White Magic: Definition & 10 Effective Ways To Apply It

Here is the definition of white magic and the effective ways to apply it. You can find the spell that suits you and use it.

By Tanaya Nath
White Magic: Definition & 10 Effective Ways To Apply It

White Magic: Definition & 10 Effective Ways To Apply It

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Magic reminds us of candle, fairy tales and witchcraft, which has often been black magic and related to sin, like the cruel witch of Snowwhite or the Ursulla of mermaid. But like everything, even magic exists in balance. For every black magic, there exists white magic as well. Most of us aren’t aware of white magic. So, let’s talk a little about the white magic, its definition and some effective ways to apply it.

Definition Of White Magic

White magic is the altruistic counterpart of black magic. It is also referred to as natural magic because of its ties to the traditional nature worship of pagan religion. It is the use of the supernatural powers or magic for selfless purpose and is also called the right handed magic as opposed to the left handed magic which is the name given to black magic. White magic is also associated with healing and positivity and is done for the good of others. There are a few effective ways to apply white magic. Let’s discuss some of them.


This practice is derived from Buddhism and Hinduism. It is based around hand signals and gestures that calls on magic energy based on those gestures and signals. It is not always associated with magic, but calling to Gods, especially the ones representing of elements can be magically powerful immensely.


It is natural desire of any human to protect themselves and their loved ones. This practice does exactly that. It is considered white magic due to the way it is inherent with human beings. But there is a flip side as well. The protection spell can also be used to bind others, hence it also falls under the category of gray magic.

Weather Magic

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This is very popular and is practiced by many who follow the religions that do not believe in magic. This magic involves manipulating the weather conditions to suit your requirement. It is like obtaining sunshine in rainy season when you want to go out.

Healing Or Exorcism

Healing is often considered divine and magical. It is believed to have been performed by deities of different religions. Since, it involves transferring positive energy and health to other person, hence, it is considered white magic. Also, exorcism banishes negative energy, so it is also considered to be the white magic.


Making of potions is considered to be a part of healing and hence is mostly good. But it can also be used for malevolent purpose. Hence, intent becomes one very important factor in classifying alchemy as white magic.

Truth Spells

These are harmless spells that are cast to know the truth. It comes in handy in many situations where it is hard to figure out what the truth is and can save you many harms that lie can bring. Hence it can be considered the white magic.

Peace Spells

These spells don’t bring the peace on Earth but they create a peaceful situation. It creates an aura of pace around you. The spirits near you will be at peace with themselves and others around them as well. With time, the feeling of peacefulness spreads. And it is the strength of the caster that decides how long or how far the spell goes.

Growing Spells

This spell can affect all aspects of growth. Our genetics and food helps us in growing, making us stronger, taller and faster. These can be aided with a little magic to be more effective. Since you will be dealing with the powers of life when dealing with the growth spells, hence it is important to make sure you cast the spells as stated. The effect of a wrong spell is always against the caster and extreme.

Fertility Spells

There are not many spells pertaining to the fertility and all of them have one thing in common- children. These spells helps in either promoting or preventing conception, however these are not full proof. The strength of the caster should be high and must be casted as stated, else, they will fail or the magic will be weak.

There are many more white magic spells like enchantment spells, friendship spells, diet spells, health spells, spells of defense, spells of dreams, baby spells, warding off spells, etc. Typically, red or pink are the magic of love, for wealth and money the magic is given the name green, black magic is considered evil and white is considered good. White magic is often referred to as the spells for healing and helping. However, at the heart, every magic is the same color but today, it is common to believe that different types of magic has different colors. It is common to give different spells a color but not required. Magic is magic, candle or no candle; it is not good or evil. It is the intent behind the spell that defines if its good or evil. The magic is white due to the good intent.