10 Tips & Tricks On How To Kiss Better And Make It Memorable

Are you a good kisser? Is your boyfriend happy with your kissing? Here are some 10 tips and tricks on how can one kiss better and make it memorable.

By Amanda Palmer
10 Tips & Tricks On How To Kiss Better And Make It Memorable

Are you a good kisser?

We all have probably kissed our boyfriend or girlfriend a lot many times. Kissing feels great and is simply one of the best joys of life. But are you a good kisser? There are different levels of kissing. Beginners can be called amateur kissers. Then there are kissers who kiss to initiate sex and then there are those who can set the ground on fire with their seductive kissing skills. Everyone has a different skill set in kissing. As the initial honeymoon phase fades away, kissing gets monotonous and none of us think much about whether we are good kissers or not. But good kissing can not only add spark to our sex life but it can help us evoke passion and desire for each other in a whole new way. Good kissing helps you create beautiful memories with the person where as great sex helps you remember each other's body for a long time. You can make your partner horny with good kissing if he or she is not in the mood for sex. A good kiss at a perfect location can be remembered forever and brings back endearing memories whenever you think about it. Kissing when done well, gives us a great joy as there are a thousand nerve endings on our lips and tongues which give us pleasure on being crushed with someone we love. While being a good kisser is no rocket science, there are a few tips and tricks which might help you kiss your partner in such a way that he or she will beg you for more. Here are 10 tips that will not only help you kiss better, but also make it memorable.

1. Clean breath

In order to be a good kisser, you have to keep in mind a few basic things. Personal hygiene is utmost important if you want to be a good kisser and make your kisses memorable. Your boyfriend or girlfriend should remember your sweet taste long after you have kissed each other passionately. Make sure your breath smells good. Your partner will run away from you next time you try to kiss if your breath smells bad. Keep some mint or gum handy as you never know when the need to kiss might arise. If you are out on a date, stay away from starchy or processed foods as they tend to give you a bad breath immediately.

2. Flavored lip balms for better kissing

For a girlfriend who wants to be a good kisser for her boyfriend, it is important that she stay neutral on her lip colors. You obviously do not want to paint your boyfriend's lip red or pink with your dark lipstick. Go for a nude lip gloss if you are out on a date and intend to kiss or make out with your partner later on. Try wearing some deliciously flavored lip balms as they not only impart a subtle color to your lips but also taste incredibly delicious. Also, make sure that your lips are not chapped or dry as this will hurt your partner and he or she might not be interested in kissing you after all.

3. Grab your partner out of the blue

Sometimes, a hint of surprise adds a spark and excitement to your relationship. Grab your partner suddenly some day and crush his or her lips boldly. This will put your partner off balance and your boyfriend or girlfriend will respond to you in an equally aggressive way and try to keep up with you.

4. Start slowly for better kissing

To be a good kisser you need to first give suggestive looks to your partner and make them want to kiss you. Gaze lovingly in their eyes and keep looking at their lips while breathing deeply at the same time. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will get the hint that they are about to get a long and deep kiss. Such actions stimulate the mind and your partner will be ready for a kiss. Such looks also make one horny and increase the sexual tension between two people.

5. Begin softly

Begin with a soft kiss and a soft peck on the lips. Proceed to suck your partner's lips a bit and perhaps a bit of nibble. Detach and look straight into his or her eyes. If your partner breathes deeply and looks at your lips again as you detach, then you can kiss him again, this time a little more passionately than before. The passion will make you close your eyes automatically at this stage. After the initial kissing, detach and move towards the chin, cheeks, earlobes and temple. This will create longing for a French kiss as you plant soft kisses all over your partner's face.

6. Time for a French kiss

After you initiate the kissing and detach, you should indulge in a deep and passionate French kiss. By this time, the longing for the lips to be crushed has increased and your boyfriend or girlfriend will get lost in the amazing sensation of lips crushing against lips. Go deeper and explore each other's mouths as you sail in a boat of ecstasy and raw passion. It’s now time to get a little more aggressive with your kiss. Kiss deeper and more passionately! Crush your lips to your boy's and let him feel the heat. Hold him tighter and apply a little force while kissing. Using aggression while kissing is just to state that 'you drive me crazy' or 'I want you right now'!

7. Bite a bit

Now that you are aggressively kissing your partner, a small little bite on the lips feels just amazing and most needed. It is as if by doing so you calm down those thousand nerve endings in your lips doing a wild dance of passion and longing. To be a good kisser, one needs to continue the tease for long. Just as you see your partner enflamed in passion, detach and gaze lovingly in his eyes or his lips. This will make them reach for your lips again but you can continue with your tease for a little while longer. After your little tease, as you seal your partner’s mouth again with your lips, you will almost hear a sound of anguish and deep longing that would prove to you that your kiss is doing its magic!

8. Tongue play

You cannot indulge in some tongue play. Lick your partner's lips with your tongue and let him or her do the same to you. Then almost by surprise, indulge in a deep French kiss again but this time, use a little more of the tongue. Tongue play can be a lot of fun and almost needed urgently when the level of passion increases. Explore each other's mouths with your tongues. Just be careful not to let your saliva leak as it feels really gross and spoils the entire mood.

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9. Take care of the location

A badly timed kiss, no matter how great it feels irritating and you almost tend you push your partner away when you don't want to be kissed. Similarly, some locations call for a deep kiss. If you are the guy then make sure you do not waste precious locations by forgetting to kiss your partner. A passionate kiss in a beautiful location makes the kiss memorable and forever etches it in the memory. A great location can be boating, an adventure trip, a quiet weekend movie date or even a stroll on the beach. If the location is good, automatically your girlfriend relaxes and you can kiss her the way you want. She will also remember being kissed passionately by her guy in a beautiful location.

10. Talk about it

A kiss becomes more memorable when guys talk about it after it’s done and before it is about to begin. When you tell your partner that you want to kiss her badly, she will get aroused and will anticipate it anxiously. If you take her suddenly too, she will think about it umpteen number of times recalling it in her memory about how good it was and if you discuss a passionate kiss in-depth long after it was done, it etches into the memory forever. If you talk about a kiss before you initiate it, it becomes a sort of kissing foreplay. It not only arouses your partner but also heightens the level of longing for the kiss. You can whisper about kissing your partner into her ears and guys can even text each other about their passionate lip-lock.

There are some guys who kiss in such a way that it feels cold and almost like zero, nothing and there are some guys whose kiss is downright explosive. One can be a good kisser by practice. Kissing is such a department in which one gets better with practice and one has to practically do it to get better. While the above-mentioned tips and tricks can help you better your skills, for a person who has never kissed before, these tips and tricks might be clueless. Kissing is more instinctual than learned and hence it comes naturally from the need to calm your excited nerve endings on your lips and tongues. But just trying to calm them is not enough. To be a good kisser, one needs to create an almost magical effect on the other person. One also needs to make a kiss a full-body experience. You will not feel the heat and the passion in your kiss if guys do not connect their bodies. A kiss on the neck and ear-lobe in the middle of your French kiss feels amazing and even more arousing and these are erogenous zones for many. A good kisser can even guide and teach their partner while in the act by gently pulling back, slowing down and demonstrating a different technique. A quick grasper will learn quickly and follow your lead.