20 Unmistakable Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

A changed behavior of your wife could be a sign that she is cheating on you. Find out from the signs below whether you have a cheating wife.

By Amanda Palmer
20 Unmistakable Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Your wife's behavior changed.. and it's making you highly suspicious

After living with your partners for some time, you come to know quite a lot about their personalities. Little signs you otherwise wouldn't notice in a close friend. Small remarks, expressions, the way a person dresses, favorite perfume, food preferences and music are some of those small behavioral patterns you notice about someone you live with. But suddenly, if you find changes in your spouse's regular behavior, you are bound to get suspicious. Initially, it would amuse you and later the amusement would give way to suspicion. It is quite natural to think in such circumstances that your spouse has been cheating on you.

Before you jump to a conclusion and end up fighting with your wife, it's better to check on the below listed unmistakable signs of a cheating wife.

1. Your wife is cheating if she hides or deletes her phone history

A loyal and a faithful wife will never need to hide or delete her personal texts or messages from you. Though you never sneaked on her texts, messages, and dialer history before, her actions are driving you paranoid. On checking her phone, if you repeatedly find deleted messages, empty dialer history or empty call logs, then it's a clear sign that she is hiding something from you and does not want you to check her messages.

2. Repeated late nights at work is a clear sign of a cheating wife

It's completely normal if once or twice a month, your wife stays back at office and works overtime. However, frequent late working hours at work with her coworker is a sure sign of something fishy. Her long working hours are driving you paranoid. You could snoop in her office premises to know the truth.

3. Your wife is losing interest in sex

This could also be because she is physically attracted towards someone else.

Your wife has been repeatedly refusing your sexual invites and her indifferent attitude is making you paranoid. A woman who was once so interested in sex has been showing hardly any interest of late. It could mean that she is satisfying her sexual cravings elsewhere.

Maybe she is starting to find you repulsive

Have you put on weight off late or picked up a habit that she particularly detests? Like snoring or smelling foul. Maybe her refusing sex has got nothing to do with cheating on you but a change in yourself. Check it out before jumping into conclusions.

4. She often tells you to take the kids out

Instead of going out together with family and kids on holidays or weekends, she dumps everything on you excusing herself with work. She even plans to work on her presentations with her coworker on Sundays! Things could be a little hanky panky in here and you need to check out.

5. If your wife is spending too much time dressing up, then she is cheating for sure

You notice that your wife is taking extra time and efforts in dressing up and that could definitely mean that she is trying to impress someone with her clothes and makeup. She could be cheating on you and you must find out instead of getting fooled.

6. Your wife has picked up a certain habit you never saw before

You suddenly notice you wife say 'oh hell'! It was an expression she never used before and that is a sign that she is spending too much time with someone who uses these expressions a lot. This is enough to make you suspicious of her wherabouts especially when she says that she is at work.

7. Her walk and speech have a hint of gait and skip to them

Love makes you feel like you are always on the moon. Everything seems colorful and rosy and you are chirpy, smiling and happy all the while. While it's good to be happy, a sudden change in your wife's mood should make you suspicious. Your wife might be cheating on you and might be in love with someone else.

8. Refusing to go on long drives is a clear sign of cheating

As a couple, both of you love going for long drives. But lately, she has been refusing your offer more and more and you feel that you hardly spend any time with her. She could be avoiding you or she might be getting bored in your company as she has renewed interests elsewhere.

9. Her changed philosophy astonishes you

On discussing the extra marital affair of your close friend with your wife, her view on affairs surprises you. She feels that it's ok if people have affairs and this clearly indicates that she might be having an affair too. A once so very vehemently-against-extra marital-affairs woman cannot change suddenly.

10. Refusing family travel plans is a clear sign of a cheating wife

Who would want to refuse a lovely exotic travel plan with family or beloved partner? Your wife refuses on the pretext of getting no leave at work or having to work with coworker. She clearly does't have any interest in traveling with you and her behavior is making you paranoid. Time to have a conversation with her.

