10 Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You Using Psychology

Ways to make your man obsessed with you using psychology

By Neko Yama
10 Secret Ways To Make A Man Deeply Obsessed With You Using Psychology

Make Your Man Obsessed With You

Are you starting to feel like your man is losing interest in you? Does he ignore your texts constantly? Do you have his full attention when you are talking to him? Are you asking yourself if he is still deeply in love with you? It is a bit annoying to be taken for granted, but you can still change that! 

In such a short time, you can make your man deeply obsessed with you again just like the time he was wooing you. Men may have different personalities, but if there is one thing common with all of them, it’s their psychology. Which, fortunately, is very easy to read. Almost all of them want the same qualities in women. Treat your man like a hero for a day and he will feel macho for a whole week; just like if you dominate him in bed, he will turn submissive!

Men are simple creatures, they do not ask for much in a relationship. But you still have to have dedication if you want to keep their attention for long. We are not just talking about physical appearance or sex appeal; it is much deeper than that. You also have to fully know yourself if you want your man to go crazy over you! Here are 10 secret ways to make him feel obsessed with you.

1. He'll Be Obsessed When You're You

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Okay, this may be cliché but if it still works until now, then it must be a good tip, right? Anyway, if you want your man to be deeply obsessed with you, you have to fully accept yourself and just be you when you are around him. Men may be the simplest creatures but they are not stupid. They can easily sense if you are trying too hard or if you are faking something. You don’t have to worry if you have flaws because everyone does! Do not be afraid to show him the real you, even your negative sides. Your man would surely prefer if you are transparent with him and besides, as the relationship progresses, your true colors would come out eventually. So why not show it from the start?

2. In Men's Psychology, Confidence is Sexy

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Are you the type who easily gets shy? Do you proudly show your talent when people request you to sing? Can you confidently face people when you really have to, or do you cower behind your man whenever you attend parties or hang-outs? If so, you have low self-esteem and it is only natural that your man will lose his interest in you.

We all know that it’s not really easy to be confident when you are naturally introverted, but being confident doesn’t necessarily mean you have to mingle with people you’re not acquainted with, or that you have to laugh out loud to be the center of attention. It’s mostly about feeling secure with yourself. When a man sees you being comfortable with who you are or treating yourself special, he will feel proud of you even more, become obsessed, and will make an extra effort to show other people that you’re his woman.

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3. Have Strong Affirmation to Your Standards and Beliefs

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If you always submit to your man just so you can avoid arguments or useless feuds with him, you’re not making him see your worth. If you think that he will treat you as someone he needs in his life because you always let him have his way, you’re wrong. By doing this, you are the one who looks more obsessed because you fear upsetting him and pushing him away. He will take you for granted even more because you let him get used to thinking that your purpose is to agree with him whenever you have a disagreement. Because of this, he can’t see the possibility of you being gone because you always give in. Stick to your beliefs and opinions. Show your man that you have your own mind, standards, and perceptions in life.

4. In Men's Psychology, Being Authoritative is Hot!

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When we say demanding, it is completely different from being way too bossy or from being a nagger. Although a lot of men like to be bossed around by their women, doing so too often will make them raise their eyebrows at you. You might be demanding so much from him that he’s starting to feel as if he's losing the right to make decisions within your relationship.

If there is anything that men secretly hate, it is being controlled. In a relationship, the one who is usually in control of most things is your man. However, even he needs a break every now and then. However, if he is confident that he has a woman who can take over, he’ll love you even more and treat you as one of the most important and special parts of his life. Let him know what you want but also subtly demand for it. Show him that you can be as authoritative as him while not overdoing it.

5. Be a Kind Woman

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If there is something that a man will look for in his Ms. Right, it’s not your eyebrows being 'on fleek', it’s not how sexy your dresses are, or how good you are in bed — although they’re certainly included too. While factors, there's something much more important than all of these and that is your attitude towards other people. Don’t believe those who are saying that goody-two-shoe women are old-fashioned and that men don’t like them, because that’s just wrong! When you are someone who is kind to your man and to others, people will like you and have a good impression of you. Your man will be prouder, show you off, and will become deeply obsessed with you.

6. Take Care of Yourself

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One mistake a woman can make in a relationship is to give all of her attention to a man to the point that she takes herself for granted. You have to know that by doing this, you are not making your man realize your value — he won’t become obsessed with someone that he doesn't consider important.

Who would? Never ignore your needs just so you can give more than enough to your man. Take care and love yourself — this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely look like a model but don’t forget about your proper hygiene. Take a bath every day, brush your teeth after every meal, and fix your hair. Remember that your man was attracted to your looks when he first saw you, not with what you could give him. If you’re starting to look unappealing, he will surely lose interest in you. Men’s psychology in relationships is very easy to understand — they become more obsessed when they notice their woman getting prettier and prettier every day.

7. Give Balance to the Relationship

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Relationships that last longer are usually those where couples understand each other very much because they share common interests. While this is the case for most relationships, it doesn’t necessarily work for all relationships. One secret you should know that will make your man deeply in love and obsessed with you is to balance what already exists. Work on strengthening aspects that are not in your relationship. For example, if your man has low self-esteem, you have to be the one who’s confident. If your man plays a musical instrument, you have to be his special singer. If he’s a dog person you have to be the cat person, and so on! Make the relationship exciting by filling the void that’s missing.

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8. Be Passionate About What You Love

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In men’s psychology, when your significant other sees something unique and special, he desires to make it his own and ignores the common things around him. That’s what you have to do to make him feel obsessed with you — show him what makes you special.

If you are good at playing an instrument, find an opportunity to play in front of him. If you are a painter, surprise him with your very own painting of his portrait. If you have aspirations for the future, don’t be afraid to tell him that you’re going to achieve your goals no matter what. If your man sees that you are passionate about your talents and skills, and that you are dedicated to making yourself better, he’ll become completely obsessed with you because you are making him think that he won’t ever find someone like you.

9. Make Your Man Obsess by Being Subtle

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One mistake that women make in their relationships is trying too hard to keep their men’s attention. It’s okay to have exchanges of 'I love you' but don’t overdo it to the point where you have to say it on every text message. It’s okay to compliment your man but don’t act as if he’s on a pedestal and you’re worshiping him.

When you’re trying too hard to show your admiration, what makes you think he’d go crazy over you? Well, you have to know that’s not how men’s psychology works. You have to be subtle sometimes. Some men like it when their women play hard to get. Don’t forget to balance; push him up but let there be times where he has to ask for it first.

10. Be Unavailable Sometimes

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Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your time for yourself to always be available for the other person. You still have your work, responsibilities, and personal affairs to attend to. Besides, in men’s psychology, they don’t want to be shadowed around too much. Which means that you’re not making him go crazy over you if you are always there.

Make yourself unavailable sometimes — this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not going to help him in moments where he’s in need of real support — you just have to let him get up on his feet sometimes. Show him that you are a busy person too, and that you still have your own life. This way, he’ll get curious about what you’re up to and will ask for your time and you won't have to pester him for company.

Men's Psychology is Easy!

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With these tips, you can see that you don't have to sacrifice or go through a life-changing quest to make your man fall deeply in love with you. Most of these tips actually focus on making yourself better which is, of course, to your benefit as well. The secret to making someone love you is to love yourself. If people see how special you treat yourself, you won’t have to beg for their attention because they will give it to you themselves. The same goes for your man. If he knows that his woman is confident enough to pick herself up when life knocks you down, he’ll be the one to decide to keep you forever.

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