Relationship 101: Top 50 Ways to Prove You Love Her

50 creative ways to prove that you love her. Show how much you care about her by trying these out on your wife or girlfriend!

By Emmie Collins
Relationship 101: Top 50 Ways to Prove You Love Her

1. Tell Her You Love Her!

Come right out and say it! Tell her you love her any time you think it and say it sincerely. It’s always a nice thing to hear from a partner, no matter the reason.

2. Send Good Morning Texts

Send a good morning text every morning. Do this without expecting anything in return. Just let her know you hope she has a good day and that you are thinking about her. Do it every day and especially when she has a lot on her plate for the day.

3. Remember Anniversaries

Whether it’s the day you first met, went on a date, or began your relationship, pick a day that’s important and be sure to celebrate it! Remembering little details like that will help prove to her that you love her!

4. Make Her a Gift

Handmade gifts sound cheesy, but they are a sincere and meaningful way to prove your love for her. Put in the time and effort to craft something well, not just some sloppy craft. Make something by hand that has sentimental value to both of you. She will see the work that you’ve put in and appreciate your effort.

5. Learn How She Likes Her Coffee

Take note of how she takes her coffee or what kind of drink she orders. How you like your coffee is specific you to and is a detail that tells her you are paying attention.

6. Cook For Her

Food is inherently tied to personal backgrounds and history, so cooking for someone is a very intimate act. Learn how to cook something that she really loves or that you cook better than anyone else. Make a night of it. Have her come over so you can cook for her from scratch, set up a beautiful table and share your food together with a nice wine. It will be a romantic date night that she won’t forget.

7. Respect Her Boundaries

One of the best ways you can prove you love her is to respect the boundaries that she sets up in your relationship. Having respect for these boundaries is having respect for her and her wishes. Respect is a big part of truly loving someone. If she asks you not to call her at work or when she is with friends, then respect that request.

8. Prove You Are Listening

When your girlfriend or wife is speaking to you, try to listen actively and be paying attention. Reflective listening means that you are repeating what you hear periodically to let the other person in the conversation know that you are paying attention. This is much better than just nodding at your partner while they are talking. It engages you as part of the conversation. In a long distance relationship, listen reflectively over the phone. Actively and reflective listening proves to your girlfriend or wife that you love them because you are acknowledging that what they say is important.

9. Give Her Compliments

Give your wife or girlfriend lots of compliments. They are always nice to hear!

10. Be Supportive of Her

When she puts her mind to something, be ready to be supportive of what she is doing. Show your support whenever she takes on a new project, job or hobby.

11. Engage with Her Interests

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Try to get involved in things that are important to your wife or girlfriend. If she does yoga, try going to a class with her or working on a pose or two. If she’s into painting, show your interest in her work or go to art galleries and museums with her. This proves that you are interested in the things she cares about and that her interests have value to you.

12. Be Patient with Her

Patience is the greatest gift you can give to a partner. When she is having a hard day, try to be patient if she gets upset or angry. Recognizing when she needs a little more emotional space will prove that you are paying attention to her needs and respecting those needs without needing to be asked.

13. Do Things She Loves

Even if it’s something you are not very interested in doing (especially if it’s something you don’t want to do) make a point to do something that makes her happy with her. Sacrifice is an important part of relationships, not to excess, but enough for your wife or girlfriend to see your effort.

14. Plan Fun Dates

Go out of your way to make real plans for dates, not just going to the same restaurant and seeing a movie. Find special places, new restaurants, and different activities to try. Plan romantic dates that will lead to memories and beautiful experiences together.

15. Keep Track of the Details

Pay attention when your wife or girlfriend is speaking and take note of what is said in passing. They may not want to tell you something important over and over, so you need to be paying attention to the details of what you are being told. Feeling heard is a big part of feeling loved. She will notice that you are listening to everything she says. It will prove to her that you love her and care for her.

16. Let Her Vent

It’s normal to want to fix whatever is wrong when your girlfriend or fiancee is upset. What you might not know, though, is that is not always what she needs when she is venting about her life. Often all she needs is to be validated in her feelings and have someone tell her, “I’m sorry, that sucks.” Try asking the next time she needs to unload whether she would like you to try to help or just to listen.

