10 Relationship Stages You Should Know

From the first date to engagement to happily ever after​, here are the 10 different stages in a relationship that you should know more about.

By Tashke
10 Relationship Stages You Should Know

Every relationship begins somewhere

"No man is an island," someone said a long time ago. Forming different kinds of relationships is part of human nature. A person is not designed to live his or her life alone, but he or she is destined to share his or her life with someone else. But how does a relationship develop? When does intimacy begin? What are the different stages of a relationship? Every relationship begins with two people meeting for the first time, but not all stories end with a "happily ever after." Read on as we discuss the ten different stages in a romantic relationship.

STAGE 1: First meeting - a chance for a relationship?

You never know when you're going to meet "the one" or the love of your life. Sometimes, it happens spontaneously without you even knowing it. Maybe you've already met the love of your life but you just don't know it yet. You can meet your significant other through your friends, at work, at school, or through social media. The first meeting is how each relationship begins. This is where you get a first impression of each other. You are potentially letting someone new into your life. If you're both interested in each other, then a first date will usually follow.

Going on a first date

When you go on a first date to meet your potential lover, it is best to act naturally and be yourself. Dress casually yet a little flirty. Put some light makeup on, and you're ready to go. Don't go over the top with your makeup or perfume. Remember less is more. The same way for guys. You don't want your date to be turned off by your intense perfume. I know it sounds cliche but just be yourself. Let your personality shine on your first date, and you're off to a good start! Make sure to talk to each other about different topics, such as hobbies, work, school, your interests and the like. But leave some topics for your second date. In this stage, you shouldn't reveal yourself completely. That first spark between you two is the key in this stage. Trust your instincts. You'll know if it feels right. Communicate well and make sure to leave a good impression. After you two exchange your numbers, make sure to call that person again if you like them. There is no rule about who's going to call first. If you feel good about him, then go for it!

STAGE 2: Getting to know each other better

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If everything worked out during your first date, then it is likely that you'd be going on a second date. A second date is usually more relaxed than the first because you already know each other to some extent. It's also probably safe to say that the both of your are already thinking about starting romantic relationship.

Is it time to enter a relationship?

In this stage, you don't have to try that hard to impress your date, just relax and go with the flow. You can go an a usual dinner date, but since you already know more about each other's interests, then you can try other activities too. This is a chance to show your partner the different sides of your personality without feeling too nervous. The succeeding dates should be used for getting to know each other better, not only as a friend but as a potential partner too. You'll begin to understand their personality a bit more. It will help you decide if you should take your relationship to the next stage.

STAGE 3: Dating and starting of a relationship

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So, you've reached this stage. Things in your relationship are getting a bit serious now. You've made things official and decided to start this new journey together. During this stage of a relationship, you get to learn even more about each other. You develop not only romance, but also deeper understanding and intimacy. Remember to enjoy this stage and don't be in a rush. Communication is key in this stage. Make sure you talk to your partner about your feelings and doubts. But putting all the pressure on your partner is a big no-no. That is a sign of immaturity. And no one wants to be in a childish relationship.

The stage of starting a journey together

The early stage of a relationship is the perfect time to experience things together. Ask him to attend a wedding with you or have dinner with your parents. Try new sports or activities together. But remember, don't force your partner into things they don't want. No one should be the commander or leader in a relationship. You can't make a person do something they do not want to. If you always want to have your way in a relationship, then you might break up sooner rather than later. Also, remember not to be too judgmental. You will discover that your partner has more flaws than you think, but that's normal. Besides, no one is perfect. Don't just break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend when you encounter problems in the relationship. If you truly understand and love each other, then you will accept each other's imperfections. In addition to that, remember to always be honest with each other. Honesty is one of the most important things in a healthy relationship, especially if you're serious about building a life together.

STAGE 4: A serious relationship - marriage or break up?

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You've spent quite a while as a couple, and now the relationship has reached the next stage. Many couples break up around this stage in a relationship especially when they're not ready for the pressure and expectations. If you've chosen to stay together and not break up, then things are definitely more serious between the two of you. You know almost everything about each other. You've introduced each other to your families. You've established trust and intimacy. You've made serious decisions about your relationship. Maybe you've decided to move in together too.

Compromising is essential in a serious relationship

A harmonious relationship is something that every couple wants especially if they're already thinking about getting married someday. In this stage, compromise is crucial. It doesn't mean that you have to change yourself completely for your partner. You just need to improve on areas that might be causing a negative impact on your relationship. In order for a serious relationship to work, the both of you should be willing to be humble and change for the better. Acceptance is a indispensable aspect in a relationship. Nobody's perfect, not even your partner or you, which is completely normal. Being accepted for who you are is a sign of true love. Relax, talk to each other, and enjoy every moment of your beautiful relationship.

STAGE 5: Engagement

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You've already established a serious relationship with your partner. You've went through tough times and chose not to break up. There is love, trust, intimacy, and commitment in your relationship. Everything is good, so what's next? If you know that you want to be with each other for the rest of your lives, then an engagement is bound to happen next.

"Will you marry me?"

So, you've decided that you want to marry your partner. Great! Make your proposal a memorable experience. It is a huge moment in your relationship. Be sure that everything is well planned for that perfect moment. Make sure that nothing can ruin your plan in this stage. You can propose to her wherever you want. Let her family and friends know about your plan, but be careful and tell them to keep that as a secret. Next step is finding a perfect place to pop the question. It could be the place where you two had your first date. Make the day magical. And don't forget to find the perfect engagement ring! Prepare a speech about how much you love her and how much you want your relationship to last forever. Play her favorite song, bend on one knee, and ask her to marry you. She'll say yes! And you'll be ready for the next stage​ - a ​wedding with your lovely partner. Also, if you're a girl that wants to propose to her partner, then do it. There is nothing wrong with that!

