Does height really matter in a relationship?

Does height really matters and how important is this factor when it comes to relationships

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Does height really matter in a relationship?

How important is the requirement of height factor in a relationship

On average, most American women tend to be 5 feet 4 inches tall, whereas American men tend to be 5 feet 9 inches tall. Chances are, you will end up dating someone taller than you. Overall, the American population used to be one of the tallest in the world, but the rates of height increase have declined considerably, due to poorer nutrition.

The stereotype that Asian American women and men tend to be more petite and shorter, and White American women and men, as well as Black American women and men, tend to be taller and larger is true, to some extent. 

However, Asians, in particular, South Korean women, are becoming increasingly taller nowadays. Height is influenced by many factors, including genetic factors, the amount of sleep one receives, hormonal causes as well as gender. Thus, height definitely plays a part when it comes to the dating game.

Does height matters when dating or in a relationship?

Societal norms

When it comes to dating, society has ingrained a few cultural and social norms in us. One of them is that height matters. Taller men are perceived to be more protective and caring. Moreover, a study done by Rice University and the University of North Texas showed that 55% of women wanted to date men who were taller than them. Most women cited reasons like the ease of wearing high heels and not being afraid to tower over her partner, the sense of security and the feeling of being delicate.

Trends in dating apps

In dating apps, a lot of women wanted men who were taller than they were. This was especially so when the women were taller than average. Men also showed a preference for shorter women, as women who were 5 feet 5 inches tall received 40% more messages than those who was 6 feet 3 inches tall. On the other hand, men who were 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall received 60% fewer messages as compared to those who were 6 feet 3 inches tall and 6 feet 8 inches tall.

Common perceptions of a man's height and income

Research shows that short men tend to overcompensate for their short stature by dating women with lower educational levels and women who were significantly younger. Probably stereotypical heteronormative gender norms have contributed to the perception that taller men are more domineering and masculine. Other studies have shown that tall men tend to fetch higher salaries and they get promoted more easily. Hence, this probably explains the trend of women preferring taller men as opposed to shorter men.

Getting awkward stares from public

If you have a boyfriend who is significantly shorter than you, ie. two heads shorter, you may tend to get gawks and stares from the public. It is quite common for men to be taller than women, and a lot of people are not used to seeing couples with mismatched heights. You might feel more socially awkward, but if you are compatible with your husband/boyfriend, you shouldn’t let this affect you too much. 

Does height matters in bed?

To a certain extent, yes, height does matter in bed. Men who were taller tend to have more sex partners, and shorter men ranging from 5ft 8 inches tall to 5ft 10 inches tall had one or three partners less than others. The benefits of being tall plateaued off after a certain threshold.

Furthermore, sex positions are limited in bed. However, all is not lost. Sex wedges, sex swings, and straps are examples of nifty gadgets that can improve your sex life. Cosmopolitan also mentions that the spoonie position is very helpful in navigating height differences. An inclined plane such as a flight of stairs would make things a lot easier too.

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If you are a taller girl, perhaps, you would feel self-conscious about dating shorter guys. Likewise, shorter guys may develop an inferiority complex about their height. But don’t let that rule out the option of dating a guy shorter than you. After all, love transcends all boundaries, whether it is height differences or language barriers. Plus, they might make up for it with their wry sense of humour or their drive and ambition. 


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