Top 10 Sexual Traits Of An Aquarius Woman In Bed

An Aquarius woman is delightful in bed. She can drive her partner crazy with lust. Find out top 10 sexual traits of an Aquarius woman in bed.

By Amanda Palmer
Top 10 Sexual Traits Of An Aquarius Woman In Bed

An Aquarius woman in bed

An Aquarius woman is very active in her sexual life. She is full of energy and her partner will find her as a confident woman. She appears as a strong woman of substance. Not only are they good at seducing their partners but also leave them crazy with lust. They themselves enjoy big orgasms and enjoy having sex. Sex with an Aquarius can never be boring or monotonous. They openly convey their needs to their partners while having sex and do not feel embarrassed about it. An Aquarius woman's partner will have to put an effort to satisfy her completely and a sexual encounter with an Aquarius woman could be thrilling, passionate and a lot of work. She will prove to be a delightful sexual partner always coming up with new moves and surprises while in bed. An Aquarius woman is also very expressive in nature and she will completely blow your mind while you see her in the act of sex. For an Aquarius woman, sex is a prolonged act of passion and she indulges in enough cuddling, kissing, and foreplay before proceeding to intercourse. She loves hardcore sex and is not ashamed of wanting it from her partner. Kinky sex is essentially her forte and she can enthrall you at times with her notorious moves in bed. She is adventurous, passionate, energetic and exciting when it comes to lovemaking. Having said that about an Aquarius woman, another very important aspect to keep in mind is that sex is not one of the most important things in life for her. She considers it a passionate art and enjoys it thoroughly when given a chance. She will not invest a lot of time in her life in having sex with you. It is not an everyday affair for her. Unlike most another woman, an Aquarius woman does not mix sex with emotions and sentiments. She considers is purely an act of lust and enjoys it while she can. She manages to separate the two very well and this quality greatly surprises her partners. She takes it as a human process and is not emotional about it. For her, sex is pleasurable and is meant to give pleasure to her partner. An Aquarius woman believes sex is only for pleasure a human's sexual urges. She makes sure that her partner's sexual urges are satisfied in bed. While she does enjoy cute cuddles and kisses, she gives more preference to hardcore sex. An Aquarius woman believes that actions speak louder than words. She is more expressive through her actions than words and she does reveal a certain wild side of her while having sex. She tries to make the act of sex different every time. At times, she will allow you to dominate while some other time, she will dominate you. An Aquarius woman is often very moody and these mood swings are vivid in bed too. She may hurt her partner's ego in bed by throwing unnecessary tantrums. She loves to experiment with new things and new positions while having sex. An Aquarius woman is highly open-minded and does not feel pressurized to do something in a way just because the society feels it’s right. She makes her own decisions and is definitely not the traditional girl who will allow her partner to dominate her while having sex. Having an Aquarius woman as a girlfriend or wife can make your sex life very thrilling and exciting forever. Below are some top 10 traits of an Aquarius woman in bed.

1. An Aquarius woman loves to try new moves

One can be assured of the fact that sex with an Aquarius woman can never be boring. She will always be trying something new and innovative. An Aquarius woman will want to experiment new techniques and also doesn't mind teaching some sex skills to her inexperienced partner. She only wants one thing from her partner while having sex and that is to stay open-minded. An Aquarius woman has a great sense of humor and one can see her humor in bed too. She is often willing to try out new positions following tutorials and if it does not work out, she takes it very light-heartedly. Her funny and good attitude about sex makes it even more sexier.

2. Aquarius woman gets her partner out of comfort zone

An Aquarius woman is not afraid to try different things while in bed and she expects her partner also to feel the same way. She believes in variety and feels that if she wants to make her sex life better, she would need to broaden her horizon. If you have any fantasies or dreams of kinky sex, then you can definitely share it and try it with her without feeling embarrassed. She loves to experiment and makes sure you love it too. Shyness is a trait that just does not belong to her dictionary when it comes to sex and she makes sure her partner is not shy either.

3. An Aquarius woman can get her partner hot in public

An Aquarius woman can be a big tease and she does not flinch trying to get her partner hot in public. She does not mind being an exhibitionist in public and is a big tease. So, unless you possess the similar traits while in public or you can get your emotions under control, an Aquarius woman is dangerous territory. She gets turned on by the thrill of doing it somewhere outside of the bedroom. The thrill of getting caught in public also excites her. You can plan something exciting and adventurous with her in advance if you two want to have a thrilling sexual encounter. Be smart and arrange a venue such that you are all prepared and not scared of getting caught. The rest will be handled by her all too well!

4. She is very alert about your body language

An Aquarius woman can literally listen to your body language. She will always try to look for signs whether you are having a good time or not. She will ask you often while in the act, whether you are enjoying or not and will adjust or change her moves according to you. She makes sure you have a good time too. She does not mind communicating while having sex and you can verbally tell her whatever you want while having sex without feeling shy about it.

5. She is verbally clear about what she wants

An Aquarius woman believes sex is all about give and take. If she pleasures you just the way you want, she will want the same kind of attention from you. If you don't get the hint from her body language, she does not hold back in reminding you of her needs. She can be both dominant and submissive in the bedroom according to her needs. Being dominant in bed is one of her greatest sexual traits and this leaves you feeling more lust and craving for her even after you have been satiated. She has that power to never bore her partner. Her bossy side in bed can be very thrilling and exciting to her partner.

6. An Aquarius woman is full of surprises in bed

She can surprise you with her moods, her moves, her communication and her bold attitude. You will feel it challenging to satisfy her needs and will always crave for more. Her sexual preferences are sometimes out of the ordinary and will amaze you. She feeds her own ego if she finds her partner thinking about her all day long. She can come up with surprising ideas like having sex out in the open or trying out a new technique by watching some porn tutorials.

7. Looks and money does not matter

Aquarius does not get attracted by your materialistic possessions. They should find the quality of open-mindedness in their partner. Their sexual preference is also very free and liberal like their attitude. They are passionate lovers, hard to pin down. They believe in living in the moment and enjoying it. They indulge in harmless flirting with men and do not care a hoot about how they dress up or look like.

8. Aquarius woman in relationship with Cancer man

This is not a very good match according to the zodiac. Though they might get attracted to each other emotionally, differences will soon crop up. An Aquarius woman thinks from her head and is not at all emotional. A Cancer man is very emotional and may find his Aquarius woman as cold and detached. She finds a Cancer man too clingy and will run away from him. Their sexual relationship will be fabulous as she will enjoy her man's tender lovemaking and the Cancer man will be intrigued by her adventurous ways.

9. Aquarius woman in relationship with a Gemini man

Both an Aquarius woman and a Gemini man enjoy friendly banter and light conversation so much that they find it hard to get to sex. A sexual encounter between a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman can be fun and exciting. A Gemini man and an Aquarius woman are both open-minded and inventive about their sexuality. They both love to communicate and find stimulation to the brain as the most erogenous zones. They can communicate in sexual terms and reveal their fantasies to their partners without any problem. A Gemini man and an Aquarius woman both just enjoy sex and do not mix it with emotions.

10. Aquarius woman and Libra man sexual relationship

Both the Aquarius woman and Libra man make excellent and compatible sexual partners. She loves her Libra man's ability to rationalize and please the other. Libra man will give her loads of attention and she will love that. Their dating will turn sexual in no time and they will enjoy it to the core. Libra man will love her eccentric lovemaking and she will love his ways to please her. They both like to experiment, fill each other's desires and communicate with ease. Their sexual relationship and their verbal communication will be a strong bond for both of them.


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