Top 30 First Date Ideas Guaranteed to Win Her Heart

Are you finding it hard to plan for that big date? Let these 30 ideas help you have the best first date possible with your dream girl.

By Julio Munar
Top 30 First Date Ideas Guaranteed to Win Her Heart

The Awesome and Complicated World of Dating

Dating is such a complicated process if you don’t have any idea what to do. More often than not, it’s always the guys who have to step up when it comes to dating. We have to muster up the tremendous amount of courage needed to ask a girl out on a first date. To accomplish that goal, guys need to know something about the girl they’re eyeing and use that knowledge to their advantage. Once the first date has been set, we have to come up with ideas that will surely make a lasting impression on these ladies. If you are having a hard time coming up with these first date ideas, don't you worry. Here are 30 first date ideas to help you go about it.

Invite her to the ball game

Teenage guys would have an easier time using this first date idea. Usually, high school or college students can ask a girl out by watching their school’s basketball game. United by a common school spirit, you can cheer with your date for your team and have a good time. After the game is done, you can grab a quick bite or some drinks. While you're at it, you can talk about how the game went or plan when you're going to see the next one again.

Take her out on a picnic

Nothing brings you closer to nature than having a picnic in the great outdoors. All you need for this first date is a piece of cloth, mouth-watering meals, some refreshments, and a location that’s far from the big city. The more remote and beautiful your picnic spot is, the more enjoyable it can be for your date. Of course, plan your picnic getaway carefully for the weather or for any threats to your safety.

Have a great first date at an amusement park

Kids don’t have the monopoly when it comes to amusement parks. In fact, teens and adults can use this astounding establishment for a first date. That’s because amusement parks have a million and one reasons to provide a very good time for people who are dating. For example, you can ask your date to ride the roller coaster with you. As expected, she may say no because she’s afraid of the ride itself. When that happens, you can assure her sincerely that nothing bad will happen. Once you’re on the ride, this will be a chance for you to be closer to your date. The idea to ride a roller coaster is just one of the many activities you can engage in an amusement park. Just walk around and you’ll definitely find something to enjoy. Whatever choice you make here, you'll be guaranteed of a good time with your date.

Check out all the animals at the zoo

Along with amusement parks, you and your date can head on over to the zoo. From there, you can spend your time being amazed by all the animals you’ll see on your first date. A great idea is to research on those zoo animals before your date. In this way, you can have a lot of topics to chat about.

Nothing beats a quiet first date at the coffee shop

When going out on a first date, less is definitely more. If this is what you’re going for, the best choice would be to take your date to a coffee shop. In this place, you can easily talk and understand each other without any distractions. All you'll have is a cup of your favorite coffee and the company of a beautiful and remarkable lady. Now, it doesn't get any better than that folks.

Catch a movie you both have been waiting for so long

When it comes to first date ideas, watching a movie will always be on top of the list. There are always great movies coming out every year. This idea will give you and your date something to bond over after watching a film. Don’t forget to get some refreshments and a big bucket of popcorn to complete your movie date experience. You're going to need it when you and your date might get hungry in the middle of the movie.

Hit the field and play mini golf

There’s just something about playing mini-golf. You don’t need to think about all the complications of golf itself and just have a grand time with your date. A good tip is you can make a competition out of this game. If you win, you should both go out on a date again. So give it your best shot if you want to see your date again soon.

Feel like adults by hiking and conquering a mountain

If you’re in the mood for an adventurous first date, hiking should suit you and your date perfectly. There’s a certain adrenaline rush when you both conquer a mountain. At the same time, the view will amaze you both and be conducive for a romantic time together. After you have succeeded in reaching the top, make sure you bring your camera along to immortalize that special moment. You can also bring some snacks and refreshments to complete this once-in-a-lifetime date.

Be giddy like teenagers and go ice skating

Doing something you have never done before will definitely be a great idea for a first date. In this case, visiting an ice skating rink will ensure a good time for you and your date. This kind of environment provides a great excuse for you to touch your date's hands. If you know how to skate, this is also a good chance to teach your date a new skill. Just don’t fall down and embarrass yourself, okay?

Catch up with all of your teenage friends back in High School

Sometimes, going out on a first date can really be intimidating. You can remedy that by asking your best friends from High School and their significant others to tag along. Don't worry because this can be a great way for you and your date to have fun without any kind of awkwardness involved. All you'll have is a wonderful time with your friends on a night you're going to remember.

Be more fit and have healthier adult bodies by working out in a gym

Health is certainly wealth these days. Make sure you stay on top of your health by asking your date to work out in a gym. You can bond while performing various exercises and completing each set of them. This idea will surely be a good bonding experience for your first date. For sure, it’ll be something you’ll never forget. In fact, you can schedule your subsequent dates in the gym.

Spend some time in a museum

No matter what anyone says, history is a very interesting topic for conversation. To help you maximize this first date idea, you can bring your date to a museum. This place has a lot of interesting stuff in it and that can cause endless hours of conversation with your date. At the same time, you get to learn important stuff as well. The challenge here is to make this date idea a very enjoyable one for you two.

Get some drinks and feel like real adults in a local bar

Many people see alcohol as a social tool that’s conducive for conversation. Alcoholic drinks help you relax and be more at ease when you are with another person. If you’re after a date that has no complications, your favorite bar is the place to be. Just make sure you’re both adults or else you’ll be in a world of trouble. Plus, you need to be a total gentleman about everything so she'll learn to trust you more.

