75 Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend That Will Bring You Closer.

Have you been feeling insecure about your boyfriend? Don't worry anymore, read on and discover some questions to ask to keep the light burning.

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75 Deep Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend That Will Bring You Closer.

Do you know your boyfriend that well?

"I grew up in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt. My father was a ship captain and passed his love of the sea down to me. When I was sixteen, I moved to Los Angeles. However, it wasn't until I was in college that I decided I wanted to learn how to surf... and I haven't put my board down since! Every minute that I'm not working construction, you can find me in the ocean riding the waves. I met Valerie through a dating site last September. She immediately caught my attention because she was not only beautiful, but also had pictures on her profile of her surfing at one of my favorite local spots. After connecting over our mutual passion, we decided to meet that Saturday to go surfing in Manhattan Beach. After a half an hour in the water, a paddle boarder came up to us to let us know that a baby great white the size of Valerie's board- about eight feet- had just swam by. We quickly paddled in and decided to call it a day with our water activities. Afterwards, I took Valerie to a local mom & pop restaurant for breakfast. We went on a subsequent dinner date and then an all day surf trip- with no shark sightings this time might I add. It was pretty clear that we both shared more than just a friendship. We're two completely different people but yet so uncannily similar that we complement each other perfectly. Spending time with each other's friends and families was the ultimate test that sealed the deal. Our love and trust for each other only grew from there and we knew this was a forever thing. When it came time to ask Valerie to be my wife, there was only one right way to do it. As Valerie was waxing her board before one of our surf sessions, I pulled mine out of the bag. Written in large sticker letters across my board were the words, "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" I had the ring in my other hand, got down on one knee, and called Valerie's name. She turned around in complete shock and then shouted, "YES!" (📸: @geobertpalencia)

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Let's face it, how difficult it is to keep the fire burning in your relationship? Throughout its entire duration, you will experience a transition from the bubbly excited initial days to the slow and bored out later days. There are times when you struggle to keep your boyfriend interested in you, if at all. This generally happens because nowadays, people generally jump into a relationship too soon without getting to know their partner well enough to even pass a few months together! Well, if you are in a similar condition as mentioned above, you should read on. It is never too late, and you can still be as interesting as ever. Ask him these questions, and don't be too clingy. Make sure you are involved in his interests and hobbies, too. If possible you must go out with him and indulge in the activities of his interest. This is surely going to level up your relationship and make it stronger. But be careful while choosing to ask him the questions. As it is always said, 'It takes a lot to know a man', be patient and move ahead slowly, as well as patiently. Unlike us girls, guys like to keep up their guard for their deep secrets, which are never or very rarely said out loud. So, if you are really too much for your boyfriend, and wish to level up your relationship with him, choose to be as patient as needed. There is not much you can do about it, only be creative to spice up your boring relationship, hence making it fun and serious at the same time. So here is a set of 75 questions that you can use to help you.

"I was in my late 20's and everyone I knew was either married or in a serious relationship. It was like all of a sudden I woke up one day and everyone I knew had settled down. I felt like I totally missed the memo. My friend Sam was my only other single girlfriend in our circle, so her and I decided to book a two week trip to Las Vegas in October 2013. On our first night there, we went to a bar called Coyote Ugly in the New York Hotel. We were standing at the bar waiting to get a drink when some guy bent down in front of us and exposed his whole butt crack. A group of guys standing next to us noticed it too, and we all started laughing. One of those guys was Lee, and after joking about this ridiculous sight, we started talking. There was an obvious connection between us. Our groups stayed out together for the rest of the night and we exchanged numbers, making plans to meet for breakfast the next morning. Unfortunately, our plans to meet up kept falling through until Lee's last night in Vegas before returning home to London. We shared an amazing evening together and continued to talk every day after the trip. Three weeks later, I found myself on a plane from Ireland to London for his 30th birthday party. I met his whole family that night and everything was perfect. Two weeks after that, he showed up on my doorstep in Ireland at 9 in the morning and told me we were going Christmas shopping. Soon after, I made the decision to move to London so we could be together. Three years later, we are now back living in Ireland and are very happy. For all the single ladies out there, don't sit around feeling sorry for yourselves! You have to take matters into your own hands...and maybe even plan a trip to Vegas!"

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Questions to ask your boyfriend to know his favorite foods

Well, there is nothing better than to start with some food talk during the start of the day. The way to any heart is via the stomach, right? Couples who eat right live together all their lives! Having diverse eating habits between the both of you can be very interesting. You can take your boyfriend to new restaurants around the city, and challenge him to new eating records every now and then! Eat well, live well!

