How To Attract A Leo Man In Ways He Cannot Resist

Just find out how to attract a Leo man and become his queen

By Tashke
How To Attract A Leo Man In Ways He Cannot Resist

About zodiac

Ever since the first civilizations originated, people developed interest in the meaning of zodiac, although astrology has not been accepted as a scientific field till date. Maybe, horoscope's interpretations have changed over the centuries; some facts have been added, some of them subtracted. Either way, although it has not been scientifically proven, it is certainly interesting to hear what the stars predict for us in future. Let's be honest, many of us first read the love paragraph in the horoscope and then about health, money and career. We are just curious to find out what stars are telling us. If you are interested whether a Leo man could be your soul-mate for life, we can give you some advice on how to attract him in a way he cannot resist.

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About the Leo

As we said, Leo is a king of the zodiac. This sign dominates the horoscope, as he does in the jungle. A Leo is very strong and confident, and adores when he is the center of attention. That's why Leos have many friends. They have a really good and healthy sense of humor; they don't like offending and humiliating people. The loyalty and commitment of the people he loves are characteristic for a Le it stands for life and never changes.

Sometimes because of too much self-confidence, a Leo can leave the impression that he is arrogant and inaccessible. A Leo will respect you if you deserve his respect by your deeds. Leo is the main sign in the group of signs of the Sun (or Fire, depending on the interpretation of a zodiac). His ''co-workers'' in this group are Taurus and Sagittarius. So the assumption is that a Leo would best agree with them. No, no. Too much Sun can burn and that's no good.

Leos needs someone strong, but still tender enough person to settle him down. The sun has the greatest influence on the characteristics of this sign. A Leo ''radiates'' with positive energy and therefore, he is favored among his friends. Because of that, Leo is predestined to be a leader - or a ''king''.

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Bad side of a Leo

We have already said that the lions are very strong personalities. When they set themselves a goal, they are determined to achieve it and will not hesitate to use various tricks to succeed in their intent. A Leo is not overwhelmed by anything, maybe he is not fierce, but he is very brave, which is a feature of the real leader. That is certainly a good thing, but sometimes a Leo can exaggerate.

If their bad sides prevail, Leo can be terribly tense, arrogant and self-reliant. If Leo has problems, that is the biggest thing in the world. He simply likes to make a mountain out of a molehill. A Leo just doesn't know how to fight. He always makes noise without any need and thus should compensate for the lack of specific arguments. Only a Leo knows best what is good for him and he does not like when you want to be his counselor.

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The attraction of a Leo man

''Here comes the King'' - this is the sentence which could describe a Leo man perfectly. So as the king, this man is very desirable and many women find him extremely attractive. For seducing a Leo man, you must know that the competition is quite big and you need to be very special to attract him. A Leo man is pure fire when it comes to love. He is very passionate and he doesn't like to hide his feelings. Au contraire, my friend! If a Leo man attracts you, he will ''roar'' it to everyone.

Although a Leo man sometimes can be very egoistic, he doesn't want to be alone. This man needs a reliable and strong partner, who will commit to him. Trust it, surprises and excitement will not miss you in bed either. A Leo man wants to see the results of his effort to seduce you and you must show it to him that you're satisfied in every way. Show it to him loud and clear. Especially loud, if you know what we mean. That is about the bed!

Advices to attract a Leo man

Since a Leo man has a very strong character, he wants someone similar to him by his side, but not completely. You must demonstrate decisiveness in front of this man and be ready to defend your attitude. A Leo man loves attractive women with strong personality, not some wimp, crying baby. If you're emotional and you cry for every little thing, you should better forget about a Leo man. He just won't be into you.

On the other hand, if you are emotional, but still have a strong character, you might just be the perfect match for a Leo man. When he is in love, a Leo can turn from a lion to a kitty in no time. That's when he wants you to show him your emotions; when you're alone, at home, in bed. Not in front of the others. A Leo man likes to be in charge, but that doesn't mean he wants an inferior partner. If you want to attract a Leo man and him to be committed to you, you must be equal or at least, almost equal to him.

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What kind of a woman will attract a Leo?

As we said before, a King wants a Queen. Leo man wants an attractive, charismatic woman who shines and attracts, a woman who is an object of desire for many others, but who wants only him. So if you want to attract a Leo man, be the best version of yourself. Make-up, dress, hair; everything must be best. First, you must attract him visually, only then you will handle his attitude.

A Leo man likes really feminine women, who seduce with every single move. If you are a tomboy, there's no way you will attract this man. He can be your best friend and nothing more. His woman must be elegant and provocative at the same time, with a mild dose of sex appeal. Simply said, a lioness in bed and a queen in public! Don’t forget the bed ladies. It works! A Leo man likes to seduce, but he won't play with your feeling. If he's just not into you, he won't be rough. He will think of a great excuse not to see you anymore, being careful not to offend you.

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Dating a Leo man

Be sure of one thing; if you date a Leo man, be ready to follow him in every aspect. A Leo man likes and enjoys luxury things. He works hard and loves money; both earning and spending it. A Leo man will take you on a date to an expensive restaurant or VIP club, just to be seen. This man simply loves expensive and unique things. Well, keep that in mind when you buy him a gift. If you attracted him, you can expect some expensive gifts - that's for sure. At first, a Leo man seems like an egoist.

Well, you got that right, but not completely. When a Leo falls in love, he can be most thoughtful and loving person in the world. A Leo man will be your protector and Prince Charming. Since he is a king, he will treat a woman he loves like a queen. Although a Leo man is very passionate, he doesn't want to get you in bed on the first date, no matter how much you attracted him. This man will seduce you patiently and wait for you to surrender. When a Leo is attracted, he is a hunter and a woman is the target

Conversation with Leo man

A Leo man won't hesitate to compliment you if he likes the way you look. He likes sparkly and shiny things, so if you want to get his attention, wear jewelry or something with that detail. But this man likes compliments too. So be generous in praising a Leo and his acts.

During your dating, Leo man will mostly talk about himself, about his successes and accomplishments. This is how he tests you. If you accept this kind of a mind game and you talk only about him, that is a sign for a Leo man that you're just weak. But if you manage to reverse the conversation on yourself and your issues, you just beat this man in his favorite game called ''me, myself and I''.

In order to attract a Leo man, you must be an unbreakable source of fun. At the first signs of boredom, a Leo will withdraw and that is a clear sign that he is not interested. A Leo man will appreciate if you are able to discuss various themes. Work, sports, everyday news, personal things... this man likes to talk. So if you don't like, just listen. A Leo, sometimes, will talk for both of you.

Pros and cons dating a Leo man

The main advice for dating a Leo man is - be a confident, independent and strong woman. Emotions are allowed, but just in bed, when you're alone. A Leo man will commit to you if he is sure that you can follow him. This man certainly has a huge ego, but that still doesn't mean he wants a fan. No, he wants a lifetime partner who he can rely on. If Leo man gets tired (which is very, very rare, but it could happen to everyone), you need to push. You must be his strength and his other half throughout life.

Not everyone can deal with Leo man, that's sure. This man, like his namesake from the jungle, wants to be free. Do not limit a Leo. If you are a control freak and want to be in charge in every aspect of his life, that wouldn't be a relationship but endless fight for authority. In that case, you better let it go. A Leo doesn't want to be in a cage. A Leo man will treat you like a queen, just show him that you are capable to stand next to him.

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