Scorpio Woman And Cancer Man: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

A Scorpio woman and a Cancer man can have an intense and a beautiful relationship. Find out more about their love, sex, and marriage compatibility.

By Amanda Palmer
Scorpio Woman And Cancer Man: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

Shared element of Water in Scorpio and Cancer

The Scorpio woman and the Cancer man are quite compatible in their relationship instinctively because both believe that a relationship is forever. But to make their relationship really last long in a healthy manner, some effort might be required. The Scorpio woman is highly intrigued by the Cancer man's sense of intuition and also his homely nature. He appears as warm and nurturing, a trait that she seeks in her man. The Cancer man is a very sensitive man and is attracted to the Scorpio woman's intense emotions. They both feel that the other understands them well. As both are quite moody and emotional, it is quite natural that they understand each other's mood swings. Their compatibility starts off with a good score initially. They both assume that theirs will be quite a fulfilling and everlasting relationship but the Cancer man would soon get off balance by the amount of drama the Scorpio woman would bring into their lives. He himself is not at all spiteful and hence gets very hurt with the scorpion's sting. When they do get into an unpleasant rift, it will be the Cancer man who will bring them both into the light. The Scorpio woman is also highly emotional but often gets lost in her own turmoil of emotions and needs someone who can drag her out. Eventually, the Scorpio woman will come to admire this about him and although she would try a lot not to hurt him, due to her manipulative and vengeful nature, at times she cannot help herself. Due to both of them being highly emotional, their compatibility would be fine but their relationship will have its own share of pain and hurt. As both of them are Water signs, they blend well with each other. Commitment is a serious trait in both of them and both value togetherness, devotion, trust and loyalty in a relationship. As none of them are frivolous with their romantic expressions they manage to trust each other deeply and create a strong bond between themselves.

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The Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman is a very confident lady who has almost mysterious and magnetic pull about her personality. She can attract men with her seductive beauty and glamorous style. She is passionate and faithful about love right from the very beginning. She provides a lot of affection both physically and emotionally to her Cancer man and makes him feel complete. She is also very possessive and suspicious and will get occasionally jealous if she finds other woman swirling around her Cancer man. The Cancer man also seems besotted by her seductive beauty and dazzling personality. He also admires the devotion and loyalty she gives to the relationship. He feels secure with her. Not only at home, she also provides him enough support to establish a flourishing career. She proves to be a woman of substance for him, although she does not like the witty jokes aimed at her by her Cancer man. She has oodles of self-respect and self-love too. Her suspicious nature can create quite a chaos in their lives. But overall, she appears as a warm and intense lady who loves her husband thoroughly.

The Cancer man

The Cancer man is a very kind-hearted man who is also very intelligent and humorous. He can often pull crowds with his witty sense of humor. His light-hearted humorous streak is often aimed at himself and he appears as a man who can see the humor in everything. This easy-going man is sometimes very pessimistic but manages to pull himself out of it before it gets depressing. He is also a very cautious and rational thinking man. The Cancer man has a stylish and sophisticated persona which deeply attracts the Scorpio woman. He can be lots of fun as a lover. He is not at all a spendthrift and is naturally good at earning and saving money. He is also very thoughtful and careful in love. The Cancer man makes sure to protect his Scorpio woman without making her feel dominated. He pampers her, protects her and treats her like his princess. His own sensitive nature makes him treat others with the same sensitivity. He easily forgives in love too. The only problem arises is when he feels his Scorpio lady is hiding something from him. This makes him very agitated. He needs to feel secure in love and in the absence of such security, he can get too moody.

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Scorpio woman and Cancer man love compatibility

Both Scorpio woman and Cancer man have easy-going love compatibility. Both are highly emotional. The Cancer man is able to deal with his emotions in a better way whether positive or negative. He goes on with his everyday life without feeling too disturbed by them whereas, for a Scorpio woman, emotions can be very disturbing. She cannot easily deal with them and is often confused with her own emotions. Both need to find a middle ground with their emotions. They have to understand that their emotions need to flow in a healthy manner. This combination forms a beautiful relationship in which both the partners are highly compatible in almost all facets of marriage. Theirs can be a perfect relationship within a few years where they both let go of their small nuances and live in harmony with each other. With the passage of time, they both become increasingly confident of each other's devotion and lead a pleasant life. They will have a flourishing career and complete unity both mentally and physically.

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Are they sexually compatible?

Both the Cancer man and the Scorpio woman share an amazing sexual chemistry. Their compatibility sexually can be compared to the amalgamation of two water bodies. This creates harmony in their life. Like different water bodies, their sexual life goes from cold to warm to hot i.e. from very exciting to very fulfilling to very passionate. Unlike most couples, this pair infuses emotions into lovemaking, making it thoroughly passionate and satisfying for both. The Cancer man needs some time to become confident in the relationship and after that, he displays his wild side in sex. Very few couples can experience complete emotional bliss while making love, as one or both of them take sex only as fun or as a biological need. As they are emotionally bonded to each other on such a high scale, they have abundant opportunities to reconcile even after the ugliest of fights. The Scorpio woman at times uses sex to manipulate her Cancer man. Though he understands her tricks, at times he plays along if he sees no harm in her demands but at times, he can get very repulsive if he does not approve of her demands. The Cancer man's attraction towards the sexually seductive Scorpio woman is on a higher level than lust alone. According to Astrology, the Scorpio sign is associated with death all other dark things because of their sexual and emotional repression. The Cancer sign understands the need for this partner to express through emotions and sex and manages to bring about the best in the Scorpio woman. Their amalgamation is deeply satisfying and fulfilling for both. Their attraction to each other sexually is a reflection of their emotional connection with each other. They both share an incredible attraction and intimacy almost like two soulmates. But there is also a drawback in their pairing. If the Scorpio feels the need to repress his emotions, they might turn out to be too insensitive to their partner. This might create a big rift in their relationship because a Cancer man needs transparency in the relationship. This game of hide and seek of aggressive emotions cannot be tolerated for long by the Cancer man.

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Scorpio woman and Cancer man marriage compatibility

Basically, the union between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman is full of love, devotion, and easy compatibility, there a few problems which might arise. Both of them find it tough to follow the other's lead. Both of them can nurture secrets well but find it difficult to digest if the other partner is hiding something from them. Although the Cancer man is highly emotional, he is not as intense as his Scorpio lady and this too can create problems in their association at times. The Scorpio woman has the tendency to take risks in unchartered fields and the Cancer man finds this streak of her very foolish. She, on the other hand, finds his less courageous. The Cancer man will eventually get tired of his wife's suspicious nature in marriage and she will get tired of his mood swings. But these flaws can be easily worked out in a marriage as they can otherwise lead a very happy and fulfilling life. They both are thoroughly devoted to each other and find immense attraction in each other's ways, traits which are most required for a happy marriage. Their marriage could be a whirlwind of emotions which the Cancer man will have to stabilize from time to time as the Scorpio woman is unable to handle her own emotions. Their lives could go from one extreme to the other. When they find a balance between their emotions, they together go in search of a very deep and true love and become one, something that is a rarity in other zodiac pairings. They would then reach a level in their relationship where they can understand what the other wants to say with a mere glance. They can read each other's minds and words won't be necessary for them to connect. The Scorpio woman needs to share her deepest and darkest emotions with her Cancer man because if she chooses to keep them a secret, he will find it very tough to deal with the self-destructive nature of the Scorpio woman. They both need to be sincere and pure in their relationship for them to reach the ultimate unison.


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