Top 15 Unmistakable Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You

Taurus man might be slow to speak up but here are some signs to decode whether he likes you

By Monalisa Murmu
Top 15 Unmistakable Signs That A Taurus Man Likes You

What does a Taurus man do when he likes you?

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Taurus men are not the most brazen

Like everything else in his life, a Taurus man has a very bullish approach to love. He is not a whimsical lover and won’t drift from woman to woman, changing his allegiances every second. On the contrary, the Taurus man will take his own sweet time to evaluate whether or not he likes you, and to what extent. Only then will the Taurus man make definitive moves forward. Frustratingly enough, you might not even know that your Taurus man likes you because a Taurus man would be deliberately keeping his attraction toward you a secret until he has thought it through.

But Taurus men are rock steady with their affection

On the bright side, however, once the Taurus man has made up his mind about you and his feelings for you, he won’t just resolutely stick to his decision, it would be hard to shake him off in case you aren’t interested in him anymore! Such is the rock solidness of a Taurus man’s love. So if you find yourself obsessing over a particular Taurus man and are desperate to find out if his heart beats for you too, you should refer to this checklist of all the typical things Taurus men do when they like someone.

Of course, the disclaimer is that every man is different, and even within the homogeneity of a single zodiac sign, no two men would behave alike. But there are some telltale signs peculiar of each zodiac sign (Taurus in this case) that give away their affection for someone. These typical signs set Taurus men apart from their other zodiac counterparts. Keep reading to know what your Taurus man would do for you if he likes you.

#1 The Taurus man will call and text you often

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Taurus's time is precious

One very important characteristic that defines Taurus men is that they are hardworking, dexterous people. Tauruses are ambitious and value their work life a lot. Therefore it is a great sign if you find your Taurus man calling and texting you multiple times a day. Because girl, a Taurus man's time is precious and he is sharing it with you. Obviously, your Taurus man won’t do it if he didn’t like you enough to think you are worthy of that time spent. Typically, a Taurus man lives life by the rule of work hard and party harder. Therefore a Taurus man's time is carefully divided into time spent working and making money, and time spent spending that money on the not-so-simple pleasures of life. Take note that none of the time of a Taurus is wasted.

Yet Taurus men will invest their time in women they like

Therefore, you should never expect a Taurus man to call, text or meet someone just to kill time. Taurus men have no time to kill. If your Taurus man is initiating all these textual and telephonic conversations, know that each attempt at contacting you is a valuable addition to his carefully planned schedules. Women, whom Taurus men don’t like as much, are not even likely to hear from them for a long while, often followed up with excuses of a busy work schedule (and they are not lying about it). So even a simple, random “Hi” from a Taurus man or a call saying he wanted to know how your day has been going so far, is a positive sign that your Taurus man likes you.

#2 Your Taurus man likes to bring you gifts often

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Tauruses like to spoil the woman they like

The Taurus man, irrespective of what position he holds at his job or how rich he is, is very liberal with his checkbook. A Taurus is a hedonist who appreciates the finer things in life and doesn’t skimp on getting himself the luxuries he works so hard for. And fortunately for you, your Taurus man extends this behavior to his lady love as well. Part of it is because a Taurus is a gentleman who thinks it is classy to treat the woman he likes with the utmost comfort he can provide. But most of it is because your Taurus man likes you so much that he believes that you are entitled to a share of every luxury that he earns for himself. When in love, this is how the Taurus man sees his favorite woman as deserving of all that belongs to him.

Tauruses treat their ladies like royalty

In this aspect, the Taurus man is quite like the husband right from the initial phase of dating. Tauruses don’t do the “pizza and coke,” “let’s go Dutch on this” kind of dating. Don't be surprised if your Taurus man buys you an expensive necklace for your birthday even if you’ve been seeing each other only a couple of weeks. Or if your Taurus man brings in small gifts every time you meet, just because he saw something at a store window and thought of you. It is one of the sweetest gestures of Taurus men in love. It’s not like they are snobs who are trying to show off their wealth, it’s just that when they like someone, they like them, and are always looking for ways to make them feel valued.

