Kate Fahy Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Jonathan Pryce's Wife

Jonathan Pryce's wife Kate Fahy, who is also an actress, has had lots of controversies on her head lately. Here are five facts about her

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Kate Fahy Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Jonathan Pryce's Wife

A Wife And An Actress, Kate Fahy

For almost 42 years now, this Dublin-born actress famously known as Katherine Fahy has been rocking the movie world. Some of her works that brought her to limelight include Defiance, The Living and the Dead, and The Fourth Angel. There are controversies on whether she married twice or not. Also, many people do not know her real age. Here are few facts about her that would surely catch your fancy.

Who is Kate Fahy?

She is an English actress, a mother, and a wife. Her husband's name is Jonathan Pryce. She has featured in many TV series from 1975 to date. She went for her dramatic studies and training at Bristol Old Vic. After her studies, she joined Young Vic theatre. After a while, she left it and joined another theatre company in Liverpool. She started working in Everyman Theatre. Kate Fahy’s height is 1.65 m tall and her weight is 86 kilos. She came to limelight as a result of her wonderful performances in theatre. She has acted with popular actors; she was part of the cast in Edward Albee’s play in 2004. The likes of Jonathan Pryce, her husband, Matthew Mersh, Anthony Page and Redmayne Eddie were also part of the play. Also, in Gancho, a play enacted in 1994, she was part of the cast with popular figures. Donnie Jephcott, Phyllis Logan, Tim Mclnnerny and many others were also part of that play. The net worth of Kate Fahy is 232,012 dollars. She is a person who makes use of social media extensively.

Kate Fahy and Jonathan Pryce

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Jonathan and Kate Pryce

Kate Fahy has been in a relationship with Jonathan Pryce for about 43 years before they finally got married. They met each other while working at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool in 1972. Both Kate Fahy and Jonathan Pryce were initially married to different spouses before they met. Jonathan Pryce was initially married to a teacher and Kate to a businessman. In order for them to always be together, they had to break off from their different spouses two weeks after they met. Kate Fahy finally became Jonathan Pryce’s wife in 2015. The marriage ceremony was actually held secretly. During their stay together before marriage, they had three children. Patrick and Gabriel were born in 1986 while their third child, Phoebe, was born in 1990.

Kate's Husband

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Jonathan Pryce, Kate’s husband, is also an actor. He sings as well. He has acted together with their daughter in a movie titled ‘Merchant of Venice’. Jonathan Pryce featured in Game of Thrones as the High Sparrow. He's currently 70 years old and continues to accomplish great feats in acting. He has received several awards and his net worth is estimated to be about 5 million dollars. He has featured in popular films like Retaliation, Rise of Cobra and many others. It appears that both Jonathan and Kate are having it smooth in their union thus far!

Kate Fahy And Her Filmography Life

Kate Fahy has been featuring in different kinds of TV series and movies since the year 1975. She is an actress who fits perfectly into any role assigned to her. The various roles she played in some of the films are as follows:  Taylor Becky in Daft As Brush (1975)  Dutton Millie in Nearly Man (1975)  Ruth in Centre Play (1976)  Gilly in Couples (1976)  Hunt Lesley in Angels (1976)  A neighbor in Children (1976)  Jemmett Grace in Velvet Glove (1977)  Wragg Tracy in Crown (1977)  Blincoe Brenda in Pickersgill People (1978)  Julie in The Sweeney (1978)  Carol in Target (1978)  Katherine Fahey in Somewhere, Sometime (1979)  Rose in Life for Christine (1980)  Cordingley Corlander in Bognor (1981)  Birley Angela in ITV Playhouse (1979 – 1981)  Kathleen Scott in Terra Nova (1984)  Elleen in Oxbridge Blues (1984)  Aitken Deirdre in Storyboard (1985)  Mozart Constance in Screenplay (1986)  Fheur Ewell/Rosa Zeenak in Bergerac (1984 – 1991)  Richards Meg in Trial and Retribution (1997)  Mary Carson in Pure Wickedness (1999)  Gail in The Fourth Angel (2001)  Dr. McGlade Emma in The Jury (2002)  Hallett Justice in Cherished (2005)  Nancy Brocklebank in The Living and the Dead (2006)  Reich Riva in Defiance (2008)  Hudson Margaret in Silent Witness (2010)  Patricia in Archipelago (2010)  Claire in Happy Accident (2011)  Tinsley Mary in Holby City (2014)  Karen in The Show (2015)  Hunter Ruth in Doctors (2017)

In a Nutshell

Jonathan Pryce's role in Game of Thrones remains fresh in people's mind just as his wife's epic role in The Living and the Dead. The first theater play Kate Fahy directed was titled ‘Wet Weather Cover’ and it came out in the year 2010. It can be said that Jonathan Pryce's wife is a woman of big dreams and has unwavering tenacity. She is one actress every film director wants to have in his or her cast because she easily adapts and fits into whatever role she's assigned. That is one great sign for any actor or actress! It goes without saying that talent is only one part of the story; rest is all hard work and determination to succeed in the big world of movies. And, Kate Fahy has indeed worked her way to the top.