"On Valentine's Day, my fiancé told me to wear my fanciest dress and surprised me with a romantic, candle-lit dinner at In-N-Out burger! 😂 Josh and I met on a dating app. Our first date, which we call “the interview” was a quick coffee. It was a few days before I left on a month-long trip to Australia with my family. We wanted to see each other again before I left so we made plans for the next day. Josh picked me up in a vintage 1960’s Detroit police car with a working siren and we went to the “U-Wash” car wash. When I left for my trip, I didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t communicate much while I was gone and I was really hoping things wouldn't fizzle out with all that time apart so quickly after meeting. Luckily, when I returned from my trip we found that the chemistry was still there. Being with him is an overwhelming feeling of comfort. Our careers could not be more different- he’s a doctor and I’m a voice actress for cartoons. But we laugh at all the same things, and both love traveling and adventures. After dating for almost 2 years, we are now engaged and about to embark on our biggest adventure yet. We were even on the same page about wanting to wait to move in together until after we're married. I've been in a few long-term relationships, but nothing ever felt 100% right. I’m so happy I didn’t give into the pressure of getting married just for the sake of being married. I made it a point to truly stand on my own two feet and not even worry about finding love. Instead, I focused on my career, my friendships, and knocking things off my bucket list. I dabbled on dating apps here and there (obviously because that's how I met Josh), but I would have rather been single forever than to have settled with the wrong person. Josh was worth the wait."

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1. Baby, would you like to be my cook for life? 2. How about we have a Japenese cuisine dinner tonight? 3. Are you a pizza boy or the burger man? 4. Buy me waffles, would you? 5. Would you like it if I cook something Chinese tonight? 6. Do you like peanut butter or Nutella? 7. Which is your favorite, maple syrup or honey? 8. How would you tell me if I have strawberry seeds in my teeth? 9. Did you know that eating strawberries after champagne really brings out the flavor? 10. Tell me some of your favorite foods, will you?


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Funny questions to ask your boyfriend to test his general knowledge

Testing each other on your IQ and general knowledge is a legit way of taking your relationship to another level. If you want to make your relationship with your boyfriend less formal and more casual, be clever and make it competitive. Doing this sometimes can be really good. As everyone needs to have a roller coaster ride of a relationship, since changed vibes can be really interesting. Make your boyfriend see how witty you can be. This will make him long for you and never get bored. So, read on, and discover some creative questions to test his IQ level, and make your relationship fun at the same time.

11. Where do Dutch people come from? 12. Is London in Britain or Europe? 13. What is the difference between an ocean and a sea? 14. Does the dead sea really comprises of dead men? 15. Is South America a part of the United States? 16. What does 'Q' stands for in the LGTBQ? 17. Is the marine corps our para-military forces? 18. Was Syd Barret a member of Pink Floyd or The Beatles?

Ask these questions to know about his family

Well, no relationship is completely transparent until you know about the family background and folks of your beau. It is a necessary thing to have clarity about where your boyfriend comes from, and how his parents relate to him. These things do matter sooner or later. You can take your own sweet time, to make the vibes between you comfortable first, before you ask these family related questions. Generally, asking questions about one's family can be a gritty task to do. You never know what might hit a nerve and make the situation worse. So, be a little cautious with your choice of words. So here are some deep questions that you can ask your boyfriend to know about his family without hurting or offending him at all. Read on, and find out!

"As someone who called off her destination wedding 1 month before the date, trust me when I tell you to always trust your instincts. Listen to that inner voice when it tells you something doesn't feel right despite external pressures and expectations. In 2012, I was about to graduate college when I first spotted Dan at a bar. I noticed him having a great time with his silly dance moves. I decided to use his Bluejay's hat as an excuse to talk to him. Long story short, the night ended with me puking and him holding my hair back. Any other guy would have just excused themselves, but not Dan. We stayed up the rest of the night talking and dated for a few weeks after that until I graduated college and moved to San Francisco. I knew we shared a special connection but I was 22 and ready to conquer the world. We maintained a friendship and went our separate ways, but my feelings for him never quite faded. One time I flew to Boston on a whim to tell him how I felt, only to be introduced to his new girlfriend. I was crushed and returned back to SF thinking that was the end of our story. Life went on. He moved in with his girlfriend and I got engaged. Naturally, our friendship fizzled out with respect to our relationships. Then, a few months before my wedding, I knew something wasn't right in my relationship. I flew home to spend time with my family and figure it out. It was an emotional time as I analyzed my life and tried to understand what I was feeling. While I was home, Dan, who had no idea what was going on, randomly texted me out of the blue. It had been 2 years since our last conversation. I found out he had ended his former relationship. Our conversation lead to the most natural re-connection and something inside of me knew that Dan was my destiny. I had never stopped loving him. I called things off with my fiancé and cancelled the wedding. I flew back to California and moved in with Dan. It sounds crazy, but it just felt right. We eloped on leap day with $15 rings purchased at the courthouse (mine was hot pink)" * You can be in a relationship for 2 years and feel nothing. You can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of love

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19. Hey babe, would you tell me about your family? 20. Hey baby, would it be fine if I meet your folks? 21. Baby, I was thinking of going shopping for your sister, what is she like? 22. How is your relationship with your father? 23. What does your mother do? 24. Have you and your family always lived in Texas (or whatever state he comes from)? 25. How many family vacations have you been on? 26. I bet you are very close to your mother, aren't you?

