10 Clever Tricks On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Want You Back

You regret the break up and want to be his girlfriend again ? With the help of these 10 tricks you will get your ex-boyfriend to quickly want you back.

By Vera Aries
10 Clever Tricks On How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend To Want You Back

Do you want your ex-boyfriend back?

You thought that you will spend your whole life together with your boyfriend, and then you get a slap of reality - you break up. Breaking up is really hard and painful. The question is: Do you want to be with him again? No matter when the relationship ended, half a year ago or a month ago, there is always a way to go back. If you really want to, keep reading further! Reconciliation with an ex-boyfriend is nothing new or spectacular, but some women ruin their chances of returning to their loved ones with their bad post brake up behavior. The first thing you need to do is make sure you want him back. Think about if it is worth the effort you want to put, in order to be his girlfriend again. Here are 10 clever tricks that will make him quickly regret the break up and want you back in his arms. These are time-tested tricks, so make the most of them!


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Is it a good or bad idea ?

It has happened to everyone to think about an old relationship, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, especially if they were left disappointed. There is always something you want to change in the relationship or you think that if you did something differently, you might still be together. But is this a sufficient reason to re-invest in a relationship that has once proved to be bad? If you are wondering whether to be his girlfriend again, the answer lies in you, and here are some guidelines on how to get to it.

Are you really missing him or are you just lonely?

Breaking up is not easy to get over it, but if you're considering returning to the ex-boyfriend, before you take the first step, ask yourself why you are doing it. Make sure you really miss your partner. Ask yourself honestly: are you lonely or do you really miss your ex? Accept the fact if you really miss it, but do not engage in the same relationship just because you do not go out with someone else at the moment. It's a bad reason to come back with an ex-boyfriend because you feel lonely and do not want to be alone. With the reconciliation you give your ex-boyfriend hope that things can change, and that's a bad choice if you're not sure which way you want to go. If you don't know whether you want to be his girlfriend again, take some time and think about that. Do not rush in his arms if you have some doubts.

Why do you want to go back to your boyfriend?

After breaking up, people recall nostalgia and easily forget about the difficult and bad moments that the relationship had. In fact, they often want to quickly return to their former partner. But it's important not to allow pink glasses to blur your eyesight. It's best to try again with the relationship, if you do it for the right reasons, because otherwise, someone will be hurt. Make sure your feelings are really honest, so that you can win him over with ease again.

Why did you break up?

This is a very important issue - you simply need to remember the reason and decide whether such a link is worth saving. Was it his fault or yours? Can you fix it and move on? Probably the same reasons will turn up again, so think better. Think about whether you can overcome the cause and the bad moments in the relationship, whether you can change the consequences and whether you can solve the problems that led to the break up?

Are you ready to start from the beginning?

If you decide to settle down with the former partner, it is best to start from the beginning, advice married therapists. Thus, in a renewed relationship you will enter without fuss and bad emotions that could hinder you. Try not to judge yourself on the basis of the old relationship, but rather concentrate on the new relationship.

Do you love yourself enough?

Do you really want him or you just feel insecure? Make sure he does not manipulate your feelings. This is an important issue, especially if in the relationship you had been insulted or belittled by your ex-boyfriend. Do you love yourself enough to not allow such behavior again or do you agree to new manipulations?

Is your ex-boyfriend really what you want?

Is your ex-boyfriend something you really want or there is a reason why he is an ex-partner. Are you sure you do not make a bad decision? Do you do that to make yourself or others happy? Before you put yourself in such a relationship, ask yourself these questions and do not risk having your heart broken again.

Signs that you can be his girlfriend again

Breakups are never easy, even when you are breaking up on a friendly note; you have so much work, as you get up on your feet. But if there is only one thought in your mind…can I be his girlfriend again?...then there are some signs you should know, before trying to recover the relationship. Here are some signs that this is possible in your case: 1. There was no huge quarrel when you break up. 2. There was no physical or psychological harassment in the relationship. 3. You do not have sex. 4. You did not tear apart because you were bored in the relationship. 5. You have good communication. 6. Nobody betrayed anyone in the relationship. 7. You respect each other as individuals. 8. You give time to each other to adjust to the new situation. 9. While you were in a relationship, you were always here for one another.

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If these things are part of your previous relationship then there is hope that you will be his girlfriend once again. With the next 10 tricks you will get your partner to be the one who will quickly regret the break up and take the initiative to get you back in his arms.

