Brody Dalle Wiki: Everything To Know About Josh Homme's Wife

Brody Dalle, Josh Homme's wife, is name to reckon with. She is a singer, songwriter and a guitarist of a band called The Distillers.

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Brody Dalle Wiki: Everything To Know About Josh Homme's Wife

Early life of Brody Dalle

Brody Dalle was born as Bree Joanna Alice Robinson in Melbourne on January 1, 1979. She is a complete package in herself. She is a guitarist, songwriter, and singer of the punk rock band called ‘The Distillers’. The band members parted ways after being part of the band’s three albums. The Distillers were on their own from the year 2006. Brody Dalle took up other solo projects thereafter, but it was only in the year 2014, that Brody Dalle came up with her single called the “Diploid Love”. Diploid Love was her solo album and the first one too. She is multi-talented and can play various instruments like the keyboards, guitar, bass, and vocals. She is not confined to one genre only; instead, she tried her hands on the punk rock, garage rock, hardcore, and alternative rock.

More than just Josh Homme’s wife

Brody Dalle was initially married to Tim Armstrong, but they were divorced in 2003. Josh Homme came into the life of Brody Dalle in 2007. Brody Dalle and Josh Homme are proud parents of three children. The couple is known to be the best pair in the rock world. Brody Dalle is more than just Josh Homme’s wife. She has made a mark of herself in the punk rock world, so she doesn’t need any introduction as someone’s wife or daughter or mother. Brody Dalle has a loyal fan following who just adores whatever the rock star does.

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The Mohawk hairstyle saga

Brody Dalle is not the one to mince words and this time around it was the department store’s Macy who was her target. They used Brody Dalle’s Mohawk hairstyle from the past to promote their range of rock star clothing line. When Brody Dalle saw that she was furious over Macy’s decision to use her image without even asking for her permission. Brody Dalle accused the department store of stealing and gained quite a lot of support from fellow rockstar Kim Shattuck.

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Brody Dalle and Tim Armstrong

Brody Dalle has never used her ex-husband Tim Armstrong’s money or power to build her own career. She was on her own from the very beginning and even after marriage. Whatever Brody Dalle has achieved, she has done it on her own. Contrary to the reports, it was Tim who was actually trying to control his wife Brody Dalle’s career, which the later detested. Finally, after three years of marriage, Brody Dalle was able to leave Tim behind and go ahead with her usual life. Tim and his friends went ahead and bad mouthed Brody Dalle on a length on every opportunity. They somewhat blacklisted Brody Dalle and everybody associated with the band. Due to constant pressure from her ex-husband, the band broke up. It was too much to handle for Brody Dalle. She took to drugs and made things even worse for her. Diploid Love is her baby and she is very proud of the song that she has penned down. It will always be special because it was being penned down around the arrival of her second child.

Net worth of the singer, guitarist and songwriter

The Australian singer, guitarist, and the songwriter have an approximate net worth of $275 million. Her stock investments, property holdings, and endorsement deals add up to this lucrative figure. Apart from these investment or endorsement deals, Brody Dalle owns several restaurants. Brody Dalle has also launched her own brand of perfume and Vodka. She is sorted out financially.

Some interesting facts about the rockstar

Brody Dalle gave birth to her and Josh Homme’s first child, Camille Harley Joan Homme in 2006 when they were still dating. In 2011, her and Josh Homme’s second child Orrin Ryder Homme was born and in 2015, they welcomed their third child into the world. She uses surname Dalle as a pseudonym to pay homage to her favorite actress Beatrice Dalle. When she divorced Tim Armstrong she changed her surname from Armstrong to Dalle. Beatrice was the reason why Brody Dalle changed her blonde hair color to black. Her deep gravelly voice while singing is her trademark that her fans are smitten by. Josh Homme, the singer, songwriter, actor, musician, and record producer is a powerhouse of talent. Josh Homme is the founder member of the rock band Queens of the Stone Age. Brody Dalle has appeared in two albums of her husband Josh Homme’s Queen’s of the Stone Age band. Josh Homme and Brody Dalle are considered to be the greatest and one of the best couples that rock history has ever come across.

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Entry of Josh Homme in Brody Dalle’s life

Brody met Josh Homme when the former was still married to Tim Armstrong. In fact, it is said that her affair with Josh Homme led to her divorce with Tim. The couple welcomed their first child before they tied the knot. Josh Homme and Dalle are considered to be a big name in the rock world and now when they discuss their children’s future together, it makes for an interesting read. Josh Homme and Dalle are managing their tours, singing career, and their children quite efficiently.