Tips And Techniques: How To Find The G-Spot

Most women do not know how to find their G-spot. If you wish to explore your body and experience a great orgasm, read on to find out how to locate your G-spot.

By Dagmar Thomson
Tips And Techniques: How To Find The G-Spot

Tips and Techniques: How to Find the G-Spot

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The G-spot topic has brought intense arguments among people for decades. Some people believe the G-spot does not exist, while others say it does exist. Different women have different hot spots. For instance, there are women who find their erogenous zone being the nipples, while others do not. A woman’s sexual health is an ongoing debate that has not reached any conclusions yet. Some “reports” claim that some women reach orgasm easily when a specific zone inside the vagina is stimulated. That specific zone is called the G-spot. Do not worry if you have not spotted your girl’s G-spot; she might not know she has it yet. If you are having trouble locating your G-spot, this article will give you step-by-step tips and techniques on how to find it.

How to Know When You Find the G-Spot

For those women who are trying to find their G-spot, you will recognize it once you have inserted your fingers into the vagina. Ensure you are fully aroused. Tell your partner to tap the G-spot for the first few seconds. This will make the G-spot to experience a sensation on and off. Start the “come hither” motion. After that, you will experience a rush of warmth in your body, a tingling sensation, increase in sexual excitement and the need to urinate at that moment. Do not worry since you will not urinate.

1. Clean Your Hands

Due to the location and the sensitivity of the woman's g- spot, you need to clean your hands thoroughly. Make sure your nails are short and clean. Gradually you have to start with foreplay; avoid going straight to the g- spot. Caress her on her nipples, neck, and other different areas to get her stimulated. This will get her in the mood. Her G-spot will swell due to the stimulation. Once she is aroused, it will be easier for you to find the G-spot. Remember to tell your girl to lie on her back.

2. Location of the G-Spot

A woman's G-spot is located near the vagina wall on the top side about 2 inches inside her vagina. Once your girl is well aroused, insert your lubricated fingers about two or three of them. Make sure your palm is facing the top side her vagina. Touch her with the pad of your finger or fingers and locate the g- spot by either curling your finger in a “come hither” motion or tapping on the G-spot. You will feel something like a swelling or a rough area. The rough area inside the vagina is due to the flow of the blood. Use a circular motion to stimulate her further. Remember to be gentle in case you irritate her. Most men do not know how to use this technique to help your woman reach orgasm. Do it slowly and gently.

3. Best Laying Position

If you are trying to find the G-spot on your own, this step-by-step guide will show you how to do it. Lie on your back. Raise your hips up. You can use several pillows to raise your hips. Make sure you spread your legs wide apart. Using your clean hands, make sure the palm is facing in upwards position; insert your middle or pointer finger. Find where the G-spot is and use the “come hither” motion to reach an orgasm. In case your lover wants to please you the work will be easier on your side; all you have to do is lie back, spread your legs, prop your hips up using a pillow and wait to climax. If you use this technique, you will know how to please your spouse. In case your girl prefers another position, she can squat.

4. Let Go Of Your Body

Once the “come-hither” motions start, as a woman, let go and start enjoying yourself. Learn how to familiarize yourself with your body. You will feel a strange warm sweetness that will overtake your whole being. Do not suppress it, let it flow and surrender. For the first-timers, you may experience the need to urinate; do not stop the process. If you learn how to let go and urinate you might surprise yourself when you squirt. No one will judge you. Reaching an orgasm is an intense emotional feeling that you cannot control. Most women would die for such an amazing toe curling experience. Let go and learn how to enjoy yourself.

5. Trust Your Partner

Trust is earned. You have to trust your partner that he can handle the situation, for instance, the intense emotion you will experience, and the fluid due to ejaculation. He will not judge you or make nasty comments about your orgasm experience. Let him know this is your most amazing experience, so he has to handle it if he wants to be part of it. A woman’s orgasm experience is her best experience ever.