Questions you need to ask your boyfriend to know about his friends

"Sometimes we put up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who actually cares enough to break them down. I was 20 years old living in New York City as a struggling actress. I was at a wrap party for a play I was in and this British guy with an amazing smile decided to crash it. As he approached me, I came off as cold and uninterested, which was really just my defense mechanism for being intrigued. I had a boyfriend at the time who I knew wasn't Mr. Right. But when Cory asked me to join him and his friends at a Manhattan rooftop afterwards, I declined. He asked again later on in the evening, and I declined again. He then asked my friends who asked me, which made me laugh. I caved and we all ended up going. We had an amazing friendly night and afterwards, he returned to London. Before we parted, he was honest about his attraction towards me, and although I couldn't verbalize the same interest, he could see it in my eyes. He's always been very good at that- at reading me. A year later, I was single, and Cory wasted no time returning to NYC for a visit. We shared a lot of laughs, deep conversation, and an undeniable chemistry. We were falling for each other and of course that freaked me out. I knew he was leaving again, and being that I was young, living alone in NYC, and afraid to fall in love, I pushed him away. Again, he was able to read me and knew that's what I was doing. But he understood. We didn't speak for a while after that. I even tried dating someone else who lived closer, but I knew I was settling. I ended up moving solo to LA to further my acting career. In the spring, I planned a trip to Ireland with a friend and wrote to Cory to tell him I'd be across the pond. Without hesitation he said, "see you there." Seeing him in the streets of Dublin waiting for me after all those years suddenly made all of my fears evaporate. Every emotional wall I'd built up was suddenly shattered. Dublin started a whole new chapter for us. We fell in love, except this time nothing was holding me back. His patience, consistency, and unconditional love is something I've never experienced. I'm no longer scared but grateful I found someone who cared enough to wait for me."

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Having a boyfriend is the greatest thing that can happen to a girl. In fact, more than just amazing, if that guy is also the portrait of your life long partner. But there are always many factors that can affect your relationship. One of it is the friends your boyfriend has. It is always said that the group of friends always affects the ideology of the person. So it becomes more of a need to know about your boyfriend's friends. Moreover, it will give you a chance to move into his side of the world, and see what his interests are. Once you get to know all his friends, then you will be his buddy for life. It is almost a win-win situation because his friends will cover up for you if he ever misbehaves. Well, if you really want to know about your boyfriend's friends, read on and discover some cool ways to get into his pack of wolves!

27. Hey honey, can we invite your friends to the movies? 28. What is the stupidest thing you did with your friends? 29. Were you at that rave party where the police raided? 30. What is your best friend like? 31. Do your friends know about me? 32. Are any of your friends into swimming? 33. Do you still stay in touch with your high school friends? 34. Do you have any friends who were your ex's once? 35. Are you still in contact with your ex's?

Questions to ask yor boyfriend to find out if he is still into you.

The greatest dilemma for a girl in a relationship can be whether or not her boyfriend is as much into her as she is into him. Pretty often, girls fall in love sooner than the guy and it becomes an obsession. If at all you feel the fire is not up to the mark, try this out. Keep your chats light and open ended. Do not create any loopholes that will make the situation tense up eventually and make your boyfriend grow farther apart from you. If you are still worried, do not hover around him. Instead, give him his own space. There is always a way to ask questions without making them sound like an obsessing over the board talk. If you are unsure about how to ask these without offending your beau, read on. Continue reading to find out creative questions that you can ask your boyfriend and know if he still loves you or not.

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A fun approach to ask your boyfriend questions related to if he still likes you or not

It is quite common for women to be insecure about their boyfriend. They worry too much about their relationship losing spark. This can eventually lead to their boyfriend losing interest in them! We feel you, ladies. That is why we are here to help you out. We have listed below a few creative ways to voice your concerns. These will be very open-ended without creating any tension. You can ask your boyfriends these questions without being bored. Often, taking the fun way to handle a serious situation can clear ou most of your doubts. So, ladies, go on and continue reading the fun ways of asking your boyfriend serious questions.

