Find out what are the different ways to kiss someone

The best romantic and sexiest ways to kiss someone you love

By Sylvia Epie
Find out what are the different ways to kiss someone

The different ways and types of kissing someone

A kiss is an expression of one’s feelings towards another. Depending on the type of kiss, it could mean different things, from an expression of love, friendship, affection, devotion, passion and a whole lot of emotions. Every kiss offers a special connection and sends a message to the other person. Kisses are also appropriate for different occasions and are meant for various parts of the body. Kissing is an art and its interpretation is subjective, depending on who you ask the response might not be the same. However, there are kisses which fall in universal categories everyone understands. 

Whether it’s a kiss on the hand, the forehead, the lips, cheek or neck each one has its own unique meaning, you might want to know what they truly mean in order to be sure you’re sending the right message when you use one of them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common kisses you’re likely to use at some point in your life and the meaning behind them.

1.The Forehead Kiss

man kissing woman's forehead

A kiss on the forehead is an expression of love and compassion in a non-sexual way. The gesture is reserved for someone you respect and find special, it is warm and communicates feelings of comfort, admiration and sometimes it is meant to reassure the person receiving it. All you have to do is gently place your lips on the person's forehead for this atypical but memorable kiss.

2. Kiss on the Cheek

woman kissing baby wearing gray onesie

This is a friendly kiss that communicates positive feelings, it’s a quick and short peck on the cheek that comes with a hug or a hand on the shoulders. The meaning of a kiss on the cheek varies, depending on which part of the world you find yourself. In some cultures it’s a way of greeting, that simply means ‘’happy to see you or goodbye and see you soon’’. Very popular in Europe, where they say hello to friends, family and even strangers with two pecks on the cheek. In the U.S a kiss on the cheek is often used at the end of a first date for example and in this context, it simply means ‘’ I had a great time’’.

3. Kiss on the Hand

silhouette of man kissing hand of woman

Also known as a royal kiss, a kiss on the hand is a formal expression of chivalry and admiration. It is often done by a man to a woman he has respect for, he takes her hand by the fingers, bends over and plants a gentle kiss on the back of her palm. In monarchy’s, that’s how queens and titled ladies were greeted, a polite and respectful way of showing devotion.

4.  Eskimo Kiss

couple hugging

This is when two people rub their noses against each other, it’s an expression of affection and is very common between parents and their children. An Eskimo kiss is very intimate without being sexual, the name originated from early explorers of the Arctic who believed this is how Eskimos kiss due to the extreme cold they live in, that will get their lips stuck together if they tried kissing normally. Lots of couples have an affinity for this kiss because it’s unique and personal to them.

5. Butterfly Kiss

man and woman kissing under green trees at daytime

This is when two people kiss and connect their eyelashes, you bat your eyelashes against your partner's eyes or cheek. The gesture is as light and fluttering like butterfly wings, hence the name. A butterfly kiss is very intimate and appropriate for couples that are madly in love and obsessed with each other.

6. French Kiss

man and woman kissing under the sun

The famous French kiss is an open-mouth kiss between two lovers that put the tongue to work, full time. It’s erotic and a prelude to much more passionate things to come. The French Kiss involves plenty of tongue action and it communicates passion, romance, and desire. It’s not the kind of kiss you share in public, it’s best to restrict the tongue playing to intimate places. The French Kiss is considered foreplay and a prelude to lovemaking.

7. The Vampire Kiss

shallow photography of man hugging woman outdoors

This is a deep and passionate kiss on the neck that involves sucking and a bit of biting.  Like Vampires during intimacy, it is wild and fierce and often leaves a hickey or a love mark on the neck that can last a few days.  You can channel your inner vampire and show your partner your wild side by planting a deep kiss on their neck, gently biting and sucking the spot. Make sure it’s not painful but pleasurable in a rough kind of way.

8. The Spiderman Kiss

man and woman lying on gray concrete surface looking at each other

This is a kiss of passion between lovers, that got its name from that epic kiss scene in the Spiderman movie. For this, to work you and your partner have to be upside down and right side up. Since as one of you is not about to go hanging upside down from a building, you can do this horizontally in bed or on the couch. Lock your lips in such a way that your upper lip kisses his/her lower lip and enjoy! 

