Sex 101: What It Means When A Guy Ejaculates Inside You

If you skipped basic sex education in school, here's what happens if a guy ejaculates inside of you

By Julie Coleman
Sex 101: What It Means When A Guy Ejaculates Inside You

If He Ejaculates Inside of You, He Is Either Committed or Stupid

So, you embarked on the dirty deed. It may have been a one-night drunken fiasco. It may be the first time in during a long-term relationship. Regardless of the circumstances, the deed is now done, and you have allowed for your man (or fling) to ejaculate inside of you. Hindsight is always 20/20. The thought of protecting yourself may have crossed your mind as you began kissing, but before you know it, you are already in the act. There isn't much you can do now.

There are many feelings- some exhilaration to panic, that you may feel when you notice that he is beginning to climax. If you are not using protection, and you are in the right phase of your ovulation, there is a good chance that you may end up with a pregnancy. It takes two to tango, and there is a possibility that his sperm will find his way up to your little migrating eggs. Either way, this is a Sex 101 article. There is much more education that you will need if you want to learn more about this subject.

Acquiring some real-life counseling may be a great option if you are dealing with some feelings that you are not ready to deal with alone. The most important thing is to try and communicate with your partner, either before or after he ejaculates inside of you, and no matter what remember that you have the control to prevent against it is you are not ready for the possible outcomes that follow.

If He Ejaculates Inside of You, You May/May Not Be on Birth Control

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When you have sex, it isn't just ejaculation that you have to worry about - sperm can be released before a man climaxes. There are a plethora of birth control choices on the market - either prescribed (other than condoms) by a doctor and have to be routinely updated. There is no shame in going to a clinic to get an evaluation to find out which one will be the best one for you. You are trying to protect yourself from getting pregnant - and if you are unwilling to live a life of abstinence, action before the consequence is the way to go.

Whether you have an implant, the pill, the shot or any other form of birth control, you may feel a little more secure in your decision to let him ejaculate inside of you without protection. Remember, no birth control is 100% effective. Disclaimer: There is always a chance of pregnancy, even if he uses a condom and you are on birth control. You are the one to call the shots beforehand - remember that.

If he wants to use protection so that he doesn't end up a premature daddy, good for him! But, if you are in the mood of lust, especially with a few drinks in you to loosen your inhibitions, birth control may be the last thing on your mind. Remember, this one decision can change your life forever.

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If You Don't Think He Ejaculates Inside of You, You Can Still Get Pregnant

You are playing a risky game with this one. There are many methods that men will suggest- pulling out before cumming is a popular one. The problem is, a man may not catch it in time. Or there is the possibility of pre-cum entering your system. You can still become pregnant through this incidental exposure.

Sperm is located in the ejaculate that a man expresses when he is excited. Women secrete emissions as well, but the fact is, you cannot get pregnant without the sperm coming from your man. Most of the time, you can't even tell when a man is cumming or know what to expect or what feeling to look for. It is only until after the sex subsides that you feel that notorious drip between your legs that concern will be raised. It is better to think about actions prior to...but if the deed is already done, there is a percentage of a chance that you have opened the door to Pandora's Box.

As a female, you cannot always count on your ovulation to give you a safe clock or window to go through to protect you from pregnancy. Yes, many women will track their period to see whether or not they are in prime time to get pregnant. You can't base anything on just a feeling. When a female misses a period, it isn't always due to pregnancy either; so don't rush to conclusions until you take an over-the-counter pregnancy test, or you see a doctor to confirm.

If He Ejaculates Inside of You, He Is Still Responsible

It may have been a one-night stand. However, if you find that you have gone through a full cycle of ovulation and you have missed your next period, and you have confirmed a positive pregnancy, you are not alone. He is still responsible also, regardless if a long-term commitment was in the picture or not. It is a scary feeling to be alone at a time like this.

If your birth control failed, or you let him ejaculate inside of you, and you end up pregnant- well, it is both of your responsibility now. What do you do if you become pregnant? It depends on whether or not you have regular contact with him or not. If you met him while out clubbing, chances are you may not have his telephone number. If you do, you need to tell him you have a long conversation to embark on. Chances are when you wake up the next morning and you both know what may happen and may talk about it then.

It is never a comfortable conversation to have. However, no woman should have to face this alone, although many choose to. There are many men out there who are willing to step up to the plate - and even though a relationship may not come of it, a child can end up with two happy and healthy parents. You never know what is in the cards for you. Talk to each other, and put the benefit of the child first and foremost.

Unless He is Twelve, He Knows What the Outcome Could Be

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As a female, you are the one who is tracking your ovulation, period, maternal feeling, and more. You may have tried to prevent it with birth control. You may or may not have any feelings towards the man that you slept with. As a female, we are warned since the day we get out the first period of what will happen if we allow a man to enter inside of us.

However, unless he is twelve and has never been through sex education, he will know that the possible outcome of donating some ejaculate inside of you, is that may end up with carrying a baby. This is the fact of life. No life would occur without this fact. If it was a one-night stand, you could still have a paternity test, and he will be summoned to court. It is his responsibility to assist you, even just financially, if you end up getting pregnant. He knows that this is a possibility- and even though he may not like it, it is one that he will have to live up to one way or another. If you think that you can do it alone, there is hope because many women do. Many men take responsibility for a child if the mother chooses not to.

This article in no way is out to slam a man or judge your circumstance. No matter what, you will get through this experience. It is amazing because an amazing feeling can lead to amazing children - or it may just end with an amazing experience and nothing will come of it. However, be prepared for the worse and hope for the best, especially if you are hoping for children at this point in your life.

What To Do If He Ejaculates Inside of You

There are three options to not carrying a pregnancy or having children with the person that you had sex with. There is much controversy over all three of these options, but only you and your partner can decide what is right for you. Look deep inside and evaluate each feeling you get over these three choices and get some counseling if you need help deciding what to do.

The first option is the 24-hour pill, which many brands are now over-the-counter; you have 24 hours to protect your body against the possibility of the sperm connecting with an egg. You can see a clinic to assist you if need be, and also set up some counseling. If you do not catch your pregnancy in time, you have the option of abortion, which is terminating the pregnancy during any phase of growth of your new baby. Again, there are pro-life activists and pro-choice, and only you can determine which of these is okay with your decision-making process. It can be a devastating thing, but if you and your partner are not ready to be parents, there are plenty of clinics that will help you with this process.

If you end up carrying a pregnancy full-term, there is always the ability to adopt your newborn child out. There are many individuals out there who are dying to have children but can't. Your gift will bless them. Again, these are options if you decide that you don't want to continue a pregnancy. However, there are plenty of times that the dice will roll in your favor and if he ejaculates inside of you, you don't end up getting pregnant. Just remember, keep this in mind BEFORE you do the deed - so you don't have to worry about such consequences if you are not ready to be a parent yet. Parenthood is for a lifetime, so make sure you are ready to be one no matter what.

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