30 Cute And Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Are you struggling to find out a unique, but cute ways to ask a girl out for a date? Well, read on and find out how you can make a girlfriend.

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30 Cute And Romantic Ways To Ask A Girl Out

How to ask a girl out in a cute way to be your Girlfriend?

Do you dream of asking the love of your life, out on a date? How do you wish to be Kanye and make the entire basketball stadium your stage and ask your Kim to be your girlfriend? Only in a cute way? It Pretty much sounds amazing, but for your girl, it should be unique. The love of your life deserves nothing but the best of your efforts. Whatever is it that you decide to do, make it unique and give it your touch. It is almost like a dream come true to have found the love of your life, right? So, leave no stone unturned to make it the best. To help you ask the love of your life, out on your first date here are 30 ideas. These are undoubtedly the most special way to ask a girl out. With a touch of your own, and unique in every way, your girl will say nothing but a YES to a relationship for life. Just don't forget to tell her how beautiful she is, there is nothing much to impress after that. So, Read on guys, without wasting much time, let's get working on 30 cute ways to ask a girl out. Read out these adorable and romantic ideas to ask a girl out on a date in a cute way.

1. Be the Old School Romantic and ask a girl out in a cute way

Just like Chandler in FRIENDS did it the fantastic yet personal way, you can ask a girl out in person, too. It will indeed be memorable for the both of you. Make it a planned phone call on one of the romantic nights in the month. Take it slow, make her blush through the phone. After a few hours on the phone, make it silent. The silence would make her heart beat fast, and whisper in her ear, give her the ecstasy she can never get. The phone call never gets old, and it is still legit the best way to express your love. The silence will not be awkward, but it will have the hope of, 'happily ever after.'

2. Low-key girlfriend? Much better.

Well, many girls want their celebrations and moments fantastic and large, but a few like it the low-key way. Gear up guys, know what makes your girl feel comfortable. If the woman you like wants to make your moments in person, take it that way. Take a couple of balloons, a fondant cake saying, 'will you be my girlfriend,' and a bunch of teddy bear to her place. She would never have seen it coming, and you will have her by surprise. There are no chances of a 'NO,' but a legit drop of a tear as she says yes to be your girlfriend.

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3. 'Feed-your-girlfriend' in a cute way

Here's a tip, for all you guys, never underestimate what food can do! It has a potential of keeping us alive and also making the best way to get a girl say what you want to hear from her. Yes, guys, a bucket of chicken wings, two pepperoni pizzas, a Belgian waffle, red-velvet cake, bacon hamburger, and a few pints of beer would do just right. You can book an entire restaurant, if at all. Take all the food, go to her place, feed her up, cuddle her out and ask her to go out with you on a date.

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4. A lit candlelight dinner to ask a girl out

Nothing is better than a very romantic, candlelight dinner arrangement. It would be like a pre-date dinner date. But you can do it your way, with a unique touch of yourself in it. You can arrange it in your backyard, to give in your efforts. Get a little help from your mother or sister to manage a little romantic ambiance in your garden, decorated with her favorite flowers and scent. Invite her over casually, bend your knee (do it the Danaerys way), hold her hand and ask her out on a date, like your girlfriend. For an even better personal touch, you should cook her favorite food, yourself. And oh, don't forget the champagne and strawberries to spice up the night.

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5. A handcrafted gift for your girlfriend

If she is fond of arts and crafts, you should choose this cute way. There are several gift ideas on the internet that are easy to make. Filled with love, your token of love will blow her mind. To make it even better, put a beautiful ring on your handmade gift. Send it to her, via her dog. We assure you tons of hugs and kisses, after that.

6. A poetic device to ask a girl out on a date

If anything can bring that moment of goosebumps and head-spinning reality, it is poetry. If you were to ask me, there is nothing better than to ask a girl out by singing her a handwritten poetry. Poetry is the most romantic, and cute way of asking a girl out on a date, as your girlfriend. Instead of typing your poetry, sing it to her over a phone call. It will be an overwhelming moment of happiness filled with love. Make sure you write it yourself and includes in the moments you have spent with her not just her beauty.

7. Use the favorite movie/TV series of your girlfriend

A FRIENDS themed Chandler-Monica, or The Notebook type Noah and Allie, you can pull off any of her favorite movie themes. Get the similar clothes, and props and arrange them of the particular scene you want to recreate for asking the love of your life, out on a date. There could be nothing better than to put in personal efforts. Recreate the dialogues yourself. Invite her home, and give her the best surprise of her life.

