25 Cute Nicknames To Call Your Lover

Want to pamper your boyfriend with a special romantic name? Here are 25 cute nicknames that lovers give each other. Choose the best.

By Amanda Palmer
25 Cute Nicknames To Call Your Lover

Call your boyfriend with cute nicknames

Ever heard lovers calling each other 'butterball', 'my queen', 'honey bun' and other such cute nicknames? These names show the love and warmth you feel for your partner and they are practically a form of a verbal cuddle that you would give to your love. Sometimes, lovers form nicknames after shortening the last names and some other times they have some personal joke that both of you have shared. Sometimes, lovers use nicknames that feel right at the moment, but soon people outgrow them. The nickname, though, remains as a matter of habit. Calling your partner with cute nicknames has been done since ages. It is a way of showing your romantic feelings to the person you love. Your partner too wants to be pampered and feels secure in the relationship. Nicknames can be affectionate, sensual and funny, but most of them are cute. Lovers use all sorts of nicknames for their partners and that in itself is cute! It sure adds a lot of spice to the game of love. While naming your boyfriend, make sure that the names you give him should match his personality. For example, you cannot call your manly and rugged looking man 'chocolaty'. You can if you must, but there is a better name to suit the personality. Similarly, calling your tall and thin boyfriend 'cuddly muddly' does not have a good ring to it. Cute nicknames when spoken in public should make the people go 'wow' and not shake their heads in amusement. There are some nicknames that have become too common. Names like 'baby', 'sweetheart' are used by everyone and though they perform their purpose well, they have become too common over a period of time. Perhaps, you would prefer to give a unique and unusual nickname to your lover, a name that only both of you can relate to and use? Below is a list of some really cute and adorable nicknames for your boyfriend; just go ahead and choose the best:

1. Cutie Pie

This one is a rather cute nickname

Pamper your romantic boyfriend with this cute nickname. Not only would be feel loved, but will also blush thinking that you find him cute! Text him with this lovely nickname and let him know your feelings.

2. Prince Charming

Your boyfriend will love such nicknames

Your prince charming should know that you are totally in love with him. This one is a very nice nickname, which tells your boyfriend that he rules your heart and has a charming and a romantic personality.

3. Butter Ball

Cuteness overloaded

Your romantic boyfriend should know that he is as soft and cuddly as butter! This nickname is different and has a lovely ring to it. It also shows your warmth towards your lover.

4. Champ

One of the most used nicknames amongst lovers

Your lover will feel like a champion every time you call him a champ. He is going to feel pampered, loved and appreciated. This nickname can also be used for your boyfriend who is a champion in whatever he does - be it soccer, basketball or music. Calling him 'champ' would make him swell with pride over his achievements.

5. Romeo

One of the most romantic nicknames

Your romantic sweetheart would love to be called Romeo by you. It would make him feel loved and it also speaks volumes of your feelings for him. The name Romeo has come into existence after the famous play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakeapeare and calling him a Romeo sure underlines your love for him and the depth of your relationship.

6. King

Your boyfriend rules your heart

Your boyfriend deserves to be called king by you. He not only rules your heart, but also your world. This nickname has a romantic vibe to it and would make your boyfriend feel proud.

7. Pumpkin

One of the most common nicknames

Cute nicknames for children and lovers include pumpkin. Though the relevance is uncertain, but you call your romantic boyfriend a pumpkin if you find him cute and cuddly.

8. Sugar Pie

Lovers use such nicknames a lot

Your sweet, sugary, honey ball of a boyfriend deserves this cute nickname if he has made your world full of sweet little things. Call him this in public and let the world know how you feel about him.

9. Sugar Bear

It's just so sweet

Your cuddly teddy bear is so sweet that you can call him your 'Sugar Bear'. Hug him, kiss him and lick him as if he is your favorite 'Sugar Bear'.

10. Mr. Cool

One of the most-loved nicknames

If your boyfriend is super-smart and super-sexy, then the romantic nickname Mr. Cool is just apt for him. He always dresses up in the funkiest of clothes and looks cool at any hour of the day. Let him know how impressed you are by this cool persona.

11. Honey Bunny

You will love to use such nicknames in your text messages

Sweet nicknames have been used by lovers since long. They are filled with love and affection for each other and sound very romantic to the one who hears them.  

12. Treasure

This one is a precious nickname

Your lover is the most beloved and priceless possession in this world. Let him know that by calling him your 'treasure'. This one has a different kind of romantic aura around it.

