How To Make Him Realize He Needs You By Being Valuable In His Life

Are you beginning to see him losing interest in you? Don't worry because there are ways to make him realize again how much he needs you by being valuable!

By Neko Yama
How To Make Him Realize He Needs You By Being Valuable In His Life

You Realized You’re Losing His Attention

Do you remember the times where you and your partner were just starting out with your romantic relationship? He was very sweet to you, wasn’t he? He loved you so much and he just could not get enough of you. He always acted as if you are the only thing he needs in his life. This is a very common thing that usually happens when relationships are just a few months old. However, as the relationship lasts longer, you may start seeing signs of him beginning to lose interest in you. You will feel as if he values something else more than he does you and there may be times where you’ll find yourself asking if he still loves you. Don’t worry! It doesn’t necessarily mean that; it is normal that relationships lose their spark as time goes by, but the love is probably still there. Your only worry should be how to get his attention back and what you should do to make him see your importance again.

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Women love differently compared to men. We are almost willing to sacrifice everything just to make ourselves always available to our partners, aren’t we? We always think that by giving even our personal space to them, we’ll get them to love us more. Ladies, you have to realize that this is the biggest mistake we’re making in our relationships. We should not take ourselves for granted just so we can say we’re committed to our men. You can still be valuable to your man without sacrificing your own needs. If you want him to value you and realize your importance in his life, you have to do it for yourself first. So, let’s get down to it. What are the things you can do to make him see he needs you more than anything?

Emphasize That You’re More Than A Friend

Always remember that being a friend and being a lifetime partner are two completely different things. Although to be able to be either of them, you will have to connect to him, you must express your feelings much deeper as a partner and emphasize what you are in his life. Support him in his endeavors but go beyond what a friend can do. Show him that he is your priority and that you always have time for him when he needs you. You need to make him realize that his connection to you is much more meaningful than his connections to anybody else.

Give Him the Security He Needs

One of the mistakes women make when they are in a relationship is to change their partners’ ways for their convenience - forcing him to change his childish personality, forcing him to love what she loves, invading his personal space, and deciding on all his personal affairs. If you want your man to value you and see your importance in his life, you need to learn to accept him fully, and yes, even his flaws. He needs to feel that he has someone he can comfortably be his true self with. Also, you must make him feel sure that he can come to you without being hesitant whenever he’s going through low periods. He’ll lose his interest, and eventually his love for you, if he sees you can’t handle him at his worst.

Show Him That He Has Your Trust

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It is always okay to support your partner in things he does. However, do not be too nosy and give unsolicited advice. If you keep telling him how to do things, no matter how gently you say them or even if your intention is to just really help, he will think you don’t trust him. Give your man a chance to do things his way, because it is his pride to feel as if he is your hero. Aside from that, women always have the tendency to doubt their men. When we see them talking to other females, we immediately think they’re flirting or cheating on us. This behavior is a major turn-off. Men’s egos tend to deflate whenever they are accused of things they do not do. It’s okay to be cautious sometimes, but let’s not overdo it, ladies. If you want your man to not lose interest in you, make him realize that you trust him completely.

Make Him Realize That He Makes You Happy

Men are very simple creatures. Most of them don’t expect much in a relationship. If there is one thing that they want to achieve, it is to see their women being happy with them. If your partner sees you laughing at his jokes, he gets pride from it and will be thinking of new jokes to crack to make you amused. If he sees you happy with the flowers he gave you, he’ll put more effort to plan surprises for you in the future. The happier your man sees you, the more he will value you and realize your importance. If you show him that he always messes up or if he feels that he’s becoming a burden to you, he will eventually give up and lose interest in you.

He Needs To Be Curious

For a relationship to work, it is an essential to be transparent with our partners. But sometimes it’s also okay to make them curious about what kind of women we really are. Don’t make them see you as if you are just another woman in his life. Show him that you stand out. You can achieve this by making him realize that you are not available whenever he wants you. When he tries to call your phone, try to wait a few moments before answering. When he asks you out on a date, know that it’s okay and natural to turn him down sometimes. Make friends and make time for other people instead of revolving your life around him. This way, he will make a move to come to you more to find out what’s going on with your life. Make him realize that you have your own opinion and thoughts, and that not everything is about him.

Make Him Realize That You're Confident

As the saying goes, confidence is sexy. So you have to be that kind of woman if you want your man always longing for you. Make your man realize that you have your own aspirations. To show him that you are confident, do things that intimidate you. Also, learn to say “NO” when he sometimes requests things from you — though you have to be sensitive if he really needs it, then you must forget about being sexy for a while. Tell him what you want and when you want them, but do not sound too bossy or a spoiled rotten brat. Another way of showing that you are confident is to tell him that you have a life of your own. You need to make him understand that you are not willing to give up your own dreams for him, and show him that you will achieve them no matter what.

