like, you should never forget the foremost priority in the entire process. You need to get her like you back. It is even more important when the two people come from two different worlds, and the tension is so nerve-wracking. Nothing but a funny joke or a nicely put humorous question will make a big difference. It can instantly make you light up in her eyes, and you will be the ultimate hero. Read on for these amazingly funny questions to keep her spirit up and encourage her to continue talking with you. These issues have a magic that can spark ever-lasting conversations with any woman and create room for hours to end a conversation. Yes! Without you having a tough time, keeping her a text away. A guy with a tremendous sense of humor and the ability to get a girl talking is more than just a talent but a blessing by the lords above! Realize it, and make use of it, guys.

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170. Can anyone vanish with a trace? 171. Have you ever puked so much that you were out of your senses? 172. Does sour cream ever expire? 173. Why do the packages that say, ‘easy open,' never actually open quickly? 174. What is something I must know about you that I should have known on our first chat? 175. Do you think that Tony the tiger is sexy? 176. Do you say that Hulk was just Shrek, but uglier? 177. Did Adam and Eve have navels? 178. How does the alphabet soup taste like to the illiterate people? 179. Have you been married to any guy? 180. Why are wild fantasies called wild, when animals are wild, too? 181. Do you think sex in the city was really about sex and not fashion? 182. Suggest to me a better name for OJ Simpson or Donald Trump! 183. Have you ever imagined having sex with your best friend? 184. Have you ever seen your girlfriend naked? 185. Have you ever happened to see any of your family naked? 186. Do Lipton employees have coffee breaks or ice breaks? 187. Why were sports car made? 188. Do you think the Kardashians are about to vanish? 189. What do fish do when it is thirsty? 190. Does opposite have any opposite?

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The questions you can ask the girl you like to show off your great sense of humor

It is not an unknown fact that all the lovely ladies out there would love to have a guy who would make her laugh and gets her to blush while on chat. I can promise you that it will be a moment she would want to experience more and more. And always will for the remainder of the days will come. She will always remember the guy who could make her laugh in the most effortless of ways. This is remarkable and not an easy task to do, right? If you are successful in making her laugh on chat, you are a real hero! It is undoubtedly one hell of a task, to make a girl laugh on chat, regardless of who you are.

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191. What starts with an ‘f’ and ends at ‘uck’? 192. Have you worn a pantyhose to a family gathering? 193. Do you like fat ass or breasts? 194. Have you ever peed on the road? 195. Have you ever gotten arrested for being drunk out of your wits? 196. Have your parents ever punished you by making a stand naked outside the house? 197. Did you use to look at others' genitals during your childhood? 198. When was the first time that you saw an X-rated film? 199. Have you ever crushed on your friend's boyfriend? 200. Would you ever think of dying your hair purple? 201. If given a choice, what kind of superpowers would you like to have? 202. If given a chance, which actor in the entire would you choose to fuck? 203. Do you think lesbians have a better sex life than other people? 204. Which famous person would you like to be for one day? 205. Could you love one person for your entire life? 206. Do you want to know how different people love and experience it all? 207. Have you ever bitched about your best friends? 208. Which part of history would you like to be born? 209. Which cartoon character do you think I am? 210. Do you think that power rangers exist in real life?

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Ask these questions to the girl that you like to know about her insights

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211. How would the world be like if the Avengers were real? 212. To which planet in our solar system would you like to travel? 213. Do you think aliens are coming for us in spaceships not known to us? 214. Did you know that I sleep with a stuffed animal, which in my case is Oswald? 215. What is the most disgusting thing about men? 216. Have you ever butt slapped anyone in public? 217. Will I look sexy if I go bald? 218. What do you think about models playing tennis on their heels? 219. What is the wildest place to get a piercing? 220. Which animal can describe your sex life the best? 221. Does Dunking Donuts have donuts dunked inside a glass of milk? 222. What would be the lamest moment of your life? 223. Would you like a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion? 224. What kind of toppings would you like to pour on me? 225. Do you like the movie Despicable Me, or the film Toy Story? 226. What do you think about anime shows? 227. What if you were on an island with only vegetarian food and no animals to eat? 228. Do you go around naked if you are alone at home? 229. Have you ever eaten dog food? 230. Has your dog ever pooped in your bed?

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Questions that can help you know the desires and fantasies of the girl you like on chat

Never underestimate the power of questions listed below. These can get any girls to grit her teeth and get her into deep thinking.

