A Few Things You Should Know About James Norton from Grantchester

A few things to know about the Grantchester famed James Norton & his life, his movie, his girlfriend Jessie Buckley and his success.

By Tanaya Nath
A Few Things You Should Know About James Norton from Grantchester

A Few Things You Should Know About James Norton from Grantchester

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One hit TV show is a good fortune, two is the result of good times talent for sure but three of the hits all at the same time is simply incredible. British Actor James Norton has looked good in almost every show, be it the heartthrob vicar in the detective drama Grantchester or the heartthrob psychopath in criminal drama Happy Valley or the heartthrob prince in the adaptation of War And Peace. It shows the range and power of his looks and acting talent. There has barely been a show where the British Actor James Norton has not been looking so damn good. Before Daniel Craig ended the speculation of the months recently, confirming his return as James Bond, Norton was the one who was being heavily bet on playing the character. They were sure he would kill it, just like he has been the breakthrough star in all the three series.

The Man With Greek God Look: James Norton

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Born in 1985 to two teachers, Lavinia Jane Norman and Hugh Biddulph Norton, James Norton grew up in North Yorkshire. His younger sister is a doctor, and he has espoused acting at a very young age. . At the age of five in his primary school, he played the role of Joseph. After graduating from Ampleforth college, he worked at Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. Instead of heading straight to acting school he joined Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and read theology. He then traveled to Nepal where Buddhism had his interest. After returning, he joined the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art in 2010. Just before graduating he bagged a very small part as the boyfriend of Carey Mulligan in the final scene of An Education. In 2011, he appeared on London stage in revivals of The Lion In Winter and Journey’s End. At the very end of 2013, he appeared in the Faux-Austen mystery called Death Comes To Pemberley. But it was the year 2014 when he became famous through the period films Mr. Turner and Belle. He was the heroine’s first love interest in both the films. But what took him to the top was the violent serial Happy Valley in which he played the role of the murderous kidnapper and rapist

The James Norton Trivia: Does He Have A Girlfriend?

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There is so much to know about James Norton. To begin with, he had Type 1 diabetes, and he often brought his retired father to his shoots to appear as an extra. In 2014, he bought a house in Peckham London before which his family lived in Malton, a town in Ryedale district of North Yorkshire. He attended Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for three years but didn’t graduate. He dropped six months earlier for an acting role in 2010. As a student, he excelled in Theatre and Tennis when he was educating at Ampleforth College. It was a Benedictine Roman Catholic boarding independent school in Ampleforth North Yorkshire. James Norton also received Fitzwilliam Travel Grant for traveling to northern India for teaching and performing for children of sixteen schools. He was also the member of Cambridge’s Marlowe Society theatre club. He was just 15 when he worked at Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. In 2015, he became the trustee of the Royal Theatrical Support Trust. He has English, Scottish and Cornish ancestry along with one-sixteenth Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry directly through his matrilineal line.He is also related to Prime Minister David Cameron, through shared Rée ancestors. Yes, he has a girlfriend, and they are both going steady for now. They might even get married sometime in future the way it looks. This has got many of his female fans heartbroken.

Love Life And Girlfriend Of James Norton

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It’s common to fall in love with co-stars in Hollywood. Similar was the case with the stars of War And Peace James Norton and Jessie Buckley. They have been in a relationship since March and are very happy with each other. Their relationship is going very well. They met while shooting the BBC film War And Peace. It is believed that they have been dating for a long time now. However, they came out in public only in March. At Olivier Awards they made their debut as a couple. The award ceremony was held at Royal Opera House London. They were seen sitting side by side, sharing loving glances, laughs, and smiles. The onscreen role of Jessie Buckley and James Norton was quite contrasting. They were siblings on screen, but off screen, their relationship was a lot more than that. They are often spotted together in a lot of places. James Norton is a very charming and handsome man with the looks that could kill. Together with an attractive physique and acting talent, he has been able to earn a lot of female fans around the globe in a short time. When asked about his love life Norton says

“My love life right now is a lot less interesting than that of any of my characters.”

