Arlene Silver Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Dick Van Dyke's Wife

A wife less than half his age, here's Dick Van Dyke's second wife, Arlene Silver

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Arlene Silver Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Dick Van Dyke's Wife

Who is Dick van Dyke?

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Born December 13, 1925, Dick Van Dyke is an American actor, comedian, singer, dancer, writer and producer. His given name was Richard Wayne Van Dyke, he is 93 years old and 1.85m tall. He started his career in 1947, and has never looked back since. You may have known him for his famous works on Mary Poppins where he acted alongside with Julie Andrews and received a Grammy Award in 1964. He was previously married to Margerie Willett but the marriage ended in 1984, and they have 4 children together - Christian, Barry, Stacy, and Carrie Beth. At the age of 86, Van Dyke married 40-year-old make-up artist Arlene Silver.

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Arlene Silver: Who is Dick Van Dyke's Wife?

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Arlene Silver was the second wife of Dick Van Dyke. But who is she and how did the two meet, especially given their 46 year age gap? Arlene Silver was born on September 21st, 1971, in New York, New York. She spent her early childhood in the Bronx but later moved to California to attend college. She eventually became a makeup artist and that career path is what would eventually lead her to meet and marry the legendary actor Dick Van Dyke.

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The Love History

Prior to meeting Arlene, Dick Van Dyke had been in two long-term relationships. The first was his marriage to Margie Willet, which lasted over thirty years from 1938 until 1984. The couple had four children together, Christian, Barry, Stacy, and Carrie Beth. Dick Van Dyke and Margie Willet divorced as a result of his infidelity and alcoholism. She too experienced problems with prescription drug abuse and became estranged from Van Dyke for many years before they legally divorced.

After his divorce, Dick Van Dyke lived with the woman he had an affair with, Michelle Troila Marvin, for over thirty years until she passed away from lung cancer in 2009 at the age of 76. She was an actress.

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Dick Van Dyke met Arlene Silver in 2006, during his last years with Michelle Marvin. The two met at a Screen Actor's Guild awards dinner and Van Dyke was instantly drawn to her. In fact, he was so intrigued by her that he sat down next to her and introduced himself, something he admits he had never done in the past. Arlene and Van Dyke first hit it off as friends and he eventually hired her to be his personal makeup artist. It was then that sparks began flying, with the pair eventually falling in love and getting married, despite the odds against them.

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Arlene Silver: On Marriage to Dick Van Dyke

Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke's love is like a fairy tale come true. But just how do they make their marriage work with such a large difference in age? The key is that they are best friends before anything else. It also comes down to maturity level. According to Van Dyke, Arlene is mature for her age and he is not, so in the end, it all evens out. Both the legendary actor and his wife have opened up about their marriage to the public. According to Arlene, Van Dyke is the prince she has always been waiting for. She was not married before him but believes he is the perfect man and partner for her.

Arlene remembers the night Dick introduced himself to her. She instantly recognized him as the guy from Mary Poppins but admits that she had not seen many of his other movies or television series prior to becoming friends with him. Arlene has also said that their age gap has never been an issue in their relationship. Her husband may be over 90 years old, but according to Arlene he is still, and always will be, young at heart.

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Arlene posted the image above on her Instagram on the anniversary of their wedding, showcasing the couple's fun loving nature.

Arlene Silver: Fun Facts, Net Worth

Here are some fun facts about Arlene Silver which you should know: As a makeup artist, Arlene's net worth was never calculated. However, upon marrying Dick Van Dyke, she is set to inherit some of his large net worth, which is reported at over $30 million. Thanks to her new financial freedom and lavish lifestyle, Arlene has been able to take up some fun hobbies and interests. She is known to be an excellent belly dancer in her spare time.

Arlene Silver's astrological is Virgo, while Dick Van Dyke's is Sagittarius. Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke were married on a leap year, February 29, 2012. The ceremony was held at a Malibu chapel on a spur of the moment decision to get married on leap day. The couple shunned convention with the groom, keeping their attire and the whole affair simple. Arlene chose to wear a burgundy Anthropologie dress instead of the traditional white wedding dress. Arlene and Dick Van Dyke followed up their small wedding ceremony with a much larger reception, themed "seafoam circus" later that year in September.

Check out this fun video of Arlene Silver performing a belly dance, with a guest appearance from husband Dick Van Dyke at the end.

Arlene Silver: In Conclusion

Arlene Silver's story of love is like a dream come true. Never in a million years did she ever think she would meet and fall in love with such a legendary actor as Dick Van Dyke. It is so special that the two have found love and happiness together and to know that Van Dyke will have a loving partner until the very end.

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The image above was taken from Arlene's Instagram and shows her and hubby Dick Van Dyke with Santa Clause on Christmas Eve 2017.

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