#3 Your Taurus man likes to take you out fine dining

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Tauruses like to eat in style

Picking up from the previous point, the Taurus man makes a part of his life, everything that is related to luxury. Fine dining is a crucial part of that because of one very commonly known fact: Taurus men love to eat! Like every zodiac expert will tell you, gluttony is probably the most influential of the seven deadly sins in a Taurus man’s life. But don’t you think that Tauruses will eat anything and everything. Rather, Taurus men treat eating as an indulgence and will not back off from spending good money fine dining. Tauruses do this for themselves, which is why if a Taurus man is attracted to you, rest assured that he will make you a part of this indulgence.

And your Taurus man will take you along

A typical date with a Taurus man will, sooner or later, end up in a 5-star or a 7-star restaurant that charges extravagant prices for meals which will make you widen your eyes in horror. But you’ll see your Taurus man happily fishing for his wallet because not only does he think it was worth paying $50 for a Caesar salad, he thinks it was worth treating you to such extravagance because that’s how special you are. You might be frustrated at the thought that your Taurus man hardly ever says anything nice about you or that he doesn’t express his feelings for you because he’s such so reserved about his feelings. But if you Taurus man has been taking you out on these eating excursions, don’t rule it out as show-offish behavior on his part. It is a significant sign that shows how much your Taurus man likes you.

#4 Your Taurus man likes to do chivalrous things

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Taurus men are thorough gentlemen

Taurus men might come off as a tad too stiff, but they are nothing if not chivalrous. These gallant Taurus men will remind you of a bygone era where men held doors open for women not to impress them but because they believe that’s what a man is supposed to do. It is this belief that will lead your Taurus man to do all these little chivalrous things for you because your Taurus man will understandably be on his best behavior if he likes you. And this is how Taurus men define "best behavior": being an absolute gentleman to their lady love. A Taurus man who is attracted to you will take it upon himself to do all those boyfriend-like things even if you haven’t started officially dating.

Taurus men will go out of their way to be nice

When going out, a Taurus will make the reservations, pick you up, pay for everything, drop you home and call you at night to ask if you had a good time. And don’t be surprised if your Taurus man gives you his hand when you’re walking down the street. It’s just in the attitude of the Taurus man to be protective of the women in their lives, and although Taurus men understand the concept of freedom and space, they would still like to be there for you in the authority of a “man of the house” if you so permit. If you see your Taurus man continuously taking the lead in planning your evenings out, he is just responding to his urge of being the man in your life. Don’t let the independent woman within you be offended by it; it is a true sign of your Taurus man's attraction towards you.

#5 Catch your Taurus man looking at you adoringly

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Taurus men will be in awe of the woman they like

That’s the thing with these Taurus men. They take excruciatingly long to make up their mind about whether they like someone, but once the Taurus's mind is made up, it can only mean one thing: your Taurus man absolutely adores you. There is no lowkey liking a girl for a Taurus man. If your Taurus man likes you, he likes you an incredible lot. You might find your Taurus man gawking at you frequently, completely unaware of being caught. Tauruses are the type of men who will legit look at their lady love and wonder how they got lucky as to be associated with someone so magnificent.

Taurus men will have their sight and attention focused on their lady

Taurus men might not be very vocal about how much they like you, but if they do like you, it will be visible in the way they look at you lovingly. When you talk, your Taurus man will keep his sight locked on you, never minding the hours that go by. Taurus men in love don’t look at the woman they are attracted to, as just another woman. For Tauruses, the woman they have finally set their heart on is an answer to all their prayers, as Taurus men tend to be picky about their partners. With all of that devotion in the hearts of Taurus men, it is but a matter of time before it is written all over their faces. If you catch you Taurus man stealing glances and sheepishly smiling from being caught, he’s attracted to you.

