Bring Back Lost Love: Free Love Spells That Work In 24 Hours

You want to bring back your lost love? Here are some love spells that are proven to absolutely work and can help you to fulfill your desire.

By Vera Aries
Bring Back Lost Love: Free Love Spells That Work In 24 Hours

Love Spells That Work & Will Bring Your Lost Love Back

If you really care about your lost love, you must fight to bring that person back in your life and ensure everything is just like it was before! Every relationship or marriage has small or big problems and they are an integral part of the relationship. Many couples argue, do not agree on certain things, they diverge, and this happens every day, especially in modern times. The latest research shows that every third marriage in modern times ends with a divorce! This is certainly a worrying fact. The worst thing is that these problems can occur at different times, sometimes at the very beginning of the relationship, and sometimes in the further stages, love breaks even in partners who have spent almost their entire lives together. Love spells are very powerful and are proven to work, but people simply refuse to believe.

If you have lost your love, relationship sweetheart or maybe marriage partner, there is still something you can do to bring him back that absolutely works. With the help of love spell your lost love can come back to you within 24 hours. We present you some love spells that are proven to work and will bring back the person you love in your arms again. Beginner in love spells or not, with a little persistence everyone can cast a love spell that works.

Love Spell That Absolutely Works

This is one love spell that is proven to work, and which will bring back your lost lover. To cast this love spell you need to use a combination of ritual magic with candles, herbs and crystals. It is proven that this love spell is absolutely effective and works, but before performing it, it is necessary to carefully examine each of its steps, otherwise the love spell can give a negative result. It is also desirable to do special meditations of elements of water and elements of fire that control emotions, desires and passions, so that these elements and their properties are more easily applied during the performance of the love spell. To cast this love spell you need: - Red candle - Needle - Pullover - Red rose petals - A red linen bag (a piece of red canvas or silk-sewn!) - Herbs that attract love: basil, cedar, cinnamon - male aphrodisiac, ginger, clover, four-leaf clover (no more than 4!), red rose, jasmine, patchouli, strawberry - Essential oils: cinnamon, cloves, jasmine, rose, strawberries - Rocks: pink quartz, pink crystal It might be a little difficult love spell for beginners because to make it work, in this love spell are needed a lot of ingredients. So you will need time to collect all of them, or to go to different stores! But it will all be worth, because after you complete this love spell your lost lover will absolutely come back in your arms.

To make this love spell work, it is the best to cast it during a full moon or rising moon on Friday, one hour after sunset during the reign of Venus. In other cases, it is essential that the love spell is performed during the rising (approaching the full moon), and not the falling moon when the energy is rising. Do not do the love spell immediately after a full moon. Performing the spell: Wash the needle in salt water and with the needle write these words on the candle: lost, love, lover, comeback, romance, passion, love spell, work (or other by your own desire, but the words must be connected with your lost love that you want to recover). Candles are then coated with oil of cloves, jasmine, roses or strawberries in the direction from the middle upward and from the middle downwards. Then you need to cast the following love spell: "Oh, you will come back to me and it will be light, I will give it to you. From now until eternity, you serve me in loyalty with the greatest joy. Be blessed by the candle of love. Make my desire fulfilled. Let it be. Let the love spell find a place in the Universe and work."

Candle Love Spell

To cast this love spell that works you first need to light up the candle. Burn a small amount of plants that correspond to the ritual in a prepared and well-insulated bowl. Imagine how your lost lover is coming back to you. Imagine his arrival. Keep in mind the qualities you want from your partner. Spread the petals in the area where you work. Take one at a time and write a word like: lost love, lover, comes back, partner, happiness, passion, romance, love spell, works. Lift each printed ribbon over the candle and imagine that your request goes to the universe to act. After that, save the patch in a red purse that, after completing the ritual, wrap the three rows with a red rope three times to close it. Take a pink quartz or crystal in your hands (a preferred heart shape) and charge it with energy in the way you imagine and feel love. Put the remaining plants you did not burn in a red linen bag along with crystal and rose petals; close. Store the bag in a safe place and carry it in your pocket or bag. The bag will be highly charged with energy and will serve to attract your lost love. To make the love spell work you must make sure that nobody else is touching it.

Complete the ritual with closing the circle, sending the energized energy of your desires into space. Turn the candle off with a finger, never blowing it the candle! If you blow the candles, the love spell won't work. When performing the love spell, keep in mind your desires and be sure of the power of this ritual. When you finish the love spell, forget that you made it. This is necessary for the reason that the energy sent to the universe does not return to you (which will happen if you are thinking about it), but to perform the task. Do not be burdened with the result, or impatiently expect the love spell to work, because it would have a negative effect on the ritual and it's very possible that won't work. Believe that the love spell will work, and that's enough. Repeat the love spell as many times as you like until the candle burns to the end, and store the wax residue in a red linen bag along with the rest of the ingredients. Keep in mind that to make this love spell work, you must do all the steps that are written here. No modification is allowed in love spells!

Bath Love Spell That Works

This is the easiest love spell that beginners can cast. A bath is a symbol that attracts the lost love, emphasizes beauty and attractiveness. To cast this love spell you need: Plants: iris, hamster - cobbler, rosemary, verbena Pink candle - for romance Red candle - for passionate connection Fill the bath as often as you like. Turn on the candles. Put all ingredients into water. Get in the tub. Visualize the arrival of your lost lover. To make it work this love spell, you need to say aloud these words: "Let my lost love come to me, I call the romance / passion of Venus to myself, Iris gives its power, my dear will come now. Listen to all the sirens, your tree and name. May my will be fulfilled which, according to my desire, must be. Let it be." Leave the water to leak; then extinguish the candle. Comfort yourself and continue with the ritual you choose. Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer, do not use soap or rinse your body. If you do everything right, the love spell should start working within a 24 hours. This is simple love spell that even beginners can cast.

The Most Important Rule In Love Spells

To cast a love spell that works, you must know the most important rule in the world of magic. The goal of each love spell must be based on the goal of making happy the both sides. If the intention of one individual is that Love spell is used to make happy one person but unhappy the other, then the love spell cannot be implemented and won't work!

This rule is equal to the law of karma. Otherwise, it may easily happen that your loved one is back, but changed and different. Such forcible repatriation can cause a number of problems in your partner's behavior such as: aggressive behavior, depression, obsession, and never bring sincere happiness and satisfaction. Furthermore, the question arises as to whether a love spell is a good idea? Love spells work but such a love spell might be against the free will of the other person. It is important that at all times in the performance of the ritual you have your intentions in mind and to define them precisely. If you are among those who want to return the lost partner at any cost, make a love spell that works, but keep in mind that this love spell must not make him unhappy.


When reality refuses to fit into someone's desire, there is a need for magical influence on reality. The main principle of the love spells mentality is the belief that one's wishes and feelings can directly affect events in the outside world. It is believed that by the very fact that a person wants something strongly to "invoke" or "provoke", that exactly so happens. Although the magic mentality appeared at the beginning of human society, it occasionally reacts to popular literature that promotes it as a desirable lifestyle. When the desire itself is not sufficient, people feel that it is necessary to express the desire with some special words or follow some special procedure in order to increase the effect on reality. This creates various love spells formulas and actions.


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