17. Be Nonjudgmental

Judgment is not going to help create a loving and compassionate space for a relationship. Try to listen without assigning value to what is being said. Hear her out and offer suggestions when they are asked for, but do not pass judgement.

18. Make Time for Her

Carve time out of your schedule to spend with your girlfriend or your wife. Choose times that you can give them your full attention without having to be on your phone or otherwise distracted. If you’re long distance, don’t let your phone calls get interrupted by what’s going on around you. Show your fiancee you care about your time together.

19. Know Her Schedule

What I DON’T mean by this: Know where she is and what she is doing at all times. What I DO mean by this: Generally know when she works or has a class that she attends regularly. This proves to her that you pay attention to what she is doing and what her schedule is. For example, I know my partner is usually busy in the office until 4, so I wait to call them until after that, or my partner takes a spin class they enjoy on Sunday morning, so I don’t expect a quick response to a text around that time.

20. Respect Her Opinion

This doesn’t mean that you have to always agree with her, but it’s important that you respect the opinion she has. Being respectful does not mean that you have to accept without question, but choosing to ignore her beliefs sets an expectation that what she thinks is less important than what you think. Be sure to validate her opinions even if you do not agree. This creates a space of openness and respectfulness that is vital in a healthy relationship.

21. Come Up with Fun Surprises

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Keep it interesting and try to be spontaneous once in a while! It keeps your relationship fun and exciting

22. Do Something She Hates Having to Do

Do her least favorite chore once in a while. Your fiancee will be confident that you love her!

23. Cuddle Up!

Try to spend time being physically affectionate without expecting sex. Cuddle together while you watch a movie or hold her hand while you are out running your errands. Be sure that not all of your physical affection revolves only around sex.

24. Get the House Ready for Her

Pick up before you girlfriend comes over! No one feels important when you don’t bother to clean before they come over to your place. If you live with your wife or fiancee, try to pick up before they come home. There is nothing better than coming home from work to a nice, clean house.

25. Paint Her Nails

Painting someone else’s nails is actually quite an intimate experience. It involves being close for an extended period of time, holding someone’s hand and being attentive to the shape of them (even if that’s just their fingernails.) Additionally, it’s a treat to have your nails painted. It’s a way you can pamper her.

26. Do Something Nice After Work

Pick a nice thing do to for her after she has a long day at work! Draw her a bath or cook her dinner!

27. Have Intimate Sex

Be fully engaged when you are intimate together. Pay attention to her and how she is doing. Having more intimacy in your sex life will cultivate a passionate relationship.

28. Hide Notes in Her Purse or Lunch

Little surprises that let her know you are thinking about her will show her how much you care. Nothing says “I love you,” more than the small things that you do for one another. A little note that says “I love you” or a sweet compliment might really make your partner’s day whether it’s a girlfriend, fiancee, or your wife.

29. Prove You Can Be Vulnerable

Share things about yourself that you might not always tell other people. Be open and honest with your feelings when you are with her, not just over text. If you are in a long distance relationship, talk on the phone more and let her hear you when you are sharing. Your voice shows more emotion than text messages. It might be uncomfortable at first if you’re not often emotionally vulnerable, but it will create important depth in your relationship.

30. Clean Up After Yourself

Don’t make her have to deal with your mess, especially if you are over at her house or you share a space.

31. Give Her Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Nobody that’s who. Make the gift really thoughtful by finding out what her favorite flowers and colors are and pick a nicely curated bouquet for her. Alternatively, if there is anywhere wildflowers grow near your home, pick some yourself and wrap them up with a bow and vase.

32. Acknowledge Her Effort

While you’re doing all these things to show her how much you love her, she’s probably doing a lot, too. Acknowledge when she is putting effort into your relationship.

33. Don’t Forget Your Manners

Just because she's your wife or fiancee now doesn’t mean you can’t still use your manners. Make sure you always say please and thank you. Always remember and don’t forget. Keep up all those good habits and manners throughout your entire relationship. That will show her how much you care about her and that you love her.

