60 Cute Questions To Ask A Guy You Like And Get His Attention

You really like this guy, but you are unable to grab his attention! We have 60 cute questions that you can ask the guy to get his attention.

By Sanchari
60 Cute Questions To Ask A Guy You Like And Get His Attention

Grabbing attention by asking cute questions

It is not that hard to steer someone’s attention towards you. But, when you have a huge crush on some cute guy, then it can be a daunting task for you to grab his attention without making it obvious. You always want to be the best amongst the rest. It’s your assumption that if you are different from the others, then the cute guy will automatically take notice of you. It works sometimes, but not always. If you want to make a good first impression, then you will have to prepare yourself for that. When you are conversing with the cute guy you like, you will have to know his points of interest first. If you know what your cute guy likes the most, then you can have your conversation sail smoothly. But, just in case you haven’t been able to figure out what your cute guy likes or dislikes, then it is better to stay away from him for the time being. When you are going up to him, your introduction must be bang on. He must feel the urge to talk to you; he must also make a conscious effort to grab your attention. All this will only happen when you have done your homework first. Here, we have come up with a set of 60 cute questions that you can ask your cute guy to get his attention.

Start your questions with cute childhood stories

Everybody has some fond memories of their childhood. So does your cute guy! Ask him about his childhood events, vacations, favorite TV shows or his friends, and you will see how he gets involved in cute conversation. Be a good listener while he speaks. This way you will get all the attention that you need. Try to stay away from political or religious topics, because then your cute conversation might turn into a heated argument. If you want to enjoy his company, then it is important that you ask him open-ended questions where he will have to explain everything to you. It will help you in spending more time with your cute guy and he will also enjoy the conversation.

10 cute questions for your guy

Ask him something that he never thought you would ask. For example, would you spend all your fortune to stay on the moon or would you rather enjoy a visit to the Mars? He will be perplexed by your abstract question and he will also start taking interest in you. 1. After coming home from school, what was the one activity that you always did, even if you were tired? 2. What was the one nickname of yours that you hated the most? 3. As a child, who was your favorite superhero? 4. What was your most prized possession of your childhood? 5. Did you have any pets while growing up? 6. If given a choice, would you like to change anything about your childhood? 7. Were you a sporty kind of a child or a bookworm? 8. Did you have any girlfriends in school? 9. What was the craziest thing you have done in school and did you get caught? 10. As a child, which profession did you like the most?

10 flirtatious questions to ask your cute guy

You really like this cute guy, but you are stuck in the middle, because you are unsure about whether you should make the first move or not. In this scenario, flirting always works; but only if you are good at it. If you want him to know what you feel for him, then go ahead and flirt with him. Don’t make him uncomfortable; rather, try to get his attention and let him play along.

Flirting with the cute guy

Don’t think that only guys have the liberty to flirt with girls. You can also flirt with him to get his attention. When you are in a group it is not easy to grab the attention of the cute guy. Almost all your friends are vying for his attention. So, what should you do to stand out in the crowd? Stop thinking so hard and make the first move. Go up to him and start flirting with him. He will definitely reciprocate your feelings. 1. What will be your answer if I ask you out for dinner? 2. Where would you like me to take you out on our first date? 3. Are you looking for someone else other than me? 4. Would you appreciate my frankness if I tell you that I really admire you? 5. How many times were you appreciated for your good looks? 6. Can you stop looking so cute? 7. Why are you making me blush like this? 8. Did you know that I liked you? 9. I think I lost my phone somewhere can you give it a ring and help me find it? 10. Do you think our love story has already started?

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Fun and cute questions to ask your guy

When the place is filled with people, it is hard to talk to each other peacefully. So, now that you know him a little better and have already flirted with him, you can ask him to move out of the crowded place. You can choose a peaceful place to ask him these cute questions. If he really likes your company and thinks that you are fun to hang around, then he will surely follow you. This is a clear indication that he has started taking interest in you and you have all his attention.

Cute questions for your cute guy

Your cute guy is now waiting eagerly for your next move. You can now take slowly and ask him some cute questions. Now you know that you have his attention, but remember, if you don’t ask the right questions now then he might just walk away. Getting his attention was tough, but holding onto his attention is even tougher. So, here are the next set of cute questions for your cute guy. 1. Are you a good singer? If yes, then when was the last time you sang for someone? 2. Do you believe in fortune tellers? If yes, then what questions would you ask? 3. Do you think true love exists? Have you found your true love or are you still looking for it? 4. Tell me that one thing about me that grabbed your attention. 5. What would you do if you found someone attractive? Would you have the courage to go up to her and talk to her, or would you keep your thoughts to yourself? 6. How many female friends do you have? Do you find any one of them really hot? 7. Are you under any kind of debts? 8. Do you ever plan your life or do you flow with time? 9. Are you a traveler or sedentary? 10. What kinds of music do you like the most? Does your preference change with your mood?

Ask cute questions to decide the future

Your guy is cute and almost everybody has a crush on him, but that alone doesn’t qualify him to be your partner. If you seriously like this cute guy, then you should get to know more about him before deciding on anything about him. At this moment, you might feel clueless about your next move to get his attention, but if this cute guy is not perfect for you, then you will be equally clueless on how to get out of the situation. So, first of all try to understand your cute crush better.