9. Earlobe Kiss

man hugging a woman

This targets the earlobe which is an erogenous zone for most people, earlobe kiss is exactly what you need when you want to take a break from lip kisses. A super romantic kiss between lovers, the earlobe kiss can be accomplished by gently nibbling on the earlobes of your partner. Lightly take your partner's earlobe between your lips and gently tug. For it to be more intense, add a little bit of tongue, and suck on this sensitive and erogenous zone. It's a sensual experience your partner will remember for a very long time. 

10. Kiss of an Angel

A man and woman cuddling together in bed.

The kiss of an angel is a gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids and it is considered a sweet gesture between two people who love each other deeply. A strong and secure kind of love and bond that cannot be broken. A mother can do it to her child or a husband to his wife. It is often placed on the eyelids just below the brow bone, conveying sincere love and care.

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Different ways to kiss with tongue

red Kiss neon signage

11. French Kiss

low angle photograph of man and woman kissing

Probably the most famous kiss of them all, the French kiss is an open-mouthed kiss in which two tongues mix in an erotic dance. During a French kiss, your tongue gently explores an area of the body that's filled with nerve endings that engage all five senses. It communicates passion, romance, and desire, nothing says ‘’I want you in my bed’’ better than a well executed French kiss.

12. Lizard Kiss

shallow focus photography of man and woman

This is another kiss that’s all about the tongue, here the tongue rapidly goes in and out of the mouth in quick strokes. It’s a passionate kiss for lovers that are hot for each other. The Lizard kiss expresses intense passion and arousal.

13. The Wet Kiss

grayscale photography of couple kissing

A wet kiss is an open-mouthed kiss, that involves playing with saliva as you kiss. It is sexy and bold but it can also be messy, especially when too much saliva is used. This kind of kiss is not everyone's cup of tea, so you have to, first of all, make sure your partner is okay with a little bit of drooling before you try this. Make sure you swallow every now and then to avoid the kiss from becoming sloppy.

14. Sugar  Kiss

woman licking heart lollipop

This kiss is the perfect option for those who have a sweet tooth, get food items you both love like ice cream, chocolate, candy, marshmallows, etc and kiss while they melt in your mouth. You can kiss while passing your favorite candy back and forth with your partner. Or you could both opt for different flavors and share them as you kiss. It’s a very romantic and playful kiss that brings out your fun side, tickles your senses and your taste buds at the same time.

15. The Secret-Message Kiss

man wearing black top about to kiss woman

For this kiss, spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against your partner's. It might feel a little ticklish, but trying to figure out your message will be fun, make it a subtle and sensual way of telling your partner something. This kiss is for two people that are very close to each other.

How many different ways to kiss on the lips with your partner

woman wearing red lipstick

16. The Nibble Kiss

man and woman standing on grass

The sole purpose of this kiss is to arouse, nibble kisses are very sensual. Gently bite on your partner’s lower lip repeatedly. Do not apply too much pressure or you may cause pain, make sure it’s done gently. Nibble kisses will spice up your make-out session and set the tone for so much more.

17. Single Lip Kiss 

man and woman kissing beside bay

A single lip kiss is a suggestive kiss that lets the recipient know that you are very much into them. It is an intimate and subtle single-lip kiss in which you suck one of your partner’s lips between yours. The trick is to sandwich their lip between yours and suck deeply. It’s a rather unusual type of kiss but it works magic any day.

18. Seductive Kiss

man and woman standing while kissing beside street signage

This is like a subtle French Kiss without the tongue, here all the lip action is done by the lips. It’s a very intimate kiss used to seduce someone, a seductive kiss is a tool when you want to win a person over. If they’re still on the fence about your relationship or are not quite sure if they want to take things further, a seductive kiss will make them weak in the knees and win them over to your side. 


man and woman kissing on beach

A kiss is a gesture that communicates your emotions without having to use words. It’s an art everyone wants to master but it takes experience and knowledge to hone kissing skills. To be able to successfully share a good kiss with someone, you need a little bit of preparation and the right timing. Prepare by making sure you have fresh breath, soft and inviting lips(use a lip balm if necessary), smell good and set the mood. Always double check for consent and reciprocity from your partner because after all’s said and done it takes two for a kiss to be perfect. It’s important to make sure the type of kiss you choose reflects your intentions and sends across the intended message. Good luck on your kissing adventures as you try one or more of these techniques.

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