Make The People Around Him Love You

If you want your man to see your value, you have to value yourself, of course. But to make him go crazy for you, you need to make the people around him love you. How would you do this? You have to make connections with the most important people in his life — his family and his friends. Meet his parents and try your hardest to impress them. Be a woman who they can call a wife material. Whenever you’re visiting his house, cook for them or help with the household chores. Get to know his parents’ interests and hobbies and try to get yourself involved into them somehow. Also, the best friends you can have to make him love you more are his siblings. Try to be close to them and really act as if you’re already a part of their family. You can ask them about his likes and dislikes so you would know what to offer to him to make him feel content with you. Do not forget about his friends too. Meet them and try to get them to love you. Make them realize what a positive human being you are. If he sees that the people around him can’t get enough of you, he's more likely to see your value and importance, to the point he’ll want you all for himself.

You Sometimes Need To Keep Silent

Do not make the same mistake most women commit in romantic relationships. Keep in mind that your partner is a human being who has his own ways of doing things and there will really be instances where his ways would not live up to your expectations. And the tendency you have to avoid is nagging him about it. Nagging is one of the attitudes that a man doesn’t like his woman to have. It degrades his pride when someone is always telling him how to do things, more so when someone is nagging him about the things he doesn’t even do — we’re talking about our crazy hunches, ladies. Sometimes, you need to keep silent and let him pick himself up alone. It will actually even help you more to get his attention back because he will be curious about what’s on your mind. If you do this every now and then, you will be surprised to see how he will come to you for advice, instead of your usual habit of giving unsolicited comments.

He Needs Someone Who Can Appreciate Him

It is important to accept your partner completely for the relationship to work successfully. But are you sure you also appreciate them fully? Accepting is one thing, but recognizing them is another one. A man needs to realize that he is fully appreciated by his woman. If he tries to make you laugh, then laugh. If he tries to surprise you, then be surprised. Appreciate him and show him that you are comfortable with him being who he is. You need to make him realize too that you appreciate his efforts to take care of you. If he’s really working hard to earn money, applaud him. If he tells you his plans for both of your future, be enthusiastic and plan with him. If he tries to cook you meals even when he can’t reheat a TV dinner properly, thank him and show him how grateful you are to him for taking care of you. It feeds a man’s pride to see his woman treating him like a hero. If he feels as if you are his number one fan, he will commit and dedicate his life to you.

Make Him Realize That You Should Prioritize Yourself

Some relationships meet their end because one person is always trying to force the other one to change their priorities. This is a big NO if you want your man to realize and value your importance. It could work the other way around too — tell him that he can’t make you live a life only he wanted. Prioritize yourself if you want other people to value you. Do not forget that you have your own goals and aspirations to achieve in the future. Do not ever give up the plans you had just because you found yourself already committed to a relationship. Yes, some of these dreams might change but do not turn your focus only on your partner. Satisfy your needs and always keep in mind that you should always come first. Besides, by prioritizing your needs, you are only proving your worth to him. That would make him treat you as one of the most important things in his life.

Don't Let Him Always Have His Way

It is one a mistake to always give in to whatever our men want because we want to avoid useless arguments. Also, we do this because we think that if we let them have their own way always, they will commit themselves to us forever. Unfortunately, that is not true. They will leave us whenever they feel like it even when we spoil them. To let him see your importance, sometimes you have to act like the authority in the relationship. He needs to realize that his actions can hurt and he has to consider your feelings before doing what he wants. Learn to say “NO” and show him how serious you can be. By doing this, you are telling him that not everything revolves around him. Being assertive can be sexy in his eyes too. It would make him realize he wants you more. However, you don’t have to worry about him leaving you if you prevent him from doing things sometimes. You have to observe if he’s already using this kind of behavior to manipulate you because of your fear of losing him. Make him realize that you are also willing to let him go if he abuses your being nice to him. However, you have to let yourself believe that too, because if you realized that he’s just manipulating you, I’m afraid you really have to let him go now.

Make Time for Each Other

It’s one of our mistakes to disregard the little moments we spend with our partners while in reality, it’s these little moments that makes the relationship’s foundation stronger. If you do not ever want your man to lose his interest in you, know that you have to work for it. There may be times where, perhaps, you will find yourself busy at work for the whole week and you will realize that you do not have the time to go out or even talk, right? However, these “moments” don’t have to be “going out on a date”. Even when you are busy, try to let him know that he is always on your mind. Send him a simple text asking how his day was, or maybe ask him if he already ate his lunch. Spending time together doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be physically together. You just have to let him get used to his day not being totally complete without talking to you, even through text. In this way, he will realize your importance and treat you as someone valuable because you are trying to imprint into his mind that you are a part of his life.

Take Care of Your Health and Looks

Don't make the mistake of taking yourself for granted if you really want your man to value your importance. Always keep in mind that he became attracted to you partly because he sees your physical beauty, not just because of your personality or anything else. Don't ever forget about your self-grooming. Although you and your partner will eventually get so comfortable with each other that you wouldn't care if you look like Godzilla in front of him, it's still not an excuse to neglect your hygiene. And besides, your man will look for the woman he first fell in love with every now and then. Your health must be your priority as well. You might realize that you're forgetting to take care of yourself because you've been focusing on him ever since you got into the relationship. Stay healthy together as this could be one of your bonding moments. Going to the gym with him or jogging every morning together are great places to start. If he sees you taking care of yourself, and staying physically beautiful and healthy, your man will value you more.