Top 30 Deep Questions To Ask A Boy To Get Even Closer To Him

To get closer to boys, you need to win their heart with the deep conversation.Learn more what questions to ask him to know him even better.

By Swimi03
Top 30 Deep Questions To Ask A Boy To Get Even Closer To Him

Significance of asking boys deep questions

Several thoughts might pop up in your mind when you wonder why these questions should be asked to the boy you desire. Then let me tell you, to have a deep insight of a person you need to start a warm conversation with him. Since you need to get closer to the person the conversation must focus on him; to give it an edge begin with a game of questions.

You must ensure that you are not just throwing the questions at boys; rather, it should be asked as a part of an easy flowing conversation. When you ask questions it should not be abrupt at all. Also, the boy must not feel that you are intruding in his life. Let these questions be asked with proper understanding, and listen carefully to his answers.

Ask personality questions to dig deeper

Amanda: "Sinan's the only person I've ever gone out with from a dating app. I remember he was so proper when he asked for my number. He said, 'May I have your phone number so we can arrange a date?' I thought well if you're going to ask so sweetly, then yes!" Sinan: "I felt maybe I was a little too formal, but it worked out. I've never clicked with anyone like I did with Amanda. Our first date lasted for 6 hours." Amanda: "We met for dinner at 8:30 and didn't leave the restaurant until 1:30AM. We talked about literally everything." Sinan: "We hit it off. We hung out two more times that same week. Amanda: "Our first kiss was funny. I have a rule that I don't kiss guys on the first date. So when he dropped me off, I hugged him goodbye. He pulled me back and said, "No, this date went too well, I deserve a kiss." Sinan: "I was really excited. I couldn't drive for 2 or 3 minutes after that." Amanda: "I didn't know that! Aww, that's cute!" Amanda: "It's scary when you start to like a guy and you're worried they're going to change their mind. I was nervous he might just stop texting me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend, I was like, "Really?" Sinan: "Well I had the same fears! It goes both ways." @x0amanda0x @sinaninceer *** If you enjoyed the inside look at this couple's relationship, check out Amazon's original series Catastrophe. The show is centered around an unusual 'The Way We Met' story between a Boston exec and a London school teacher whose one week affair turns into a long-term relationship. The show captures the obstacles of modern relationships and the work it takes to to keep the love, passion, and humor alive. You can stream @catastrophe_TV now with Prime on @AmazonVideo #ad

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There is a famous quote by Jose Ortega: "Tell me what you pay attention to and I will tell you what you are." This expression is quite true, especially in relation to the heading. To get close to the boy you are longing for, you must ask questions that would reveal his real personality. So here are the questions to ask that would disclose who he truly is as a person.

Questions to ask that bring out his personality

1. Who do you love most among your family members and why? 2. What is your favorite pastime? 3. Which movie genre do you like most and why? 4. Do you enjoy reading books? If yes, who is your favorite author? 5. What are your weaknesses and strengths and why do you consider it so? 6. What would you choose among money, power, and love? 7. What are your spiritual and religious beliefs? 8. Do you regret any steps that you have taken in your life? 9. Do you follow your heart or the mind? 10. Would you forgive someone for a wrongdoing or take revenge for it?

Ask the questions to know a boy's past

"Going into my senior year of nursing school at the University of Pennsylvania, I decided to switch it up and write a music blog. I made weekly playlists, reviewed shows around Philly, and interviewed members of music groups on campus. I told a friend that I wanted to interview local musicians and she instantly suggested contacting JD. Instead of doing the interview through email or over the phone, we decided to meet up at a coffee shop downtown. On a perfect September day, we sat outside on the corner of 21st and Chestnut. What started out as an interview turned into the most natural and organic conversation. That was the day I met my best friend and future husband. I currently write this from our kitchen table in Nashville as JD works on a new song. Music is powerful! Pursue what you love and the right person to love will also come along."

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The past is very crucial in building one's personality, whether it's childhood, teenage years, or a specific relationship. Read on to know the questions to ask that will allow you to delve into the boy's past.

Questions to ask about the past

1. What memory of your childhood would you love to re-live? 2. How were you as a teen? Were you wild and untamed, or a decent boy? 3. Were you lucky enough to have a relationship with your crush? 4. How popular were you among college girls? 5. Were you a flirty Romeo or a serious lover? 6. Did you ever break a girl's heart or have you ever had your heart broken? 7. How many relationships have you had? 8. Did you ever cheat on anyone? why did you do so?

Get naughty and ask flirty questions to boys

At this point, you have quite an understanding of the boy with the questions that you have been asking. Consequently, you are ready to make your next move. Now you may ask the flirtatious questions which you have been saving for this moment. Here are a number of flirty questions to ask which might generate a spark of fascination in him towards you.

Fascinating questions to ask a boy

1. Have you ever had phone sex? 2. At what age did you lose your virginity? 3. Who do you think should make the first move, girls or boys? 4. When did you watch porn for the first time, and what is your most relished category? 5. Who have you fantasized most while jerking off? Have you fantasized about me yet? 6. Which part of a girl's body do you think is most sexually appealing? 7. What do you prefer while making love, letting the animal out of you or fuelling the romance?

Rest assured these array of questions would not only suffice your hunger to get closer to him, but also lure your boy towards you. Go ahead and ask him these coquettish and sensual questions.

Ask questions to know him as a spiritual being

For a deeper conversation, you must also be able to learn about a boy's spiritual beliefs, as this could bring you closer to that boy. You will come to know how he views life. You need to ask him questions that let you go deep into the more profound aspect of his personality.

Spiritual questions to ask a boy

1. How do you strike a balance between your stressful work life and family? Which one is your priority? 2. How deep is your faith in God - would it tremble in tough situations or would it continue to strengthen? 3. How have you dealt with the worst phases of your life? Were you optimistic through the journey or did you feel hopeless at times? 4. Do you believe in spirituality? Where do you get your spiritual nourishment from? 5. What is your definition of greatness, and who do you consider the most magnanimous personality in history and why?

Do take note that these questions are framed just to give an idea of how you can explore a person more. There are no strict guidelines that are to be followed when asking deep questions to a boy. Be a good listener while you receive his answers, and don't forget to pick up hints on his personality from here.


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