11. Your wife spends long hours on the phone

Your wife is spending longer hours texting, messaging or posing for pictures on the phone. What is the reason for her renewed interest in socializing? It could be that she is cheating on you and texting her new boyfriend. She clearly shows no interest in your time and conversations. Even her GPs tracker gives contradictory information to where she was. This is more than enough to prove it to you that she is hiding something from you.

12. Your wife does not show any sign of jealousy towards you

Your once over-possessive wife no longer bothers or cares about your whereabouts. She shows no signs of jealousy or protectiveness whether you are out late working with your female coworker or are partying out. She clearly has lost all interest in you.

13. You don't have any intimacy or meaningful conversations anymore

She avoids you most of the time giving priorities to her other works. You don't even remember the last time, you had a meaningful conversation with her about your future plans or future together. She clearly has lost all excitement in a life with you as she is cheating on you.

14. Your wife is not showing any interest around the house

A devoted and loving wife considers their home her haven and does her best to keep it clean and decorated. If you find her losing interest in the house then it clearly indicates a deteriorating relationship.

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15. She wants to have kinky sex with you

While it's exciting to try something new to keep away the monotony in your sex life, but you do get suspicious when your wife suddenly wants to try new positions and new acts while making love. Who is teaching her all this? She is definitely having an affair with someone else and wants to try the same with you.

16. Your wife picks fights with you more often

Although as a couple you occasionally fought with each other, recently you notice that your wife fights with you over the pettiest issue for no rhyme or reason. You are getting irritatingly paranoid with her behavior but there is no point feeling frustrated with yourself. She is doing so because she does not have any feelings with you anymore and is finding living with you burdensome. She has started liking the ways and mannerisms of someone else and cannot adjust with your ways anymore.

17. Your birthdays or family events do not excite her anymore

She seems least interested or even forgetful of your birthdays and anniversaries. She clearly has lost interest in anything relating to you and though you may find it very disturbing or difficult to accept, she might want to end the relationship. Time to have a heart to heart conversation with her.

18. Her answer seems vague

Even after bringing up the topic of cheating, she clearly denies it and her answers seem vague and unreliable to you. It could mean two things:

She does not want to end the relationship due to kids or society pressure

She does not want to openly admit it to you about her extra marital affair. She feels that she could stay married to you but enjoy her love interest with someone else. She might be financially dependent on you or is doing so because of the kids or the society pressure.

She is not cheating on you but is going through some other problem

Often mistaken as a sign of cheating, your wife could also be losing interest in life due to depression. Find out by talking to her in depth or taking her to a psychiatrist.

19. She suddenly acquires a lot of new clothes and accessories

If your wife has suddenly acquired a lot of clothes and accessories, they might be gifted to her by her boyfriend or she might have purchased them herself in order to impress him. You can snoop on her whereabouts to find out if she has been cheating on you.

20. She smells differently

This one is very difficult to digest that whenever you come close to your wife you get a whiff of a masculine perfume and she smells differently. She might be getting intimate with someone else and this clearly is a sign of a cheating wife.

Don't be fooled or do not let your wife cheat you. If you have some suspicion of her behavior you can confront her directly and yet if her answers do not satisfy you then you can do all the snooping you want to put your mind at peace. None has a right to stay tied up to a relationship only to avail some lame benefits while they are already enjoying life with someone else. It might be very difficult for you to accept the fact that your wife has cheated on you. Watch out for these signs and if she confirms then it's time to put an end to the relationship. It could either be an end of your marriage or an end of her extra-marital affair. You might even feel very angry or get violent with your wife but remember doing so might only force her to stay with you physically while emotionally her heart won't be with you. You should judge your intuitions and act accordingly. A husband knows his wife in and out and if she suddenly starts behaving awkwardly around you then you will definitely find out. If she outsmarts you in leaving any kind of evidence like an electronic mailing or texting history or proof, then you can even consider taking professional help to sort matters out. But do not keep living with doubt as this will be bad for both of you. Neither will your mind be at peace nor will you be able to trust her completely. And when you have finally caught her red-handed cheating on you, you can reconsider your marriage or think of a separation.