8. A treasure hunt game to ask a girl out in a cute way

If the girl you like is sporty and adventurous, then make your big question sort of that. Invite her over to your place, and stick up notes of puzzles right at your doorstep. With a final note leading her to where you are hiding, and ask her out. It will be the perfect way for asking a girl you like to be your girlfriend. Make the questions tricky, and hide in a message for her to decode towards the end. It will be a delightful sight to see her reaching you after a long tricky ride of treasure hunting.

9. A musical Invitation for your girlfriend

If John Travolta in Grease could do it, you can make do it, too. There is nothing better than the vintage feels of a 90's like a movie musical. You can recreate one of these musicals from a movie, or make up your own. Although, I prefer doing it on your own because it will have a personal touch of yours. Your girl will be in awe with your creative and live filled musical dedicated for herself.

10. A video tape to ask her out

If you are creative with using computers, you are a step ahead of my boy. Make her a movie of her own. There will be nothing beyond an audio clip that has a journey of her life with you. Combine it with a mixed tape of her favorite songs playing at the back. Insert in one initial of, 'Will you be my girlfriend' to each slide. Parcel it anonymously at her doorstep, and wait for her till she comes out again and hug's you.

11. A dog-best friend for your girlfriend

She is never going away if you give her a token of your love,a puppy. Adopt an animal, stick a note saying,'will you be my girlfriend' by his side and leave him at her door. A dog is capable of doing everything that you can't. Also, he will be your constant protection for her. A total win-win situation, isn't it?

12. Sing a song to ask her out in a cute way

There has always been a deep connection between music and romance. Serenading a girl is the best way to ask her out on a date in person. Singing her a song inspired by her and the journey you share with her is intimidating. Girls always fall for guys who make it an extra effort. Go over to her place, make her cozy in a blanket pick up your guitar and sing her the self-written, 'Our song.'

13. A T-shirt Proposal

If you can't keep up to beat around the bush by being the poet romantic, this is your ideal way. You can paint the question on a T-Shirt, along with her name on it. Or if in case you mess with it beyond recognition have it done by some professional. Cover the T-Shirt up with a jacket, so she does not see it, immediately. Take her out to some posh area, remove your outerwear and bend down asking her your question. I am sure she will love how imprompt your entire plot was. And of course, your sweet little effort to paint a T-shirt. A tip, do not ruin her favorite T-shirt.

14. Involve her friends in a cute way

It is a known fact that a girl would love to have her boyfriend getting along with her family and friends. It will be indeed an adorable moment to see the people she most cares about, standing along with you to ask her out on a date. It is a rather very safe decision, because looking at them, she wouldn't say anything but a yes. The T-shirts you printed above, could be used here, too. Make every friend of hers wear the T-shirt and a placard saying, 'YES?'. Or else, you can have her friends carry each clue for the treasure hunt game. The entire act would be beyond beautiful and memorable.

15. Let the teddy bear ask her out

Let's face it, the size of teddy bear describes how much attention you want from her. So get the largest size available, you guys! Teddy's are a girl's best friend, after the barbie dolls. A giant teddy asking your question for you will never go wrong. The teddy will be her constant reminder of you, whenever she cries after fighting with you. So, get her a teddy, and ask her out on a date in person.

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16. Want to ask a girl out in a cute way? A lot of Balloons.

There is practically nothing that balloons cannot achieve. Fill an entire room with balloons, and trap the girl you like in it. No? Well, there are quite a lot of ways to make use of the mighty balloons. Take a whiteboard, and write your question on it. Cover it up entirely with a few layers of balloons. Have your girl pop every single one of them to reach the question hidden beneath. To make the entire process more rendezvous, fill each balloon with little gifts, such as makeup products, lingerie, etc. Pop up your question.

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17. Bake your way to her heart

Baking and girls have a dark connection. Make use of it, guys. Personalize your question or any message atop the cake or muffins that you decide to bake. Invite her over for a scrabble game, and serve the made with love goodies with a beer. She will be taken aback to see your efforts and eat them.


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18. Personalize a piece of Jewelery

Girls and jewelry go hand in hand. A piece of jewelry for a girl you love to moon and back is beyond extravagant. Although, it might be a little expensive read on to find out a cheap and extraordinary way. Instead of going for gold, opt Silver. Silver costs less than gold but as much significant. You can have both of your initials engraved on a pendant, or a bracelet with a heart in the middle. A ring with your initials engraved would do wonders, too.

19. A day dedicated for your love

Nothing should stop you from confessing your love to her if you choose to dedicate the day to her actually and entirely. Plan out a random day to do the activities she likes. Hiking, the star watching, a long drive under the mighty skies; any of these are incredibly romantic and emotional moments. Moreso, of you, choose to ask her to be your girlfriend on one of these occasions, it is a cherry on the top. A girl is always insecure to let a guy into her secret world of hobbies. You have to overcome her insecurities and prove yourself trustworthy. Doing it in person would be a lot more romantic.

