60 Sweet And Romantic Lovely Text Messages For Her

Want to surprise your loved one by sending a sweet romantic text message..? Here are 60 sweet and romantic lovely text messages for her.

By Janani
60 Sweet And Romantic Lovely Text Messages For Her

Romance in a Relationship

Romance is the secret to keep the love alive in a relationship. Expressing your love for your dear one is a way of kindling love. It can be a little tricky at first to let your special one know that you are in love. But as time goes by, it is important to tell your girl repeatedly how deeply you feel about her to keep the relationship strong. Women love to be told that they are being loved. Letting them know keeps them from losing interest in the relationship. You can even melt the strongest of hearts by expressing love with the right words at the right time. To impress your love, keep telling her what she already knows. Send her romantic love notes and surprise her. Work hard for a happy relationship. If you feel your love of your life is worth it, make time for her and send her sweet lovely romantic text messages to keep her longing for your love. Texting is a way of bonding with your loved one as it is easier to communicate over text than to communicate in person. Women feel more attached to the men when they tend to express more of their emotional love feelings through text messages. Here are a few sweet and romantic text messages to send to your dream girl to make her fall in love.

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Send her a Romantic "I Love You" Text Message

Tell her that you love her in every possible way, as these three magical words are very powerful when it comes to being in a romantic relationship. Send her a 'love you' text message when she is least hoping for one. It would be a kind of huge surprise for her. Always try and keep her surprised by text messages. Below are a few of 'I Love you' romantic text messages to make your love life easier. 1. Telling you how much I love you is hard, but I can show you. For that, I need a lifetime with you... I love you, Baby! 2. I have always waited for the perfect moment to say I love you, but then I realized there is nothing more perfect than having you around me... I love you, dearest! 3. Falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life, for you made me realize the reason for my existence... I love you, Darling! 4. The best moment of my life will always be the second I fell in love with you... I love you, baby.

5. The minute I saw a smile on your face is the moment I realized how much I wanted to make you happy. I love you, baby! 6. I never knew what I was missing until I met you, for now, I know what true love is. I love you, darling! 7. People say falling in love is hard but I wonder how you make me fall in love with you over and over again. Love you loads, dear! 8. If love is painful, I am ready to get hurt unless it is with you. I love You, baby!

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Send her a Romantic "I Miss You" Text Message

The most comforting, romantic and flattery text message you can ever send a girl is to text her that you miss her. Telling her through a text message that you miss her will make her day and bring a smile to her face. You would enlighten her mood and these romantic feelings are truly amazing, let her experience that. Here are a few sweet romantic 'I Miss You' text messages for her - to make her think of you even when you are not around her. 9. There is nothing more painful than to wait for you, knowing that you are never gonna come back...I miss you, baby! 10. Missing you makes me feel paralyzed. I can't move, as my heart is heavy with your memories. I miss you, dear! 11. My memories of you make me smile, just imagine how happy I would be when I see you... I miss you, darling! 12. I am all alone on the beach thinking of you; how romantic our relationship was. Now when I realize you are not near me, it hurts so bad that I wish I could die just to look into your eyes for one last time. I miss you, dear!

13. You are always in my heart no matter how far you go, but that doesn't mean I don't miss you, I miss being with you! 14. It is not easy for me to start my day without you. Not being around you makes my life meaningless. I miss you, baby! 15. I have never felt this lonely in my entire life. Missing you is the biggest heartbreak ever. I miss you, dear! 16. I have never known the true meaning of missing someone. I hate you for showing me what missing someone is, because it is heartbreaking!! I miss You, darling.

Send her a Romantic Flirty Text Message

Romantic flirty text messages let your sweet one know that she is more than a friend; it means taking the relationship to the next level. Romantic flirty text messages also bring an instant smile to her face and it boosts her confidence level. It would be amazing to text your loved one what is actually going on in your mind. Here are a few romantic flirty text messages for you to brighten her day. 17. I have been having dreams of us hanging out together. Now that I am awake, I want to make it a reality. Want to hang out? 18. Is it just me who smiles at my screen every time I see your name on my phone or do you do that too? 19. I really wonder how you manage to look gorgeous at all times. 20. I know we haven't spoken with each other in the past few days, but how do you manage to be in my mind all the time?

21. Now that you know I have feelings for you. What is your next move? 22. Do you know how much of a romantic I am? Wanna be around me and get drenched in my love? 23. How do you manage to rip my heart and enlighten my soul at the same time, just with one smile? 24. My day couldn't get any more fascinating since you are by my side.

Send her a Romantic "I am Sorry" Text Message

Making mistakes is part of being human, but knowing when to apologize is what makes relationships healthy. Saying sorry also gets you closer in relationships. It is important to say sorry after hurting your dear one, but what is even more important is to mean it. So, if you are finding it hard to apologize, here are a few romantic ways you can text her a message and tell her how sorry you are. 25. I know that I wasn't there when you needed me the most, but I can promise you with all my heart that I will never let this happen again. I am sorry, dearest! 26. I have always wanted to make you smile, but the thought of having brought a tear from your eyes, makes me hate myself more. I am sorry, baby! Please forgive me! 27. I am sorry, for all that has happened in the past, let's create fresh new happy memories and never let the past repeat again. Forgive me, dear! 28. I was stupid enough to make you cry - the one person who cared about me the most and stood by me at all times. Please forgive me, baby! I am sorry!