13. Cuddle Muffin

A cuddly name he would love

This nickname is apt for your boyfriend if you love to cuddle him a lot. Cuddling him gives you peace of mind, fills you with love and adds a sense of security.

14. Busy Bee

Use it when he is too busy

A cute and sarcastic nickname you can give to your boyfriend if he is forever busy. This will not fill him with remorse, but will make him feel wanted and desired by you.

15. Cup Cake

Perfect for your cute boyfriend

This is another cute nickname for your lover if you find him lovely to the core. Everyone loves cup cakes and with this one, you just let him know he is as sweet as a cupcake. Perhaps you could add your favorite flavor like ' My chocolaty Cupcake'!

16. Bon Bon

For lovers who are cute and chocolaty

If you're an ardent fan of chocolates, then 'Bon Bon' would show your boyfriend that he is as delicious and desirable as a chocolate bonbon.

17. Lover boy

So romantic, just text this one

You have the perfect lover boy in your boyfriend and this nickname will fill him with pride as well as love for you. He is the perfect lover, be it in bed or in public; so he should be aptly called 'lover boy' by you.

18. Little monkey

Text him this naughty one

This cute nickname is adorable and naughty to the core. If you find your boyfriend jumping around like a monkey in front of you, then you could give him this funny nickname.

19. Munchkin

Chhoo chweet!

Your munchkin loves to be nibbled at, cuddled and kissed. He surely is very demanding.

20. Monster

In a romantic way!

If your boyfriend makes you do crazy things you love, then this one is apt for him.

21. Playboy

Romantic or naughty?

Is your boyfriend always ready for sex? He is not only your dream lover, buy a naughty playboy too. This one is just apt for naughty lovers.

22. Papa bear

Is he too protective?

This is suitable for lovers who are too protective around their girlfriends. If you often feel he is like your father, then perhaps you could tease him with this one.

23. Archie

Your childhood sweetheart

Your boyfriend reminds you of the infamous 'Archie' boy from the comics you used to read during childhood. This nickname will sure suit him. A very less used nickname amongst lovers, this one sounds too cute to hear.

24. Mr. Perfect

Can't get better

If your lover has the genes of becoming a perfectionist in everything he does, then no other name would suit him better. Call him 'Mr. Perfect' and see him swell with pride!

25. Ladies' Man

For your popular boyfriend

If your boyfriend is quite popular amongst the ladies in your group, then perhaps 'Ladies’ man' nickname would remind him of being loyal only to you.

The nicknames mentioned above are purely used for fun and affection. Many times, they might mean nothing in particular and are often used impromptu. If your boyfriend is uncomfortable with the nicknames, then perhaps you could choose another one from the list above. Using nicknames in a relationship shows your comfort and affection for each other. No one would address a casual acquaintance with a nickname. They reveal a person's persona and also let the person know what you feel about him. Using nicknames in public just shows the world that both of you are hooked and booked, and very much in love. There are some sexy nicknames lovers give each other, but these cannot be used in public. However, cute nicknames can be used in front of anyone without thinking twice. I knew someone who used to call his girlfriend 'Sugar Bum'. This is hardly an appropriate nickname to be used in public and the girlfriend used to get quite embarrassed with such a name. But with cute nicknames, one need not worry at all. These can be used anywhere, anytime! It also makes your relationship more personal and intimate. These are names you use for your lover alone and hence they have a certain emotion as well as deeper meaning to it. You have chosen a particular nickname for your boyfriend after much thought and you both get very attached to it. You can also use your personal nickname as a codeword between you two. It speaks volumes about the bond you share with each other. A text message saying ' Honey bunny' might not mean anything if read by someone else, but it means the world to your lover. That’s a great secret too! There is a whole lot of meaning in nicknames than that which meets the eye. Sometimes, a person feels the urge and the desire to express their love to the other person. Nicknames are sweet verbal caresses, which speak volumes about your emotions. Sometimes, merely saying 'I love you' just doesn't feel enough and you feel the need to add on 'my munchkin' or 'my king' to complete expression of your love. So, make sure your cute nickname stays with you forever, right from the moment you first knew each other to the phase when you realized about your sexual chemistry to the moment today, when you know that you both can't live without each other. If your nickname stays with you for all these stages of your love life, then it sure becomes your favorite word and expression. At times, using just the nickname could equate to saying 'I love you' to each other! Go ahead and choose the most appropriate nickname for your boyfriend from the list above. Fall in love and love it more!