34. Make Her Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is always a treat no matter who you are. Show her that you want to pamper her whenever you can and make her breakfast in bed once in a while.

35. Give the Phone a Rest

When you’re spending time together, give her your full attention. Put on your phone down once in a while. Disconnect and spend some quality time together. This is a way to build intimacy and show her how much you love her. Giving her your full attention proves that you really care about what she’s saying and what you two are doing together. Don’t split your attention between all your screens or text your friends when you’re spending time with your girlfriend, fiancee, or your wife. If you are in a long distance relationship, don’t be doing anything else with your phone when you are calling her. Don’t answer other texts or check your email during a video call.

36. Have Her Back

Always stand by your partner. It’s important that she knows that you have her back. No matter what the issue is, stand by her. If you don’t agree with her, that's ok. You don’t have to say you agree. You are still entitled to your opinion, but it’s important that they know you are supporting them no matter what they’re doing.

37. Take Care of Her When She’s Sick

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Be the guy who takes care of his girlfriend when she sick. She does a lot for you and this is a way you can return the favor. Nothing says “I love you” like chicken noodle soup and drawing a bath for your partner when they’re not feeling well.

38. Accept Feedback

Try to be receptive to feedback whenever possible. A relationship requires some give-and-take and you need to be able to give once in a while. That means listening to what she says when she gives you feedback, even if it’s hard to hear. Investing energy into your relationship by listening to what she has to say about it will give your relationship more strength and show her how much you care about your time together

39. Be On Time

It seems like a small thing, but being on time is really important. It shows that you value her time as much as you value your own time. She’s very busy and just because she wants to spend time with you, does not mean she wants to spend all her time waiting for you to show up. It’s a sign of respect. It will prove how much you love her and how much more interested in spending time with her.

40. Keep Learning About Her

If you are with your wife or fiancee, you may think you know as much about them now as you’re ever going to. But your partner is a dynamic person who is always changing and always has new things to say. Try to ask questions that will keep you finding new things about them. In a long-distance relationship, this might seem harder, but you might be surprised. Since most of the time you spend interacting with her is physically separated, most of what you do together is talk!

41. Prove You Follow Through

When you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it. Don’t offer anything that you can’t follow through on. Following through shows that what you’ve said we’re going to do for them is important enough to actually accomplish. This is a sign of respect that shows the importance of your relationship and the importance of your partner's needs.

42. Admit When You Mess Up

When you do something wrong, let go of your pride and apologize. Be willing to admit when something has gone wrong and when you were at fault. Always trying to blame someone else shows that you are not willing to accept your own faults. It also shows a lack of investment in your relationship because you were unwilling to make changes when you do something wrong. Allow yourself to let your guard down a little bit wrongdoings.

43. Find Out What She Wants in Bed

This is important and not talked about enough. Your partner has needs in bed, too, and they might be different from yours. Find out what she wants you to do in bed and make an effort to do that when you’re intimate. This could dramatically improve your relationship and your love life.

44. Ask What You Can Do for Her

Ask how you can help when she’s stressed. You’re not a mind reader, but she shouldn’t always have to come out and tell you about everything she needs. Show some initiative and ask her.

45. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is both intimate and a way to let her know you are listening attentively.

46. Make Her a Priority

She knows that she is not the only thing in your life, which is normal. On the other hand, you should make her a priority. Make time and space for you to give an appropriate amount of energy into your relationship.

47. Buy What She Likes When You Grocery Shop

It’s such a simple thing that will make your fiancee or wife so happy. When you go to the store be sure to get the things she would normally choose for herself instead of just what you want.

48. Give Her a “Just Because I Love You” Gift

If you’re in a long distance relationship, this is especially important. Getting a “just because” gift on a long stretch of not seeing each other will help her feel loved and thought of.

49. Don’t Worry About Being Cheesy

If you’re worried about sounding cheesy because you are going to say something to show her you love her, don’t worry about it! She is going to love your affection even if it’s a little cliche or goofy.

50. Prove You Love Her Over and Over Again

Relationships are work. They require attention in an ongoing way. Remember that and continue to show her your love for her whenever you can.