Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman: Love, Sex & Compatibility

A match between Aquarius Man and a Cancer Woman is extreme and challenging. Find out more about love, sex, and compatibility between the two.

By Amanda Palmer
Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman: Love, Sex & Compatibility

The water and air combination

An Aquarius man and a cancer woman is an extreme combination, to begin with. Their pairing can be very challenging and they will realize their incompatibility as when they progress deeper into the relation. The Aquarius man is a bit of a loner and this can leave the cancer woman feeling dark and alone. An Aquarius man is more or less a spontaneous guy. He might go out with a fixed idea of his destination or might just decide on the spot. Being the Uranian or the ruler he has got erratic moods and always wants to do something new and anything that the horizon has got to offer. He holds a lot of interest in the future and is always scanning the future for better prospects. On the other hand, a Cancer woman likes to have an idea of where she is heading to, the kind of people she will meet there and almost imagines beforehand of the atmosphere of the place. She doesn't like erratic plans. Familiarity is her forte and she is always comfortable being rooted in her past and to do what is tried and tested. Both Aquarius and Cancer follow different strokes and different rhythms. A combination of an Aquarius and Cancer does not look too promising at first. The couple does not have a lot in common. But if they are an optimist about their relationship, both will eventually realize that they can learn a lot from the other. A Cancer woman is like a mother hen. She loves to create an emotionally secure atmosphere for her loved ones and also seeks such warmth and comfort for herself. The Aquarius man has better things to do in the world and does not bother about homely comforts at all. Both of them are very compassionate in their own fields. A Cancer woman gives more importance to her loved ones whereas an Aquarius man gives more importance to the underprivileged of the world. His loved ones will have to wait patiently for him. This could often lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and unhappiness between the two.

Aquarius sign

Compatibility quotient between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman

On the personal compatibility level, the relationship might not be really happy. Even if they adjust abundantly to each other, it is the nature of their signs which will cause unsatisfaction with their partner. A Cancer woman seeks the company of a man who is committed to her by his heart and soul, but an Aquarius man is not one of those who do commitments. He is not someone who is to verbal about his feelings of love. He is emotionally distant and aloof, and this can make the Cancer woman very unhappy. She seeks verbal expressions of his love for her which he does not give openly. He gets upset with her mood swings and feels that there is no need to keep expressing his love for her. If the couple manages to get a grip on their communication issues, they may thrive on the compatibility level. A Cancer woman takes some time to undermine her own feelings for someone. While they take some time to be sure about someone before dating, an Aquarius man has a more experimental approach to dating. An Aquarius man respects strong opinions and tastes. But one thing that both have in common is changeability. Both as a couple can adjust to each other with genuine respect, and love can blossom between the two.

Cancer sign

Emotional quotient

An Aquarius man has a very unconventional nature which conflicts with the peace-loving Cancer woman's nature. While the Aquarius man's life will be booming with too much information and speed, a Cancer woman would prefer a subtle and empathetic state of mind. If they have kids and choose to raise a family, then their contradictory attitudes will be wonderful for their children. While a Cancer woman will give her children a warm and comfortable family life, their Aquarius father will provide them with life with no boundaries and a freedom of choice. Both need to be tolerant of each other's behavior though. If they fall in love, they both will not want to end their relationship quickly. While the Aquarius man will take it as a challenge to understand their partner and stabilize their lives, a Cancer woman will feel free in life with an Aquarius man. Once, they form a strong bond; they will stick to it forever.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man

Aquarius man and Cancer woman on the Love Radar

A love match between the couple can be emotionally disturbing between the two. While an Aquarius man is friendly but detached, a cancer woman is self-protective but absorbing. An Aquarius man would love to go to places which are socially charged up. Places like trendy clubs, pubs with blaring music and dance excite him. A Cancer woman prefers more quiet places with her date, places where she can connect with her date better. If she gets overwhelmed or disturbed, he might even end the date abruptly without being too sympathetic to her condition. She on the other hand, if finds him too insensitive and irritated by her needs, she also will tick him off her list. A Cancer woman yearns for partners who are more sympathetic to her needs and moods. She will also only open up to a man after she feels emotionally safe and secure with him. Their date can be disastrous as a Cancer woman will want to talk about personal things like the Aquarius man's family and his roots. An Aquarius man might feel offended by such conversations as they are very private people. They prefer to talk about intellectual topics like arts, space, science, politics, and history. Such topics might put a Cancer woman out of her comfort zone.

Sexual relationship between the Aquarius man and Cancer woman

A sexual relationship between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman can be emotionally stressful and profoundly unsatisfying for both of them. A Cancer woman is capable of setting strong boundaries around her and be very distant and cold if she wants to. An Aquarius man, on the other hand, needs sex as a way to vent out their highly energized bodies. They are innovators and are always focused on making changes. What a Cancer woman needs for sex is a gentler approach and a warm and lovable relationship. An Aquarius man is quite incapable of making his partner feel warm and lovable. He will have to have a gentler approach if he wants to enjoy his sex life with a Cancer woman. However, if they do allow their basic differences to slide through, then both as a couple can have a fascinating sexual experience. An Aquarius man cannot have boring and routine sex. If they want theirs to be a successful story, then the Aquarius man will have to compromise on his innovative ways and a Cancer woman will have to enjoy sex without the need of an attached emotional burden.

Trust factor

A Cancer woman is someone whom you can trust, but in situations where she is afraid of her partner's aggressive reaction or of hurting her partner, she might say a bit of lie at times. An Aquarius man might get stressed to share personal things, and this communication gap could lead to trust issues between both of them. A Cancer woman is not open to the idea of her Aquarius man being too liberal, and this could lead to mistrust issues. Though both of them do not lie, yet their different natures pose a threat to the future of their relationship as they don't trust each other.

Their story in a nut-shell

The fundamental problem and one of the major issue in this relationship is the clingy and possessive behavior of the Cancer woman. She loves being home and wants her partner to stay at home too. But an Aquarius man is free-spirited and hard to pin down. When under pressure, he becomes the more distant and stressed. For an Aquarius man, the pressure of a verbal commitment is too much to handle. He would stay committed to someone who understands his needs to travel and socialize. He will stay close to a woman who does not nag him. Their story is like a delicate dance which has to be handled with utmost care. But if the couple does manage to find a way through their natures, they can end up in a nice and warm romance. An Aquarius man, if need be, can stabilize his Cancer woman's emotional needs with his analytical mind and pragmatism. A Cancer woman can nurture her man and provide warmth in the bedroom. If they both decide, then it is not that tough to manage a long-lasting relationship. Theirs is a love that will grow with time once they accept each other's differences.


The story of a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man might not be a happy one. They might suffer from lack of intimacy and stress in the relationship. But if they both let go of their differences and change a bit just for the sake of the other, then they can open exciting new perspectives. In the beginning, they might have to adjust, but things get better with each passing days. The Cancer woman can remain happy and peaceful with him knowing that her husband is traveling the world gaining knowledge and learning new things. If the Aquarius man understands the unusual characteristics of his partner and makes peace with her at home and at the same time having fun at home, then this bond could be very strong. In such a setup, the Cancer woman might have to shoulder the entire responsibilities of making their home as comfortable and as warm as possible. A Cancer woman, this way, will enjoy the full freedom at home and the Aquarius man will feel closer to her.


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