20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Do you feel that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Check these 20 signs to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you.

By Amanda Palmer
20 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Your girlfriend is your whole world. But what if she is cheating on you?

To fall in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Everything seems colorful, joyous and positive when cupid strikes you. To have a doting and a loyal girlfriend is every man's dream come true. One who is intelligent, sexy, pretty, caring and most importantly has eyes only for you. Your ego swells up and your pride reaches the clouds when you walk the streets with your beloved swooning over you. Seems like a Mills & Boons romance but in real life, there are only a few lucky men to be blessed with such faithful partners.

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Time and again we have come across stories of girlfriends cheating on their boyfriends, dating multiple men at the same time or faking love to you. Whatever the scenario, none should be fooled around be it a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you fall in love and want to stay in a relationship, then make sure your partner is loyal to you. At times it gets tough to really make out whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or is loyal to you. Listed below are some obvious signs you should watch over to make sure that you are in a loyal relationship and that your girlfriend has eyes and attraction only for you.

"This story is for every woman who may be panicking or feeling pressure because they're in their late 20's or 30's and haven't found the one. I'm sure you have a lot of friends who are married with kids and you feel like you're running behind. Well I'm here to tell you NOT TO SETTLE. I was married in my mid-twenties. I definitely settled and knew it. I always tell people if there is even one single ounce of you that is telling you it's not right, listen to that. That tiny feeling will not go away and will only continue to grow. Can you live with that feeling and pain every single day? You shouldn't. And you deserve not to. There is someone out there for you even if you don’t find them until later in life. I was 30 by the time my divorce was settled. Shortly after, I was in a new relationship. After 2 months, I moved to Philadelphia for my new boyfriend so he could attend grad school. However, shortly after our 2 year anniversary, I ended things. I realized that he wasn't the one either and I wasn't going to walk down the aisle again knowing it didn't feel 100 percent right. At this point, I was 33 and decided to move to LA for MYSELF. I signed up for an online dating app and went on several dates but none that really excited me. Until I met Reid. We set our first date for drinks and the rest is history. After two weeks, I knew I didn't want to date anyone else. Now 3.5 years later, we're married and trying for a baby at 36! I think I realized Reid was the one the first time he did something that upset me. In my two other long-term relationships, there was always a lot of conflict and defensiveness if I brought up something that upset me. So I braced myself for the worse when I told Reid that I felt bothered and un-loved by one of his actions. His response was so understanding, apologetic, and filled with love. He made me feel like I had a true partner. This is something I had NEVER felt before and always longed for. Reid and I never fight! I've realized relationships shouldn't be THAT hard- in fact, they should actually be pretty simple. Your partner is supposed to be the person who you tackle life's hardships with not the one who creates them."

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1. Your girlfriend spends more time on her phone than you

You are just so eager to meet your girlfriend and have been thinking about meeting her all night but when you two finally meet, she shows less interest in you and more on her phone. This clearly indicates that there are others she is more interested in. In a beautiful loving relationship, nothing else matters but the company of your beloved. Well, as time passes, one does not share the same excitement as they did initially in meeting each other, yet you will be the best judge to this. Does she spend much time on her phone because just like everyone else these days she is addicted to facebook or instagram or is it because she is trying to ignore your company? Don't jump to conclusion yet but try to find out observe her more to come to a conclusion.

2. Girlfriend less interested in sex

Your girlfriend is repeatedly refusing sex. She seems less interested in having sex with you. This is a warning sign of a deteriorating relationship and it could also mean that maybe she is seeing someone else. You could have a heart to heart talk with her or try to snoop on her whereabouts for some time.

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3. Girlfriend seems to be socializing too much without you

It's not that you are getting too possessive but your girlfriend seems to be out every night or every weekend socializing with other friends. You have suddenly become her last priority and she seems to be enjoying a lot in the company of others whereas you feel lonely without her even in a crowd. Partying without you often and without informing you should send warning bells in your mind that something is not right in your relationship.

4. If her phone is always busy she might be cheating on you!

If she is committed to you, then obviously your phone calls or messages would be her first priority. whenever you call her, you find her phone busy. You always catch her online on instagram or facebbok or whatsapp busy messaging others while you keeping waiting to talk to her. This is a warning sign of her cheating on you.

5. Girlfriend often makes excuses for coming home late from office

You wait to pick her up from her office but she refuses, saying that she has to work overtime. Next you catch her partying with her coworker somewhere. This is a clear sign that she does not want your company anymore and has new priorities and interests in life.

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6. Your girlfriend is definitely cheating on you if she approaches you only for money

Don't be fooled by her fake sweetness or her sob stories. You notice that lately, your girlfriend has been demanding for more and more money from you for her shopping or her bills. Spend sensibly on your girlfriend even if you love her a lot.

