Brooke Mueller Wiki: Everything To Know About Charlie Sheen's Wife

Brooke Mueller has been known as the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen. Here are a couple of not-so-positive facts about her, her scandals, and her movie career.

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Brooke Mueller Wiki: Everything To Know About Charlie Sheen's Wife

Brooke Mueller - short bio

Charlie Sheen has been known as a bad boy of Hollywood. Besides his numerous affairs, he somehow managed to settle down three times. And all of his three wifes are exes. His second wife was Brooke Mueller, the actress not so known for her roles and movie successes, but to her scandals and reality show-ups. Born in 1977, this American actress had a careless childhood, growing up in luxury. Her mother re-married the millionaire, whom Mueller accepted as his child. Her beauty has been noticed since the early age, so she Brooke Mueller became a cheerleader at high school and college. While she was filming a comedy ''Strictly Sexual'', Mueller married Charlie Sheen, who she met a couple of years ago at their friends' party. She became his wife on May 2008, after two years of engagement. Mueller and Sheen got 7-years old twins, Mark and Bob. Although Mueller has certain problems with vices, on her Instagram profile, you can see how devoted and caring mother she is. She said her sons are the center of her world, and because of them, she will fight her inside demons.

Brooke Mueller - career and net worth

Brooke Mueller's movie roles weren't that noticed although she started her career very early. She showed up in numerous genres. Mueller is mostly known for her role of Janet in ''Witchouse'', a horror movie released in 1999. Critics were merciless and this film got mostly negative reviews, marked as ''superficial, with a tone of bad actors''. After ''Witchouse'', in 2001, Mueller had a supportive role in another horror movie, ''The Possessed''. This film was about witchcraft and demonic possession. It was divided into three part, telling three different stories about fighting demons. "The Possessed" made a central success at the box office and did not remain remembered as a good representative of the horror genre.

Actress for supportive roles mostly

In the next couple of years, Mueller had several minor roles. In 2008, she got the role of Cassandra in a comedy ''Strictly Sexual''. Another average movie wasn't enough to rise career of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife. After ''Strictly Sexual'', this actress didn't have a significant movie success. Known also a one of Paris Hilton's friend, Mueller showed in her reality show ''According to Paris''. After that, she decided to get some break from acting. Her net worth is estimated at $5 million.

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Charlie Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller in the center of domestic abuse scandal

The marriage of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen was full of ups and downs. First problems among them showed during their engagement period. Since they both were drug consumers, their whole relationship was problematic. Shortly after the wedding, Sheen was arrested. Mueller accused him of domestic violence. Before this, Sheen already had a long history of arrestments for being violent toward women. After paying bail, Charlie Sheen was released. He and Mueller called this a ''minor incident, caused by certain minor, marital problems''. Considering they got divorced a year after that scandal, those problems were anything but ''minor''. Before confirming the divorce judgment, Mueller requested the court to ban the admission, claiming to be afraid of its safety. Finally, after a couple of turbulent years of their relationship, things seem to have settled between them. Mueller and Sheen even celebrated his 50th birthday together.

#BrookeMueller is accusing #CharlieSheen of selling off his "Two and a Half Men" cash cow just so he can get his child support payments to her reduced. As we've reported, Charlie's been crying poverty to the court ... saying he can no longer afford the $55k per month, but Brooke's not buying it for a second. In new docs, she says Charlie deliberately sold off his back end revenue from "Two and a Half Men" in order to lower his monthly income. Yes, Charlie got a lump sum of $26 million off that deal, but he lost $613k in monthly income ... which Brooke thinks is all part of his poverty play. She also thinks it's laughable Charlie's acting down and out, since he "continues to own multiple mansions across the globe, fly all over the world on private planes, have several paid employees at his beck and call, and live an extremely lavish lifestyle." Brooke is begging the court not to fall for Sheen's hard luck story, and she wants a hearing to comb through his finances. Via: tmz

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Brooke Mueller's problematic past and drug addiction problems

Considering Sheen as a Hollywood naughty boy, Brooke Mueller can be marked as a ''bad girl''. Before she married him, Mueller was viewed as a trouble-maker. She was arrested several times for cocaine possession. The first time it was in 1996, second was in 2001. After getting kids with Sheen, it seemed like she finally settles down. But only briefly. After several scandals, Mueller announced to go on an outpatient rehab program in 2011. She wanted her full recovery, deciding to be completely sober because of her sons.

Mueller's personal issues caused by drug abuse

Although Mueller has been applying for rehab several times, it seems that the last, and the hardest strike happened in 2013. Brooke Mueller had been involved in a drug scandal. Again. This time, social services reacted and her custody of sons was taken away. That year she was hospitalized for psychological problems. After another successful rehab, custody was returned to Mueller. As she said, it was one of the most difficult moments of her life. She gave a final promise that her sobriety would be the priority. But not for a long time. Unfortunately, Mueller never stopped consuming drugs. On several occasions, she was caught smoking crack. Obviously, it's not easy to get rid of this vice, so we wish Brooke Mueller all the luck in staying clean.

Mueller turned to real estate and jewelry design

Mueller's movie career didn't abound with award-winning projects. Most of her movies and roles were average or negatively scored. So she gave up on acting and finally finds herself in a field of real estate and where she made several successful realizations. Due to her successful investments, Mueller gained a good business reputation. Besides that, she also tried out painting and creating jewelry. Obviously, she got some artistic talent. Although she was winning multi-million dollars settlement from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, Mueller tries so hard to achieve something on her own. According to her latest Instagram photos, it seems she finally did it.