#6 Your Taurus man introduces you to his friends

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Taurus men have a close knit circle

Taurus men typically like the more graceful, exotic and ladylike women — someone they can be proud of. Yes, as chauvinistic as this might sound like, Taurus men are indeed guilty of often looking for women who can play the role of arm candies in their lives. But it's not always a bad thing.

Tauruses, whether men or women, are picky about their partners and would rather hold off on dating than jump into a relationship with someone they don’t adore as much. Which is why, once Tauruses find that person they like so much, they like to show them off in their social circles because they are truly proud of whom they have chosen. Unlike some of the other zodiac signs like the Aquarius or Aries, Tauruses are not outrageously social, and they maintain a rather smallish circle of friends they hold dear to themselves. If your Taurus man invites you to a party or gathering involving these friends, there is little doubt that your Taurus man likes you and more.

Taurus men like to show off their lady within their circle

Because here’s the Taurus psychology: they take care to dress well (Taurus men are the suavest gentlemen of the zodiac) and work extremely hard to earn themselves a classy and luxurious lifestyle. Tauruses constantly maintain a certain polished image of themselves before the world, including their friends and family. It goes without saying that when Taurus men decide to take a woman by the arm and introduce her to the world, the stakes are high on the image front. Unless Tauruses can say that they like this woman because she’s so friggin' awesome, they are not likely to make you a part of their world.

#7 The Taurus man asks for your advice

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Taurus men usually live a sorted life

Most Taurus men have their lives sorted. A Taurus man usually has a good, stable job, makes good money, dresses well and has a clean apartment. The Taurus man is serious about his life and has ambitions that are backed by plans and timelines. And more often than not, a Taurus man is very aware that he has got his life together. So why would the Taurus man take advice from anyone else? He would if he liked you that much. When Taurus men like someone, in their heads that woman is already a part of their life. Your Taurus man might not have gone down on a knee with a ring from Tiffany’s in his hand yet, but this family-oriented Taurus has sure pictured how both of you would look in that scenario.

Tauruses make only the most important people part of their lives

So a Taurus man who likes you will make you a part of his perfect life in that he will discuss his day, his work and even his life plans with you. Not just in a listening board kind of a way, but your Taurus man will seek feedback from you about things he does and decisions he takes. Plus it is a Taurus man’s way of subtly testing how well you can play the role of his perfect partner in his perfect life. So you know, the next time your Taurus man casually asks you if he should consider the new job offer he just got, smile because he likes you a lot.

#8 Your Taurus man likes to make deep conversations

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Tauruses like to come home to one woman

As someone who looks for a soulmate in the women he dates, the Taurus man prefers women he can discuss his life with. It’s not like Taurus men absolutely won’t date casually, but when they like someone for real, it goes much beyond the mindless sleeping around routine. Taurus men are responsible beings who live for peace and stability in their lives. Tauruses might get attracted to a woman because she is drop dead gorgeous, but they are always on the lookout for a warm person who they can talk with. And when these talks commence, Tauruses usually go very deep with the women they like.

Getting to know each other is a Taurus's favorite conversation

A Taurus man isn’t someone to talk about random topics for consecutive days; if your Taurus man likes you, he will delve into the more personal, deep and meaningful zones of conversations. Even a casual date with the Taurus man can quickly escalate into an evening of getting to know about the dreams and aspirations of each other, instead of blabbering about the latest on Netflix. But of course, the catch is that the Taurus man only chooses to show this side of him to the woman he likes. So if you notice your Taurus man often making deep conversations with you, it’s a sign he likes you.

#9 Your Taurus man blushes often!

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Taurus men are cute AF

This is the cutest thing about Taurus men. Tauruses are not, as previously mentioned the most outrageously social people. Rather, Taurus men are the shy, reserved types most likely to be found sitting at a corner sipping his drink (not getting drunk ‘coz he has to drive) at a party. This tendency of being shy and slightly unsure of themselves is the most endearing qualities of Taurus men. But what’s more, this attribute in Taurus men can also give away the crucial information of whether they like you. Usually, when it comes to work and other related things, Taurus men are quite confident and sure of themselves. But when they are around the woman they like, they tend to get all nervous and shaky. Which is why if you are the one your Taurus man likes, it would be extremely easy for you to make him blush wildly.

