25 Different Types Of Love And Relationships

Love can be expressed in different ways with different people. There are 25 different types of love and relationships: know the kind that you are in.

By Janani
25 Different Types Of Love And Relationships

Different Types Of Relationships

Relationships are unique. Every relationship has a different love story. Some couples might be living a fairy tale while some others might be messy. Never expect every relationship to be a perfect one but be prepared for the worst as well. Have you ever wondered why certain relationships last a lifetime and some never even last a couple of months? The truth behind this is, they fail to acknowledge the type of relationship they are in. So, to understand your love life better you need to know the different types of love and relationships in the real world. Here are 25 different types of love and relationships that you need to know to understand your love life better.

1. Controlling Relationships: one of the different types of relationships

When in a relationship if one partner has complete control over the other then it is a controlling relationship. When one partner needs to take the lead in everything that is happening around their significant other's life, it is a controlling relationship. Their families and friends might be trying to tell them that they are in a controlling relationship, but they will never truly know that they are in one. Their personal life will be completely dependant on their significant other. Major life-changing decisions will never be theirs to make. It will all depend on their controlling partner's choice.

2. Complicated Relationships

Complicated relationships are when either one of a couple falls out of love with their partner or they fall in love with someone else whilst in a relationship. There might be too many fights and their families might suggest couples therapy for their personal love life. There might also be many external factors that affect families that have a complicated relationship. This is one of the different types of love in relationships that one might experience in personal life. There will always be a lot of complications in this type of relationship.

3. Survival Relationships

This is a kind of relationship where couples are completely dependent on each other. They feel their better half makes their life worth living. It is similar to that of the co-dependent relationship where couples can never survive without each other. They need to be with each other in their day to day lives. The couples in this type of love feel that they can never make it on their own in their personal life. These couples have few shared interests in their love life, and when under stress they have very little positivity that holds them like a glue.

4. Materialistic Love: one of the different types of love

Materialistic love is when either one in the couple stays in love with the other just for the material benefits. There is no actual love in this kind of relationship but the couple tends to be together just for the sake of money or the expensive gifts one or the other receives. This is one kind of a bad relationship, which makes them believe that money can buy happiness. When in this type of relationship it can actually make you miserable.

5. Insecure Relationships

When couples feel insecure in their love life they have a constant need to reassure each other about their relationship. This is kind of relationship which requires validation from their partner that they are trustworthy. Due to their insecurities, the couple might be in need of constant validation about their physical appearance, social status, personality and much more. This type of relationship is a little immature and there is a lot of tension and it needs a lot of work to keep it going. Not being able to trust their partner is one of the biggest reasons for their insecurities in the relationship.

6. Rebound Relationships are one of the different types

Either partner in the couple might have fallen in love with the other after the loss of their someone special or after a major breakup. This is a kind of relationship where they are simply trying to get over their exes. This relationship is never meant to last forever. The partner who is mourning the loss has no intention of having a long-term relationship. When in this type of relationship, either one of the couple gets hurt for falling in love as the other has no intention of making a commitment. They are in a relationship just to make sure they fill the void that their previous loved one has left. This type of relationship is a rebound relationship.

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7. The Try It Out Relationship

This is a type of experimental relationship, where either one of the partners might be looking for a relationship with someone who is emotionally their total opposite. If you are a person who is shy you might end up dating a fun loving jovial person. This kind of relationship lets you experience your emotions and feelings when you are with someone who is totally the opposite in personal nature. It is actually dating a person who is a complete mismatch just to know how life would be if you were actually dating one. There are very few chances that this type of relationship will be successful.

8. Avoidance Relationships

Either partner of the couple will avoid getting too attached as they will fear that they might lose the one they get too much involved with. It might be because they are still mourning a loss of their dear ones or might be getting over a major breakup. They will never try to get close to their dear ones as they will want to protect the ones they love from themselves. This is one kind of relationship where they might fear losing their dear one if they get emotionally too attached or have deeper feelings for their loved ones. They might believe that bonding with their dear ones in the past was the reason for their loss.

9. The Pastime Relationship

This is a type of relationship which is purely based on fun. Both the couples might be very much in love but will never see a future together. They might never introduce each other to their families as they might feel that they were not destined to end up together. This relationship will exist only to pass the time, it will be intended for fun purposes only. They might go on hikes, do trekking, or fun activities they enjoy doing it together but will never see a future in their relationship. There will never be enough love to make their relationship work.

10. The Mature Relationship

When couples aged over 40, tentatively, fall in love it happens to be more mature. They might not be interested in silly fights, or looks, or setting an image for them through love. These relationships might be more focused on companionship, support, dependability, love and an ease of living. There might not be any criticism or judgment over the other in these kinds of mature relationships. There might be a lot of care and responsibility in this type of relationship.

11. Romantic Love

In this type of relationship, there is a lot of passion and physical intimacy but there is no commitment to the love. The couple might be deeply in love and their sex drive will be great but they will never be ready to make a commitment to the other. They will always feel that something is missing in their relationship. There will be no future in this type of relationships. This is because either partner of the couple or both will be afraid to make a commitment.