29. I am ready to do anything to undo whatever was done, but I can only say sorry and ask you to forgive me. 30. I know I have hurt you, but can you please try and forgive me this once, so I will never hurt you ever again? I am sorry! 31. I want you to forgive me for breaking your heart, so I promise I will try every second of my life to make up for it! 32. When saw tears from your eyes, I realized how cruel I was, for hurting the one I loved the most. Please forgive me, baby! I am sorry!

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Send her a Romantic "Good Morning" Text Message

When being in a relationship, even a small good morning text message will make her feel special. It is always nice to start your day by sending romantic good morning text messages to your loved one. It will make her day a bright one. Just text her any of these sweet romantic good morning messages to enlighten her day. 33. Regardless of whatever ups and downs I might be facing in my life, you are the sunshine that keeps me going. Good morning, baby! 34. Every day, when I wake up, I have a huge smile on my face, because it is one more day with you. Good morning! 35. Every morning I realize that I am the luckiest person in this whole world, for I have one thing in my life no one else does. It's YOU my dear. Have a great morning! 36. You make all my days worth living for, by being by my side. Good morning!

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37. I just want to bring a smile to your face the first thing in the morning, so I am sending you a message, good morning! 38. The thought of you makes my morning's fresh and alive. Hope you have a lovely Day sweetheart. Good morning! 39. One small thought about you can change my whole day and make it a beautiful one. I need you every day! A very warm good morning to you!

Send her a Romantic "Good Night" Text Message

Let your love know that she is the first and the last person on your mind every day. Saying goodnight to her shows your love for her. So, make it a point every day to wish her goodnight. Here are a few romantic Goodnight text messages that you can send your loved one and impress her. 40. The happiest part of my day is at night, so I can go to bed full of your memories and meet you in my dreams, have a wonderful night. 41. Just a little thought about you makes my long nights a lovely one. Good night! 42. Gonna sleep now baby will meet you in my dreams. Hopeful me in yours as well. Good night baby. 43.I couldn't sleep unless I feel my love for you or dream about you. You have bewitched me, dear. Good night!

44. Every night I long to spend time with you, I can't wait to see you in the morning, dear. Good night sweetie. 45. Looking at the stars I realize one thing: your smile is way prettier than the stars. Good night baby! 46. Whenever I look into the moon, I see your face in it. I miss you, baby! Good night dear!

Send her a Romantic "Get Back to Me" Text Message

Trying to get back with your loved one is hard. Giving second chances in a relationship is very difficult for your loved one. So, make sure you say the right words at the right time to convince her to take you back. Here are a few romantic messages to get your ex back. 47. I am just going over and over the dictionary looking for the right words to say and bring you back into my life. I miss you. Please come back to me, baby! 48. My mind knows it's over but my heart doesn't expect to live without you. I still love you. Come back to me, darling! 49. Not being around you makes me feel I have lost the sunshine of my life. My life will never get any better without you. Come back to me! 50. I know I have hurt you, but even if a tiny part of your heart wants to be with me, come back to me, take a second chance. I promise you, it will be way better because now I truly know the love I have for you!

51. I have been broke before but now without you in my life, I have hit rock-bottom... Please get back to me! 52. My heart is so used to thinking about you that it doesn't accept me as a separate person anymore. I am sorry for all that has happened, Please come back to me, darling! 53. I have known love to be a happy one, but when experiencing true pain from love is what makes me understand that nothing in this world is as painful as this. Come back to me!

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Sending her a Romantic "Get Well Soon" Text Message

Send your dream girl a lovely get well soon message when she is sick and cheer her up. Lift her spirit when she is down in health with your mushy text messages and make her feel better. Here are a few romantic get well soon messages to send to your lover girl and make her feel special. 54. I need to be with you more than you need to be with the doctor. I love you, get well soon. 55. Have do you manage to make me feel you are the prettiest person on earth even when are sick? Get well soon baby. 56. It is because of your beauty that even the bacteria got attracted to you. Get well soon. 57. Watching you cuddled inside your blanket makes me feel jealous. Get well soon, baby!

58. I know I have been giving you heart aches with my charms but I am so mad at the flu right now for giving your body aches. Get well soon. 59. The reason for your fever is, I guess even the bacteria know that you are hot. Get well soon. 60. The best medicine for you right now is a kiss from me. Get well soon.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. To keep the spark alive in a relationship, it is important that you send her text messages as well. So, communicating through texts with your loved one keeps her desires high. Texting messages to her lets your dream girl know that you are thinking about her. It brings you closer in a relationship. Woman are very emotional and they find texting a way of deepening their relationship with you. Woman love to send long and emotional text messages to you. So, to make her feel unique. Send her romantic love text messages and make her fall in love with you all over again. Don't send text messages just to keep them impressed. There is no value in gaining a woman's love when you have no idea in sustaining it. So, whenever you send messages, send them wholeheartedly, send messages what you actually mean. This will make your relationship a happier, romantic and an everlasting one. Happy Messaging!



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