1. Be a bigger challenge

During your early days in the relationship, your boyfriend tried to please you. He worked pretty hard on it. He overcame his nervousness about the fact that he could be denied, and called you out on a date. During these early days, your ex-boyfriend seduced you by making some small gestures such as: bringing you flowers, writing love messages, and generally doing things that made you feel special. You probably had more than one boy who was interested in you while you were at the beginning of your relationship with your man. But because of your ex's persistence in his struggle for you, and because he had the characteristics that you liked, besides all others, you chose him. At the beginning you were a challenge to him, which he wanted to won. At this moment, you represent zero challenge for your ex-boyfriend. He knows that if he wants to, he can get back to you at any time. In the early days of your relationship, you were a challenge to him. You were the treasure he wanted to win. You had a high value in his eyes, and he was irresistibly attracted to you. You need to become once again the person that he desires to have. All people in this world, no matter how passive or active, love the challenges! Especially men! If you offer your heart and body in your palm, why would he do something?

2. Be less available for your ex-boyfriend

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As the relationship was coming to its end, things with your ex-boyfriend have probably changed. He probably started behaving strange, uninterested, sending you unclear, mixed signals - and it made you crazy. You probably have been trying hard to make him happy, and at the end of your relationship, you were the one who made an effort and was trying so hard to keep the relationship. Your effort to approach him probably continued after the break up, although you are separated. But consider what kind of impression leaves a woman when all her world spins around a man. She tries so hard to get in touch with him, and he does not return her the calls, voice messages, and emails. And think about what kind of impression leaves a woman when she goes on with this behavior every day, even when he tells her to stop. Of course, she is available at every moment for him, and zero challenge. If this also describes your current situation, then know that in this way you will never return your boyfriend or make him regret the decision to end the relationship with you. Now things need to become like that again. You quickly need to erase the picture of a pathetic and always available person, and become someone he wants to win again. If you want to get your ex-boyfriend to want you back, and regret the decision to end the relationship with you, you need to take some steps.

3. Little trick to make him want you again

First, you will tell him that you agree with the decision to end the relationship and that is true that you both need time to sort things out. Then, you will tell him that you need some time for yourself because you suddenly become truly pleased with your new life. Wish him all the best, and then you will end the conversation by leaving the door open for you two to be friends. This is extremely effective because it will cause curiosity in your ex-boyfriend’s mind. He will want to know what caused that change in your behavior. He will constantly ask himself if there is anyone new in your life that brings such positive change. Later when the time comes to re-establish the communication, he will be ineffective to resist your attraction and will simply be craving to talk to you again. From now on see yourself as a reward, and he is the hunter that needs to win you all over again.

4. He is no longer at the top of the pedestal

When your ex begins to spy on you and claps your profiles and realizes that you enjoy life, he wants to disturb your happiness and pleasure. He cannot accept the fact that you are now open to new opportunities and acquaintances - and that someone else can potentially replace him. As soon as a man understands, that he is no longer the center of interest, he will regret the decision of breaking up the relationship. This means that it was taken off the top of the pedestal. Knowing this, he will want to return to you. We all get stuck in an implicit cycle. I have to have it. The problem arises when we cannot have something. When we were kids, we were envious of children who had better toys and we wanted them just because we could not have them. The same concept - a man realizes he cannot have you and he does not like that feeling. When the implosive cycle reaches the peak, then is when he most often comes up with the idea that he wants to fix something. Men usually think that no woman can go on so easily with life after the break up. Especially after you delete him from social networks, a man will feel neglected and forgotten because he does not make your life part - even on the Internet. Then they usually realize that life is going on and that they want you back.

5. Don't call your ex-boyfriend

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You should not call you ex immediately after the break up. Wait for him to call you first, and if this does not work, you can call him, but not before 1 month has passed after the break up. This time serves as a mechanism to achieve three things: 1. It helps you to not show how devastated you are after the break up; 2. It makes him wonder what's happening in your life and why you are not contacting him; 3. You have the time to think if you want him back in your life. It's best to let him contact you first. Act normal. No depression and tears are allowed. You don't want to sound pathetic. And if you cry, you definitely won't make him regret the ending of your relationship. After 1 month of patience, you can do it now and contact him, if he has not already contacted you. Talk to him like an old friend, not like an ex-boyfriend. Invite him on friendly coffee.