Take your date to her favorite restaurant and make her feel like a teenager

Relationships can be cemented over a hearty meal. To help you in this regard, knowing her favorite restaurant can mean a lot for your first date. It can be extravagant or something as simple as a fast food restaurant. The important thing here is find out what kind of food your date prefers. Let's say she goes crazy over Chinese food. Better research on the best Chinese restaurant in town and you'll have a happy time with your date. Don't forget to bring her a token of some sort. In this case, some flowers will do the trick for your dinner date.

Volunteer to help people

When your date sees you being socially active for less fortunate people, your impression on her goes up to the sky. That’s why asking her out to volunteer can be a great first date for the both of you. When you spend your time for charity, you’ll also get plus points from your date. The moment she sees you playing cute kids is the minute she’s going to see how you are as a potential husband. As you can see, taking the chance to help others can be a great way to have your date.

Go wild like teenagers do at a videoke bar

Girls love it when you show a side that no one else has ever seen. You can give her a look into your rowdy side by asking her to a videoke bar. All you need is a couple of drinks to loosen you up and your playlist to help you choose the songs you're going to sing. If you perform her favorite songs with all of your energy, your second date will be set in no time at all.

Make a delicious meal together

Knowing you can cook will really be an advantage when you ask a girl out on a first date. Use that skill to your advantage by coming up with a meal she won’t forget. Get those recipe ideas out of your head and into that plate. Add her favorite dessert, her refreshments of choice, and a good ambiance. In no time at all, she’ll be begging you for another serving of your culinary specialty.

Have a quick dip at the beach


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When the sun gets too hot and the office is causing too much stress for your date, the beach is one solution you can run to. Almost all girls would love the idea of spending a weekend at the beach. Pick a location that's not too far from the city. Afterwards, ready your car with the perfect soundtrack and some snacks. Once you're on the beach, go out and have the time of your life. Just make sure you pick a spot where there’s not that much people around. Once you've accomplished all of these things, it’ll be a weekend to remember.

See the world and go on a hot air balloon ride

Taking a girl on a hot air balloon ride for a first date can be an amazing idea. You get to see a view that’s not normally seen always. Plus, you’ll have a lot of private time while you’re high up in the air. To sweeten this astounding experience, you can bring along a camera. You can take as much photos as you want and this will help make your date unforgettable.

Play board games and role play all the different ideas that comes with them

Release your inner child and get some board games for your first date. Be sure to find a board game where you can interact with each other. The basic idea would be to have a fun time without all of the expenses. You can also ask your friends to join in on the fun. Plus, you can schedule a series of game nights using different board games for your next dates.

Go on a road trip

Your car is a great way to get around without all the stress. As a matter of fact, you can use your car to go on a road trip date. You can go to a nearby city, the great outdoors, or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. If you opt to go this route, you need to organize a kick-ass playlist for your trip. Don't forget to include all her favorite bands and artists. With this playlist, the destination won't matter because you'll be singing your lungs out for the entire journey.

Pop out a bottle of wine go all classy

Wherever you may take your date, having a bottle of wine can really go a long way. This kind of alcoholic beverage will be easy on your tastes and help make the whole date a lot smoother. Along with a bottle of wine, get some various kinds of cheese while you’re at it too. Cheese is the perfect side dish to wine and it will compliment your date night perfectly.

Get some tickets for a concert you both are dying to watch

Music is surely an universal language that you and your date can agree on. Taking her out to a concert or any event where a musician will perform will be an amazing first date idea. Just make sure you know her favorite musician or band before you book those tickets guys.

Stargaze the night away and talk about all any wonderful idea on your minds

In this first date idea, you would need to find a spot where the city’s lights aren’t the strong and there aren’t clouds at all. An example of this venue is a tall building’s rooftop. Take out a piece of cloth, some pillows, and a relaxing soundtrack from your phone. Afterwards, you can just lie down and let the conversation flow from there.

Take up a class on something that interests you both

Signing up for a class on a specific interest can be a great idea on a first date. If you want to make your date laugh, you can sign up for a ballet class and crack her up with your dancing effort. You can also go for workshops that’s related to her hobbies. This idea will give you the perfect reason to connect with her more after your first date.

Bring along the dogs on your first date

If you both have dogs, you can ask her out along with your pets. It doesn’t have to be in a place far from where she lives. You can take her out to a nearby park and just spend a whole day with your furry pets. Take some doggy treats with you and this first date idea will be a solid one.

Having a massage together is always a good idea

Adults often have a rough time these days. The demands of work can be too much for one person to take. If this is the case, asking her out to a massage will be a very relaxing first date. With all of your stress gone from your bodies, you can be yourselves without any pretensions after the massage.

Be a true gentleman and take her out on a candle-lit dinner

A classic idea is to have your first date in a classy venue. This means you need to suit up, arrive in a limo, and be the gentleman your date deserves. Once you're in that fancy restaurant, you can also hire a string quarter while you feast over your special five-course meal. This will set the mood and impress your date for the entire night.

Go with your staycation idea at that upscale hotel

If you fancy a great first date in a place that’s conducive for comfort and convenience, an upscale hotel is your best bet. You get to enjoy all the amenities this hotel offers, a scrumptious meal, and a place where you can just relax.

Spend your first date at home

Out of all the first date ideas here, spending time at home is one of the best options you have. You can bond over anything and not worry about other people or using too much money. At the same time, you can also meet her family, know them more, and give them the assurance that you’re a good guy. Setting your first date at home can make a really good impression. Plus, this idea can pave the way for more dates to come.



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