10 cute questions to help you out

Here are some of the cute questions that you can ask your cute guy and decide for yourself whether he is the one for you. Ask him some questions over text and wait for his reply. If he is interested in you, then he will reply to you over text only. In case, he is not replying, you will know what that means. Don’t cry over spilled milk, just move on with your life. 1. No matter what, would you ever lie to your girlfriend? 2. If someday I need your back, will you defend me? 3. Whom do you consider the best teacher of your life? 4. Are there any grudges that you have been holding against someone, and think it is time to forget and forgive? 5. Who is that one person you simply adore? 6. Who is that one person whom you consider to be your friend, philosopher, and guide? 7. When I first approached you, did you have any inhibitions about me? 8. If a genie grants you three wishes, what will you ask for? 9. Imagine that you have all the powers in the world and you can do just about anything, what is that one thing that you would love to do or change? 10. Have you ever thought of proposing to any celebrity? If yes, then how?

A set of cute questions ready to ask your guy

Though it might seem fun and happening for you, your cute guy might have some other things in mind. He might not get interested in answering all your cute questions. Don’t lose heart. If this is the case, then do a role reversal. You can start answering the questions in a witty manner. Make him realize that it is a fun way to know about each other. Moreover, you will get to know the unknown stories of each other, which will help both of you get closer. If he is an introvert, then it will take a lot of coaxing before he finally gives into your idea. Here, the main aim is to know whether this cute guy is the perfect guy for you or not. So, whether it is over text or face to face, you will have to somehow make him answer the cute questions if you want to know him better.

Coaxing your guy into answering the questions

It doesn’t matter if you have to coax him into answering your cute questions. You can first try texting him. Some guys are more comfortable to answer your questions over text rather than saying it to your face. Now that technology has come to our rescue, why not make the most out of it? Ask some of the questions over text that you might feel shy to ask to his face. 1. What do you think is the right time to get intimate with a girl? 2. What is that one thing that you notice when you see a girl for the first time? 3. Is there any craziest thing that you have done in your life? 4. Are you a romantic person or a very practical person? 5. Have you ever thought of a place where you would love to go on a date with the love of your life? 6. Who was your first crush? Was she in your school or your neighborhood? 7. Would you like to hang out with me more often? 8. Would you mind if I hugged you right now? 9. What is your favorite brand of car? Do you already possess it or would you like to possess it in the near future? 10. Have you cried after watching a movie?

Last set of cute questions to ask your guy

Now you are almost done with your question and answer round over text. The guy you like knows your inclination towards him. So, what now? Would you go out on a date with him already? Though the idea seems to be quite intriguing, the time hasn’t come yet. You still need some answers before deciding whether you like him or not. If you like him, then hold on to your thoughts and ask him the other set of questions. Only when he has answered all your questions, then decide whether he is good for a long relationship or just a fling.

Coming out of the shell

We rarely pour our heart out in front of others. We always fear of getting judged. So, when the guy you like is sitting next to you, you don’t want to goof up and spoil your reputation. You are almost at the end and within no time you will be able to have a clear picture of him. 1. Imagine that today is our first anniversary; now tell me how you would celebrate the day? 2. What activity do you like to do when you are with your family? 3. Name one of your all-time favorite movies. 4. What is that one thing that will always bring a smile to your face no matter what? 5. Are you single at the moment? Why did you break up with your previous girlfriend? 6. Do you have any kids? If yes, then how many and do they stay with you or their mother? Do you have to pay for their upbringing? 7. Have you ever been high on drugs? 8. Do you have any secret fantasy about anything? 9. Do you love home cooked food or do you swear by junk food? 10. Do you think I can be your next girlfriend?

Now get going!

We have shared with you all kinds of possible cute questions that you can ask the guy you like. It is now up to you to take action. If you are all fidgety and still not sure, then here are some tips that you can follow. When you are asking him questions over text, then it doesn’t matter how you look. But, if you are going to face him, then looking good becomes inevitable. Check yourself in a mirror before heading straight to the cute guy you like. Confidence is the key here. Now you know that you are looking great, so concentrate on your confidence. Don’t feel embarrassed or shy. It will show on your face. Rather, try to feel great about yourself and you will be able to pull off everything perfectly. Don’t forget to wear a smile before you start your cute conversation with the guy you like.

Don’t try too hard as it might come across as a fake smile, instead, try to bring on a smile naturally. Just ensure that your happiness reflects in your smile. One more important thing, before you finally speak to the cute guy you like. You should always make sure that he is not out on a date with someone when you are approaching him. It might get you into trouble and ruin the whole scenario. It is better to avoid unwanted confrontation. If you are seriously contemplating getting into a relationship with the cute guy you like, then you must make sure that he is the one for you. When you realize that he is also taking interest in you and there are some positive vibes between you two, then you should consider it seriously and take a step forward. You should start meeting more often and try to know each other.

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All set for the cute guy

You should act now. You know what to do, how to present yourself in front of the cute guy and what to ask him. So, now you need to act on that. Be prepared for the event. Your cute guy is standing just a few steps away from you, will you miss the opportunity! @ear that cute smile of yours and pull up your confidence level. You are all set to approach your cute guy. These cute guys play the innocent card very well. They will pretend that as if they don’t understand what you are feeling for them, but don’t get fooled by their cuteness. They are enjoying all the attention that you are showering on them. So, let your cute guy enjoy your attention for a bit, because in no time you will be enjoying all his attention, too.