36. Don't you think you are too lucky to have me? 37. Ain't I the best thing that has ever happened to you? 38. Who is going to call you baby after me? 39. Don't you think no one else but me can handle your tantrums? 40. No one can cook you good food but me, isn't it? 41. Aren't you too blessed to have me, baby? 42. Hey honey, would you like to see me with someone else? 43. Don't you think that anyone but me can look after your stupid habits?

Serious questions to ask your boybriend if he is still into you

After a fun approach to the reason behind your restless days and nights, it is time to take it seriously. Are you still not convinced with your boyfriend's replies to the funny and playful questions? Let us take it to a serious note now. Sometimes, a serious confrontation can help you get a moment of clarity. Maybe your boyfriend has been looking for a serious talk as well. You can ask these questions and find out what is going on. Once you figure out whatever it is that is going wrong, go on and fix that. But maybe too many serious talks is what your boyfriend is actually bored of. So, combine your confrontation with a combination of both fun and serious questions in a creative way. We assure you the results will be what you have been longing to know. Read on and discover the more serious approach to your boyfriend's heart.


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44. Hi, baby, you have been worrying me a lot lately, is there something that I need to know? 45. Do you think that I am not fun anymore? 46. Do you think we must give up on each other? 47. Honey, don't you miss me, anymore? 48. Do you think that I am being grumpy lately? 49. WOuld you want me to behave sexier? 50. Am I not satisfying all your needs? 51. Am I not good in bed?

Quesions that you can ask your boyfriend to share your interests

A great relationship is one when both people in the couple having similar interests. Watching TV series and movies is a great way to be together. If both of you do activities like these together, you can surely be seen as relationship goals to other people looking at you. It is often said, couples who binge together, stay together! So to spark the fire between you two again, you can call your boyfriend over for Netflix and chill. This can be a great way to bond together and know more about each other's interests. You can also choose to talk about these TV shows and movies, to make your conversations more fun and creative. Having these topics in your daily chats will make your relationship very interesting altogether. Read on and discover some fun questions to keep your boyfriend excited and interested in you.

52. Will you be the Ross to my Rachel, honey? 53. Shall we go for 'IT' this Friday? 54. Do you think Wonder Womes really deserves all that hype? 55. NARCOS season 3 is out, come over to watch, will you? 56. I think that Tyrion Lannister will betray Dany, what about you? 57. Don't you think that Grey's Anatomy has been uselessly stretched out? 58. Did you know that I have watched Star Trek 57 times? 59. If given a chance, which show would you like to be in, Friends or How I Met Your Mother?

Creative questions to ask your boyfriend about art and life

Art and deep life-related questions can really bring out that 2 AM personality out of anyone. Knowing someone's deep thoughts about serious aspects in life can make your bonding even better. It is not only necessary to have fun together but to also know each other's demons and fears. Everyone has some hidden corners in their minds and hearts which come out rather slowly and only for some deep situations and topics. To make your boyfriend talk about his thoughts and ideologies, you have to choose some really deep questions. It is always advisable to do this when night has fallen and you don't want to be silly anymore. These serious talks will bring out clarity between the both of you. If you are looking for some really serious moments like these, where you wish to see how he is on the inside, read on. Discover some good questions which can let you bring out that 2 AM personality with your beau.

60. Are you happy in your life? 61. What do you think really makes us happy? 62. Was humanity really created the way it is, right now? 63. Sometimes I wish that life was like early human's age, don't you? 64. Do you believe that destiny always does what is best for us? 65. Have you ever experienced despair? 66. I think that life is much easier than it seems - we just complicate it with our expectations, don't we? 67. Do you believe in God and the power of our inner conscience?

Questions to ask your boyfriend to spice up the night


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As we are moving towards the end of our article, let us have a look at the most important aspect of a relationship: intimacy. It is not an unknown fact that a hot night can make up for the worst fights. This is what you need to do when you are insecure about your relationship. A good spicy talk is capable of fixing anything in the entire world, even a boring relationsship. We all know for a fact that a spicy pleasurable time is a much-needed thing. Know what your guy likes the most in bed. Be experimental with him. If you are playful around him there is no way he isn't going to long for you. Just make sure you are not too shy, otherwise he could be bored of you in no time. Don't let him be bored for very long. Take chances and take over his mind and body. It will take one spicy talk to make him fall for you head over heels. But it may be very often that you can get awkward and too shy. If this is happening to you, read on. Have a look at the questions given below. You can use them and light up the vibes of your relationship almost instantly! Be the wild cat he sees you to be and jump out of your comfort zone. This will not only give him pleasure but make you confident, too.

68. Which is your favorite spot on my body? 69. Do you know where I liked being kissed the most? 70. Oh baby, why don't you kiss me more often? 71. Do you like me in black lingerie or red? 72. Did you know that I love it when you dominate me? 73. Rub my butt, would you? 74. Does size matter to you? 75. Have you ever imagined me with another woman?


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