How To Talk Dirty Over Text: Sexting Made Simple in 101 Ways

Use these 101 tips, guidelines, and sample messages for sexting beginners to make it easy to talk dirty with your partner over text.

By Rose Elementary
How To Talk Dirty Over Text: Sexting Made Simple in 101 Ways

What is sexting?

Sexting is sending dirty messages to a partner over text in order to turn them on and act out sexual fantasies without being in the same room. It works well for long distance relationships, married couples, and even strangers who enjoy dirty talk. You can use a regular texting app or one of the many different messenger apps in existence today, including Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. If you’re a little shy about jumping into sending dirty text messages, here are 101 examples, tips, and guidelines for sexting that will help you dive head first into the world of sexting and really enjoy yourself while you’re talking dirty to your partner.

Dirty Talk for Setting the Mood

First things first, you have to set the mood before you get down and dirty with the sex talk. You don’t want to just send your boyfriend or girlfriend a text that says, “let’s bang,” and hope it leads to dirty talk. Even dirty talk over text requires a little bit of foreplay. Try these conversation starters to ease into dirty talk over text: I can’t stop thinking about you ;) What are you wearing? I’m cold. Wish you were here to snuggle. ;) You looked really good today. I wish we were together right now. I’ve been thinking a lot about last time we were together… Have you ever talked dirty over text? I read this great article on sexting… I’ve never had a girlfriend/boyfriend as hot as you… I miss you. Once he or she responds, keep moving the conversation in a dirty direction until you’re both ready to start the dirty talk for real.

Sending the First Dirty Text Message

Moving beyond the basics and sending that first real dirty text can be intimidating. Try a few of these examples to help you ease into the dirty talk. I’m so horny right now. I want you inside me. I’m so wet right now. Make me come. If I were there right now, I would be tearing your clothes off. If we were in bed together, I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. You’re going to beg me never to stop. I want to feel how wet you are. I bet you’d feel so good filling me up. I’d love to put my mouth on you. These are great ways to let your sexting partner know you’re interested in dirty talk and they act as conversation starters to ease into the actual sexting. The messages are very clearly dirty talk, but they're not full on sexting just yet.

Talk Dirty, Tell a Story

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Your dirty text messages have to tell a coherent story. That doesn’t mean you’re writing some dirty erotic novel or anything, but you want to go from start to finish so it’s like real sex, only it happened over dirty text messages. There are a few different dirty stories that you can tell when you’re sexting. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are a few examples of the sexting experiences you can talk about over dirty text message. Innocent Touching – If you’re not ready to have full on text sex, try keeping things innocent and playful while still being dirty. Talk about touching and kissing, but never go into full on oral sex. You’ll both be masturbating while talking about all of the places you’d kiss and touch, but you don’t have to describe that part in detail. You should both be able to come to a satisfying finish just thinking about exploring each other’s bodies. Oral Sex Only – Sexting doesn’t mean going all the way. Just like with regular sex, dirty talk over text can end with a satisfying blow job. Be sure to talk dirty about exactly how he feels in your mouth and what you would be doing with your hands. Also, make sure he returns the favor, and talk him through it. He’s not the only one who gets to have fun with dirty text talk! Full on Sex – If you’re going for full on intercourse over text, make sure to start with the innocent yet dirty touching and oral sex before you start having sex. Make sure neither of you comes (unless you want to) until you have a chance to tell him how good he feels inside you and he has a chance to tell you how tight and amazing you are. The great thing about dirty talk over text is you don’t have to worry about protection. If you want him to come in you, let him. There is absolutely no chance of getting pregnant from a dirty text message. Act out your Fantasies – A great way to act out your wildest sexual fantasies is to sext with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Always dreamed of dressing up like dirty pilgrims and getting it on? Set the scene when you start sexting and imagine it playing out that way. You can also explore BDSM and other sex games with dirty talk over text to see if it’s something you’re both interested in. Recreate the Past – If your sexting partner is someone you have had physical sex with, talk dirty about a time you had sex in the past and try to recreate that memory but with a twist. Think about something you wish you had done during that other time and do it this time through dirty texts. This is a good way to keep your romance alive in a long distance relationship because it reminds you both how great things are when you’re together and that even apart you can still get down and dirty.