20. A spring breeze

A summer love is all you need. Love is in the air during the entire spring season. Hence, it is indeed the best time to propose a girl you like, ask out on a date. Invite her over to a garden full of flowers, and lie down on the beautiful colorful earth. Recreate, the Twilight scene, kiss her and confess your love to the girl you like. You will have a memory of your own Twilight Saga for years to come.

21. The winter love

From ages, we have been reading stories of the winter love. Love that remains forever. If it is winter, and the snow has begun to fall, make use of it, guys. Take her out on a random snow-angel, sledding on a snow spot. Make arrangements to have your question typed for people to see. While spreading your arms making an angel in the snow, ask her to get up and see where the people are pointing. She would have never seen it coming.

22. Flowers to ask a girl out

Never underestimate the power of what a bunch of flowers can do. The mighty flowers can lot up your girl like nothing else. Although, you can get a bouquet of flowers delivered to her house. But it is always better to take the pain of going to a florist and handpick her favorite flowers. If the girl you like is subtle, just go to her place ask her to be your girlfriend and give her the flowers as a token of your love.

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23. Climb up her balcony

Just like any 90's movie, this is perhaps a most romantic way to ask her out. With your life at stake, and a rose in mouth climb up her room. Without knocking on her window, jump inside walk up to her bed and whisper in her ear while she sleeps. The girl you like will be in awe to have you in her room with your knee bent. Nothing can surpass this act of love and courage combined with a little adrenaline.

24. Send her a letter

It never hurts to be the old school romantic. Let's face it; we have always grown up watching the 90's romantic movies. Take old recycled sheets, and start writing your heart our to show your love. Add up a few poetic lines, to make it look like the legit Romeo Juliet kind of vibes. Spray it with her favorite perfume, and leave it at her door. She is sure going to love your subtle way to ask her out on a date.

25. Lit up your room

If you don't want to ask a girl out on a date over text, then this is your ideal way. Nothing is better than doing it in person, and vibing together. Decorate your room with warm yellow fairy lights, and candles to make it cozy. Spread some rose petals, and a rose hip essential oil. There will be love in the air, and she can't space it. Invite her over for a game, and she will be left gasping looking at the beautiful sight in front of her. Bend down and ask her to be your girlfriend.

26. Ask a girl out over a text

If you are too shy to ask a girl out in a person, you can do that over text. There are a lot of ways to ask a girl out over text. Being poetic is the key. Type a text which is dedicated to her, and do it yourself. Make sure you send it when both of you are happy and laughing on memes. If chosen a wrong timing, the entire idea of asking her out over text would be a total waste. Be poetic, and write about the time she has been with you. The outcome will be a romantic text message that will seem effortlessly emotional.

27. Put it up on the big screen

Still not found the cute way to ask a girl out? Well, a movie date in the open skies is not a bad idea. It is the best way if you don't want to ask her to be your girlfriend over text. You can request the authorities to play the favorite movie of the girl you like, and also to display a message during the interval saying your question. With so many people around and her name on the big screen, she is going to be your girlfriend in no time! A cute way, isn't it?

28. Display your love up in the air

If you want to ask a girl out on a date, in a cute way but also extravagant, then this is for you. She will feel nothing less than a princess. Many planes have messages attached to them as they fly, just take a look at them next time you’re in the garden. You can embrace the calmness of the environment and even have a little moment. The sun begins to set, and the horizon meets the sky while you hold her hand. The ultimate moment you should have a plane fly over the both of you with the question. There’s no way she can say no!

29. A Highway to Love

If you want the whole world to know, instead of asking over text, then this is your ideal way. To ask a girl out on a date in a cute way seems romantic, but what about little rendezvous vibes? You can get a large format printing done with your message typed and hung on a bridge. Spontaneous ask her out for a drive and drive her through the bridge that says out her name and your question. Stop in the middle of the road, and ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend? It will be a yes without a doubt.

30. A billboard

Let's face it; the entire world went gaga when Drake dedicated a billboard for his girlfriend, Rihanna, which is pretty much every girl's desire, today. Well guys, make it come true. You have to find out a way to have your customized billboard. If you are successful at doing that, display a picture of you both and your question outside her residence. Do not let her know; she will discover it herself when people see it and go crazy. Besides being a cute way to ask a girl out, but also the most rendezvous. Call her your girlfriend as soon as she calls you screaming at what she just saw!