20 Confusing Signs Your Ex Might Still Be Interested In You

Wonder if your ex boyfriend is over you? Read the signs. Don't miss the signs that tell you if your ex boyfriend might not be over you yet.

By Rebecca L
20 Confusing Signs Your Ex Might Still Be Interested In You

20 Signs your ex boyfriend is not over you

In most ugly breakups, ladies just want to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives leaving behind their ex-boyfriends for good. As long as their minds are set, it is simply over and there is nothing that can be done to undo it. Once the decision is made, once it's over, most ladies just want to completely cut ties with their ex-boyfriends to a point they do not even want to be friends anymore. After a relationship is over, your ex boyfriend might keep doing certain things that maybe annoying in an attempt to get noticed. Such signs show that he is not yet over you and that he wants you back.

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Is your ex boyfriend really over you though?

Some ex-girlfriends, however, may confuse and misinterpret men’s intentions as having interest in them. So, in an attempt to address this issue, what are some of these signs that will indicate that your boyfriend is not yet over you?

Sign 1) Makes excuses to contact you

Your ex-boyfriend may always make excuses to contact you. He may not directly talk about having any interest in you. He will rather tend to talk about some of your passions which he knew from the time you guys spent time together. Remember he still knows you well, you were his girlfriend.

Sign 2) Bumping into your ex boyfriend "accidentally", almost all the time

What if you always bump into him everywhere and all the time? You think that is a coincidence? Do not be confused my dear lady, your ex is just tracking down and stalking his onetime girlfriend with hopes of getting her back. Be wary of comments like “pleasure seeing you.” Nowadays one can know one’s location by several means, let’s take for example social media. And your ex-boyfriend knows about these tactics too.

Sign 3) His social media status

One of the most obvious signs is the current trend of his social media statuses. Take for example your ex posts numerous depressing statuses on either WhatsApp or Facebook. Such as “enough is enough, I cannot take it anymore!” That is meant for you, my dear. This is a sign that he laments losing you and is dying for you guys to get back together. Do not be confused however and end up stalking your ex-boyfriend in social media instead.

Sign 4) Somehow your ex boyfriend shows up when you need him

Now, this sign is hilarious! After a break-up, you meet your ex and he does not leave your side no matter what. Well, to him it is not over yet and he could love to have you back. That one guy you meet and he asks you several questions rapidly. Do not be confused, that sign is very elaborate, he is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back.

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Sign 5) Keeps in touch with your family

Your ex-boyfriend is still in touch with your family. That is despite the fact that it is over between you guys. Then he has not lost interest in you. This guy is not only stalking you on social media but he is also your family members. For example, he is leaving weird comments on your parent’s pictures. A thing he has never done before. There you are, a clear sign. He still needs you.

Sign 6) Asks about you all the time

Does your ex-boyfriend go around asking about you? This may be because you have been assuming his futile attempts to contact you. He is therefore worried about your well-being to an extent he starts asking your best friends and even your neighbors about your whereabouts and your well-being. Well, do you need any other signs? For him, it is not over yet. He still fancies you.

Sign 7) Keeps bringing up sweet old memories

Does he always keep bringing up the sweet old memories? The ones you shared together whenever you talking? That is a sign clear enough, he is not over you yet. Take an example the guy keeps reminding you of the good times such as the first-time you guys kissed. Hello, just understand that your ex is not going to get over you anytime soon. He still has interest in you.

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Sign 8) Weirdly romantic chats

His chats keep getting weirder and weirder if not romantic? For instance, he keeps signing off some of his emails, WhatsApp chats or messages with kiss emojis despite the fact that you are guys are no longer together. These kisses should cease immediately after the breakup. A continuation of this tendency shows that your ex-boyfriend is not over you yet.

Sign 9) Still single after you

Despite the lapse of time, your ex-boyfriend does not want to date anymore. That is, he is not seeing any other ladies after you. He deliberately ignores other potential ladies. This maybe because he only wants to date you or the memories of the moments you shared are still very fresh as a result painful. This guy is not yet over you and he will not let you go soon.

