70 Best Chat Up Lines That Will Never Fail You

If you find it hard to strike a conversation with a girl, then these best chat up lines will help you break the ice and get the girl you like.

By Sanchari
70 Best Chat Up Lines That Will Never Fail You

Making the girls laugh

Why don’t the guys have the courage to come up to the girl and strike a conversation? This is one question that dwells in most of the girl’s mind. We won’t bite you or insult you right from the word go. If you are decent in your approach, then we are more than eager to chat with you guys. We need to put up that ‘not interested’ face so that we don’t have to come across all the lewd comments that most guys have in their mind. A person who can make us laugh is always welcome, so if you guys have some funny chat up lines, then please be our guest. We would love to hear those dirty jokes or chats when we are comfortable with you and know you guys well. So, hold your thoughts on dirty chats and jokes for the time being and work hard to put up the best chat up lines that you can. I know funny chat up lines works better than anything else.

Cute chat up lines – the best ice-breaker

Yes, it is hard to go up to any stranger and start talking, but funny and exciting chat up lines act as the best ice-breaker and helps initiate a conversation. If you can make someone laugh, then that is the best gift you have. Girls love to laugh their heart out, and the guys who are funny have the edge over other guys who find it hard to come up with one funny chat up lines. So, next time when you are going to a party or any other gathering, do your research properly and have a list of the best chat up lines handy. If you are wondering about the one stop shop for some of the best chat up lines, then look no further. You have come to the right place at the right time. Here are 70 best chat up lines that will never fail you.

First set of best chat up lines

1. Hey, you know what, you just dropped something. Wanna know what? My jaw. 2. You are hotter than the base of my laptop. 3. I am not an astrologer, but I can see us together in the future. 4. Can I click you? I want to show Santa that I want you as my Christmas gift. 5. Can you quickly lend me a kiss? I promise I’ll return it by tomorrow, if not tonight! 6. Hershey’s makes hundreds and thousands of kisses every day; I am asking only one from you. 7. I would have fallen for you even in the absence of gravity on Earth. 8. The moment your eyes met mine, I forgot all the pickup lines I had prepared. 9. There’s me-n-u in the menu tonight. 10. Your personality is like a magnet; it’s attracting me towards you.

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Best chat up lines for texting

Now you have her number, but how do you start the conversation. ‘Hello, how are you doing today’ is the most boring chat up line one could ever come up with. So, you need to have an interesting chat up line to make her respond quickly. Relax, we are here to help you out with the texting. Just read on and choose the best fit for you. 11. Your dad must be a boxer because you are surely a knockout. 12. I wondered if I can have your heart because I lost mine just now. 13. I was thinking whether you would like to change your surname? 14. You need to start paying me rent because you are staying in my mind from the very first time we met. 15. Have you got a sunburn or are you hot like this always? 16. Can you spell Constituency backward? Forget it, me neither, I just thought of getting clarification. 17. Let’s have a competition, you cook me breakfast, and I will prepare you lunch; the loser takes the other one for a dinner date. 18. Do something different, say ‘yes’ for a change. 19. In case you turn into a zombie, then which part of mine will you start eating first? 20. You know what; we will have only eight planets left because I am going to destroy Uranus.

Random chat up lines

You see this beautiful girl across the hall and want to strike a conversation with her, but don’t know how to get the balls rolling? Fret not; here are some random chat-up lines for you. 21. I need a band-aid because I just fell for you and bruised my knees. 22. If I had the power to re-arrange the alphabets, then I would definitely keep U and I together always. 23. Today I am wearing the smile that you gifted me. 24. If you see the girl leaving the party, then ask her isn’t she forgetting something and when she asks ‘What,' reply cheekily that it’s you. 25. You are like the tune of my favorite song; it is easy to remember and always there in my mind. 26. Want to know the favorite place of mine? It is just beside you. 27. You must be Google because you are the answer to all my questions. 28. I will rate you a nine on a scale of 10, and I am the one you need for the perfect score. 29. Do you want to know about the best thing that happened to me? It’s the second word of this sentence. 30. You are like the camera that makes everybody smile when they are looking at it.

