Why Is He Ignoring Me? 25 Possible Reasons He Is Avoiding You

Has your crush stopped giving you attention all of a sudden? Use the following list of 25 possible reasons he has decided to ignore you.

By Gerald Matiri
Why Is He Ignoring Me? 25 Possible Reasons He Is Avoiding You

Reasons guys choose to ignore girls

Life is not always fair. Sometimes you like someone but they don’t like you back. The last thing you want is rejection; that’s why you’d rather brush off the idea of forming a relationship with your crush, who holds back their emotions. Many girls don’t understand why men ignore them. It is not cool for a man to avoid a woman but the truth is the reasons are quite obvious and a lot of them make sense. If you feel ignored, kindly do what is best for you. What rings in your head when your guy starts to ignore you? Have you been nagging him lately or is he simply fed up with you? Below are reasons he is ignoring you.

1. You have been suffocating him

Everyone needs a little break from the usual stuff. Perhaps you don’t give him space to breathe since you hooked up. If you are constantly texting, calling, and showing up at his home or workplace, he is probably feeling as if he has been running a marathon. All he needs is an alone time; that’s why he wants to avoid you for some time. Perhaps he has some personal matters he needs to deal with, so don’t take it personally.

2. Influence of his friends

Is your boyfriend hanging out with his friends more and neglecting you most of the time? Perhaps they have convinced him that he is better off without you. The worst case scenario would be if you have spotted him with lots of women lately; you will actually be worried if he has cheated on you. Whatever the case, you need to handle it with caution. Men love to keep their friends and you shouldn’t try to turn him against them. Instead, show him how significant your relationship is.

3. He is an introvert

If your crush is an introvert, he obviously ignores a lot of people, not just you. An introverted individual has a bad habit of unplugging from social life. I know it sounds unfair to you but he needs to be alone most of the time. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell you this in advance but decided to ignore you all of a sudden. You might be tempted to complain about it but it is best if you let him be. If you think you cannot handle an introvert, then it’s high time you move on

4. He wants to break up with you

Some men don’t know how to tell the truth in a straightforward manner. If they want to call it quits, they start by shifting their attention away from the relationship, hoping that you will get the hints. If your boyfriend wants to break up without the usual painful conversation, he will simply ignore your texts and calls. The thought of telling you the whole truth freaks him out especially if you are a dramatic woman. He just can’t face you at the moment; so he secretly divers his attention away from you so you may forget him and move on.

5. He will ignore you if he’s cheated on you recently

Some men don’t know how to hide their nasty games. This sounds disheartening but the truth is that another girl is keeping him busy. The thought of your boyfriend getting cozy with another woman is debilitating but this happens many times; has cheated on you! However, you cannot accuse him if you don’t have a solid proof he has cheated indeed. Get the facts right before you do anything crazy. You may confront him once you confirm your suspicions or you can simply walk away.

6. Jealousy can make him ignore you

If you have been hanging out with a lot of guys you claim to be your BFFs, chances are your crush is super jealous. The thought of you hooking up with another man makes him insecure and so he will avoid you rather face the situation head-on. Different men display jealousy in different ways: there are those who become aggressive towards their competitors but in this case, your crush chooses to ignore you because he cannot bear it. If you truly love this guy, you better stop hanging out with your BFFs and pay more attention to him.

7. Something is bothering him

Men rarely share their feelings with women. If something is bothering your boyfriend, he might not bring it up to you because he wants to deal with it as a man. It could be anything from his job, family, health, or friends. These worries could explain his sudden change in behavior. He is giving 100% attention to solving his current issues. Note that you are not the only thing in his life- he has a career and family to take care of. If you have a thought that there is something wrong going on in his life, just ask him for the sake of your peace of mine.

8. He just hates phone conversations

Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t pick your phone calls; there is a chance he doesn’t like talking over the phone. Sometimes, he might not even look at who is calling. If you never thought about it, there are people even in this digital era who don’t believe in meaningful conversations over the phone. It could be that he hates being bothered by a device on his ears. You can try texting him and give him time to reply.

9. You have been bugging him

Some men like doing their women favors but others don’t. If your boyfriend never asks for favors, you should know that he is not the ‘helpful’ type. If you keep asking him to do things for you, he will find a reason to avoid you. Perhaps you’ve been asking too much from your crush and he has the impression that you are too dependent. That why he has decided to ignore you because he doesn’t want to be like your random handyman.

10. Something major is happening in his life

You should know that your boyfriend’s life does not revolve around you. Possibly, he is busy with a big event and is too occupied to have a chat with you. While it’s unfair that he can’t even say hi, he has a reason to avoid you. Try not to be too demanding on his time and stop calling him countless time in a day. He will particularly ignore you if your phone conversations are usually lengthy. Since his attention is on this major event, he might even switch off his phone.

11. Your crush will ignore you when it’s family time

If you are in the early stages of dating, he has probably not introduced you to his family. So, don’t expect him to break away from his family time. There could be a family drama he’s dealing with or his folks are hosting a very important event. You too cannot deny that you avoid a lot of people when it comes to your family matters. Similarly, a sudden change in communication can be attributed to doing the family things.