STAGE 6: Planning for the big day

The day you've been dreaming about since you were a kid is about to happen soon. So, start planning your wedding. Wedding planning is very exciting, but it can also get overwhelming for some. The bride-to-be typically handles the wedding preparations, but it doesn't mean that she should do it all by herself. This stage in your relationship should be spent together. Remember, both the bride and the groom have equal importance in their wedding day. Think about what kind of wedding you would like to have. Consider each other's preferences. Spend time in choosing the perfect gown, suit, venue, and other details. Oh, and make sure that you have a wedding rehearsal before the final day, just to make sure everything is all set. When everything is well planned and ready for the most important day in your life, then you can simply relax and enjoy this stage in your relationship.

STAGE 7: Wedding day - the most exciting day in your relationship

This is it! It's the day that you have been waiting for. Your wedding day is when the stage of being girlfriend and boyfriend ends and the stage of being husband and wife begins. This is probably the biggest step that you've taken in your relationship at this point. The day you get married is a huge milestone so it is normal to feel both excited and nervous. Make sure that to get plenty of rest before your big day. Enjoy the process and don't forget to capture the precious moments. Take a lot of photos and videos. After you exchange your vows, enjoy the rest of the day with your new spouse. Make sure to spend time with your family and guests too. Take pictures, give a speech, dance, laugh, and simply enjoy the most special day in your life! This event is one that you'll want to remember for the rest of your lives.

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STAGE 8: Honeymoon stage and life as a married couple


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So, the wedding ceremony is over. Feels good to finally be married, doesn't it? The next stage in your relationship is all about going on a honeymoon and enjoying the early stages of married life. Your honeymoon is the perfect chance to make your dream trip come true. Book the tickets to some exotic destination. Spend some time away and just focus on your new spouse. Your honeymoon can last for as long as you desire. Make it special, go on an adventure, and enjoy new experiences with the love of your life. Those moments are unforgettable.

Adjusting to married life

It is normal to feel weird at the beginning of your marriage, especially if you've never lived together prior to your wedding day. At this stage in your relationship, you and your partner are one. You'll share everything together - from your bedroom to the bills you pay to the decisions that you make. You'll have good days and bad days. Being able to understand each other will be more important than ever. You'll have problems, and you always need to make a conscious effort to act not only for yourself but for the both of you. In this stage, a deeper level of understanding is important. Also, note that your friends should not know every single detail of your relationship and marriage. Having some privacy is good for your marriage.

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STAGE 9: A new kind of relationship as parents

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Now that you've enjoyed the early stage of marriage as newlyweds, it could be time to move to the next stage - having a baby. Some married couples choose to have a baby just a few months after their wedding, while some prefer to wait for a few years. Only you and your partner can decide when is the right time to add another member to your family. Think about it carefully. Are you ready to give up some of your personal time to take care of a child? Are you financially, emotionally, and physically ready for it? This stage in a relationship requires a lot of preparation. After all, being a parent will change your life.

Preparing for kids

Expectant parents can do many things to prepare. Attending parenting classes can be a good start. You can never be too informed when it comes to parenting. Next, make a list of things to buy. Do you need a baby monitor or a car seat? What kind of crib is the best? Compare baby products and prepare the nursery for your tiny human. Other parents also choose to have a maternity shoot to document each stage of pregnancy. When your baby arrives, you feel like the luckiest person in the whole world. You have created a new life. Be proud of yourself and your spouse because your relationship is on a higher level now. Your little kingdom is growing strong each and every day. Soon, you might choose to have more children. Being parents can give you a special kind of fulfillment. You and your spouse have the responsibility of raising children and providing the best life for them. This new aspect in your relationship will significantly change your life, but don't forget to maintain the intimacy between you and your spouse.

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STAGE 10: A solid and everlasting relationship as a family

If your marriage lasted for around 15 years or more, then hats off to you. This stage in a relationship is all about having a solid relationship with your spouse. You are happily married with your wonderful children in a beautiful home. You've reached the final stage of your relationship. Perhaps this is your happily ever after.

A relationship that lasts forever

Use every moment when your children are not home to be with your loved one. Relive the passion and intimacy in your relationship. Look back at special memories. You have come to a long way and have survived the many stages of a relationship. So now, you can simply sit back and enjoy this stage with your lifelong partner. At this point, no problem will ever be too big for the both of you. You've proven that your love is stronger than whatever issue you may encounter. You both understand each other so well. Eventually, your kids will grow up, fall in love, get married, and move out. Sooner than you know, you will be old and gray. Passion and intimacy might fade, but your promise to love each other stays the same. Enjoy this stage in your relationship by recalling your best memories together. Look at old pictures together with your children and grandchildren. Tell them stories about your relationship and offer some advice. You will laugh, cry, but mostly you will have a heartfelt experience. Being able to share life experiences with your children and grandchildren is the beauty of reaching this stage in your life. Be grateful for what you have and cherish every moment with the ones you love.

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Each relationship stage is special

No matter how many romantic relationships you have in your life, you can be sure that each one of them will have a unique story. Every relationship starts with mutual attraction. Some of them may turn out to be a bad experience, while a few of them can be treasured forever. Each relationship stage is special because it teaches you important lessons in life. Just go with the flow and enjoy every stage in a relationship.