6. Avoid Changing Positions

As a man, you might think that now that your girl is about to climax, you do it together. Any form of interruption will make the whole thing backfire. Reaching an orgasm requires total concentration. Let your girl have it all. Remember this area requires pressure. Thus, maintain the pressure to the end. Learn how to watch and please your woman without asking anything in return.

7. Multi-Task

People say men do not know how to multi-task. Well, in this case, you have to if you want your girl to have her best sex ever. While you use your middle or index finger to stimulate her G-spot, use your thumb to rub on her clitoris. This will increase the pleasure, and you will be able to reach orgasm fast. Moreover, you can tell your man to use his tongue to caress your clitoris as he uses his middle finger to stimulate your G-spot. Listen and watch as your girl enjoys herself; ask her how she feels. If she is not finding any stimulation, try to adjust a little. It may take time especially if she does not know she has her G-spot. Try some other time. A woman’s G-spot is the most sensitive area in her whole body. Do not be rough, take it easy and do not increase the pressure as you try to stimulate her.

8. Use Different Pressure Points

Different pressure means different things to use to reach an orgasm. Some women find a little pressure all good, others prefer vibration, and some prefer an increase in pressure by use of fingers. Try all the different ways. If your partner is willing to experiment in different ways, he can help you determine which pressure work best for you.

9. Choose a Suitable Movement

When trying to find your G-spot, try it first with different movements. There is a circular motion, backward and forward movement. Whichever suits you fine stick to it. You might prefer a firmer movement as you get used to the warm sensation.

10. Experiment with a Vibrator

Some women find it strange and irritating to use a finger to stimulate the G-spot. Find a vibrator that has a curved end and try it out. Remember to use lubrication if you are not wet enough. Experimenting with different toys gives you a great way to know which one works best for you. There are good G-spot vibrators on the market for you.

11. Use Different Positions

Once you have discovered your woman’s G-spot, you and your partner can decide to use another advanced style to reach the G-spot orgasm. Since the G-spot is located inside the wall of the vagina, use your free hand to press softly on her belly. This can stimulate her further. Moreover, you can use the rear entry position such as the doggy style. Make sure she goes on her fours and use your penis to thrust into a downward position. This movement will touch her G-spot directly. This position is an intense style. If her hips are low, use your hands to lift her up. This technique will work for some women who are not bold enough to have a spectator. Another sex position that can help you reach the G-spot is when the woman is on top, the man should lie on the bed at a 45-degree angle. This position will pull back his penis as you lower yourself onto him. You can control the speed and movement as you wish. Spooning also works best for those women who do not like it intense. There are women who prefer the missionary style. In this technique lie on your back, and your feet should lie flat on the bed and your knees bent. Use several pillows to prop your hips. Your partner should sit upright and thrust at an upright angle. This will touch the G-spot on a direct angle on the vagina wall. It will give you a direct intense stimulation.

12. Strengthen Your Vagina Muscles

Strengthening your vagina muscles requires the regular practice of kegel exercise. This exercise enables the pelvis muscles to strengthen and becomes tighter. You can practice this kegel anywhere anytime. Practice your kegel daily for a few minutes; this will bring the wonderful sensation when you stimulate your G-spot.

13. Do Not Give Up

For those women who have not found their G-spot, do not lose hope. It may be because you try to find your g- spot when you are not fully aroused. Keep on trying. Try to follow the above tips and techniques step-by-step. Do not worry if you have not climaxed yet. Your time will come. Keep on practicing until you get it right. A woman’s G-spot is the most sensitive section of her whole body. As a man, you should learn how to handle a woman’s G-spot softly and carefully. Not all women enjoy the G-spot stimulation. Every woman is entitled to find their own hotspots areas to reach orgasm. The above article gives step-by-step tips and techniques to use to enable you to find the G-spot. If you are still in the search for the G-spot, practice makes perfect. Do not give up.