12. He is angry

Some people are more open when it comes to expressing their emotions while others choose to repress those feelings. If your crush is the type who is too closed off and finds it hard to admit he’s been offended, he might resort to ignoring you all of a sudden. He will ignore you mainly because he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. It is not that you cheated on him but he will still avoid you. He wants to deal with the negative feelings without involving you. The situation gets worse if you are the one upsetting him; talking to you would make him madder

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13. He is married

If this man has a wife and hasn’t told you yet, he could be feeling guilty and in a huge dilemma right now. That he has cheated on his wife makes him feel bad and the only option he has is to ignore you so he can put an end to your relationship. Be careful with the guys you hook up with; you might get yourself into hot trouble by being labeled a home wrecker.

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14. You love him too much

Are you always the one initiating conversations and proposing romantic activities in your relationship, and you do not understand why he is avoiding you? Well, the simple answer is this: your love is imbalanced. Apparently, your love for him is greater than his. This can make you feel miserable and in case you are clingy, things would only get worse. Re-evaluate the relationship and determine if you want to continue. Is this what you deserve?

15. You ignore him too

If there has been a sudden change in the attention you normally give to your boyfriend, this could explain why he is diverting his attention too. You cannot blame him if you too have been ignoring his calls and texts. Your change in attitude gives him the thought that you are not happy with the relationship so he might pull away. Most likely, he is not sure how to react so he will step back to scrutinize the whole issue.

16. You complain too much

Do you want to know why he ignores those texts you are always complaining about life? He is fed up with your negativities. Yes, you can share your issues with your boyfriend but is not okay to overdo it. You never thought you could be a negative person, but that’s what he sees in you. Recall your latest conversations with your boyfriend and tell me they are not full of complaints. Were you gossiping, complaining about your small sister, and was there anything nice you had to say?

17. His feelings for you have changed

A guy can ignore his girl if he loses the love feelings. It is not easy to come up with this conclusion because as you can see, there are tons of reasons he could be avoiding you. However, losing his love feelings doesn’t mean he has cheated on you; he has simply lost those fires of passion. In this case, you have two options: to let him go or rekindle your romance. People fall out of love all the time and you cannot blame yourself if this happens to your boyfriend.

18. His old habit is resurfacing

Old habits do not die easily. If he is a little reserved and likes dealing with his issues alone, trying to get him to open up may not be worthwhile. Be very careful how you handle a reserved guy so you don’t get on his nerves. If your crush has been romantic since you men but all of a sudden he gives you a cold shoulder, then something fishy is going on in his life. What if he has turned to his drinking habits? Or perhaps he has started gambling again.

19. You got it twisted

This guy never liked you in the first place and you got it all wrong. He might not actually be cognizant of the fact that he is ignoring you. You misunderstood him completely and the relationship is all in your head but not real. You assumed he was in love with you but the truth is he has no feelings for you. That’s why you must not jump to conclusion so quickly regarding a relationship. Always give it time to mature before you declare yourself someone’s girlfriend.

20. You have too many expectations

So you think he is ignoring you if he calls two times only per day. Your expectations (5 calls per day) are not met and you feel neglected- you need to change your mentality if you don’t want to feel disappointed all the time. Maybe according to your new boyfriend, more than two calls is baggage.

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21. He is an honorable guy

Some guys are so mindful of girls’ feelings. He knows that you like him a lot but he doesn’t want to give you false hopes. What he will do is ignore you for a while so you don’t fall so hard for him. If you want to get his attention, you can try some attraction tactics so he gets to fall in love with you as well. For instance, you could flirt with him using body language but don’t overdo it. Again, do not display yourself as a desperate woman- he will ignore you more.

22. You make it too easy for him

Many times, men prefer the good chase because cheap things are not worthwhile in the end. If he managed to get you in his box too easily, he doesn’t feel challenged when wooing you. He is afraid other men will get you in the same way. As such, he will avoid you because you are too easy and he knows very well that he can find you whenever he wants.

23. He is afraid of love

The thought of loving you scares him. According to him, falling in love is some kind of tragedy and so the only way out is to ignore you. He also thinks you might walk all over him when you realize he has fallen for you. He might also not be sure you like him back and as such, he wants to protect his heart. This guy might be shy or the over-cautious type.

24. He cares less

Maybe his sudden behavior is not intentional. He simply doesn’t care about you or your perceptions. He doesn’t love deeply, unlike you, and most likely doesn’t believe in fairytales. To him, a relationship is not that much of a big deal and that’s why he is not bothered by your calls or texts. It hurts being ignored by a guy you thought he could be the one. You need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you see him in your future? Is he worth your efforts? If the answer to these questions is no, then stop thinking about him.

25. He is too selfish

This guy has used you; he has probably cheated on you more times than you think. And now, he doesn’t see any reason to be with you anymore. Please don’t ignore signs he has lost interest in you; If you are sure of being ignored, make a recollection of the time he began shifting his attention away from you. Do you still think he has feelings for you and how much time does he spend with you? Maybe he has got all he wanted from you and has moved on with his life; forget about this selfish guy.

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Final word

It looks like your crush no longer replies to your texts as quick as he used to. He now acts as if you don’t exist and you are really concerned about this because there hasn’t been any sort of emergency. He might be doing it deliberately given that he is still active on social media and hanging out with his usual friends. There is something fishy if he gets time to like other people’s Facebook statuses but chooses to ignore your calls and DMs. As explained above, there are tons of reasons for this sudden change in attitude. You wish the world was perfect so that your crush would tell you point-blank why he chooses to avoid you. His little game is upsetting, lame, and downright annoying. You actually don’t need to ask him because you’ve got the 25 possible answers. Think about what you want and do what’s best for you!