Dating Advice: The 4 Stages Of Dating You Should Know About

Are you wondering how to kick off several stages of dating with your sweetheart? Below are tips to take your dating game to the ultimate stage.

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Dating Advice: The 4 Stages Of Dating You Should Know About

Beautiful stages of dating your beloved

Falling in love and taking vows of commitment is the most overwhelming feelings that one could ever experience. This could begin with early infatuation, but to pave the way that leads to the beautiful feeling called love includes scores of stages. Not every person can conquer all the stages. Only the person with a true heart and passion towards his or her love could tread the long dating path that might have some occasional thorns. If you have a dauntless and yet loving heart, then you must be curious about the various stages of dating. Let us move on and reflect on each of them.

1. Early stages of dating: Crushing & Blushing

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Feeling attracted towards your charming love is the first initial stage of dating. It's a very healthy start! You get crazy just trying to steal a look at your sweetheart and your heart can't stop pounding when you do.

In presence of the person one craves for, we may get overly conscious about our looks. We may find ourselves never step out without careful grooming beforehand, just in case we ever run into our love interest. Moreover, spending extra time to get ready in the morning would become a new hobby. This is likely to happen in your office, college or school, or even in your neighborhood - anywhere you can regularly see your crush.

At this stage, you are way too eager to know all about the person you adore. The million dollar smile of that special person can make you giddy and shy. The joy you feel when you see him or her is clearly evident in the natural blush on your cheeks .

2. Striking up a healthy conversation & hangouts : another dating step

Moving on to the next stages of dating, you must have exchanged contact numbers by now and started texting. A naive person might be seeking advice on how to break the awkward silence during a phone call or at a hangout.

The long-held excitement is hard to keep at bay. But, begin conversation on a healthy note. Act calmly so the other person will be at ease as well, even if you're feeling nervous as hell.

Getting to know each other better is another step after getting comfortable with each other. You may find yourselves texting all day and night. Gradually the flow of conversation deepens and you'll grow to love every quality that your partner possesses. You are blindto the person's flaws, and it becomes harder to resist the thrilling, intoxicating infatuation. You fantasize for an entire day about long and romantic dates with your crush. In the course of time, the dating glides smoothly like in a utopian world; you as a couple will seem to be romantically ideal.

3. Succeeding stages of dating : Revelations and Realisations

As the photo caption suggests, these stages of dating unveil many nuggets of truth. The veil of your utopian world falls down and you see the relationship as it truly is. There is immense love and care in the relationship but there are also arguments now too. The tantrums that were once perceived to be as cute are now a main source of irritation. The flaws and weaknesses of both partners are now apparent. The relationship has not lost its warmth but there are no more relentless text and long phone calls. All the more frequent texting and calling amidst these stagesof dating could prompt irritation.

In the midst of doubts, many questions float in the mind. Is this person right for me? Are we going to be a good couple? You might also find yourself surrounded by insecurities. such stages of dating could be the turning point in your relationship. If you are truly and passionately in love you will embrace the shortcomings of your partner as heartily as you accepted the qualities. People always fall in love with the perfect aspects of someone's personality. But true love lies in the acceptance of flaws and working around them.

The best advice to those going through these stages is that one must embrace a healthy set of skills to deal with it.

This is the moment of revelation when you realize it's no longer an infatuation, but true love when you fall in love every day with the person you're currently dating.

4. Final stages of dating : commitment and marriage


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The intimacy at these stages of dating gets more profound and you are ready to make vows of commitment. All sorts of uncertainty in the relationship fade away somehow. Trust that has been built between two people over the period of their relationship is strengthened even more.

You have absorbed and accepted all aspects of your partner's personality, both good and bad. You respect each other's likes, dislikes, dreams, aspirations, and opinions. Neither partner loses his or her individuality and freedom. Furthermore, you are very honest about sharing your feelings. Caring about the other person's desires is as necessary as seeing to your own.

Ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Standing with each other in any situation is a very significant sign of your commitment to the person you are dating. Go ahead, get engaged, and get ready for marriage!