6. Change your look to make him want you

Do not neglect your look, and if you did that during the relationship, now it is the time to change it. Change the color of your hair, change something in your appearance and dress the outfit that makes you feel attractive. Start going to the gym or run. Give yourself a goal to be fit. Maybe running in the morning seems difficult, but the effort required by getting up early is the most important thing. Keeping your plans may be harder than it looks, but it's important to set points you'll follow and to not look for excuses for everyday commitments. It's not the point that you are changing yourself because of him, but because of you. You should do everything you need to feel more beautiful, more attractive and better in your skin. The way you feel about yourself, it is the same way others will see you. It's all about the energy you spread. If you feel desirable, your ex-boyfriend will see you in the same way and he will regret the break up and will want to bring you back. When you meet you ex-partner somewhere, will he analyze your current body and return to the moments when you have made love? Absolutely! After the painful breakdown, after the ice-feeding and unhealthy food phase passes, most people start to take care of the diet and exercise regularly. If you are one of them, feel free to mention it during your accidental encounter with the ex-boyfriend. Even if you have not achieved visible results, let him know that you care for yourself and your health. The change in your look will quickly make him regret the decision to break up with you.

7. Invest in your career

Were you so committed to the relationship that you forgot you career and stop investing in it? Whether investing in your relationship you have forgotten to invest in yourself? You have made a bad decision and have neglected your career and your obligations. The relationship has ended and now it's the right time to focus on yourself, and to change your priorities. If you are a student, dedicate yourself to the studies. If you are employed this is the right time to direct your whole energy in your career and invest in it. At the end of the day, you will be a successful girl, and in that way will see you the others around you. Career is very important. If you come across your former partner, he will surely ask you if you are still working in the same place. There is nothing wrong if this is really so. Just reply affirmatively and add that you are fighting for advancement and that you are working on a major project. If you have a new job, it's even better because it means that you try new, exciting things. Surely your ex-boyfriend will quickly notice the change in you and your behavior.

8. Don't close yourself

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Very important thing - continue with your social life! No matter how hard it is, you are a person who has his own life. By ending the relationship does not mean that your social life has ended too. So get out with friends, try to have fun and hang out with more friends. Nobody will appreciate you more if you are sitting home and choking in romantic songs. Do not close yourself; on the contrary, fulfill your time with more activities and with more people. Your ex-boyfriend will see it and will start to fear that he has lost forever. And fear is a strong emotion. And what else? Have fun, photograph at each step; gather male company around you! Quickly after he realizes that he might have lost you, expect a reconciliation call from your ex-boyfriend.

9. Ignore your ex-boyfriend and he will want you back

Why is ignoring the prescription to make your ex-boyfriend quickly return in your arms? We do not say it is the easiest step, but we give enough reason why is one of the best! At the moment you broke up with your loved one probably the worst possible tip you got is: "Ignore him, do not respond to a single message; do not answer him." When we say "worst" we mean that in our personality it is not natural and normal to cross over, forget, and pretend that the person we love does not exist. As much as our nature has been opposed and the heart is pulled to the other side, this is the best advice you could get. Here is why! "When the man loses you, he realizes what he actually had." So many times repeated and written saying that we almost no longer believe in it. However, only when you find yourself in such a situation you can realize how much your friend was right for that "worst" advice and how many truths are in this simple sentence. After the break up, the injured party always wants to find the cause, the reason to comfort herself and help herself, to find a ray of hope. Simply put, she wants a complex answer: Why the breakdown occurred! Let's look, on the other hand, from the corner of the person who wanted to break the relationship. The person who has broken the relationship obviously needs peace, space and time to think. Constant receiving of messages, praying or even insulting by the other partner will certainly not return it to the embrace of the same person.

10. What's best to make your ex-boyfriend want you?

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The best possible advice and a move is to completely disappear from the life of a person who wanted to break up the relationship. No matter how hard and painful it is to send him a message, not to ask even the most ordinary questions, it will be the best decision. Let the partner think, give him time to miss you! Get out of his life at least briefly. Do not ask for additional explanations, answers ... because if you did not get them on the day of termination you will not get even persistent insisting. The only thing you can accomplish with messages, calls and questions is to further distract your ex-boyfriend from you. The recipe is hiding in leaving enough space and time... If you are non-stop at the service why would your ex-boyfriend trying to win you back? Remember, we previously said: he is the hunter; he is the one that needs to fight to win over your attention again. Persistence is one of the best qualities you can have, but you also need to separate the persistence from boredom! A persevering woman will have tactics and go silently to achieve her goal. Frequent examples are that just when you move on, a boyfriend from the past returns and wants you back! That's why ignoring is the best recipe you can apply and quietly bring you to the desired goal. Ignoring is not always an effective tactic, it all depends from the relationship, connection and the love the ex-partners had. But it's also the best tactic because it will keep you from desperate moves and will bring you more chances of success.

