Ultimate Guide To Sexting: 55 Kinky Ideas That’ll Blow Her Away

Use the power of technology to the best of your benefits! Here is the ultimate guide to sexting with some 55 kinky ideas that'll blow her away.

By Amanda Palmer
Ultimate Guide To Sexting: 55 Kinky Ideas That’ll Blow Her Away

Quite an erotic idea - a kinky sext

Sexting is an art. It is not everyone's cup of tea. Many guys can put together dirty words that will turn on a woman. How you advance into your relationship and when do you start sexting is what does the trick. It also depends on how explicit your sexts are, depending on the tastes of your woman. As the technology advances, a man's horizon also enlarges. Years back we could have never imagined getting turned on by sexting. There are many levels and many kinds of sexts that one can send. The smartphone has become a basic necessity in today's world, and most of us remain glued to our cell phones almost all day. If we could use the wonders of sexting to our advantage, it could be thrilling and exciting in a relationship. Sex gets monotonous after a few years in a relationship. At that time, it is necessary for the partners to introduce some new and exciting ways to pep up their sex life. Sexting is a wonderful way of turning up the heat and adding some spice to your monotonous sex life. But some people often get confused as to what to write and how bold can they become. A sext has to be written properly and sent at the right time. A badly written sext message or a badly timed sext message could ruin relationships completely. You have to know your partner in and out if you want to send explicit sext messages; and if you are still new in your relationship, you need to begin with more subtle ones. Here is a list of various kinds of sext messages which can add some kinky fun to your sex life:

Send your request via sext

A request sext can be subtle as well as explicit depending on your relationship. If you are just trying to woo a new person, then go in for really subtle sext messages so as not to freak out your partner. If you are already in a relationship and are quite comfortable with your partner, then you can send some explicit sext messages to arouse your partner. Here is a list of some subtle sexts: 1. I would love to see you in the nude. 2. You were looking so hot today; I wish I could grab you and kiss you all over. 3. I want to take a shower with you. 4. I want you to touch me. 5. I want to make out with you intensely. Here are some explicit sext messages: 6. I want your pussy so badly now. 7. I want you to ride my cock. 8. I want to put my lips on your nipples so badly. 9. I am going to spread your legs and tease your little pussy with my hard cock. 10. I want to make you cum with my tongue.

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Fantasize with a kinky sext

You can share your wildest fantasies with kinky sext messages. It will turn on the heat, build up sexual tension and make your partner horny. If your partner is at work and you are preparing him for a wonderful sexual encounter for the night, then sending a kinky sext is a very good idea. If you are a little shy discussing your fantasies, then you can write them in a sext. You can even share some new and crazy fantasy via a sext message and make your partner all excited about the night. Here are some kinky sext messages with crazy fantasies: 11. I am picturing you and me with another woman. 12. I am going nuts thinking about you spanking me and torturing another woman with your cock. 13. What would you do when you see another guy massaging my breasts? 14. I have been a really bad girl today, and I want you to punish me. 15. You are the doctor, and I have come to you for my body checkup. 16. Will you be my Mr. Grey tonight? 17. I want to see you masturbate in front of me. 18. I will tie you up today, and do all sorts of wonderful things to you. 19. I will be your sex teacher today, and you have to be an obedient student. 20. Can you put two cocks inside my little pussy?

A teasing sext

A teasing sext is great when you want to have some fun with your partner and make him horny while he is in the office or partying alone without you. Your teasing sext will make it hard for him to concentrate on his work. He will suddenly find the company of his male friends boring, and he will want to rush back to you. Here is a list of some great teasing sext messages: 21. I am waiting for you with my legs open on our bed. 22. I am wearing that favorite string lingerie set which you gifted me last year. 23. I dropped water on my clothes by mistake, and I can see my nipples through my transparent top. 24. Would you please go down on me today? 25. Today I will give you the best head of your life. 26. I am so wet right now. 27. It is too bad that you cannot see me all wet right now. 28. I thought of something that I want to do to you tonight; so sad you are not here. 29. I just got out of the shower and I cannot find my bathrobe. 30. I am drenching wet right now, all horny for you and touching myself thinking about you.

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A past memory sext

If you want to ignite your sex life, the best way is to send across some memories via sext. They make you closer to your partner and also refresh some past passionate sexual encounters between both of you. You can send him sext messages reminding him of the venue and time when you both first made love or when you both had your first wild sex. If your sex life has been boring lately, he might feel like doing something similar to your sext messages: 31. Remember the last time, when we made out in our backyard? 32. Remember how I had so much to drink and you had to cover my mouth because I was so loud while making out. 33. I miss making out with you like we used to before. 34. I want to suck your cock and make you cum inside. 35. I am going to make you beg for more tonight. 36. Remember that night, when we enacted a doctor-patient checkup? 37. How you tore all my clothes and left me naked in a few seconds. 38. I can't wait for you to pinch my nipples. 39. I can feel you inside me already. 40. Please go down on me now.

A compliment sext

You can even arouse your partner by sending him or her some cute compliments in your sext messages. You can tell your partner how much you enjoy having sex with them and how they make you feel. Here are some great compliments you can send on sext: 41. I love the feeling when you are inside me. 42. I love your smell. 43. I love the way you moan when I enter your pussy. 44. You have the best body in the whole world. 45. You have the most sensual breasts. 46. I love the feel of your mouth on my cock. 47. I love it when you moan and beg me to make you cum. 48. Your tongue works magic on my body. 49. My skin glows everytime you make love to me. 50. I love to cuddle beside you and feel the embrace of your solid arms around me.

A new idea sext

If you are too shy to relate your new sex idea to your partner, then you can write it in a sext and send it across. Often writing messages help you elaborate in detail about what you desire, even about things which you feel too embarrassed to speak out. Here is a list of some crazy sext messages which you can send to your partner to enhance and spice up your sex life: 51. Today I want you to put a dildo into my pussy. 52. How about watching some porn today? 53. Today I will be your cat woman and punish you with a hunter. 54. Let's rock and roll tonight in the bed. 55. Let's do it in the shower tonight.

The advantages of sending a sext in a marriage relationship

When you send sext messages to your partner in a marriage, you feel more connected to your partner. Sexting is a way of improving your marriage and sex compatibility in the marriage. If you particularly feel shy about expressing your fantasies or have deep rooted issues about sex, you can discuss it over sext. Many couples send pictures of their body parts to their partners to make them horny. You don't even need to send the entire nude picture of yours as your partner knows your body inch by inch. Sexting in a marriage is quite affirmative for your partner as he or she feels that you think about them the same way even after so many years of marriage. It spices up your sex life and many times; couples end up rapidly shedding off each other's clothes owing to the build-up of sexual tension between them. Sexting is a great way to turn a partner horny. Many times, couples are not verbal while having sex. This leaves the partners wondering whether the other is satisfied with their sexual performance or if there something else in bed that they desire. They feel uncomfortable about openly discussing sexual terms but it is easy to use these words in a sext. Sexting is more common amongst the tech-savvy generation of today but slowly it is gaining popularity even amongst middle-aged couples. This way couples can ask each other about their sexual performances and also understand each other's sexual fantasies and whatever they feel good about each other. Nothing else will spice up the marriage bed quite like a saucy sext!


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