How To Attract A Scorpio Man Through The Art Of Seduction

It wouldn't be wrong to call the mysterious Scorpio man as the God of sex. Read on further to know how to seduce a Scorpio man through the art of seduction.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Attract A Scorpio Man Through The Art Of Seduction

The mysterious Scorpio man

We all aspire to get an ideal man who is full of love, honesty, trust, respect, and commitment. At the same time, we all want a relationship that is fun, dynamic and sensual. The mysterious Scorpio man can offer all of this and a lot more in a relationship. A Scorpio man is the most passionate being of all the Zodiac signs along with being resourceful, loyal, independent, serious, ambitious and fearless. What more can a woman ask for in her man? He has a charming aura around him which is highly mysterious. One cannot know a Scorpio man in a few meets and it takes quite some to know him better. Scorpio men are quite choosy when it comes to their female partners. There are some other zodiac signs which get along quite easily with anyone. But with Scorpio's they have their own pre-set idea of what they want in their woman. Scorpio men generally do not get along well with fire signs. They often clash and they also have a lot of fights with air signs. They get along best with water signs. While trying to seduce a Scorpio man, one should also take into account their own zodiac signs. Scorpio is a water sign and he blends best with Cancer and Pisces. Cancer and Pisces also have the water element and Scorpio blends best with people of the same sign. This is due to the similarities in the characteristics which help the Scorpio male to connect better with his moods, emotions and feelings.

How to attract a Scorpio man

A Scorpio man gets attracted to females who are physically attractive. He cannot settle for anyone not good to look at, at least, initially. A lady who is well-groomed, dresses up in sexy but not revealing outfits turns him on. A woman wearing too revealing clothes is a big put off for him. If he likes whatever you are wearing then you are most likely seducing him. Scorpio men also do not like frivolous or flirting women. He prefers a woman who has an air of mystery around her and one that is a little hard for him to get. Being too easily available is a huge let down for the Scorpio man. Also, a woman should keep in mind not to pry too much as they like being secretive and anyone asking them too many personal questions immediately poses a threat to their minds. Scorpio men get attracted to women who are truthful and loyal. Also, if a woman wants to seduce a Scorpio man, she has to remember to present herself in her original form. Fake appearances are a huge let down for the Scorpio man. A Scorpio man is often found in a monogamous relationship as he is very loyal to his partner and expects the same from her. If a woman supports him in his work and does not pry too much into his personal life also maintaining her mysterious side along then she is bound to attract a Scorpio man for sure.

What to wear to seduce a Scorpio man

Scorpio men are very experimental and imaginative while making love. They love to see their women wearing different and seductive clothes. You can seduce a Scorpio man and increase his sexual libido if you wear sexy and lacy lingerie. He is a man who loves secrets and mysteries. Wear something that keeps the element of mystery and make sure to leave something to his imagination. A Scorpio man loves blues, whites, and purple. You can wear sexy lingerie in purple color to seduce him successfully. If you want to gift him, then mystery novels or other science books trigger his inner hunger for mystery and such gifts would be really appreciated by him. When in a relationship with a Scorpio man, buying sexy lingerie for you would be an ideal gift for him! He prefers his women with class. A little black dress with high heels always does the trick. A lady in red always looks sexy to men and so you could try out wearing a little red dress next time to test his reaction. An intense perfume and a lady with a mysterious aura is sometimes enough to seduce a Scorpio man. He does not like loud or boisterous woman. A woman who speaks with her eyes, thinks from her mind and is quite powerful is someone who can seduce a Scorpio man easily.

Scorpio man and sex

Scorpio men are quite imaginative while having sex. They are very passionate about sex and always connect to their partner emotionally while having sex unlike other men who consider sex as a mere act to satisfy their sexual lust. For Scorpio men, sex is like a deeper connection they would make with their partners. But along with the emotional connection, once they trust their partners completely, sex with a Scorpio is wonderful, full of passion and raw desire. They are very imaginative and creative while in bed. They love to try out different positions and new forms of love making. Scorpios get bored of the same style very quickly. To skillfully seduce a Scorpio, a woman must come up with new and exciting things herself. Their sexual appetite is quite big and they take their sexual encounters as a very important part of their relationship. Scorpio men have an endless sex drive. A woman who is supposed to have sex with a Scorpio man should be ready for some seriously hot stuff. If you try to be too easily available, they lose interest altogether. They love women who are a little too hard to get. Scorpio men have a sixth sense of sensing what his female partner needs in bed and satisfies her very well.

How to seduce a Scorpio man while in bed

In order to seduce a Scorpio man in bed, the woman should be careful never to lie as they are the biggest lie detectors. A little lie on your part puts them off immediately no matter how sexually charged up they are. This is one of the biggest tips to seduce a Scorpio man in bed. Another tip is to dress up in sexy lingerie which is not too revealing. They prefer their women with a hint of mystery. Wear clothes which leave something to the imagination. With these tips, one can seduce a Scorpio man before the act. One of the other tips is to be very sincere and trustworthy in the relationship. You might be wondering what do all these qualities have to do with seducing him, but Scorpio men connect emotions and loyalty with love-making. They have to have their partners’ complete trust in order to have sex with her. They are beings who cannot differentiate trust on one side and lust on the other. To seduce a Scorpio man, first, you need to win him over completely and to do that you need to be truthful and loyal in the relationship. While in bed, play a little hard to get as the Scorpio man loves challenges. You have strike a balance while in bed. Do not be dominant always and neither be submissive always. Variety is the spice of life for a Scorpio man. Certain tips can help you seduce while in bed: * Use seductive tone and language * Smile and make eye contact * Wear your best seductive lingerie * Do not be too easily available and ready for sex * Tease him as much as you can A Scorpio man soon gets bored of the same things. Try different positions every time, wear different lingerie every time and excite and tease him to the maximum while in bed.

Important list of Don'ts

* Never ask him too many personal questions else he may feel that you are trying to threaten his personal space. * Never give him a reason to mistrust you and never be disloyal to him for he is sure to find out and end the relationship * Never open up completely in front of him right from the beginning as he may lose interest. * Never dress too provocatively as a Scorpio man loves women who look sexy but leave something to the imagination. * Never lie to them as they have a way of finding out the lies and all hell would break loose if he finds out that his wife or partner has been lying to him. * Never give him a reason to be suspicious of you but telling him everything frankly. * Never flirt with other men even in a playful manner as Scorpios do not flirt and neither do they like their women flirting. * Scorpios like to feel that they are in control of everything and so never say or do anything that will challenge their personal control. * Never be cheap or flaky in their attitude or clothes as Scorpios only like women with class. * Never try to gain their sympathy with your sob stories or by being a weak-willed loser. Scorpios love the powerful woman of substance and anything cheap or weak repels them. * Never try to be dependent on Scorpios for anything as they prefer their women to be strong and capable of standing for themselves. * Never hide anything from a Scorpio however uncomfortable you are with it, it is always better to tell him everything in detail as they would eventually find out. * Never reveal all your good characteristics to a Scorpio all at once. Reveal them bit by bit to keep him intrigued.

If you manage to attract a Scorpio keeping the above mentioned in mind, then yours could be a very long lasting and passionate relationship almost like two soulmates. The art of seductions is best tried on a Scorpio man as he responds beautifully to it.