7. She doesn't want to discuss future plans

Does she often shy away from the conversation regarding your future plans? She doesn't want to discuss any future plans of living together or getting married or any couple goals. Whenever you bring out the discussion, she changes the topic or seems less interested. This is a clear sign that she finds future with you bleak or is cheating on you.

8. Cheating girlfriend flirts with other men in your presence.

She doesn't even feel the need to behave in your presense and openly flirts with other men while with you. She is either giving you a sign that the relationship is over or she has lost all interest in you to even consider your feelings.

9. You catch her lying about her whereabouts

She tells you that she had an important assignment to finish with her coworker but you catch her lying. You find her partying with her friends at a club later. No faithful girlfriend would need to lie to her boyfriend about her party plans.

10. A cheating girlfriend could manipulate and make you feel guilty about the relationship

If your girlfriend is repeatedly showing signs of being unhappy with you, it could also mean that she is manipulating and making you feell guilty whereas in reality she is cheating on you and wants to end the relationship.

11. She is spending more time in the office

If your girlfriend is spending more time in the office on the pretext of working with her coworkers, something could be fishy. She might be having an affair with her coworker or her boss. Its time to do a little snooping to catch her lying.

12. Her texts and messages have become very brief and limited.

One does move on from a honeymoon phase in a relationship when texting, meeting and excitement comes down a little bit. But if your girlfriend's texts and messages have become very brief and only on urgent basis, thens its clear that there is no spice left in the relationship or she might be cheating with you. Time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her.

13. You have been waiting to meet her but she is unavailable for large gaps of time

There was a time when you knew about each other's whereabouts every hour but nowadays she just goes on switch off mode for large gaps of time and then just vaguely excuses for falling asleep. Time to do some snooping as she is clearly lying.

14. She doesn't answer her phone in your presence

This clearly is a sign that she is hiding something from you. If she was loyal and faithful to you, she needn't hide or ignore any conversations in front of you. Who is this that she wants to talk to only in private? Maybe she is cheating on you!

15. Your girlfriend spends too much time with her ex or other males who are 'just friends'.

You might just be feeling jealous about her when she spends time with her ex or other male friends but if she is all the time with them, then there is some reason to show suspicion. She could be cheating on you or lying to you.

16. She suddenly changes her appearance or looks

She suddenly changes her appearance or her looks who so once loved and clearly does not need your consent for it. Signs of a cheating girlfriend are clear when she dresses no longer to impress you but somebody else.

17. She keeps talking about her ex or her male friend to you.

These are clear signs that she finds someone more attractive or impressive that you now and she is indirectly telling you that she finds you boring. She might be cheating on you with her ex or her other guy friend and is only trying to give you hints so that you break up easily and free her.

18. She puts a passcode on her phone

This means that she doesn't want you to read her texts and messages anymore. While it is normal to give space to each other in a relationship, there is also no need to hide your personal conversations with your beloved.

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19. She is always anxious and in a hurry to say goodbye to you

This clearly is a sign that she doesn't enjoy spending much time with you and is always in a hurry to say goodbye and move on. Maybe she has to meet someone else or has other priorities in life.

20. She says she is tired and cant send texts to you but you find her online immediately

She keeps saying she is tired and hence cannot text or message you but you catch her online immediately after you hang up. Maybe she wants to end conversation with you so that she can carry on with someone else.

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Its very tough to understand if your girlfriend is faking love towards you. You are so besotted with her that every action and excuse appears cute to you. But eventually you do feel something amiss in your relationship. She might be humiliating or insulting you for things that you don't understand. She repeatedly hurts your sentiments and makes you wait for long hours to meet her. She only approaches you for money and is always in a hurry to go away. Sometimes, if she does not need any financial help from you, then you would notice that your meetings are becoming less and less. All these are signs of a deteriorating relationship. When your girlfriend is losing interest in you she might start behaving like this. The reason could be that she is cheating on you. There is no point in holding up a dead relationship. It would only give you pain and humiliation in the end. In such cases, it is always best to catch your lying girlfriend red handed and leave her for good. You might have faced several instances when she might be blaming you for cheating when in reality she is just trying to lessen her burden of guilt. You might want to hang on to the relationship thinking that she will change or it might just bruise your ego to let her go so you just hang on. But eventually you get only heart aches from the relation. None can force anyone to love another. Its her loss if she has cheated on you for another. Someone somewhere is waiting for you who will be absolutely loyal to you. Have some hope and free her from this unnecessary burdensome relationship. Some men get very violent or abusive when they find their girlfriends cheating on them but again doing so, you might only win her body but not her heart. Be smart, understand and read this signs to know whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.