How to make your Taurus man blush

The next time you are with your Taurus man, say something nice or flattering about him. Like, “Hey, you look really good when you wear that black shirt with your sleeves rolled up. Your forearms are fire!” A Taurus man who is not quite into you would be able to join in the fun and come up with a clever reply to that. But a Taurus man, who likes you more than anyone else, will fumble for words, staring down at his toes and flush all red at the cheeks and ears. Because that’s how much you affect your Taurus man!

#10 Your Taurus man likes to impress you

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The Taurus man reserves his efforts for a special lady

Okay, this is not exactly exclusive to Taurus men, as all men do this when they like someone. But a Taurus man usually is very focused in his life. A Taurus man nurtures goals and ambitions in his life and mostly likes to expend his time and energy on things that are likely to further his cause. So you’re not likely to find a Taurus man aimlessly pursuing every random woman trying to show himself off. That is not how a Taurus man would behave at all. On the contrary, when he discovers that he likes someone, the Taurus man will start prioritizing doing things that will impress his lady. Just like a bull, a Taurus will not scatter away his efforts to impress everyone in his vicinity, but focus all his charms on the one woman he truly likes.

How does a Taurus man charm his lady?

And if you are the one he likes, expect your Taurus man to do odd things out of the blue entirely meant for the purpose of impressing you. Your Taurus man will surprise you with midnight calls, buy you gifts to celebrate your cat’s birthday, offer to pick you up every single time you meet him, and of course, treat you to the most lavish lifestyle experiences. A luxurious spa gift for your birthday shouldn’t be uncommon with a Taurus man in your life. Look for these signs where your Taurus man does small to huge things just to impress you; you’ll know he likes you.

#11 Your Taurus man looks for chances to connect with you

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A Taurus man won't waste his time

As mentioned earlier in this article (probably a hundred times), a Taurus man’s true aphrodisiac is to work hard and earn all the pleasures life has to offer. To that end, a Taurus man is rock solid on his path of a well-balanced life where he works diligently and spends lavishly. Any time wasted not doing either of these two is time truly wasted for a Taurus man. Which goes on to mean that his time is precious and he is possessive of it. Unless of course, he like you so much he can’t get enough of you. Or that, he rightly believes that to win you over, he has to invest that very precious time into you.

But the Taurus man will make time for the one he likes

This attitude of a Taurus man is visible when you find him calling you multiple times a day. And when your Taurus man doesn’t call, he texts. When a Taurus doesn’t text, he is adding you up on all social media channels as well as tagging you on posts he knows you will be interested in. This apparently crazy stalker syndrome is just the Taurus's want of being connected with you because of how much he likes you. A Taurus man is the true example of a man who wants to come home to one woman, and when this Taurus man does like someone he can visualize as that one woman, he doesn’t want to disconnect easily.

#12 It’s all in the eyes and body language of the Taurus man

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Read the signs in a Taurus man

Heartbreakingly enough, it is not always possible to get a Taurus man to be brazen about his feelings for you. So if you’re the kind of girl who likes a man to be a man and say upfront that he likes you, you might have to wait a while before your Taurus man does that. But don't fret; there are more signs that reveal whether a Taurus man likes you. These signs are the unspoken ones: his eyes and his body language. Like every other man, a Taurus man behaves significantly different around the subject of his attraction.

A typical Taurus: Mild manners, expressive eyes

So don’t be disheartened if your Taurus man isn’t speaking up yet. Rather, look for these signs. When you enter the room, do the eyes of your Taurus man suddenly light up? Does your Taurus man grin ear to ear every time he sees you? Does your Taurus man lean in and listens intently when you speak? Does your Taurus man often offer you his arm when you are walking or places his arm protectively on your shoulder? As unimportant or insignificant these things might seem, you won’t find a Taurus man doing all of this for every other woman. A Taurus's partial behavior towards you only confirms that he likes you. Your Taurus man might be shy but he is not unfeeling, and he is certainly not inexpressive either.

