Top 20 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You That You Can't Miss

Confused about those signs from a woman? Is she attracted to you? Find out from these 20 signs whether a woman is attracted to you or not.

By Amanda Palmer
Top 20 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You That You Can't Miss

Some women do not need words to show their interest in you

Most women prefer men to make the first move. They are either shy about approaching men first or they feel that that's the way it should be. Some men do not understand easily and women will do everything possible to give them hints and cues. They will do all that it takes to give you signs. They will show their interest in you in many ways. You need to be smart enough to grab those signs and catch your lady love before she loses interest in you or finds someone else. Some signs are very obvious and you can easily find out if a woman is attracted to you. You might want to prolong the sign game for a little while longer to enjoy it thoroughly but don't take too long. This could be fun as you too could take part in the sign game actively and make some precious funny memories with each other before starting your affair. If you are confused about whether a woman likes you, then find out from the following top 20 signs of a woman's attraction towards you which you cannot miss.

1. You will catch her staring at you often

One of the most obvious signs

Whenever you happen to look her way, you catch her staring at you. While you might not notice the first few times, it will dawn on you eventually. Initially, she might look away the moment you catch her staring at you. A woman who stares at you all the time is obviously telling you that she is attracted to you. You might catch her checking you out. She might be fantasizing about you all the time. You can easily make out whether she is sexually interested in you if you catch her checking you out more than twice or thrice.

2. She starts dressing provocatively

Ahem Ahem

Don't close your eyes to that naughty look and obvious desire! Can't you see that she is ready to bed you then and there? Enjoy it while you can but make sure you don't make her feel embarrassed. She is giving you obvious signs of her physical attraction towards you. Her body language is screaming that she is sexually attracted towards you. She might even loosen up her front buttons when you're near her. Is this an invitation? A short skirt or a revealing top might be only for you to show some interest in her body too.

3. The woman looks at your lips quite often

Invitation for a kiss?

If she is sexually attracted towards you, she might fantasize about kissing you often. She looks at your lips often to think and re-think about the moment when you will kiss her. Women can convey oodles of messages via their body language. You just need to read them correctly!

4. If a woman is attracted towards you she will smile at you often

Now that's a sweet gesture

An interested woman will smile at you often in order to start the relationship on a sweet note. Smiling often is a sign that she likes you. It could also mean that perhaps you could start a conversation with her. You should take a hint from her smile and go ahead and make small talk with her.

5. A sexually attracted woman might ask you for a lift

Make sure your car is all serviced and running well!

A woman who is interested in you might ask you to drive her back home. She might ask for a lift only to be able to spend some time with you alone. A woman who is not interested would clearly take a taxi back home if her car broke down. Imagine driving down the road with the woman of your dreams sitting right beside you and apparently besotted by you!

6. She might want to do joint projects with you

Just for work?

A woman who is interested in you will try to spend as much time with you as possible. She will grab all the opportunities at the office to work with you alone or on combined projects. Time alone together under the guise of an important office project could lead to some really hot stuff, you know. You have got to understand these signs buddy!

7. Body language will often tell you whether a woman is attracted towards you or not.

Notice her properly

Does she show any strange body language when you go near her? Do you find her blushing or getting nervous suddenly? Is she behaving rather provocatively with you? You have got to analyze her body language properly to understand whether she likes you or not. Does she tilt a lot towards you? Does she behave rather weird with you around?

8. Has she changed her hairstyle or appearance lately?

Isn't she looking gorgeous!

Perhaps she is trying to capture your interest by grooming herself. More makeup, a change in hairstyle, and fashionable clothes are surefire signs to that she wants to woo or seduce you. Don't let her efforts go to waste. Maybe you could compliment her?

9. Does she try to touch you often?

One of the most definite signs of a sexually attracted woman

A woman who is attracted to you will try to touch you whenever she gets a chance. She might shake hands often, give you a high five often, or try to touch you accidentally often. Grab the opportunity before it's too late. Do you find someone rubbing your leg under the table?