Dirty Picture Text

Pictures are not required for sexting, but they can make things extra dirty, easier, and more exciting. Only send dirty pictures to someone you’re totally comfortable with and you can trust. If you do want to send sexy dirty pictures but you’re not sure what to do, here are a few examples of what kind of dirty photos to send to your partner to absolutely turn them on. Full Body Pics – Take a dirty picture of yourself in the mirror that showcases your entire body. If you’re comfortable, do it in your sexiest bra and panties or even totally naked. Guys, shirtless is a must, but take your jeans off, too, if you’re willing and want to send a really good dirty photo to your partner. Only send full body dirty pictures to someone you are intimate with! Full Body Pics on the Bed – Put that selfie stick to good use or use the timer setting on your phone to get a full body dirty picture of yourself lying in bed, ready for a good night. He or she will love the opportunity to imagine what it would be like to be next to you. Again, dirty photos like this should only be sent to someone that you know intimately! Chest Up Pics – If a full body shot isn’t your style, take a nice selfie from your chest up. If you’re a guy, do it shirtless. If you’re a girl, angle the camera so nothing is showing, even if you are wearing a bra. Pull the straps down and push up your cleavage. His imagination will do the rest. It's still a dirty photo, but it's a safe way to send a sexy picture of yourself without actually showing your body. Just the face – For the self-conscious or those who are sexting with people they don’t know or barely know, try sending a selfie that would be safe as a profile picture. It’s not as powerful as showing off your body, but your partner will like being able to imagine your face as you describe what you’d be doing over text. It's also a lot safer to only send a picture of your face rather than a full body shot. This isn't really a dirty photo, but it does help as a visual aid when you start to talk dirty over text. Chest Down Pics – If you’re sexting with a stranger, or even a boyfriend or girlfriend, try sending a full body dirty picture but leave your face out of it. This is safer for you because if he or she decides to leak your photos, it won’t have any identifying features tying you to the dirty image. Feel free to do this fully clothed, in just underwear, or totally naked. Bare Chest – For girls, sending him a dirty photo of your braless chest will be a great turn on and will make your sexting session even sexier. Like with the faceless full body photo, sending pics of just your chest leaves it up for interpretation and so it can’t be tied to you in the future. Even so, only send these kinds of dirty photos to someone you totally trust! Bare Close Up – Take a close up photo of your nether regions to send to your partner so they know exactly what to picture when they go down on you in a dirty text message. Include your fingers or hand if you’re feeling extra frisky. Videos – Using something like Snapchat to talk dirty makes sending quick videos of you fingering yourself or jerking yourself off to your partner extra easy. Taking a video on your phone and sending it over regular text message is okay, but tread carefully there. You never know who might be looking through your videos in the future. Videos will enhance the dirty talk over text experience because it gives excellent visual aids to go along with the texts. Plus, Snapchat videos disappear once the receiver watches them!

From Text to the Bedroom: Dirty Talk in Bed

Dirty talk isn’t just for over text. If you have physical sex with the person you’ve been sexting, make sure to make some noise and talk in the bedroom. Not all sexts translate well to in the bedroom dirty talk, but try some of these examples so your partner knows how much you’re enjoying yourself. You’re so tight. Encouragements like “yes, right there” and “keep doing that.” You taste so good. Your mouth feels so good around me. Use your hands/fingers. Suck my nipples. Look how wet/hard I am for you. I want to taste your cum in my mouth. Cum on my hard cock. I want you so bad right now. Ride me. I want to be on top. Pull my hair. The key is keeping it short and sweet when you dirty talk in person. You have a little more room for detail over text because it’s necessary, but if you’re bringing the dirty talk into the bedroom you want short sentences you can yell when you’re breathless. These examples should help you make your sex life louder and more exciting with in person dirty talk that goes beyond sexting.

Unexpected Dirty Talk

If you’re more experienced in dirty talk over text and you want to keep things exciting with a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, try sending a sext when it is least expected. Here are a few examples of places to send a dirty talk over text message that will turn him or her on. While he/she is working. At a party, surrounded by your friends. Family dinner at his/her parents’ house. When he/she is on a business trip. When you’re both home but in different rooms. When you’re at work and he/she is home. While he/she is out with friends. Sitting next to each other on the couch. When he/she is at a doctor’s appointment. While he/she is driving, so they see it as soon as they get to where they’re going. Experiment with sending dirty texts at totally inappropriate times or when you’re with the person physically and want to turn them on. Be careful because no one wants to lose their job over a sexy text message, but if you keep things exciting and switch it up every once in a while, dirty talk over text is sure to turn your partner on over text – and hopefully in person, too.