Things you shouldn't do after a breakup

How many times after the break up, you have regret the decision and thought that you want your ex-boyfriend to come back to you. Often, mistakes are made in the attempts to be once again his girlfriend, which, instead of resulting in reconciliation, can have a completely opposite effect. So avoid the usual stupid mistakes and make your boyfriend to want you back. Consider the following few common mistakes: - Do not act like a psychopath and follow him everywhere. - Do not run around him and ask him to come back to you. - Do not live in the past and repeat yourself," what could have been. It's time for the future! - Do not cry whenever you see him. Be strong! And cry when you're alone! - Do not lock yourself in the room. By doing so, you let him know that you are suffering. - Do not call his best friend or best friend to inquire about him! - Do not call him too soon after the break. - Do not apologize every time you hear from him. - Do not tell him that he makes a big mistake that does not want to be with you. - Do not tell him that you are lonely and depressed without him. Have you ever made these mistakes? If yes, then it can seriously spoil your chances of reconciliation. However, you should not blame yourself because these things are a completely natural reaction to all people who have found themselves in the same situation as you. So far, no one has taught us how to behave and deal with such situations. This certainly is not learned at school, but from your own mistakes, so you will know in the future that you should avoid these things.

Things that show that your ex-boyfriend still wants you

If your ex-boyfriend is doing the following things, know that the answer to the question: "Does he want to reconcile", is "Yes".

Your boyfriend asks questions about you

If the end of your relationship is not finished with a quarrel, then it is very likely that he will be interested in you and ask questions about you. If your ex-boyfriend wants to see if you are good, and does this once or twice it's all normal. But if he asks at all possible places for you, even if he asks yourself personally, then the reason is very obvious.

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He is calling you

Partners who have ended the relationship, and want to remain in that way, do not contact. In fact, they do something exactly the opposite, avoiding the contact at any price. But if you get in touch with your ex-boyfriend and he calls you frequently, this is probably because he intends to re-activate the communication line. This is mostly true if the reasons for which you are contacted are reluctant.

He wants to change

There is a reason you have finished the relationship. Certainly not just one person was guilty of everything that went wrong here. But your ex can only change the things that were mistaken by him. So if he tells you that i ready to start working on himself to improve any disagreement you have had in the relationship, it is quite possible that some other goal is behind this action. Changes are always difficult and people rarely agree to such a step for themselves. They mostly do it for someone else.

You meet each other by accident

Ex-partners soon or later will have to meet at some place, party or at some friend's house, especially if they live in the same area or move in the same circle of people. However, if you suspect that you are meeting an ex-boyfriend very often, the question is: "Oh, where are you from here" can easily be translated as "This is because I knew you would be here."

He behaves like in the first months of the relationship

Many relationships have a good start when everything is wonderful, magical and tedious. This is the time when you cannot stand without one another and try to do things for each other. This is the time just before you get to know each other, land on the ground and start living in the real world. If you suspect that you've been pressed into the first stage of the relationship - it's romantic. He sends you love letters, flowers, chocolates, stuffed honey, bunnies, and all the things you wanted from the beginning of the relationship, and it is more than obvious that he wants another chance.

He tells you

The safest way to find out that the ex-boyfriend wants to reconcile is very simple: he will tell you that.

Final word

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The relationship has ended, but the heart wants what it wants. Although you are not his girlfriend anymore, you are still in love with him, trying to figure it out how to make him want you again. If you really want him back, know that he is the same man from before, with the same good and bad characteristics, flaws and virtues. He will never change, he can only adapt to the new relationship between you two. Many victims will be needed from your and his side, to make the relationship work this time, but if you think it's all worth it, go ahead. With the help of the 10 clever tricks in this article, your boyfriend will quickly want to reconcile with you. Reconciliation with the ex-boyfriend is always a risk. But if you do not try, how will you know if the reconciliation is a mistake or not?