12. Companionship Love

Couples find themselves ready to commit and they will have a great love for one another in this type of love. But the main drawback of this love will be there will be no physical intimacy between the couple. Mostly, elderly people have this type of relationship when in love. This happens mainly when the couple is in love for a longer period of time. They will have a great deal of love and commitment but their sex drive will be low. They will be great companions for each other. Their families will be happy to see so much love between them.

13. Consummate Love

This is the best kind of love that all families deserve. In this relationship, the couple might have a deep love, a good level of commitment and they might enjoy having sex. This is the kind of relationship that everyone dreams of having one day. The passion, intimacy, and commitment are all in perfect balance to experience the best relationship you can ever be in. This kind of love can be experienced when the couple has a great deal of understanding, commitment, love, and intimacy. Nowadays, this kind of relationship is hard to find.

14. Infatuated Love

Being infatuated means having stronger feelings for your significant other. This kind of love is similar to having a crush on someone. Though the feelings might be strong they might fade away within few months or even days. This kind of feeling for the other is usually shortlived. So, make sure that you have understood your true feelings for your dear one or you will end up hurting your loved one.

15. Fatuous Love

In this type of relationship, there will be a lot of commitment and great physical intimacy but there will be no love between the couple. They might be dreading love, and no matter how hard they try they will never fall in love with each other, even when their chemistry is great. This is a type of love where there are intimacy and commitment but no love in the couple. This is mostly like a 'No strings attached' or 'Friends With Benefits' kind of relationship.

16. Empty Love

Empty Love is when the couple exhibits a high level of commitment with each other, but there is very little physical attraction or love. This type of relationship creeps into families that are long-term in marriage. There might be no love or no physical intimacy but they will still be hanging by the thread of marriage. This is a type of relationship where couples find them as mere roommates. This is a kind of relationship in failed marriages, they are just hanging by the thread either for the sake of their children or might end up broken up anytime soon.

17. Conditional Love

When there are conditions attached to love then it is conditional love. It is also to be noted that conditional love means that the love has to be earned. One needs to meet the expectations of their partner to make them feel loved or fall in love with. They need to prove to their partner that they deserve their love by fulfilling their needs and acting according to their expectations.

18. Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the complete opposite of conditional love. There are no conditions attached for love. It is considered to be free-flowing. Their partner will appreciate them for their uniqueness even through their flaws. This is the type of love that couples deserve. Love is something that we give each other and it must not be based on the efforts of the other.

19. Long Distance Relationships

This is a type of relationship when both the couples are isolated from one another. They might be in different proximities and the distance between them will be a major difficulty. There are a lot of disadvantages in this type of relationship. A lot of technological advancements have made long distance easier but not facing each other in person will be a hard task for the couple.

20. The Asexual Relationship

The asexual relationship is when either partner of the couple has no romantic interest towards the other. They will not have any sexual attraction and will not be interested in physical intimacy. In an asexual relationship, they will be only interested in friendly affection and might have no romantic interests in anyone. This kind of relationship will work best for couples who both have no sexual desire.

21. The Toxic Relationship

When in a toxic relationship, the couple in a relationship tend to make each other miserable. They might be having fights, arguments and will never be cheerful and happy when in love. Their initial days of love may have been fascinating but it has faded away, and they end up making each other distraught. It is hard to know if you are in a toxic relationship,but it will always make you unhappy.

22. The Open Relationship

In an open relationship, the couple tends to have a great time together both emotionally and physically. Although they have a great chemistry together, with mutual consent both the couples will still date other people. They might be committed to each other but will still date other people. In open relationships, couples can have sexual relationships outside their primary relationship but can never be emotionally involved with another.

23. The Love-Hate Relationship

This is a type of relationship when the couples are madly in love with each other and at times they also hate each other to the core. They can be lovable for a couple of days then they can become partners who would even kill each other fighting. In this kind of relationship, the couples can never stay in love for a long time or never stay out of love for a long time. There is an indecisive pattern in their relationship.

24. Manic Love

Either of the couple or both the partners tend to be deeply and madly in love with the other. This can make you feel insane because they are extremely possessive of their partner. They can go to any extreme to make their partner happy and feel loved. These are the ones who end up stalking. In this kind of love, the person tends to lose their own identity as their love goes beyond control. Love turns their life upside down so they give an inapropriate response to it.

25. The Internet Relationship

This is a type of relationship that has bloomed since the technological advancements. Couples get to know the other person over social media like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. They share their ideas and thoughts and develop feelings for one another. This type of relationship is in current trend. They spend hours together obsessing over social media accounts when in an Internet Relationship.

Know the Type Of Relationship You Are In

Love differs from person to person. It is important that you know the type of relationship you are actually in. It will help you understand your relationship better. Many a time when in love, there is always a need to fall in love with the same type of person over and over again. So, it is important that you identify the type of relationship you are in. This might help you to sustain the relationship and work on your love when it falters. Be honest with yourself and take your time to understand the type of relationship that you are in. This might help you in improving your relationship and your love life. Stay blessed and have a fun-filled fantastic love life. All the Best!