Sample Dirty Text Messages to Send

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So you’ve got him or her in the mood and you’re ready to get down to it, but you’re at a loss for what to talk about. Here are some examples of dirty talk text messages you can send while sexting to move things along. Expand upon them as your partner responds to your dirty talk and be sure to respond to their dirty talk as well. If things slow down and you’re not sure how to respond again, try sending another of the samples to get started back up. Just make sure it flows naturally with what you were already talking about or you both might lose your excitement.

Text Him/Her What You're Doing

Use these samples of dirty talk to let your girlfriend or boyfriend know what you're doing to yourself right then. This dirty talk is guaranteed to get the sexts flowing. I’m in bed alone right now, thinking about you. I took my bra off so I can play with my nipples. It feels so good when I pinch/squeeze them. My cock is hard for you. I’m stroking it thinking about you. I’m moaning your name. I’m picturing you here next to me. I’ve got my favorite toy ready to go. It’s not as good as you, but it’ll do. I have one finger inside right now. I’m about to add another. I’m so wet. I’m bringing myself close to coming but I don’t want to finish yet. I love how you’re making me feel right now. I took my fingers out and I’m tasting myself. Do you want a taste, too? I’m thinking about what we’d be doing if we were together right now. You should hear the sounds I’m making. I’m sopping wet. My fingers feel so good inside of me, but you’d feel even better. I’m digging my fingers into my hair like you would be while we kiss and you stroke my cock with your soft hand. I’m spreading my pussy wide open as I slide three fingers in and out. I can almost taste you even though you’re not here.

Text what you wish for

You're not together but you wish you were. Use these messages to talk about just what you'd be doing if you were in bed with him/her. This dirty talk is the most intense and will definitely lead to an exciting sexting session. I wrap my hand around your hard cock and slowly slide it up and down. I insert one finger inside of you, then two, then three. My thumb circles your button while I pump my fingers in and out of you. I take the tip into my mouth and swallow you deep, my hands playing at the base. I slide down the bed so my head is in your pussy. I taste you for the first time, sucking and licking while you stroke my hair and pull me closer. I kiss you deeply, sliding my tongue into your mouth, my hand still stroking your big cock. I kiss your thighs and your tummy, teasing you, making you beg. I pull your hair and push you down on my cock, making you take it deep. I fondle your balls while I lick and suck your dick. I like hearing you beg for more. I keep kissing and sucking your pussy until you say you’re about to come! Then I kiss my way up to your chest and suck on your nipples, then your lips. I flip you over so you’re on your back and lift myself onto your rock hard cock, sliding slowly down, letting it fill me up. I grab your tits while you ride me, pinching and squeezing them. I slide my hand between us and rub your pussy as my cock spreads your lips wide. You crawl on the bed on your hands and knees and I position myself behind you, slowly pushing myself into your wet pussy. You lie on the bed and wrap your legs around me while I hammer into you hard, begging me for more. I keep pumping faster and faster into you while you rub your pussy. I feel you tighten around me as you yell out my name and I start to come deep inside you.

Text what they should be doing

Talk about what you wish your partner was doing to you and guide him/her through the dirty talk using these guidelines. When you talk dirty and tell your partner what to do, he or she will get even more turned on. You should suck my tits while I stroke your cock. Kiss me deeply and run your fingers through my hair. Take my cock into your mouth. Put your fingers deep in my pussy. Kiss and lick my body from head to toe. Stroke my cock faster, baby. Yes, please, lick my pussy. Just like that. Slap my ass while I ride you. Pull my hair. Push my head down onto your cock. Tug on my hair while I lick your pussy. Put your hard cock inside me. Fuck me from behind. Send me a picture of your tits/cock. Cum inside me/cum with me inside you.

Become a Sexting Champion

Follow these tips and use these examples of dirty talk, and you’ll be sexting like a pro in no time. Your partner will love to try out new dirty talk over text and you’ll get to have fun even when you’re alone in bed. It’s a win for everyone. Just make sure to be careful and only dirty talk over text with someone you trust, and never share photos that show your face with anyone but a long term partner. Also, make sure both parties want to talk dirty over text. If it’s not working, don’t do it. If it is, have fun!