Some time ago when James Norton was asked about Jessie Buckley, he often said they are just good friends. But the pair appeared together in a lot of events, was seen going on dates and kissing openly. It defied their just good friends image, and thus Norton broke many hearts. Jessie Buckley and James Norton don’t only look picture perfect couple but are the perfect couple in reality. They are made for each other and belonging to the same professional career; they give outstanding performance working with each other. After they have been declared as a couple, James Norton has not been linked to any other woman. In the past, rumors about Norton’s sexual orientation was that he is gay. But his steady relationship with Jessie Buckley has put it to rest. Now, he has a gorgeous girlfriend who might be his wife someday.

The Fame Of The Handsome British Actor: From Grantchester To McMafia

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James Norton is as patient as good looking. The finale of Happy Valley was watched by over ten million people. And it was before long you could not watch the telly without seeing him on every channel. The big roles propelled him to another level of being a celebrity. He finds it terrifying to be on such a level of being a celebrity, people staring, exclaiming and pointing finger identifying him. Most of the times people come over to him politely saying they loved Happy Valley and all he could say is great flashing his Greek God smile. The Mcmafia or the Flatliners Films could take him to another level. James Norton doesn’t really enjoy this level of celebrity limelight as now he can’t even walk into a pub without being flooded by the fans. Fame, for him, feels exposing, unnerving and out of control. But it’s an inevitable byproduct of the industry he is in and can’t be escaped. In every half hour or an hour, someone would come over to him. And since he is very conscious of his recognition, every interaction feels a bit different to him. His popularity makes him anxious. Norton is also actively engaged politically, but he doesn’t like using his celebrity status as the platform. He tweets and also goes to the protests. According to him, he is not apolitical or alphabetic by any means. He also received incendiary reactions on his tweets pictures of protest against Trump at Whitehall. It shocked him, but then he also realized that at some time each one of us has to start raising our voices against the terrifying events around the world.

About McMafia And Flatlines

He hopes he can make a difference through the roles he is choosing to play. McMafia has a lot of transparency and corruption. That is the kind of conversation Norton loves to be a part of. McMafia is an upcoming television miniseries, British-American. It is created by Hossein Amini and James Watkins who is also the director. The series is inspired by the book by Misha Glenny with the same name written in 2008. In this eight-part miniseries, James Norton is playing the role of the son of a Russian Mafia trying to escape the connection with organized crime. Norton is British raised in the series. It is expected to be aired in 2018 and is co-produced by AMC, BBC One and Cuba Pictures. In Flatliners, he is playing the role of one of a group of medical students who stop each other’s heart in anticipation of experiencing the afterlife. It was shot last year in Toronto and is his first experience of a big budgeted studio movie. He hasn’t done anything on such a large scale before. He said shooting for Flatliners he felt like a new boy. Flatliners is an American science fiction psychological horror film. It is written by Ben Ripley and directed by Niels Arden Oplev. The movie is a remake of the movie from 1990 with the same name.

James Norton is not a man anyone can underestimate. He is a very private person, be it his life or his girlfriend. He took his time in going public about his girlfriend Jessie Buckley and his love life. He patiently deals with the fame and his life becoming something of the public interest even though he doesn’t really cherish it. He has also received admiring reviews from Russians for playing Prince Andrei Bolkonsky, their national literary hero, in War And Peace. This was where he met his girlfriend. He loves to cycle, play tennis, hikes, and swimming. That's how he keeps himself fit. He loves his family who is also very supportive of him. Even amidst all those fan and admiration, he knows how to keep his feet on the ground. And if sometimes he happens to get them off it, his family knows how to get him back to the ground. He finds his crew at work great everywhere, and he keeps learning from them. Norton is a great actor and an equally great man.