#13 Your Taurus man gives you special treatment even in a group

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Is your Taurus singling you out?

One very obvious sign of figuring out if a Taurus man likes you is how he treats you within a group. Say your Taurus man has invited you to a party with his friends. It is supposed to be a nice meet and greet where you get to know your Taurus man's friends and them, you. But you’ll soon find your Taurus man singling you out for dances and conversations. Even in the setting of a crowded gathering, your Taurus man will be as particularly attentive to you as he is otherwise, asking if you need something, or whether you have eaten enough. In fact, don’t be surprised if all the other people in the party are ignored, and it seems like it’s just you and your Taurus man at the party.

A Taurus man's idea of "two is company"

But it doesn’t mean that the Taurus man doesn’t know how to socialize. The real reason behind this behavior is that most Taurus men prefer one-to-one interactions more than group exchanges and they will tend to do this if there is a person who they like more than the others. It is therefore very easy to find out if your Taurus man likes you: just observe the way he behaves at social gatherings. If your Taurus man sticks to you like glue and prefers to talk to you alone more often, he is surely attracted to you. And if he likes you, your Taurus man might even get bored of the party soon and suggest you leave the party and move to a quieter setting instead so you can have an undisturbed conversation.

#14 Your Taurus man is honest but gentle with you

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A Taurus's dual personality of honesty and placidity

This is a special sign to know if your Taurus man likes you where this beautifully contradictory quality of Tauruses plays out. A Taurus man who likes you will always be concerned about you like only a loved one can be, which is why your Taurus man will always be honest with you. A Taurus man is among the most faithful of the zodiac signs and will not easily lie to you. Tauruses are transparent about their intentions and actions even if they might not be able to say that they like you. However, the delightful irony about these Taurus men is that they are not honest in a rude way. Rather, Taurus men are always gentle with how they treat the woman they like. So when dealing with a Taurus man who likes you, expect honesty to come your way, but in the most empathetic and compliant manner.

#15 Your Taurus man won’t stop pursuing you

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A Taurus man goes slow but goes all the way

The bull represents the Taurus zodiac sign for a reason. The ability that Taurus men have to focus their energy on a singular goal is enviable. As discussed earlier, Taurus men will not rush into a relationship. Nor will Tauruses fall for women every waking hour. Taurus men take their time to ascertain if they like someone and if the answer stands to be yes, it is all that was stopping these Taurus men from focusing all their efforts on trying to win your heart. When these steadfast Taurus men have their heart set on you, they will not be shaken off easily. Time will lose its consequence, and Taurus men will not stop until they have their feelings reciprocated.

Tauruses are true gentlemen

That doesn’t mean that a Taurus man will suffocate you with his attention. A Taurus man who is attracted to you knows how to play it right. A Taurus will be a thorough gentleman in his manners, and yet he will be so resolute in his pursuit that you will have to be a real stone cold person yourself to downplay his efforts or turn him away. Taurus men pick and choose the women they decide to share their loyalty with, but once they are decided on someone, there is no real limit to where the Taurus man will stop trying to pursue her. If your Taurus man seems like he has been initiating all the conversations lately and even if you miss a call or forget to reply to his last text, he still diligently does what he always does for you, this Taurus man likes you.

A Taurus man will move mountains for the woman he likes

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Taurus men are some of the most loyal and dependable men of the zodiac signs. Although he is not as outrageously passionate or forthcoming as some others, the Taurus man is one for keeps if you can be patient with him. Your Taurus man will come through a tad slower than others, but once he's chosen you, he will do whatever it takes to get and keep you. Just look for the signs discussed above to see if your Taurus man does these things for you. All the best!

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