Michael Sheen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sarah Silverman's Boyfriend

A Brief Biography On Michael Sheen. From His Major Movie Roles, His Life As A Political Activist, His Net Worth & More On Sarah Silverman' Boyfriend.

By Alan K. Fink
Michael Sheen Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sarah Silverman's Boyfriend

Michael Sheen In The Beginning

Michael Christopher Sheen was born on February 5th, 1969 in Newport, Wales. Michael Sheen is a Welsh actor and political activist. He was raised in a theatrical family, born to Meyrick, a British Steel Corporation personnel manager and Irene, a secretary. A great footballer, Sheen was actually scouted and offered a place on Arsenal's youth team at the age of 12, but considering that his family was unwilling to relocate to London, it didn't happen. He is quoted as saying that he was "grateful" for his parents' decision, as the chances of forging a professional football career were "so slim." In 1988, he moved to London in to train as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), having spent the previous year working in a Welsh fast food restaurant to earn money. Sheen was granted the Laurence Olivier Bursary by The Society of London Theatre in his second year at RADA. He ended up graduating in 1991 with a BA in Acting.


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The Enigmatic Michael Sheen

His Biggest Roles In Film & In Theatre

Director Sam Mendes, of American Beauty Fame, has described Sheen as "a stage creature" and attributed that to the actor's Welsh roots: "I'm serious. He's Welsh in the tradition of Anthony Hopkins and Richard Burton: fiery, mercurial, unpredictable." Michael Sheen gave a memorable performance in "Midnight In Paris," which co-starred one of the loves of his life, Rachel McAdams. His performance was extremely solid and it reminded me that Sheen has delivered in great movie roles as Tony Blair in "The Queen" and "Frost/Nixon." He has had massive success in blockbuster films such as "Twilight" and transformed himself to star in the movie "Underworld" with Kate Beckinsale who Michael has a daughter with. Their daughter, Lily Mo Beckinsale-Sheen, was born in 1999 in London, England. He has been nominated for and won awards in both his movie and theatre career including "The Queen," "Frost/Nixon" in film and "Caligula" and "Henry V" in theatre.

Michael Sheen As Tony Blair On The Left Vs. The Actual Tony Blair

Michael Sheen The Political Activist

Michael Sheen is a very smart and talented man and he has used a lot of his mental prowess and power to spend a lot of his life and energy in charity work and as a political activist. He was misquoted at the beginning of the year saying that he was quitting acting to focus on political activism, but he later cleared that up by saying that he was not quitting his acting career. He has many great thoughts regarding the state of the world right now and obviously feels that he can help. The actor is quoted as saying that the rise of far-right populism, both in the United Kingdom and in America has inspired him to fight against "demagogic, fascistic" politics. Sheen, the star of many projects, will return to his hometown of Port Talbot in South Wales, which voted in favor of the Brexit, to begin grassroots organizing.

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Fast Facts On Michael Sheen Including His Net Worth & Love Life, Including Being The Boyfriend Of The Comedian Sarah Silverman

Michael Sheen is the boyfriend of Sarah Silverman, a very talented actress, and comedian, it seems that they have a great relationship with a lot in common. Michael has been a in long romantic relationships with Kate Beckinsale, whom they had a daughter in 1999 together. His co-star in "Midnight In Paris," Rachel McAdams, from "Notebook" fame, was another long relationship that Sheen had and since January 2014, Michael Sheen and Sarah Silverman have been in a relationship together and considering how smart that she is and the fact that she is a political activist as well, the relationship will be strong for a long time. Sarah Silverman dated Jimmy Kimmel for many years and both of them probably know what they want at this point in time. Michael Sheen has a net worth of $9 Million Dollars and his talent and brilliant mind will always keep him very wealthy. He would probably be worth more if he was selfish and didn't care about things such as charity or politics and for people like Michael Sheen, we are much better off to have him on this planet. He is an immense talent who still has a lot to accomplish in the years ahead. The star of major films like the Twilight Series, Underworld, Midnight In Paris, Frost/Nixon, The Queen and many prestigious roles on stage and in the Theatre including Henry V, Romeo And Juliet and Caligula and great television roles such as Hamlet and Masters Of Sex is 5'9 and is 48 years old, still young in the world that we live in. He was described as the "pedantic gentleman" in Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris and Woody is quoted as saying that Sheen came in with the character, knowing that he was described in that way and absolutely knocked it out of the park. It is not hard for Sheen to come across as a brilliant man because he very much is. The Twilight Saga might be what he is best known for, he will always be remembered as a great mind who wants to help the world right now. He is known as Tony Blair, which he has played in a few different situations, including The Queen, for which was nominated and won awards for best actor for. There are actors that we always look forward to seeing what they will do next and Michael Sheen is one of those talented, enigmatic and versatile actors and minds that always has something clever up his sleeve.

Michael Sheen & Sarah Silverman At The Oscars.