How To Give An Amazing Blowjob That Will Blow His Mind

If you want to blow his mind, use the following tips and give him a blowjob he will never forget! Stop thinking of the blowjob as just a job, but see it as your pleasure as well.

By Vera Aries
How To Give An Amazing Blowjob That Will Blow His Mind

Blowjob: A Man's Pleasure

Oral sex (as known as a blowjob or oral job) is something that every man dies to receive. He loves watching you approach his intimate parts, touching him, and then kissing him gently. There isn't a man who does not like blowjob, and you will hardly find such man.

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Oral sex, which a woman gives to a man, should not be regarded merely as a pleasure for him. If you really want him to enjoy the oral job, then it must be something you like doing. You can not give a good blowjob if you dislike that part of your sex life. On the contrary -if you desire oral sex and love giving it, it will also give you great pleasure, so that it will ignite not only his passions but also your passions.

The Most Common Mistakes During Blowjob

If you are doing a blowjob for the first time, here are some tips about things that you should avoid and that you must remember when getting the job done!

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Oral sex is a particular enjoyment for a man, but only when a woman knows what she is doing, otherwise the blowjob (or oral job) can turn into a horror. One of the things that terribly annoys men after blowjob is when the partner begins to complain that her jaw is stiff and that her mouth and tongue hurt. We should not comment on the teeth; No man wants woman's teeth on his penis. Тhe penis is a very gentle organ and can easily be hurt. The smallest touch on his penis with your teeth that you can think is meaningless, can be very painful for your partner. Therefore be very careful during the blowjob. Otherwise, this will only kill the man's desire for sex or the oral job altogether. You should also look out for those cases when his penis is in your hands. Take note of the long nails, or large rings with sharp edges. The feeling can be very unpleasant and painful for your partner. Do not make rapid movements when caressing the penis and testicles; it's not at all pleasant to men. Uncomfortable and painful for men is when a woman "treats" the penis as a joystick and scorch moves it still. So let go, read the following steps and lick it like the most delicious ice cream or a tasty lollipop!

Give a Blowjob That Will Blow His Mind

Oral sex is one of the greatest pleasures a woman can deliver to her partner. Even if your partner did not ask you openly for that, be sure he wants it. Here are some tips how to give your partner a blowjob that he will never forget. This article will guide you through the process of oral sex and man's pleasure. First look at the penis. I do not mean a quick, superficial look. Take enough time to predispose your partner. Men are particularly sensitive when it comes to their penis. Ask your partner to lie down on his back, and try to make a pose that you will feel comfortable with doing. Catch his penis with your hand and look your partner in the eyes. Probably at this point, your partner will get an erection. When you start touching him, his penis will get harder.

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The penis is composed of two halves, which are both filled with blood upon erection. In its upper part is the "head" of the penis. The place where the head joins the penis's trunk is the most sensitive place. That's where you have to focus when you do the blowjob. You can bring your partner to an orgasm just by merely touching your tongue directly to this place. Take the time to play softly with the head of the penis and the area around it. Below the head is the stem of the penis. The stem is not equipped with many nerves and therefore does not excite the man very much with oral or manual stimulation. Remember, 99% of the excitement of a man comes from stimulating the head rather than the trunk of the penis. A widespread delusion among women is to think that by sucking the trunk of the penis and moving the head up and down the man excites. The man is aroused in this type of stimulation because the "swallow" and the back of the throat directly stimulate the head of the penis, not because you suck his trunk. A much better effect is achieved by sucking and licking the head, but also the deep throat absorption is a great pleasure for the man.

Focus On Other Parts To Blow His Mind

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Then come the testicles (or balls - call them as you like). They are very sensitive to pain and are usually not subject to erotic stimulation. If you think that testicles shouldn't be a subject of the blowjob - You are wrong! You can add a lot of pleasure in the erotic game by paying attention to the testicles. These parts are susceptible to stimulation with lips and tongue.

Tips: How To Give Your Partner A Supreme Blowjob

The sad fact is that most women do not know how to do the blowjob. The common misconception is that you should take the penis and move your head down and upward until the man has an orgasm. This is not the way you should do it. When I first made oral love, I thought so too. There was no one to ask for advice. Of course, if you do the blowjob for the first time, you can start unprepared, but it is so much better if you know how to give your partner a supreme enjoyment. Suppose you took the opportunity to look at your partner's penis, you have explored each part of it and find its sensitive points. You probably already know that some places are more sensitive than others.

Next thing you should do is find out which part of the penis is most sensitive and give your loved one the greatest pleasure during the blowjob. You will quickly get clear signs, what's the part that gives him the greatest pleasure. Once you've discovered these areas, focus on them. For most men, this is the ring where the head joins the trunk. With prolonged licking and stimulating this part of the penis, you will blow your partner's mind.

The wetter - the better

One of the essential rules of a blowjob is moisture. When you drop "down there," start licking the penis from the roots to the top. Do it two to three times, each time in the second place, and then lightly put the tip of the penis in your mouth and slim down, while with it you stimulate (up and down).

The best position for you

It is very important which position you are in when providing blowjob to your partner. Have your partner lean back because this position allows you to access the entire genital area. Better access means more satisfaction!

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The best position for him

Half of your work as far as excitement is concerned, you will be doing it if he is in a good position to look at you while you give him a blowjob. So when you're on a bed, for example, make sure it is in the middle position, from where he can see you "at work," doing the blowjob. He will surely enjoy the view. Another good point for him to look from is one where he is standing up as you baptize. The third position is to lie with your head in an elevated position and to be with your knees on each side of your torso and allow him to put a penis in your mouth out of that position.

Be playful

Be innovative and playful even before you start with the blowjob. "Get it" in a good sense, that is, before putting the penis in your mouth, lick it, touch it, do it all except the "main thing". If you want to add to his excitement, for example, at the very beginning, anticipate while wearing clothes, look into his eyes and tell him "I want you in your mouth." You can also put a penis between your breasts, though it is more about visual pleasure than sensual.

Voice of pleasure during a blowjob

If you're going to give the voice of enjoying the blowjob, it will contribute to its excitement. Namely, you will let him know that it is exciting for you and you are enjoying the blowjob. Of course, let your voice be natural and do not overdo it because it sounds "fake."

Deep throat

Men simply love "deep throat" as far as a blowjob is concerned, because they feel like being in a vagina with language as a bonus. When you perform a "deep throat performance," the penis should go as deep as you can take it. Of course, be careful because this action can very easily cause vomiting, so try to do it by relaxing the throat muscles and swallow it several times before reaching your limit. Be careful and control his movements, so that you will not get hurt. If you are trying deep throat for the first time, the chances are big that you will not succeed. If you don't succeed, you just have to practice more.

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Swallowing or not swallowing

Providing a blowjob to a man is exciting enough, so you do not need to swallow the sperm if you do not want it. Besides, when he gets to an orgasm, it will not matter so much if you have not ingested it. Of course, men love when they put the penis in woman's mouth during the orgasm because they experience uninterrupted stimulation, but he should not mind you if you do not do it. All you need is to continue to stimulate the penis during orgasm manually, and the partner will be happy. Of course, if you want to blow his mind, this is the final step you should make!


In conclusion, look at your partner's penis well. Study it. Find its sensitivity zones and apply the tongue and lips on your partner's penis. There is nothing better than a blowjob when showing your love to your partner, by the adoration of his penis and the oral stimulation. If you tried a blowjob for the first time, do not worry if it isn't magical. Trust me, All you need is to practice more. Try again, and it will get better and better.


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