Cute but dirty chat up lines

While flirting, you will have to remember that your chat lines should start with a cute one and then by the end of it, you can crack some of your dirty jokes. But, don’t do it otherwise. 31. I bet Maths will be your favorite subject because from every angle you look pretty. 32. Can I take your picture to make my friends believe in the existence of angels? 33. I guess your name sounds better with my last name. Want to change? 34. Kiss me, if I’m saying something wrong, the sun rises from the west, right? 35. If you are a hard worker, then I have an opening for you. 36. Your ankles are best suited for my shoulders. 37. Did you work out today? No, then we can do it just now, kissing will help burn 6.4 calories. 38. At the count of three, I declare tongue war. 39. Stop biting your lip; I am the one who is supposed to do that for you. 40. If you ask me my ideal body weight, then it will be yours over mine.

Flirty chat up lines

Flirty texting or chat helps you in figuring out whether the girl is interested in you or not. If she is texting back, then she is undoubtedly enjoying your flirty nature, so just keep going with your chats. 41. I think we share a very strong connection that is stronger than our Wi-Fi. 42. Don’t hold me guilty of falling in love with you because it is you who tripped me. 43. You shouldn’t walk into the place with sprinklers; it might go off. 44. It seems nothing lasts forever so I would like you to be my ‘nothing.’ 45. If your lips are feeling lonely, then my lips are ready to give them company. 46. Would you mind, if I say that you have a great body? 47. I am the only one that looks good on you. 48. Your hug is the safest place for me. 49. Let’s Misbehave. 50. Do you mind writing down your number to check whether your pen is working?

Jokes make up for the chat up lines

It is nothing like you have to come up with one-liner chat and that will be considered as the best chat up lines. You can send her some dirty, flirty or the cute jokes to impress her too. 51. I think something is wrong with my new phone; I am not able to find your number in it. 52. It seems you are tired of carrying your hands for so long let me hold it for you. 53. Do you care for me? If you do, then don’t take my breath away every time you walked by. 54. You just swept me away like a broom. 55. Do you trust me? 56. I am confused whether it was you or an earthquake that shook my world completely! 57. If your body is the wonderland, then I would like to be the Alice. 58. I have 206 bones in my body, would you like to give me another? 59. Will you hand over your package to me if I say that I work for UPS? 60. God has already granted your wish by sending me over to you.

Impressive chat up lines

Some people might not realize, but everybody is using some form of chat up lines to start their conversation. There are some best chats, and then there are some worst chats, but everybody does need chat up lines. 61. Do you know the strongest muscle in the body? It is your tongue. Do you want to check the fact by fighting with mines? 62. My life will be pointless like a broken pencil without you in it. 63. Do you hold a license because you are driving me quite crazy? 64. I work as a firefighter because I find hot women and leave them pretty wet. 65. The perfect crime in the world is the stealing of heart. You steal mine, and I will steal yours. 66. Are you a guitarist? Because you are good with your fingers. 67. I am good at turning the floppy discs into a hard drive. Wanna try? 68. I just want to cuddle you and make you feel loved and safe. 69. I am falling for you. Can you help me with a parachute? 70. You would look beautiful in my arms.

Final thoughts

You can get away with cheesy chat up lines as one of the best chat up lines if you add a hint of humor to it. Best chat up lines are hard to come up with, but if you have gone through our list of chat up lines, then I am sure you can curate a list of the best chat up lines for you to impress your date or your crush. You can also use some best chat up lines to bag a date with the girl you like. Remember to be creative and always know your limits while using the best chat up lines. You should know when to use the best ones and when to dish out the cute one-liner. It is not easy to chat with girls if you don't strike the right cord in the very beginning. Here is where the best chat lines come into play. If you are a natural with best chat liners, then you won't face any problem in impressive girls with your chats, but if you are not an extrovert, then it is quite tough to put up best chat up lines in front of the girls. We are here for all you introverts who are looking everywhere for the best chat up lines. We have come up with some simple, but the best chat up lines for you, so that you don't find it hard to mouth it. You shouldn't find it funny or awkward to use the best chat up lines. Instead, you should confidently use these best chat up lines. In no time, you will be using these best conversations like a pro.


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