10. Does she laugh at all your jokes?

She is giving you signs

A woman who's attracted to you will laugh at all your jokes and humorous expressions just to convey to you that she really likes you and finds you really funny. That is a good sign.

11. She offers to share her meals with you

Anything for you!

She wants to spend maximum time with you and do all sorts of little favors for you, like sharing her homemade meals with you. More than sexual attraction, this should indicate that she likes your company a lot. Maybe you could take her out for pizza or something. Great relationships can start on such casual notes.

12. Invites you to watch a movie together

Rom-com with lots of popcorn!

Isn't that a lovely way to spend a weekend? A woman who is attracted to you might ask you to watch a sweet romantic movie together. It would be an ideal way to spend some time alone with each other. The rom-com could soon turn into a steamy scene only if you read her intentions well.

13. She likes all your posts and tweets

signs on social media

Does she like each and every post of yours without fail? That may sound a little strange to you but she is perhaps trying to tell you that she really likes you and finds you very interesting.

14. She offers to go out with you to her favorite rock band concert.

Why me?

She goes ahead and buys two tickets for the upcoming rock concert of her favorite band and offers to go with you. She wants to hangout with you and do amazing things together. This is a sure sign of something more than just plain friendship. Some booze and your favorite music would be a great way to spend some lovely time together.

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15. She calls under the pretext of work and does not hang up for hours

She loves talking to you

She calls you often for some work questions and then continues talking for hours. This shows that she likes talking to you and wants to know you better. You'll find her opening up to you and sharing a lot of her personal stuff with you. Your conversation goes on for hours and soon you get into a routine of talking to her daily.

16. You seem to bump into her a lot


Lately, you seem to run into her a lot. Is it a mere coincidence or has she started going to all the same places you go to, just to see you? Quite cleverly, she manages to reach all those places she knew you would go to. She wants to be everywhere wherever you go and this is a good sign.

17. She adjusts her hair and clothes the moment you go near her

A very subtle cue

Lately, you notice that she adjusts her hair and clothes the moment you go near her. Either she starts adjusting her shirt, skirt, or her hair. She wants to make sure she is looking great so that you would notice her.

18. She blushes a lot whenever you talk to her

That's kind of sweet

You notice that the pitch and tone of her voice change whenever you make any conversation with her. She also blushes a lot. Is she feeling shy? Is she nervous in your presence? What does that mean? You might also notice that her pupils dilate when she talks to you. That is just her internal emotional turmoil and excitement reflecting on her face.

19. She mimics you

Ever heard of interactional symmetry?

You find her mimicking you often. Subconsciously, she will do the same actions as you. If you pick up a glass to drink, she might do the same. You might even find her using the same expressions and phrases you use often.

20. She gets you gifts


A woman who is interested in you might get you gifts. Gifts like frames, chocolates, sweet souvenirs, etc., could mean that she cares for you. Now that is a very obvious sign and you should appreciate her thoughtfulness.

If you have not been getting the signals for a while now, then the woman might just approach you directly. Though you might get startled by her confession, wouldn't it be lovely to be approached by a woman directly? If you are nervous about making the first move to a woman you feel attracted to yourself, then you should look out for the above mentioned signs to be sure first. Many times, you might confuse her gestures with just platonic interest or mere politeness. If you notice even 10 of the above-mentioned signs then probably the woman is attracted towards you too. Go ahead and propose to her! If you delay in approaching her, she might get embarrassed with her actions or think that you are not interested. Surely, you do not want to lose such a gorgeous woman. And in the worst case scenario, even if she refuses, you can make peace with the fact that at least you gave it a shot. There's more harm in not trying rather than going ahead. The signs mentioned above are definite signs of an attraction. Take her cue from those signs and you can head off to start a great relationship. Women are very smart and sometimes will send such signals to men because they want men to make the first move. You may really like a woman but you might be confused or scared of rejection. If you see such signs from a woman then you can be sure of her attraction towards you before you actually go and propose to her. Things become easier and you both can hit it off immediately. These signs are pretty obvious with an attracted woman and come naturally to their gender.