Sign 10) Dating your 'double'

What of a scenario where your ex-boyfriend replaces you with a ‘double’ - someone who looks just like you. Is that not significant enough? It is not over and your ex-boyfriend cannot move one. He cannot be able to forget you, he wants to be seeing you all the time. That nice hairstyle you always wore, dress style and even the eye color. Even your friends have made a comment of the resemblance.

Sign 11) Holiday catch-ups

Ex-boyfriend trying to catch up on holidays? Holidays being the loneliest times, most individuals try to make connections to those folks that they care about. Your ex-boyfriend is no exception, he feels very vulnerable at this time and thus he tries to reconnect. Well, that should be sign enough that he never moved on. He is trying to rekindle your relationship, it is not over yet.

Sign 12) Always weird and silly around you

Being unnatural is a sign he's not over you

Does your ex-boyfriend always act stupid or weird when he's with you? For example, he tries to bring up some inside jokes only to end up sounding bizarre. He even a times ‘forgets’ and calls you words like babe and the sort. They avoid any eye contact, always fidget and are just uncomfortable around you. Well, my dear, he is not over you and that is a clear sign.

Sign 13) Always doing what you used to do

Trying to keep the tendencies that you used to when you guys were together. Take for instance, he is always listening to your favorite song again and again. Then what your ex-boyfriend is trying to do is to keep reminding himself of his ex-girlfriend which simply means he is not over you yet.

Sign 14) Trying to make you jealous

Is your ex-boyfriend trying to prove to you how happier they are now that you are not in their lives anymore? Trying as much as they can to make you jealous? Well, that guy is not happier. It is just that he cannot get over you. He is instead trying to send you signs that he needs you back in his little miserable life.

Sign 15) Your intuition

Well, ladies as we all know, we got that inner little voice which is very strong in our minds. I’m talking of your gut or intuition. Getting such a feeling can mean that he wants you back, well then you may not be very wrong. That can be one of the signs that he truly wants you back. However, be cautious. You may be the one who wants him back.

Sign 16) Keeps telling you how much he hates you

When your ex-boyfriend keeps telling you again and again that he hates you, there is a very big chance that he actually does not hate you. It is just that he cannot get over you. As a result, he hates himself for not being able to let go. He is still very interested in you. That is why he keeps making futile attempts to get in touch.

Sign 17) Keeps communication lines open after breakup

Your ex-boyfriend’s communication lines remain open. And that he replies promptly to any sort of communication. That is another of the signs that he is still deep into you. He is hoping that one of these good days you will call him and tell him that it was never over and that you can still do stuff together.

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Sign 18) Telling you he still needs you

Some guys are quite bold. If they are not done with you yet, they will tell you so. If he tells you that he is not yet over you, well, and it happens that he is genuine. Then he has not moved on and still you guys can be together. All up to you now.

Sign 19) Blocks you in every communication channel available

Here is one of the signs which are actually very ironic. If your ex-boyfriend blocks you in every communication channel. Be it social media, calls, emails and what have you, it indicates that he is hurt and it is painful to see you move on while he is still stuck with you in his mind.

Sign 20) Attempts at public humiliation

Were you dating a snitch who cannot move on after a break-up? Well, he will try to talk behind your back or even try to humiliate you publicly. There you have it, he cannot get over you and forget you. your ex-boyfriend is trying to show you he is desperately in need of you.

Read the signs - he may not be over you

Well, there you have it. Be sober, carefully look out for such signs and if you happen to see any and you want to go back to your ex, waste no time, go get it, girl. And if it happens that you are done and you want to get as far as you can from your ex, run. If this turns out to be an obsession, he may go over his head and try to hurt you if you reject him again and again. Don't let him control you. Breakups are not easy. It's only natural for your ex to still have feelings for you. At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel. You can figure out if he is still not over you, but it's on you to decide what to do about it. Listen to your heart. Stay safe and do what makes you happy!