231. Do you think we all have superhero alter egos? 232. Would you be happy if I said that Trump gets assessed? 233. Have you ever hit on a pizza delivery guy? 234. Did you ever have sex while on duty at your part-time job? 235. If I had something in my teeth right now, how would you tell me? 236. Do you the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars? 237. Do you think the entire story of Harry Potter was just about a teenager who didn’t know why he was born, at all? 238. Do you think pandas are good for nothing? 239. What is it that you still ask from Santa? 240. Were you a bully, or the victim in school? 241. Have you ever had sex in school? 242. Have you hit on your teacher back in school? 243. Did any of your older teachers tried to hit on you? 244. Did you ever try to woo your teacher to get good grades? 245. Were you a teacher’s pet? 246. Why does a fork only have three legs and not 4? 247. Don’t you think that a potato should be known as a fatso? 248. Don’t you think that cats might have been wives of dogs earlier? 249. Have you ever been caught having pleasurable "me time" by any of your family members? 250. What is the most embarrassing story of you having your special alone time?

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Here is a little piece of advice; don’t get too carried away after she laughs at the first question. If you really wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself. After all, a girl sends all the screenshots to all her friends, right? So before getting too happy, think about your first moves. These initial days of intense light, open-end chatting can make you the king of the world. Most guys are often out of the league no sooner than they start throwing out some seriously lame puns. If you are clever and have a high level of sense of humor, you can legitimately decide the direction of your relationship sooner than anyone else. Come on; no one likes to be with a dull guy, do they?

Questions that you can ask a girl you like on chat by indulging her in a self-assesment kind of questionaire

Soon you will realize that she is showing a keen interest in chat. You can now get a little dirty with the choice of your questions. It will be surprising to see how comfortable she is, now! Make her answer this tricky questions, and you are only one step until before she makes you her best bud.

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251. Can you put on mascara without making weird faces? 252. What would you do if you don’t have toilet paper while you are in the bathroom? 253. Aren’t Disney stories too typical? 254. Do you think the Simpsons show could predict the future? 255. What is worse to have, a bad hair day or a zit in between your brows? 256. Have you ever had a fantasy about being a mermaid? 257. Have you ever farted so loud that you couldn’t look anyone in the eye again? 258. What is worse, a boyfriend with bad breath or bad farts? 259. Did you know that there is a spider is known as a black widow because it kills off its partner as soon as they mate? 260. How do you think male turkey look at the female ones? 261. What is worse, grocery shopping or forgetting some of your much-needed groceries? 262. Would you like to know that the world was ending, or that we are going to have a painful death? 263. What is worse, fire or water? 264. Do you think that Phoebe Buffay had supernatural powers? 265. What does a dollar store mean? 266. Do you know the correct way to put a toilet paper in its holder? 267. Have you ever had any guilty pleasure experiences in life before? 268. What would you choose, death in a plane crash or by having your throat slit? 269. Would you like it if I went bald? 270. Would you ever buy a random guy a drink at the bar?

Questions to ask a girl to know about her fantasies

Now comes the part every guy did the entire hard work to achieve. As soon as you realize that she is comfortable with dirty questions, gear up guys. You can excel up your level of relationship now. It is almost time for you to spice up the night and make her talk dirty with you. Without wasting much time, Read on. You can start with a few funny questions first, and pace up after that.

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271. Are human eggs edible? 272. Do you know how many holes there are in a human body? 273. Do you think that animals understand our language and mock us in theirs? 274. If given a choice, what would you choose to live on: a deserted island or an iceberg? 275. Which character from the movie The Hangover would you be? 276. Did you know that pizza was a food of beggars? 277. Do you think that elephants are bigger than the moon? 278. Which emoji is your alter ego? 279. Does the store Taco Bell have a bell pepper filled taco? 280. Have you had any experience of an older man doing gross things towards you? 281. If all the chickens in the world were vanishing, which food would you eat next? 282. Do you think Adam Sandler is sexy and desirable? 283. Do women in a bathing suit makes you turn on? 284. Have you ever had an unexpected orgasm in public? 285. What is something you have done and never would do again? 286. Are you afraid of the dark? 287. Would you choose love over wealth? 288. Where would you stare at me if I were naked, right now? 289. Have you ever felt so horny that you ended up making out with a total stranger? 290. Would you ever be a lesbian? 291. Where would you like to be touched the most? 292. What is the color of underwear you are wearing right now? 293. Did you know that you are a troublemaker in men’s pants? 294. What would you do if a guy tried kissing you in your armpit? 295. Are you a Christian Grey romantic or do you like Augustus Waters? 296. What is your soft spot for touches? 297. How far would you go with a guy before going to bed with him? 298. Do you want a romantic getaway or wild adventure? 299. What is your most favorite thing in men? 300. What do you know about the big bang theory?

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